Angels of Death Season 2: Release date, news and rumors

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Not many anime series are adapted from video games and actually even reach the zenith of the anime kingdom. Only a few anime series adapted from video games have reached up to that level, one being Persona 5 and the other is our very own Angels of Death.

Created by Makoto Sanada, Angels of Death consisted of 16 episodes that were produced by J.C.Staff. The anime series was directed by Kentaro Suzuki, the character designs were over seen by Miki Matsumoto who is also the chief animation director. The anime series was released on July 6, 2018 till October 26, 2018. With only two manga volumes and one anime series, the immensely popular, psychological horror anime is still missing Angels of Death Season 2, so keep reading to know when we will be getting our very own Halloween bucket series!

What happened so far in Angels of Death

Credit: J.C.Staff

One of the best anime series to watch on the night of Halloween, the psychological horror anime has a huge chunk of suspense and mystery, with little to no room to wait to see the next episode as its holds the attention of its viewer and manages to make one’s hair stand on end through the series.

The Angels of Death starts off with a 13 year old Rachel Gardner (Ray) witnessing a murder, the paralyzing scene sends her to the hospital unconscious but when she wakes up she realizes she is in the basement of an unfamiliar building known as B7 and the only way to reach the other floors is by a machine generated voice intercom elevator that has deemed her as a sacrifice for the upper floors.

As she makes her way to floor B6 she comes face to face with a bandages man who almost kills her with his scythe. Ray flees to floor B5 where she meets Danny her counselor but he too almost gauges her eyes because it reminded him of his mother. Luckily for Ray the bandaged man cuts Danny through his gut but spares Ray as he sees that she isn’t afraid of him and he could also use her intelligence to get out of this maze like building; not to mention Ray also makes a strange request that he should kill her.

Introducing himself as Zack the bandaged man and Ray make a promise to help each other, first to get out of the building and later Zack in killing Ray as per her request. They then move up to floor B4, where Ray finds a library containing Zack’s past but instead of being afraid of him, she helps him. They both go through different traps and tests to finally reach B3 where they are confronted by Cathy, the warden who punishes the pair through traps and puzzles for their evil crimes.

They end up slicing Cathy and move up to B2 but Zack gets badly injured during the process due to which Ray moves forward alone to find medicines to save him. She meets a priest named Gray who guides her and tells her, he is there to judge her for her actions. She again has to go through various tests and challenges to finally get the medicine to save Zack.

In the end Zack finds out about Ray’s past and how she killed her father and mother, whom she sewed together to make “One Big Happy Family”. They finally escape and the building collapses but to their dismay, the police arrest Zack and take Ray to the hospital because of her wounds. Zack is charged with multiples murders as well as the kidnapping of Ray. Zack in the closing moments, escapes from prison to meet Ray in her room and as per their promise he tells her, “Stop Crying and Smile”. By the time the police arrive, the room is empty with a splatter of blood on the windowsill and Zack’s knife on the floor.

What is going on with studio J.C.Staff?

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It isn’t a surprise that J.C.Staff had produced this magnificent anime that took every Otaku through a roller-coaster of emotions with no breaks to stop. The studio was founded in 1987 and since then they have released nothing but the best for the anime community. Anime series like Food Wars, Date a Live, One-Punch Man, A certain Scientific Railgun and much more. Currently, they are busy with the production of Requiem of the Rose King, The strongest Sage with the Weakest Crest, The Demon Girl Next Door 2, The Executioner and Her Way of Life.

What do we know about Angels of Death Season 2 so far?

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With only 2 manga Volumes and one season for the anime series, the producer have not worked on a season 2 for the anime for the last 2 years. It is rumored that since the manga only had 2 volumes they completed the whole story in the 16 episodes of season 1, so it is unlikely that we would be getting a season 2 at all. Not to sound like we have lost all hope, but the producers and the studio have not deemed it over as they have not officially announced that the series has ended, so there is still some hope.

What are fans saying about Angels of Death Season 2?

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Fans have just demanded one wish from the studio and that is to create a season 2 for Angels of Death! Almost everyone has enjoyed the psychological horror anime that just showed no effort of slowing down and were on full throttle.

A fan on Twitter after finishing the anime voiced out her anxiousness for another episode and how very few anime have given her that energy and happiness. Other fans felt different as they weren’t too impressed and commented that there could be better anime’s out there.

It isn’t a surprise that fans took to Quora to find out about the vague ending of the anime and well, I’ll leave it for you to click on the link and be acknowledged over the very bizarre ending which I must confess has made many raise their eyebrows.

Will there be Angels of Death Season 2?

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The chances of getting Angels of Death Season 2 is low, very low but not impossible. The series had 16 episodes and 2 manga volumes which the studio completely showed in the anime series.  The anime series stacked up high ratings from multiple websites that has set it up to 4.8/5 on all platforms. Angels of Death was initially a game on Nintendo Switch that later became a manga and finally an anime series, it racked up quite the profits from its video game sales as well as its manga sales. However, on Google Trends they have had a fluctuating search history that has multiple ups and downs.

There is promise for better results if the studio decides on working on a season 2 but that only can happen if there are more manga volumes published. But until then, the studio has stayed tight-lipped about a possible season 2.

When will Angels of Death Season 2 be released?

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It will take some time until we can expect a season 2 for Angels of Death. The writers will first produce more volumes to increase the storyline which will guide and help the anime series producers to start working on another season. Realistically speaking we can expect a season 2 after 4-5 years if the writers ever do make up their mind to work on the more manga volumes.

What can we expect in Season 2 of Angels of Death?

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Angels of Death Season 1 ended with Ray hallucinating and not being in her right sense of mind and finally killing herself, while Zack was sentenced to death by the police who charged him with multiple murders and the kidnapping of Ray. According to the manga volumes, the ending was the same as the anime television series, so it looks like the studio wrapped up the whole anime in one season only.

The only thing we can expect is the writer to start working on more manga volumes if we ever wish to see a season 2 of Angels of Death. In a nutshell, the anime was above the expectation rate of many fans, in which each and every one loved it, from the art style, to the suspense and finally the dramatic ending. It is so rare to find such gem anime in this age, sadly it ended in just 16 episodes and 2 manga volumes.