Best anime guys with glasses — top 30 characters 2023

Guys with glasses are a unique breed; of course, they’re often overused, but they do make the show more enjoyable; their iconic move of pushing back their glasses with one finger during the battle of wits is always legendary, determination and persistence are the defining qualities of these characters, and in this top list, you will see the best anime guys with glasses. Check out our top list section and discover more great characters and shows.

It is a common trope that almost every guy who wears glasses is somewhat of a secret genus and while it’s true for many shows, not every anime guy with glasses is built with similar traits; some of these guys are only there for comedic purposes; trying to make the show more interesting with their goofy antics.

Discovering unique anime characters is great, isn’t it? If you want to find some of the most amazing characters, you should check out our list of the best romance anime and if you’re in the mood for something old school, check out these legendary 90s anime, and you’re sure to find some awesome characters to obsess over.

So let’s not waste any more time, and continue with the list. 

1. Kamina from Gurren Lagann

There will never be another adventurous and exciting individual like Kamina, he is the definition of believing that anything is possible, no matter how precarious of a situation he’s in, he never gives up and keeps pushing forward. Gurren Lagann is a series that defies logic and reasoning, going with the flow of the characters and Kamina completely understands that.

Kamina has a boastful personality, he can be considered an arrogant and self-absorbed character, often referring to himself as “the Might Kamina;” however, despite his many flaws, he’s not that bad.

Something you got to know about Kamina is that he’s a cool guy; there is nothing that can hold him back, he pushes right through and makes his own destiny, truly a leader you can follow.

2. Kei Tsukishima from Haikyuu!!

You can’t help but fall in love with Tsukishima’s character, he’s gone through some character development and he’s basically one of the protagonists. Although he’s often overlooked, the Karasuno volleyball team has reached this far because of his incredible reflexes, tenacity, and determination; Kei Tsukishima is the ultimate read-blocker.

Tsukishima has a somewhat sarcastic personality, he’s often making snide remarks at other people’s efforts and doesn’t consider practicing volleyball to be a productive way of spending his time.

His love for volleyball sparked during the match against Shirotorizawa when he finally managed to block one of Ushiwaka’s spikes and took back the set; that was the moment he fell in love with volleyball.

3. Sakamoto from Haven’t you heard? I’m Sakamoto

The true identity of Sakamoto is a mystery; nobody knows who he is or where he’s from, only that his name is Sakamoto. It honestly wouldn’t be wrong to call that guy perfect, he’s the definition of being cool, and everything he does and does it with such confidence, it’s like he was born with those specific skills.

Sakamoto has a calm and collected personality, he is always prepared for anything and never gets caught in a bad position, he also has somewhat of a good luck streak because everything always seems to go his way.

Ladies love him and guys want to be like him; even those who initially hated him have begun to admire his preparedness.

4. Zeke Yeager from Attack on Titan

Feeling sorry for yourself is one thing, but ending your entire race is plain stupid; Zeke Yeager is the mastermind behind the Eldian Euthanization plan. Zeke is driven to the state of pure depressi; he has let go of his desires for freedom and any hope for the future.

He’s referred to as ‘War Chief’ by the other titan shifters of Marley; Zeke showed his daunting personality during the third season of the series where he was as ruthless as you can imagine; however, in Marley, he’s nothing more than a stool to step on.

Zeke Yeager is an intelligent individual, he thinks with his head and doesn’t take any extreme action which might cause him or his fellows harm.

5. Tenya Iida from My Hero Academia

Talking about characters who are always prepared and ready for action, the class rep of 1-A is definitely higher on the list. Tenya Iida is the younger brother of Pro Hero: Ingenium who has a great impact on his life, Iida’s dream is a become a pro hero like his older brother and fight evil.

Iida is responsible, always keeping the entire class in check and showing strong leadership skills, he believes that everyone has talent and they should work hard every day to be a better version of themselves.

Iida’s leader in class can come off as annoying because he has a habit of micro-manage things about other students, but most of the class respect and trust his judgments. 

