Anime boys with long hair — cutest male characters 2023

Overpowered cold attitude characters to handsome sweethearts, anime guys with long hair always seem to stand out amongst the crowd. In this list, we picked some of the unforgettable long-haired anime men.

Everyone likes a different type of anime man. Some love cold-hearted loners, extrovert joyful characters, or just the ones who are the strongest. However, one thing all anime fans will agree is that anime guys with long hair have a totally different vibe and charm to them. Hence, we made a top list of some of these animated long-haired men who are fans’ favorites.

Manga writers mostly design long hair on men to show them as wealthy or powerful characters. Not to mention, it makes them look so much more attractive. Anime boys with long hair are the ones which ignite our curiosity, and we just want to know more about them. Most of the time it is love at first sight with them.

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1. Himura Kenshin from Rurouni Kenshin

Credit: Studio Gallop

Starting this list with none other than fans’ all-time favorite samurai, Himura Kenshin. Years have passed since this anime ended, but fans still appreciate his character for being a skilled swordsman and having so much courage and strength. His long red hair tied in an elegant ponytail, his body language, and the scar on his face prove his experience as a warrior.

Fans love Himura not only because of his looks but because of his beautiful heart. Despite being such a good fighter, he doesn’t misuse his power and has a lot of empathy for others. He is proof that looks can be deceiving because despite looking like a fierce warrior, he has a soft and loving heart.

2. Tomoe from Kamisama Kiss

Credit: TMS Entertainment

Tomoe is a fox yokai from Kamisama Kiss. He has gorgeously long white hair which is absolutely incomparable. Although he is mostly seen having short hair in the series, he has been seen having long hair in the past. Those long hair looked so good on him that it made people drool over him wherever he went.

He has left behind many good-looking long-haired men. Maybe he got his hair cut short because of having way too many people be after him. His shiny silver hair, along with violet eyes and pale skin make him overall look so damn handsome. He shows himself as a distant and cold character at first which makes him look even more attractive to fans.

3. Edward Elric from Full Metal Alchemist

Credit: Bones

Edward Elric is one of the most famous long-haired anime characters. He is loved by fans worldwide because of his kind, loving personality and his intellect and power. He wears a red overcoat, has a short height, and long, golden hair which he keeps tied up in a braid.

Edward’s hair suits his personality as a young, energetic, and devoted character. Moreover, his hair makes him look more elegant. Since his height is short, he may look younger than he is but his hair makes him look wise and of his age. He is a long-haired character which is simply too good to forget.

4. Eren Yeager from Attack on Titan

Credit: Wit Studio

One will have to see Attack on Titan from season 4 onwards to see Eren Yeager in long hair which makes him look like a completely different character. No character looks as badass as Eren in long hair. He has dark brown hair of shoulder-length which he sometimes leaves open or ties up in a man bun. Fans have gotten crazy after this new hairstyle of Eren.

Eren’s aggressive eyes and a man bun, the combination of these two make him look so darn cool. It also supports the change in his character from an innocent boy to a mature adult with completely different goals. Eren Yeager is one in a million long-haired character.

5. Katsura Kotaro from Gintama

Credit: Sunrise

Katsura Kotaro is a strong samurai who is a wanted terrorist that stays on the run. Katsura has long, black hair which reaches till this back. Nor any man or even woman can pull of long black hair as well as he does. He has a masculine body which makes his long hair look more masculine than feminine.

Although other characters in the anime had rather funky hairstyles, Katsura would simply leave his hair open or tied in a ponytail. This made him look like a typical samurai. He has a serious personality that often looks contradictory and funny because of his random behavior and stubbornness.

6. Undertaker from Black Butler

Credit: A-1 Pictures

Those green eyes, pale face, long, white hair, and a scar on his face, those features are what makes Undertaker look so intriguing. Moreover, it creates the perfect balance for attractiveness. There wasn’t told much about him in the start either which made him look so mysterious. The curiosity to know him and his elegance, ten folded by his long white hair were what made the audience want to know more about him.

His hair is long from the front as well which covers most of his face, but his cunning expressions can still be seen through them. When his whole face is later revealed, fans are astonished by his beauty. He is a creepy ex-reaper yet so gorgeous, one can’t help but want to see more of him.

