Akame ga Kill! Season 2: Release date, news and rumors

Credit: White Fox

Are you as excited about the second season of Akame ga Kill!?

We will cover what happened in Season 1 and look forward to a possible sequel before comparing adaptations from manga to anime, including predictions for future seasons.

What happened so far in Akame GA Kill!

The story of Akame GA Kill begins by following Tatsumi. A swordsman from a poor village is on a quest to become a knight in the army of the main capital. He hopes that he’ll get to make money to help his poor village by joining the army. Soon enough, he realizes that the army is full of filth and decides to go and join the assassin group Night Raid.

The Night Raid is an organization of assassins who share the goal of taking down the prime minister, “Honest” and creating a new government. It proves to be, that Honest is using his position to manipulate the country. Taking all for himself and his people while the poor people are on the brink of starvation. He doesn’t care about the people’s poverty, and there’s extreme discrimination between the rich and the poor. 

After realizing that the Night Raid is the assassin branch of the revolutionary army against Honest, Tatsumi’s even more sure of what he has to do; it suits his original goal to help his village too. Within the organization, he meets the following people:

  • A strong swordswoman named Akame;
  • A beastly fighter named Leone;
  • The sniper genius named Mine;
  • The scissor wielder named Sheele;
  • The armored warrior named Bulat;
  • String fighter named Lubbock and
  • The Night Raids’ leader named Najenda.

After a while, we’re introduced to the Night Raid’s special weapons. They’re called Imperial Arms, and each member is given one. These are weapons created over 900 years ago with the rarest materials in the universe. Their other advantage is that they have Danger Beasts. These are different beasts, such as shape-shifting dogs and other creatures.

After we learn enough about the Night Raid, they go on a couple of missions to assassinate different people until Honest is fed up with their interference. He gets a character who goes by the name of Esdeath to assemble her own team to fight against the Night Raid. They call this team the Jaegers. Esdeath falls for Tatsumi. However, she sets her sights on getting with the young fighter. After many brutal battles and introducing some interesting characters, it’s up to Tatsumi and the strongest assassin within the Night Raid, Akame, to defeat the powerful Esdeath. 

It seems like anyone can die in the story at any time. Most of the main cast dies by the end of the series. The first season ends with the Night Raid finally, after many hardships launching an attack against Honest. They attack, but the emperor, who is brainwashed by Honest, uses his imperial arms and is too strong for the Night Raid. Tatsumi notices his weak spot but gets blasted away. He then reveals his final power up as his imperial arms evolve and he defeats the emperor. However, as the Emperor starts falling, he’s about to crush the citizens in the capital. Tatsumi refuses to stand for it and trades his own life to save the citizens. He later dies in Akames’ arms.

After that, Esdeath shows up and challenges Akame to a duel. They fight as Akame reveals her ultimate ability. By poisoning herself, she gets demon-like powers. As she’s about to deliver the finishing blow, Esdeath shows her ultimate ability to stop time. Akame, however, predicts this and finishes off Esdeath. Meanwhile, in the palace, Leone finds Honest and attacks him. She gets shot multiple times but manages to finish him off before her inevitable death. The emperor is then sentenced to death, and the capital is free of corruption. Akame decides to leave while Najenda is left with the responsibility of rebuilding the country. The season ends with the two parting ways.

What’s the Animation Studio’s Current Status?

The animation made Akame GA Kill in White Fox Studio along with C-station (ONA). The studio was founded in April 2007 by Gaku Iwasa. Akame GA Kill was worked on from July 7th up until December 15th of 2014. The studio has worked on many projects since then. Some of its more popular works include Goblin Slayer, Steins Gate, and RE: ZERO. The last project it did was Re: Zero “Starting life in another world” second season. This was on July 8th, 2020, and continued up to March 24th, 2021. 

So, the studio is pretty much still active and hasn’t touched Akame GA Kill since then. However, they did an amazing job with all the newer projects they worked on.

What do we know about Akame ga Kill! Season 2 so far?

Unfortunately, Season 2 is highly unlikely.

It’s been seven years since creators last touched the anime. Usually, it’s unproblematic for some gap between seasons, but seven years is a bit far off. More importantly, the anime adaptation and the manga have some key differences. This is since the anime ended before the manga was finished. This sometimes happens as the release schedule is rough, and sometimes the studio is forced to think of something without the Mangaka writing it.

A similar thing happened to Shaman King in the past. The ending of the anime itself had its own conclusion of the story, and even if it were to start following the manga for a second season, it wouldn’t be compatible with what happened before that. Not to mention that majority of the main cast was killed off.  

However, not all hope is gone, as there is a chance we might get something. Not a Season 2. We could get a remake. The show Shaman King did exactly that, and it was many years later. It’s currently running. That way, fans can rewatch the story up to where it was in the manga before all the changes, and after that, it will continue as it should’ve according to, Mangaka (the person who writes the manga). 

What Do the Fans Think?

Generally, most fans all agree that the show has to be continued, one way or another.

It met a lot of criticism from the public about how it ended, but it was an overall beloved show. That’s why people would be way happier with a remake. It’s easy to fall in love with the cast, and the plot is quite solid. Those who solely watch Anime tend to have more hatred towards the series. This is since the ending in this particular anime could not have been more disappointing. People aren’t fond of an open ending while all the characters are dead. 

Avid manga readers know it has more to offer and would love to see it revitalized in a series someday.

Will there be a Remake of Akame ga Kill!?

Currently, there aren’t any signs of movement from the creators of the show. Nevertheless, it is a possibility because the manga had 15 volumes released along with 78 chapters. It has sold over 2.1 million copies worldwide, and that’s just up until volume 11. The interest in the show started dropping a bit after 2020, but that’s still a long time to remain high, considering 2020 is six years after the show ended.

Overall there’s no possibility of Season 2, and there’s no sign of any remakes coming anytime soon. But the fans love it, and sometimes we’ve seen that prevail over the complications between creators.

So, let’s hope for the best and keep our fingers crossed that this anime will come back in full force!