6. Leorio Paradinight from Hunter x Hunter

Leorio was gone for the better half of Hunter x Hunter, but he returned when the world needed him the most. It may have always seemed like Leorio was just along for the ride with Killua, Gon, and Kurapika but he genuinely cared about his friends; his knuckle-breaking punch on Ging Freecss made it clear.

Leorio was initially portrayed as a selfish narcissist who didn’t care about anyone else and always looked out for himself, his motivation to become a hunter is simple, he wants to make a lot of money and live an easy life which does seem selfish but Leorio wants to become a doctor and save people’s lives.

Leorio understands the value of money and wants to make a lot of it; only so he can live his life in peace.

7. Shizuo Heiwajima from Durarara!!

Shizuo is an iconic character in the Durarara!! Series, he’s considered the strongest man living in Ikebukuro, and his constant back-and-forth with Izaya never fails to be entertaining; with him throwing fridges and vending machines his way. He currently works as a bodyguard for a loan shark which is a perfect job for him.

Shizuo is well known throughout Ikebukuro; he’s a close friend of some of the most notorious people in the city and the well-known headless rider. No matter what goes on in the city, somehow, he is in the middle of it.

Despite his short-tempered behavior, he has a laid-back personality; he doesn’t get worked up over little things unless those little things have something to do with Izaya.

8. Escanor from Seven Deadly Sins

There was a time when all of us considered Escanor to be the strongest living being, his immeasurable power has no limit during the day. He demonstrated his powers in his fight against the ten commandments, where he easily overwhelmed two of them at the same time, his true power is enough to make anyone tremble in fear.

Escanor is prideful, I mean literally; he is the sin of pride and his immense powers play a huge role in that. During the night, Escanor is a wimpy frail man who casually works as a bartender but his personality shifts into the most prideful man of all time during the day.

Escanor doesn’t bear any hatred for another person no matter how evil they are, and he only fights to protect what he cares about. He is a gentleman but a truly terrifying one.

9. Kusuo Saiki from The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.

Kusou Saiki is your average high school with immense psychic abilities; although his abilities are quite handy, Saiki just wants to live a normal life. He tries his best to avoid getting into difficult situations but bad luck seems to follow him.

Earlier in the series, Saiki was living a happy calm life by his lonesome self but he soon make some peculiar friends who were always there to interrupt his peaceful life.

Saiki also has a habit of over exaggerating certain things; he enjoys socializing with people and has a strange obsession with coffee pudding.

10. Yukio Okumura from Blue Exorcist

Being an older brother is a burden, you always have to be the responsible one, you have to protect your younger sibling and help them however you can. Yukio is severely under-appreciated for his efforts as a big brother; despite his own troubles, Yukio always kept a happy face in front of Rin and never denied any of his requests.

Ever since he was a child, Yukio was able to see spirits; he soon began his training to control his vision and fend off these spirits to keep him safe. His high academic skills lead him to become a teacher at a very young age.

Still, the most impressive thing about him was how he managed his life as a teacher and as a brother to Rin. He wanted Rin to learn, but he wouldn’t go easy on him.

11. Izumi Miyamura from Horimiya

No matter what happened in your past, you should look ahead and move on with your life. Miyamura leads somewhat of a double life, he’s known as the “gloomy guy” in his school because he’s always by himself; however, he’s an extrovert outside of school with his cool hairstyle, tattoos, and multiple piercings.

While it looks cool to dress up like a rich punk, making all those changes to his appearance was a way for him to retaliate, he was betrayed by his friends during middle school and there were times he wanted just to disappear.

Miyamura is an introvert, he’s not exactly shy to make friends, but he knows what good comes from making friends or believing in someone. He opened up to Kyouko because she was a little like him, in keeping her identity a secret.

12. Hikari Tsutsui from 3D Girlfriend

There are quite a few similarities between Miyamura and Tsutsui, the way they dress, their hairstyles, their personalities around people, and their lives changed when a popular cute girl came into their life. Tsutsui is considered a gloomy otaku by the rest of the school, and he’s often looked down upon due to him being an anime fan.