7. Sesshomaru from Inuyasha

Credit: Sunrise

Not much needs to be said about this character. One can simply look at Sesshomaru and understand why fans are obsessed with him. If you ask anyone about the hottest guys from Inuyasha, they will most probably mention him as well. Although both the demon brothers have white, long hair, Sesshomaru just looks so elegant and attractive. He has a whole different vibe to himself.

The hairstyle of his white hair, short from front and long from the back looks so appealing. His mysterious eyes and the cold expression on his face suit so much with his long locks. Although some may say his heartless behavior is a turn-off, it makes him look more irresistible according to other fans.

8. Neji Hyuga from Naruto

Credit: Pierrot

Neji is the main supporting character in Naruto and one of the fan’s favorites. He is known for being a prodigy who is very intelligent and strong. Neji has long, black hair which goes perfectly with white eyes and skin. Only a few male characters in Naruto have long hair those who do, are strong ones who stand out. Neji is no different. He proves himself that he is an exceptionally shinobi many times.

As Neji grows older his hair grows longer and he looks even hotter. Neji is a beauty with brains. He shows himself as cold at first but later he proves how far he is willing to go for his friends and family. Neji is a character who has left an impact on the audience and will always remain an unforgettable character.

9. Kurama from Yu Yu Hakusho

Credit: Pierrot

Kurama is among the favorite characters of fans from Yu Yu Hakusho. He is a silver fox demon who is extremely strong. Kurama remains powerful and gorgeous even in his human form. He has glowing green eyes and bright red hair which reaches below his shoulders.

 He has sweet expressions on his face which add up to his beauty and can easily make a woman get head over heels for him. In addition to his good looks, Kurama is also very smart and powerful which makes fans love him even more. He is indeed an allrounder.

10. Howl from Howl’s Moving Castle

Credit: Studio Ghibli

Howl’s hair is of only shoulder length, but none can deny that he is one of the most handsome men in Studio Ghibli films and anime as well. The first moment he is introduced, fans went like “wow, so beautiful”. His stylishness, elegance, combined gentlemanly behavior, is what make him look so irresistible.

He is known for flying across the land and stealing the hearts of young women, which shows his popularity among fans and characters. However, while his looks make the lady’s heartbeat go up, it is his softness and kindness which made Sophie and the audience fall in love with him.

11. Ukyo from Amnesia

Credit: Brain’s Base

Although everyone from Amnesia is very handsome, Ukyo simply stands out amongst them. I mean.. look at those long, green hair. They look so attractive on him with their eccentric dressing and mysterious eyes. He has a tall, slender body which makes the hair suit him even more.

Ukyo isn’t a fan-favorite character because of his twisted personality. However, if we judge him based on his looks only then he is definitely very gorgeous. No one can look as aesthetic in long, green hair as Ukyo does.

12. Itachi Uchiha from Naruto

Credit: Pierrot

There is no denying that Itachi Uchiha deserves a spot on this list. He is one of the most loved anime characters by fans ever. Apart from being very strong, Itachi is also very handsome. He has fair skin, black eyes, jet black long hair which is tied up in a loose ponytail, and long bangs from the front. Fans go bonkers over this character.

Itachi is not only good-looking, but he also is extremely wise. He is one of the wisest and strongest characters in Naruto. Moreover, Itachi has a beautiful and strong heart that is willing to sacrifice everything for the best. No character can replace Itachi.

13. Grell Sutcliff from Black Butler

Credit: A-1 Pictures

The moment someone looks at Grell, one thing which comes to mind is “He is crazy” and “He is so handsome”. Grell is another vicious and mad character from Black Butler. Also, he is extremely gay when it comes to Sebastian. He is a Grim Reaper who’s well… not that smart.

He is a beauty without brains. Here’s a fun fact, Grell loves the color red which is probably why he wears red glasses. He for sure loves his hair too because of how long and bright red are his hair.

14. Ren Jinguji from Uta no Prince-sama

Credit: A-1 Pictures

One can see Ren Jinguji and instantly figure out he’s a flirtatious ladies’ man. He knows he is very handsome and he takes full benefit of his looks by not leaving a moment to flirt with girls. He has blond, shoulder-length hair and blue eyes. That is the deadliest good looks combination.

