Ao Haru Ride Season 2: Release date, news and rumors

Credit: Production I.G

Ao Haru Ride is also known internationally by its dubbed title Blue Spring Ride, and it was released on 7th July 2014 by studio Production I.G.

The Japanese manga artist and character designer Io Sakisaka has poured tiny bits of her own life into the romantic shojo manga series and anime Ao Haru Ride. The title depicts the image of youth as they ride through the different challenges and situations throughout their life, because of which it has been named Blue Spring Ride; Blue and spring (for youth) and ride for the journey ahead. 

Let’s plunge further see if Ao Haru Ride Season 2 is a possibility.

What has happened so far in Ao Haru Ride

Credit: Production I.G

The anime series revolves around the life of Futaba Yoshioka, who during her middle schools years was famous among the boys due to her tomboyish nature. Owing to those mentioned earlier, she makes girls jealous, who pushes her outside the crowd. Side by side, she lost one good friend she had, Tanaka Kun, due to a misunderstanding.

Determined to change her fate and make new friends in her senior year, Futaba changes her personality (much to her disliking) to gain female friends and be liked by others. Much to her surprise, she reunites with her childhood friend Tanaka-Kun who had moved to Nagasaki in middle school, and he changed his surname to Mabuchi. Nevertheless, he is not the same Tanaka Kun whom she once knew, now cold as ice and emotionless; Futaba cannot seem to recognize the once jolly and friendly old friend.

With the start of the New Year, Futaba eagerly volunteers to be class representatives. Her new friends Kou, Yuri Makita, Shuko Murao, and Aya Kominato, with whom she develops a strong, unbreakable bond. As the anime moves forward, we find out the reason for Kou’s behavior change as his mother died when he moved away, which had affected him emotionally. Futaba knowing about his loss, consoles her childhood best friend and makes efforts in every way possible to cheer him up and, during the process, falls in love with him again. Things seem to go Futaba’s way, but the tables turn when Yui Narumi comes to their hometown, an old friend of Kou when he was in Nagasaki. Kou supports his friend during the death of her father and slowly goes back into the black hole of the past from which Futaba tried so hard to pull him out of

Seeing that she cannot keep chasing Kou, she detaches herself from him and moves on to better improve herself. She starts a relationship with Toma Kikuchi, who makes her feel happy and loved; on another end, Kou slowly comes back into his senses and realizes that if he continues down the road, he is on, he will never leave his past and will be completely engulfed in it and so with sheer will power, he goes Yui Narumi as he feels no positivity in staying with her any longer. He chases Futaba and makes an effort to win her back. Futaba maintains feelings for Kou, ends her relationship with Toma Kikuchi.

During Christmas, Futaba and Kou plan to meet on a bridge where they had once promised to meet many years ago before Kou moved out of town, but sadly Futaba was met in a bad accident that landed her in the hospital. Kou rushes to the hospital and stays by her side throughout, and finally, they confess their love for each other.

At the end of the series, everyone moves on to new relationships and friendships; Kou changes his surname back to Tanaka, and Futaba, now glowing with happiness, feels a lot more waiting for her in the future as she moves forward in her journey of life.

What is going on with Studio Production I.G?

Credit: Production I.G

Ao Haru Ride was one of the many anime series that Studio Production I.G had made, and let me tell you, they have created much out-of-this-world anime series. Starting with Ghost in the Shell (movie), Haikyuu, Psycho-Pass (all three thrilling seasons), Guilty Crown are some of the series they made before Ao Haru Ride.

After the successful airing of it, they went on to explore more opportunities. They worked on some recent animes such as Great Pretender (2020), The Beginning (2018), Psycho-Pass 3 (2019), Haikyuu to the top Season 1 and 2 (2020). Studio Production I.G has worked on game design and development, music publishing, and management.

What do we know about Ao Haru Ride Season 2 so far?

Credit: Production I.G

Ao Haru Ride Season 1 consists of twelve episodes, and since its release date in 2014, fans have been nagging the producers to spills the beans for the release of its sequels and the following season.

However, there have been no significant declarations from the producers over the release of the next season. Rumors have spread that Season 2 of Ao Haru Ride will be released in late 2020; however, it seems that talks will remain rumors. Due to several reasons, the release date has been changed to the end of 2021. We all have our fingers crossed for this and trust to be met with more luck than last year.

What are fans saying about Ao Haru Ride Season 2?

Credit: Production I.G

Empowering women worldwide to bring about a positive change in their life, Futaba has had quite an impact on all her fans. Everyone is anxiously anticipating the release of Season 2, which will hopefully go into further detail about the future of Futaba, and take friends on another life-changing ride about her life.

Fans have made animations, posters, created stories about the romantic relationship between Futaba and Kou, which we would all love to know about in more detail than how it was depicted.

The big question “when is Season 2 coming?”

This is mainly unanswered. The manga concluded in 2015, and it has been over five years since we fans have gotten any response from the producers.

Will there be Ao Haru Ride Season 2?

Credit: Production I.G

The manga consists of thirteen volumes between 2011 and 2015. The thirteen-episode anime adaptation ended with the fourth volume of the manga (until chapter fourteen), thus leaving an immense amount of the story.

Season 1 concludes with Futaba and Kou starting their new relationship. However, there have been problems between the two, due to personal reasons. The anime finished with a cliffhanger, leaving all of us anxious for the next season, which seems unpromising.

Seven years have passed, and Studio production I.G has not shown any interest in its production and has taken up other projects to proceed with.

When will Ao Haru Ride Season 2 be released?

Credit: Production I.G

A long wait for the release of Ao Haru Ride Season 2 has made fans lose hope for the new season’s out.

Studio Production I.G has, during that time, taken up and released over fifty animes that have acquired global fame and love. However, the production team has shown little to no interest in Ao Haru Rides Season 2 production. Rumors went around over the release date to be the end of 2020, but we were wrong. We have to wait until we get an official announcement from the production team.

What can we expect from Season 2 of Ao Haru Ride?

Credit: Production I.G

Season 1 of Ao Haru Ride, ended abruptly leaving fans on a cliffhanger for Season 2, but there has been no official announcement from the production team for a release date.

We can expect the romantic relationship that that once broke during the middle schools years of Futaba with her old, long best friend Kou, and they finally got together after years of separation and tragic events hitting both of them.

Season 2 will revolve around their new relationship and what they will face in the future: the problems, challenges, and joyous moments to come. The story is mainly incomplete and has many puzzles pieces unsolved. The manga was completed in 2015, so there are plenty of storylines to start Season 2 and end it properly this time easily; it all depends upon if Studio Production I.G is willing to take up the challenge.