As anyone would guess; Tsutsui is an introvert, he’s not very social and doesn’t like talking with people except his best friend Ito who is also an otaku. By some strange coincidence, he ends up meeting a popular girl name Iroha and unexpectedly protects her from an ex.

Hikari is an introvert, he doesn’t engage in school activities and is often by himself, and he’s a genuinely nice guy once you get to him better.

13. Keima Katsuragi from The World God Only Knows

Where many otakus are often considered losers, Keima Katsuragi plays the Uno reverse card, calling everyone else a normie. Keima’s goal is to win at every dating sim and conquer all the ladies, his obsession with these games is so extreme that he plays these games during school.

He’s an otaku with pride; Keima doesn’t care about what others think; only that he wins at his games, he’s also amazing at his studies. He really fits the stereotypes of nerdy geeks who are good at everything.

Keima has no interest in the real world or 3D girls, he will let go of a thousand real-life girls if he can have another 2D one. Something you have to know about Keima is that he’s an avid gamer who thrives to finish every game he plays.

14. Fushimi Saruhiko from K: Missing Kings

Fushimi Saruhiko knows his self-worth, and he doesn’t let anyone else control his actions; in other words, he’s sexy and he knows it. Fushimi just wants to find a place where he can belong, he left HOMRA because he considered them to be too vulgar for his taste and join Scepter 4 under the blue king.

Fushimi has a laid-back personality, he doesn’t involve himself in the matters of others (most of the time); he’s incredibly keen, able to quickly find a solution to problems and think ahead of others. He prefers to work alone and doesn’t waste his time socializing with others.

His combat abilities are far superior than he’s led others to believe, he’s capable of handling multiple enemies simultaneously, and he always mocks his opponents for how weak they are and enjoys toying with them.

15. Klaus V Reinherz from Blood Blockade Battlefront

Everyone loves a big muscle head softie and Klaus is definitely a big one. As a leader of the crime-fighting organization, he is always ready for whatever comes his way. The most likable thing about him is that he trusts his companions completely and never doubts their convictions, believing that everyone has their own reasons to fight.

Klaus is a true gentleman; calm, collected, and always polite despite his beast-like savage form, passion for his work, and unshakable will define his character. But you don’t want to make him angry, his monstrous strength is enough to tear apart anything in his way; he holds his face high as the organization’s leader.

Klaus is truly like a father figure to the entire organization as he never hesitates to help them no matter how precious of a situation he’s in.

16. Taihei Doma from Umaru-Chan

Big brothers play a huge role in almost every anime; they’re kind, protective of their younger siblings; always there to help them however they can. And Taihei is no different, he’s always there for Umaru; fulfilling her childish request and going out of his way to make her happy.

Taihei himself is a hard worker, he works tirelessly at his job and comes home to Umaru who also doesn’t let him rest. He’s amazing at managing his work and home life as he does all the chores around the house, like cooking and cleaning because Umaru doesn’t move a muscle.

A word that describes Taihei’s character would be dependable, he is a polite person who never loses his composure with Umaru or his co-workers.

17. Kohta Hirano from Highschool of the Dead

Kohta Hirano is a nerd genius, but not the kind of nerd you’re thinking of; he’s a gun nerd. Kohta has a fascination with rifles, he loves to collect different models of rifles and remodel them into a hybrid. He even trains with those rifles, which is why he is the main rifleman of Takashi’s group.

His excellent knowledge of fireworks practically saved everyone in the first place, despite his slow reactions to certain things, Kohta is a quick thinker, able to come up with a solution, and he’s always prepared for better or worse but he doesn’t get the fan service he deserves.

Kohta has a somewhat timid personality around Takagi. He was often bullied in class, which made him be alone most of his school life, but when the apocalypse benga; Kota was the first to start preparing for it, he’s a beast when he takes charge of the situation.

18. Jin from Samurai Champloo

You expect characters like Jin to be badass who outsmart everyone with his witts, he definitely is a badass, but not a smart one; he’s very similar to Mugen in that matter, both of them think on the same level but come to an opposite conclusion. He and Mugen travel along with Fuu, trying to help her find the sunflower samurai.