Ren keeps the top two buttons of his shirt open which confirms he’s a flirt. He is a carefree character with a love for singing. His voice is as beautiful as his face. However, Ren is smart and cunning as well and can make quick decisions. He may not look like it but he’s very caring and kind towards the other ST☆RISH members.

15. Victor Nikiforov from Yuri on Ice

Credit: MAPPA

This Russian beauty anime character needs to be on this list. Although Victor’s mostly seen in short hair in the anime, there are a few clips in which he has long, silver hair which reaches till his back. Those few clips of him in long hair are enough for fans to drool over his beauty. Victor is a living legend of ice skating and he looks so damn gorgeous on the skating rink

He has a slim, slender body, blue eyes, hair skin, and a sweet expression on his face. When all of these features are combined with his long, silver hair his good looks turn into a whole different level. Victor isn’t only handsome but he also knows his ways with words. The way he flirts with Yuuri makes him look so attractive. Moreover, he has a kind personality but he can turn serious when he needs to be. Fans have been crying to see more of Victor in his beautiful long hair.

16. Byakuya Kuchiki from Bleach

Credit: Pierrot

Another overpowered entry to the list is Byakuya Kuchiki. He is the leader of the Kuchiki clan which is among the 4 Nobel clans in Soul Society. Byakuya is admired among the men and women of the universe for his good looks. He has slate-grey eyes and long, jet black hair which makes his appearance look like he’s no ordinary reaper.

Although Byakuya looks cold and heartless, he is very caring. It seems he has difficulty showing his soft, loving side and so he seems a cold attitude. However, deep down inside he cares a lot about his family and friends.

17. Hyakkimaru from Dororo

Credit: Tezuka Productions / MAPPA

Hyakkimaru is a boy who’s willing to change his fate despite his condition. He is one hell of a character as he is strong even though he has a physical disadvantage. He kills 72 demons without having skin or limbs. Hyakkimaru is an unfortunate child who was given as a sacrifice to the demons.

He was born without limbs, skin, or organs and was thrown away by his father. However, he has prosthetic limbs and senses spirits and demons to fight them so he can get back his body parts. Hyakkimaru is a badass character who looks even much cooler in his black, long hair which he ties up in a pony.

18. Kanzaki Hideri from Blend-S

Credit: A-1 Pictures

I know what you’re thinking, but no he is a guy, not a girl. Hideri is a guy who loves to dress up as a girl. He dreams of being an idol one day and he dresses like an idol. He’s very selective about his clothes because he only wants to wear the “cutest” clothes. Having him in the anime is eye candy because he is adorable and funny.

He got hired because of his cute looks and works as a waitress. The whole staff is surprised by his cuteness. He mostly leaves his beautiful, long hair open and wears a cute ribbon headband. Although his masculine features sometimes become visible for example when he killed a roach all by himself.

19. Gai Tsutsugami from Guilty Crown

Credit: Production I.G

Gai Tsutsugami is one of the hotties from Guilty Crown. He looks mysterious yet charismatic at the same time. His role in the anime changes but his hotness remains the same. He hides his mysteriousness with his smile and good looks. He is a tall, fair-skinned man with long blond hair and blue eyes. He is of European descent.

Gai’s personality is unpredictable. He is very smart and sharp. His comrades are unable to find out what he is thinking and what his real motives are. His beautiful long hair can be a hint to the audience that there is more to this character than it seems.

20. Astolfo from Fate

Credit: Studio Deen

Sorry, but this is the last trap on this list. Astolfo isn’t a crossdresser but he looks very feminine. He is as beautiful as many female characters in the series. He dresses very fancily and wears pretty hair ornaments. He has a liking towards cute things which surely suit him a lot. He has long, pink hair which is usually tied in a braid and he has long bangs from the front.

Astolfo is a very charismatic and optimistic character. He mostly leaves it to his heart to decide important matters. He enjoys being in his physical form than spirit form and he can go on talking for hours.

We hope you enjoyed reading this list of anime guys with long hair. You must have developed a crush on a few of these by now. If you need a dose of cuteness, then you will enjoy reading our list of best cats in anime.