All Out!! Season 2: Release date, news and rumors

Credit: Madhouse

Pushing yourself to the limit, making the most of every single opportunity, and at the same time creating coordination with your teammates that surpasses every other team is what this anime ‘All Out’ is about.

This Japanese manga series was written by Shiori Amase and was serialized in Kodansha’s Seinen Mangs magazine Monthly Morning Two from November 2012 to February 2020. All Out!! Consists of seventeen volumes, the manga has created a bubble of suspense and a keen interest in the sports community. Due to the manga’s popularity, Madhouse and TMS Entertainment created an anime television series published from October 2016 to March 2017, with twenty-six episodes.

After the hype of Season 1, the need for Season 2 has been devised by several fans. Fans have continued the demand for the next season.

Continue reading to know more about Season 2 and when it will be released.

What Happened So Far In All Out

Credit: Madhouse

The anime starts with the day of the Jinko High entrance ceremony, where two very different personalities and physique young high school students get to meet for the first time. Gion Kenji, a boy with a ton of anger and is no different than a ticking time bomb, fights with almost everyone but has slight insecurity, which is his height. However, on the other end, there is Iwashimizu Sumiaki, a giant boy with a timid personality and avoids any types of fights or confrontations.

The first episode commences with Iwashimizu being bullied by some students in the opening ceremony but is at his wits end to even stand up against them. Gion sees the scene and comes up to start a fight Iwashimizu grabs him and runs away. The two end up watching Jinko’s rugby team’s practice which inspires Gion to want to be part of it; considering his height and speed, he feels he could easily be their best player; Iwashimizu had other plans and didn’t want to be part of it due to a tragic past that has left him some deep scars.

Gion, nonetheless, drags Iwashimizu to the training sessions but seeing his reluctant behavior does not push him any further. Gion later learns that Iwashimizu used to be part of the junior high rugby team but had by mistake hurt his best friend, Miyuki Atsushi. He continues to go for practice and take an active role in the game and seeing his new friend give his all to the game slowly reawakened the hype and love for rugby in Iwashimizu, and he, too, joined the team.

The series takes us through a roller coaster of different experiences as the team grows and develops coordination with each other. The team gets to face off their biggest rivals, Keijo High, one of the top four teams in Kanagawa, and they get a trashing of a lifetime.

After the humiliating defeat, Gion looks for a professional coach to train the team the right way, so they don’t get defeated by such a horrible score. Gion stumbles across a veteran rugby player Shingo Komori who agrees to coach the high school team. After some light practice sessions, Komori asks the group what their goal is, and they tell him they want to reach Honozono, Japan’s national high school rugby tournament. Satisfied by their answer, Honozono then increases the practice sessions and even arranges a game with Todo-dai Sagami, another school with a strong rugby team. Jinko loses the game, but they learn tricks and more ways to better their style of play.

In this way, the team worked day and night; they improved on their shortcomings and changed their tactics to suit different game strategies. Finally, they were ready for the big game against Tenjiku High, a team from Osaka that had recently recruited a strong, fast full back named Renpei.

At the end of the series, Jinko arranged a game with Ryoin Academy, the district champions. Jinko gave it their all; they went “All Out” against them but lost when Ryoin brought in their game-changer Zanba Ryujin, who turned the game around and made Ryoin Academy win easily. Hurt by their defeat but not disappointed, Jinko players reflected on where they were less, and the entire team returned home to continue training.

What Is Going On With Studio Madhouse and TMZ Entertainment?

Credit: Madhouse

Madhouse (Kabushiki-gaisha Maddohausu) is a Japanese animation studio founded in 1972 by ex-Mushi Pro animators. Madhouse has been a massive part in making and collaborating multiple anime series with well-known manga artists, anime such as Ace o Nerao!; Perfect Blue; Paprika; Wolf Children; Parasyte; The Maxim; and Season 1 of One Punch Man. Their most recent projects include Sonny Boy; The Vampire Dies In No Time; Takt Op. Destiny and Police in a Pod.

TMZ Entertainment is one of Japan’s oldest and most famous anime studios, going as far as 1946. They are best known for their numerous anime franchises such as Lupin the Third, Hamtaro; Sonic X; and D.Gray-man. They have had a hand in many films such as The professional, Akira and Little Nemo: Adventures In Slumberland, alongside western animations such as Winnie The Pooh; Tiny Toon Adventures; Rainbow Brite; DuckTales; and Batman: The Animated Series. Their most recent projects are Rent-A-Girlfriend, Burning Kabaddi, and Lupin the Third Part 6. 

What do we know about All Out Season 2 so far?

Credit: Madhouse

After releasing the last episode on March 31, 2017, Studio Madhouse went silent over the possibility of producing Season 2. This left fans worldwide disappointed and frustrated.

The manga concluded on January 2020 with a total of seventeen volumes, leaving a considerable portion of the story from being shown in the anime series. The creators did not cancel nor renew the show for a second season and have left it hanging in thin air.

There is no issue with the source material. There is still a large portion of the manga series that can be used for references; however, fans’ mixed reactions and responses have made the studio reluctant to proceed with Season 2. The initial season was perceived as average, and to avoid further losses and shortcomings, the studio has not given us the green light concerning Season 2.

What are fans saying about Season 2?

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The fans’ mixed opinions and reactions over the anime series have led to a holdback for the studio even to start production for Season 2.

Fans have found the anime series lacking fanbase and many characters not having receiving proper recognition or not being recognizable. One fan compared the series to the famous anime series “Haikyuu” which has broken every boundary in its way to being one of the top sports anime in the industry, denominating it as not alike its level.

Fans, however, loved the art style, and the manner that the studio germinated the plot. The studio developed the synopsis and characters while not giving them a stereotypical plotline. For example, they won every game after training for a few days and were the absolute best by the end of the season. Instead, they added reality by showing them as mere humans who needed to grow and be better day by day, and they could not always win every game easily.

Will there be All Out Season 2?

Credit: Madhouse

There is a possibility that we can be seeing an All Out season 2, most probably in 2022. The anime series ended after episode twenty-six with no OVAs to follow it.

The manga series had finished serialization back in January 2020 with seventeen completed volumes; therefore, there will be no issue of having little source material. A drama CD adaptation and a limited eight volume and the reprint of the manga’s first volume were released in February 2016. The manga series was adapted into a stage play in December 2016.

Sadly, since the release of the manga series, it only gained recognition in its first year. After that, the number of searches on Google trends declined dramatically; this depicts how unpopular the show became over the years. The sudden decline in popularity, coupled with negative fan feedback, and not many sales, are some of the reasons why the anime might not produce Season 2 in the future.

When will All Out Season 2 be released?

Credit: Madhouse

It is unlikely that we might receive Season 2 of All Out!!

The series attracted loads of negative feedback from fans and had a sudden drop in its searches since the release of its manga series back in 2016. Studio Madhouse might not even consider making Season 2 after the way the anime went in a downward slope. Sadly, we might not be getting Season 2 in the future.

What Can We Expect In Season 2 Of The Anime?

Credit: Madhouse

The producers ended Season 1 on a cliffhanger with the players losing the tournament and being defeated brutally, despite going “ALL OUT!!”

After the match, the teammates reflected on their shortcomings and saw where they lacked; they then returned home and started on a new training session to get back up, this time stronger and faster.

We can expect new adventures and the team developing more vital coordination in Season 2 and maybe even winning against the most challenging groups in the academy.