Best anime bunny girls — top 20 cutest characters 2023

Have a peek at our list of beloved anime bunny girls who will win your heart.

Many anime series cover various species, from scary demons, loveable elves, fan-favorite cats, and adorable rabbits. While some are liked more than others, there is no competing with the bunny girls. If you want to discover characters from different species, check out our top list categories, and you’ll find what you’re looking for.

Bunny girls in anime always know how to steal the spotlight, from the moment they’re introduced; they become the star of the show. That’s why when an anime bunny girl is introduced, you can expect the series to get better from that point on; keep reading, and you might find your new bunny girl.

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So, let’s continue with the list of the best bunny girl waifus who we all love.

1. Yoshino from Date a Live

It’s true that Yoshino isn’t exactly a bunny girl, but she might as well be with her adorable rabbit dress and the cute rabbit puppet, who she refers to as “hero” and has the ability to control the three states of water.

Yoshino values her hand-puppet more than anything, to a point where she has developed separation issues with it; that puppet represents another side of Yoshino’s personality.

Yoshino is a sweet little girl with a timid personality; she acts like a young kid and shies away from everyone; during her first appearance, she wasn’t even able to speak a full sentence and had her alter ego (Yoshinon) speak for her.

2. Mai Sakurajima from Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai

This bunny girl list wouldn’t be complete without the legendary bunny girl senpai, Mai Sakurajima; her initial bunny girl costume shook the entire anime community. She is the female protagonist of the series who won the hearts of millions of fans.

Suppose you’re wondering why a high school girl would be dressing up as a bunny girl in the middle of a library. In that case, that’s because Mai suffers from a unique condition called the Adolescence Syndrome that causes her existence to go unnoticed. But all that changes once she meets stupid Sakuta.

Mai’s personality makes her the best girl all year round, where she is generalized as a Tsundere; she doesn’t act like a cliche anime girl who gets flustered over little things. She stays calm no matter how difficult the situation is and tries to find a solution.

3. Reisen Udongein Inaba from A Summer Day’s Dream

Reisen Inaba is a lunar rabbit, or how she’s more commonly referred to as the Moon Bunny, who happens to be a really cute girl. Her most noticeable trait is her eye; she can use her Reisen’s power to refract and twist waves, temporarily blinding the vision of her victims and deceiving them with terrifying illusions.

She has a calm demeanor; able to stay calm and think carefully in precarious situations; she’s a problem-solver and always looks to investigate the incidents to see where they lead. She’s also incredibly strong; her abilities allow her to control lightning and sound to locate illusions.

4. Vert FarBreton from Dog Days

Credit: Seven Arcs

Vert FarBreton is an incredible archer who serves as a bodyguard to the first prince of Galetta Lion Territory; despite her incredible skills as an archer, she’s known to be an airhead at times; her clumsy antics make war feel like a normal outing.

The funny thing about her character is her name is in french, where Vert means ‘green’ like the color of her clothes and Far Breton is french for ‘cake.’

Vert is a sweet and clumsy girl who is always ready to help in any way she can, and despite her being a master-class archer, she can be a nuisance to anyone around her.

5. Rito Tsukimi from Absolute Duo

When the author can’t decide to make the girl character a loveable goof or a complete badass, they end up with both. Rito Tsukimi is the biggest sweetheart in the series, with her fluffy tail, adorable bunny ears, and maid outfit, but it’s not the same once she gets serious.

Rito has dual personality syndrome, referred to as white usagi-sensei and black usagi-sensei, accurately describing her contrasting personalities.

During her white usagi persona, Rito is a cheerful, happy little girl who is often mischievous and enjoys being around people; she finds it adorable when other students are charmed by her cuteness and reacts unexpectedly. However, her black Usagi persona is the opposite since she acts like a foul-mouthed teacher who doesn’t care about others.

6. Frau from Peach Boy Riverside

Frau is the real deal; she’s a certified bunny girl who you would want as your travel partner; she’s incredibly strong, loyal, and willing to be by your side as long as you have enough carrots to feed her.

Frau may seem like a wild rabbit, but she is a smart individual; she’s a demi-human with immense strength and mysterious background. She’s extremely friendly and innocent, as far as anyone can tell.

Her friendship with Salthrerine (Sally) began in the forest. Due to hunger, she was almost dead but was eventually saved when Sally offered her some carrots; Frau became her travel companion as thanks for the carrots.