Unlike Mugen, Jin thinks before he acts; he doesn’t act on impulse and only draws his blade when necessary; he believes that people who use their power to oppress people are scum.

Jin has a stoic personality; he’s always has a monotone look on his face; he acts as though he doesn’t care about Fuu or Mugen, but he genuinely cares about them.

19. Shiroe from Log Horizon

Shiroe is the mastermind of the Log Horizon guild, he was among the first few people who understand the true nature of the catastrophe and devised a plan to help everyone live a better life in the game, his most important deed was discovering that Alvs could use their magic to give taste to their food. 

He is a veteran player in the popular MMORPG and he proves his superiority as a strategist for the Debauchery Tea Party by helping them take on difficult raids. Although he often gloats about how many hours he has spent in this game, he never disrespects any of the newer players.

Although Shiroe was socially awkward at first; however, after the catastrophe, he decided to use his encyclopedic knowledge to help out other players the best he can.

20. Kousei Arima from Your Lie in April

As a child, Kousei was forced to let go of his childhood and fulfill his late mother’s wishes, practicing piano every day, and not being allowed to go out and play with his friends. So, after his mother passed away, Kousei was lost; not able to find a purpose to play his music but all that changed when he met Kaori Miyazono.

He would always sit alone in the music room of his class and would play the piano; even though he wasn’t able to listen to his notes, he wanted to continue playing it because it made sense to him but he wasn’t always alone, his friend Tsubaki would often visit him listen to him play.

Kousei has a timid personality, he’s doesn’t talk much and keeps his thoughts to himself. He’s also a pessimist, always assuming that bad things will happen, which is the main reason behind his fear of performing.

21. Shinra Kishitani from Durarara!!

Certain characters like Shinra know how to their life to the fullest, you’d expect an underground doctor to be somewhat shady-looking or secretive but not Shinra. But that’s not all that’s interesting about him; he’s apparently dating the rumored headless rider, Celty Sturluson and he couldn’t be happier.

Shina is a loveable goof whenever he’s around Celty, always fawning over Celty so she would give her attention. For someone who stays at home most of the time, he never takes off his white coat, we assume it’s because he loves his job.

He’s an eccentric person; many other characters refer to his behavior as somewhat odd, including Izaya and Shizuo, who are equally weird in their own way. 

22. Lloyd Asplund from Code Geass

Scientist gone mad? Well, not exactly. The Code Geass series is full of hypocrites characters, and Llyod is no different; he’s a Britannian nobility scientist who created the elite Knightmare, Lancelot, to fight off the Japanese force and then let a Japanese soldier pilot it.

He doesn’t seem like a cunning individual as he is always frolicking over his creations, not paying any mind to whatever is happening around him. He doesn’t care what anyone does with his inventions as long as he gets to see them in action.

One thing is clear when you see his character up close, Lloyd loves himself way too much; referring to himself as a man of science, he shows no interest in love but still ends up with Milly Ashford.

23. Rei Ryugazaki from Free!

Rei is the newest addition to the Iwatobi Swim Club; he was initially a member of the school’s track team; Rei believes that humans are evolved to walk on land it wouldn’t make any sense for their return to the water. Rei was initially against joining the swim club but decided to join after being persuaded by Nagisa.

The real reason behind him not wanting to join the club is that he can’t swim, after joining the club, he began his training along with Haruka Nanase, who helped him learn the basics of swimming.

Being a character with cool-looking glasses, of course, he’s an intelligent individual. Rei takes the theoretical approach during his training but disregards the basics of swimming.

24. Kazuma from Noragami

There honestly aren’t many sincere and passionate characters like Kazuma; he takes his responsibilities quite seriously as a member of Lady Bishamon’s regalia, such as keeping the other shinki in line and taking care of everyday tasks.

However, his helpful nature doesn’t just end with Lady Bishamon; Kazuma was also extremely helpful toward Yukine, teaching him how to control his power and train to get stronger. Sometime later, Kazuma became one of Yato’s shinki to keep a promise.

