Season 3: Release date, news and rumors

Credit: A-1 Pictures / TROYCA

Are you a fan of Aldnoah?Zero? Are you wondering whether or not a Season 3 is coming up?

Today we’ll be going over what has happened in the show so far. We’ll also discuss the possibility of a third renewal and some of the news and rumors concerning the series.

What happened so far in

Credit: A-1 Pictures / TROYCA

Humans, while on the moon, discover a Hypergate. This was a special device that allowed humans to teleport to Mars at will. People started using the Hypergate to go there and investigate, and some of them even decided to settle there for longer. The ones who stayed there discovered technology that was many times more advanced than what they had on Earth. They named this technology Aldnoah. However, this didn’t come without any consequence.

They created a whole empire called The Vers Empire of Mars to fight against the humans who stayed back on earth, or (Terrans) as they call them. The Empire declared war on the humans, and they had a huge battle on the moon. This battle was so vicious that the Hypergate exploded and took the moon with it. The moon shattered into pieces, and the two planets had to stop fighting and called a truce between each other. This battle was known as Heaven’s fall.

Fifteen years later, a Highschooler named Inaho Kaizuka gets to learn just how fragile this peace actually is. The Vers Empire of Mars had a princess. Princess Asseylum Vers Allusia. She had come to Earth to strengthen the relationship between Earth and Mars to prevent future wars. Inaho becomes a witness to the plotted assassination of the princess and realizes exactly what this means. The peace is shattered, and the Empire declares war on the Terrans for the second time. Inaho and his friends now have to fight against the Vers Empire and their advanced technology to settle their issues once and for all.

The story ends with Inaho sparing the life of Slaine Troyard and putting him in prison instead of killing him. Sparing him even though he killed people, stole, and crushed places where people lived. When he asked why Inaho told him it was all because Asseylum asked him to do so. Slaine started crying, and Inaho left. Peace was then restored between the Terrans and Martians.

What’s Going on With A-1 Pictures?

Credit: A-1 Pictures / TROYCA

Aldnoah.Zero came out on July 6th, 2014. It wasn’t based on any light novel or manga series, so it’s a studio original collaborating with Troyca. It aired both seasons one after the other and ended on March 29th, 2015. A-1 is famous for making a lot of good manga series pop with great anime adaptations. Some examples of this are Fairy tail or Sword art online. But since this was an original, many people were skeptical about the plot and were afraid to watch the show. These doubts were quickly shattered when the creators released the trailer, and the premise was vaguely explained. People immediately got interested and forgot all about their skepticism.

The shows’ storyline was well crafted, and this can be attributed to Gen Urobuchi. Ei Aoki directed the anime itself, and you can see the result. It’s got great animation, great voice acting, emotional moments, and killer fight scenes, and it was ahead of its time as visual quality. Making such visuals in 2014 wasn’t cheap and required the best animators, expensive software, and the machine to handle it. In other words, they really did go all out for the show, and it shows. The fight scenes, including the Aldnoah mechs and even the regular fight scenes on the moon and the way the “camera” is moving truly make the fluidity of the fights great. The voice acting is also commendable as it’s one of the most believable acting done ever. The ending scene where he realizes that Asseylum asked Inaho to help him and starts crying is perfect. So credits to Natsuki Hanae, Sora Amamiya, and Kensho Ono for the chemistry they built between one another and the magic they brought us.

And one of the other beauties of the show is the music production. The soundtrack was composed by Hiroyuki Sawano. Sora Amamiya, who voices Asseylum, sings a song on the album called Harmonius. Overall the production team went all out, and the results show. Critics and fans don’t dare to bash on the show much because of how great it turned out. 

A-1 Pictures is currently working on two anime that have both already aired but haven’t concluded yet. These being 86 and Virtual Prison, with the latter being another original series. So the studio is still going and is not slowing down in the slightest, still creating original series and adapting light novels.

What do we know about Season 3?

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So far, nothing has been announced to the public ever since the show ended in 2015. Many people are disappointed, and the chances of the show coming back aren’t that high. Even if it is ever coming back, people seem aligned on the thought that it would be around 2022 or 2023.

Whatever the case, it all depends on the creator Katsuhiko Takayama. He was behind the story and plot of the series, and if anyone has control of whether the show’s coming back, it’s him. There was a rumor on Reddit that there will be a third season with a new protagonist that gets into some trouble, but it turned out it was just fan fiction. 

What are fans saying about Season 3?

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Most fans were skeptical when the show came out because it was an original, and they didn’t know how the studio would create a show without an already established plot from covering a light novel. They were quickly proven wrong as everyone who ever doubted the show actually enjoyed it really much. The series may have aired in 2014 but is still talked about to this day. Fans were more than pleasantly surprised with the show’s quality, some even saying that it’s the best mecha anime of all time or at least their favorite. Countless theories and conspiracies are floating around on Youtube too. It’s an overall beloved show, and people can’t seem to get enough. Most fans feel like there’s no point in the series coming back after such a satisfying ending, yet they still want it to come back.

Will there be an Season 3?

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So the big question… Will there be a third season?

Well, unfortunately, there’s not much to go on for predicting a renewal. The show’s second season had a pretty finished ending, resolving the characters’ issues and resolving the plot itself. Furthermore, it wasn’t based on any light novels or manga series. There’s no other source material to build on. Some people even think there shouldn’t be another season as the creators will force creativity, and the quality will drop. 

That being said, there are still plenty of fans that want more space wars. Fans that don’t really care for the plot and are in it for the animation and battles. These people really want the show to come back in whatever form possible. The highest search results for the show were indeed in 2021, but other than that, it’s not the most searched for anime, as you can see here. The anime did great in sales, making more than 8000 Blu-Ray and DVD sales a week sometimes, topping shows like SAO and Akame ga Kill. There’s plenty of merch that came with the show’s success, such as T-shirts, towels, posters, stickers, and of course, mecha action figures. 

Even despite all of that success, most people agree with Aldnoah. Zero is one of the “good things that came to an end,” – as all good things should. Since there’s no source material and the plot had been resolved in the end, there’s really no reason to believe that a new season is coming. This bums out some fans because they loved the show so much that they want it to come back, but it’s hard to accept all good things must come to an end.

What Can We Expect for a Season 3?

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Even if there were a 3rd season, it would have to follow a completely different storyline. For a new war to spark after everything the characters went through would be a little bit of an insult. There could be a renewal. With a different plot, same verse, and different characters, maybe a different timeline too.

However possible, this is still highly unlikely. 

For those who loved the anime so much that they couldn’t get enough, you can always rewatch it on Crunchyroll and Anime-planet.