7. Carrot from One Piece

Credit: Toei Animation

There aren’t many anime bunny girls out there who can take down an entire fleet with just her physical abilities; Carrot is strong, confident, and most of all, beautiful. Not to mention her amazing artistic skills, she’s good at drawing portraits and world maps, whichever is needed.

Everyone around her greatly appreciates her caring and overprotective personality; she’s willing to do anything for her friends even if it means risking her own life on the line; we saw this during the fight against Big Mom and Daifuku pirates she dived onto the enemy ships all by herself.

After her Sulong transformation, Carrot becomes incredibly beautiful and scary strong, affecting her personality; Carrot becomes assertive and vicious during combat.

8. Chuchu from Show by Rock!!

Credit: Bones

There is only one thing better than Isekai anime, an Isekai anime about music. Among the many female musicians in the anime world, we have Chuchu, the lead guitarist and vocalist for the Plasmagica.

She has a real ambition to rise in the music world and make a name for herself along with her bandmates, she secretly wants to become a solo artist, but she still enjoys playing with her bandmates.

She has a social, outgoing, and charismatic personality; as the band leader, she tries to do most of the heavy work and build trust among the members. Because of the secret dream of having a solo debut, she’s never skipped a day of guitar practice; she’s committed when it comes to music

9. Komugi Yoshida from Nurse Witch Komugi-chan R 

Credit: Tatsunoko Productions / Kyoto Animation

If we’re talking about anime girls who love to dress up in lovely bunny girl costumes, Komugi Yoshida takes the top spot without a doubt. She’s a cosplayer and training to become an idol for her agency; Komugi is adored by millions of fans and is often seen in silly-looking costumes.

She’s a middle school girl who often transforms into a magical nurse, wearing her fluffy bunny ears, colorful socks, a first-aid kit, and a starry wand to make the magic happen.

Komugi has a bright and cheerful personality, and although she’s a klutz, she goes above and beyond to help others. 

10. Black Rabbit from Problem Children are Coming From Another World

Credit: Diomedéa

There are always some characters who are preferred over others, and Kuro Usagi (Black Rabbit) is one of them; her most noticeable trait is her ability to change the color of her hair from blue to pink; although involuntarily, she doesn’t have any control over it. Her hair turns pink whenever she gets flustered.

Despite being treated like a good for nothing, Black Rabbit is very reliable; after summoning the kids from another world, she guides them thoroughly and takes care of them throughout their journey.

Kuro has a serious personality; always ready to help others by going out of her way and always keeping a positive mental attitude. Her friends or anyone, in particular, loves to make fun of her serious nature and ignore anything she has to say.

11. Chiester 410 from When They Cry

Credit: Studio Deen

Characters with twisted personalities make the show interesting; Chiester 410 is a bunny assassin who is incredibly skilled at fighting; she just wants to ease up and enjoy herself while also laughing at others who actually make an effort at life.

Her character is portrayed as arrogant and selfish; she constantly looks down on others; however, despite her condescending personality, she enjoys being around others, which is why she often hangs out with Lucifer and Chiester 45. Chiester 410 gets sad if she isn’t being ordered all the time.

12. Kuku from I’ve Been Killing Slimes for 300 Years

Credit: Revoroot

Known for her death metal music, Kuku is a member of the beast race who travels the world and spreads her music; she came to perform in Flatta during her travels where she met Azusa and the rest who helped hone her music skills and lead her to create her own style of music.

Whenever she’s playing her Death Metal, her personality becomes bold and aggressive; however, Kuku is a very sweet girl; all she wants is to develop her style of music, which she can enjoy playing.

She eventually played her own song at the Demon Festival in Flatta, and everyone loved it.

13. Pyon from Hunter x Hunter

Credit: Nippon Animation

Pyon is the feisty-looking bunny girl from the Hunter x Hunter series who played her role as the host during the chairman elections. As a paleograph hunter, despite not being an actual bunny girl, Pyon stole the show with her frivolous appearance and her funny antics.

She’s not much different from any modern-day character; she appears to be a tech-savvy who spends most of her time either on her laptop or phone and even during meetings, playing the role of intelligence gatherer.

She has a laid-back personality and has no regard for formalities during her meetings or even while hosting events, 

14. Delilah from Gate – Thus the JSDF Fought There!

Credit: A-1 Pictures

Delilah has to be the most impressive bunny girl of all time; she’s a warrior bunny maiden who is also a spy; she was against the Japanese entering their country; however, she soon understood the truth about their kingdom and decided to work with JSDF.