Kazuma is the reliable big brother figure throughout the series, he has a calm personality and authority that goes along with it. He cares deeply for his master and his fellow Shinki.

25. Kabuto Yukashi from Naruto

The hunger for power and knowledge is too strong with this one; Kabuto is a cunning man with great focus; working as an assistant for Orochimaru, Kabuto discovered the limits of the human body and began experiments on himself to surpass those limits. Single-handedly starting the fourth great ninja war and taking on the world all by himself, he truly is terrifying.

Kabuto was merely a spy earlier in the series; his intel-gathering skills were far superior to anyone else which was proven many times in the series, which is why Orochimaru took an interest in him.

Kabuto is a master of disguise, able to change his personality according to the situation. At times, Kabuto is seen as quite cheerful and open toward others, but that isn’t who he truly is.

26. Ittetsu Takeda from Haikyuu!!

Something people always forget is how genuinely invested Takeda is in Karasuno’s volleyball team and does whatever he can to help, despite his busy schedule. As the faculty advisor, he always suggests what is good for the team even though it doesn’t seem like it.

He understands his inferior understanding of volleyball, so he never tried to train the students despite being the head coach. Given that the volleyball team was barely alive before the first years joined the club, his efforts kept the team afloat.

Because of his constant efforts, he was able to convince Keishin Ukai to be the coach for Kurasuno’s team and set up their first practice match with Nekoma.

27. Ranpo Edogawa from Bungou Stray Dogs

Say what you want but Ranpo Edogawa is the greatest detective; despite not being an ability user, he can solve cases easily by observing the clues. He activates his super-deduction ability by putting on his glasses which enable him to find even the tiniest clue.

There is no disliking Ranpo, he’s a happy guy who’s always cheerful, ready to help others with their cases; everyone around him commends him for his mystery-solving skills.

Ranpo is also a modest guy who always puts others before himself and shows some serious resolve to protect his friends.

28. Doppo Kunikida from Bungou Stray Dogs

Nobody is more unlucky than Doppo Kunikida who has to work alongside a suicidal maniac whose crazy antics know no bounds, but he still manages to get his work done. He’s a hard worker who never takes the easy way and doesn’t rest until the job at hand is done. 

Kunikida is always somewhat annoyed at Dazai for his goofy nature but he doesn’t lose his cool, he rather do his work alone, but he’s assigned Dazai as a partner, so he tries his best to drag him along to solve cases.

29. Yuusaku Kitamura from Toradora

Kitamura is definitely a unique individual; nobody would expect someone like him to be this eccentric. On the outside, he looks like an ordinary nerd who is always studying and keeping his nose clean but he might just be the craziest one of all; going overboard on every possible occasion with his crazy stunts.

However, despite charming eccentricities and a unique lifestyle, he is, in fact, a grade A student. As the student council vice-president, he helps organize events throughout the school which is why he is always one step ahead of everyone else.

Yuusaku knows how to live life, he’s a cheerful person who looks at things more positively, he does whatever he wants and pays no mind to haters.

30. Fafnir from Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

Fafnir is a demon of the night, in other words, Fafnir is a goth otaku who hates sunlight and prefers to sit inside playing games all day instead of socially interacting with others. So, he’s basically like all of us; his obsession with games and the otaku lifestyle has evolved so much that he has tried to sell his own manga.

Fafnir is also quite invested in his gaming endeavors, as the game updates bring new events and new items; Fafnir is always looking to grind his levels and acquire those items by any means necessary.

He initially hated humans but he has begun to understand what makes humanity so wonderful, his relationship with his human, Makoto Takiya is also something we should protect. We hope you enjoyed our amazing list of some of the most popular anime guys with glasses, all of these characters are handpicked by the community and loved within their respective fandom. Have you ever fallen in love with animals more than the actual characters, especially cats? We know most of them don’t participate or play a role in the plot; however, some of them love to be the star of the show, check out our list of the best anime cats and you’re sure to find your next favorite.