Delilah is incredibly cunning and intelligent; combine it with her superhuman physical abilities, and you have a true warrior. She’s confident in her infiltrations skills and fighting abilities.

She has a cheerful and friendly personality, especially towards Itami. Despite her serious nature during the missions, she often loses her cool and charges ahead toward the enemy without a plan.

15. Nashetania Loei Piena Augustra from Rokka no Yuusha

Credit: Passione

Nashetania is the female protagonist of the series, a royal princess and among the brave six, or rather the brave seven; throughout the series, her character has always been a mystery. Since her persona changes depending on who she’s with, she’s always been a wildcard of the group.

There’s an ulterior motive behind everything she does. She may appear innocent and naive, but she has a mischievous personality, often playing tricks on those close to her; however, she cares for her friends and does everything to support them.

On the outside, Nachetanya has a cheerful personality; as a princess, she acts full of dignity; however, that’s not the real truth about her. She plays the role of a vicious mastermind, tricking and deceiving others around her.

16. Sylvie from How Not To Summon A Demon Lord

Characters in anime are often over-sexualized with their revealing clothes and physical traits, and Sylvie is its prime example. Sylvie is a guild master of the adventure’s guild whose priority is to keep peace among the six races. Despite having a tough time dealing with some troublesome adventurers, she completes her duties.

Sylvie enjoys having fun; partying and drinking is her favorite thing to do; she also has a soft spot for Diablo as she will often visit him to check if he’s doing okay.

She can appear a little uptight because of her responsibilities around the guild; however, Sylvie is sweet and caring toward others, and most of all, she loves to drink and party.

17. Tabane Shinonono from Infinite Stratos

Credit: Eight Bit

Even if Tabane isn’t among the protagonists of the series, she knows how to steal the spotlight; she’s a creator with extensive knowledge about her craft. And not only is she extremely intelligent, but she’s also an incredible fighter, having her physical abilities enhanced with the help of her IS.

Tabane is the most loveable character in the series, with her adorable antics and positive presence throughout the show. Although she does have a habit of getting a big head, she refers to herself as “Tabane the Genius,” and it’s hard to disagree with her.

As far as her personality goes, she’s a ball of energy, always excited about one thing or the other. She also loves to meet new people and make friends; she’s just living her best life.

18. Mirko from My Hero Academia

Credit: Bones

Muscular anime girls are always the iconic ones, and the Rabbit Hero: Mirko is way high up on the list; she’s among the top ten pro heroes in all of Japan and loved by millions of fans. Her most noticeable features are her rabbit ears and muscular physique.

Her physical abilities are on par, if not higher than any other pro hero; she demonstrated it during her fight against the nomus, where she took them down with a single hit.

We love Mirko’s boldness; she never hesitates to speak her mind even if she offends someone, and she only respects heroes who prefer to work alone instead of teaming up. She has a calm demeanor and doesn’t lose her cool when things get tough; she’s proven many times that she’s fearless and independent.

19. Haru from Beastars

The entire cast of the Beastars anime series has been amazing, although one little rabbit has been the center of attention. Haru is the female lead of the phenomenal anime series and the only member of the school’s gardening club; she single-handedly takes care of the rooftop garden, which is what she’s known for.

As a pure dwarf rabbit, her species is lowest on the food chain, which is why everyone around her always looks down on her; she hates being treated like a fragile individual who needs protection.

Haru is a sweet girl who always tries her hardest at everything she does, she prefers to do everything herself instead of asking for help from those around her (she can be childish sometimes), and she’s always honest even if she ends up getting hurt.

20. Nanachi from Made in Abyss

Credit: Kinema Citrus

Sometimes an anime can get dark; characters with tragic backstories always hit different; they’re different from everyone else. Despite going through something dire or losing someone who meant everything to them, they keep living life with a bright smile on their face.

Nanachi is a human child, living on the 6th layer of the Abyss, and unlike the other hollows living on the 6th layer, Nanachi hasn’t lost her mind. She lives on the 6th floor with an old friend named Mitty, who has was heavily affected by the curse of the Abyss.

Nanachi is a calm and collected person who always thinks ahead; she prefers to keep a social distance from others because she doesn’t trust humans, but her view changed after meeting Riko and Reg, who helped her realize that not all humans are terrible. We hope you are satisfied with our top picks for the best bunny girl waifus; every girl deserves to be on this for their loveable antics and unique personality. Now that we’ve established that bunny girls are the first choice of many anime fans, we love our furry little feline buddies, where most of them are just bystanders; some actually play a role in the actual story. See our top picks for the finest cats in anime