Best anime doctor characters — top 15 doctors in anime in 2023

Healers, medics, and doctors are a big part of any adventure, there are indeed some crazy ones and normal ones, here are our top picks.

There are all sorts of doctors, some are normal and helpful, some are eccentric with a hint of sarcasm while some are just plain crazy and laugh maniacally while performing surgeries; however, their dedication is not something to joke about. We frequently release new listicles covering different topics, check out the top list tab of our website to see what you’re missing.

What comes to your mind when you think of doctors? Perhaps a friendly person who is ready to help however they can or a mad scientist who relies on unconventional ways to keep others safe, either way, an anime doctor character knows how to get the job done. Keep reading this article to see all the crazy and chaotic doctors that anime has to offer.

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Let’s go over the most iconic healers and doctors that anime has to offer.

Kenzo Tenma from Monster

Kenzo Tenma is the primary protagonist of the series, Monster. He’s a world-renowned doctor, considered the best surgeon in his field, he’s constantly praised for his amazing skills as a neurosurgeon; however, his life drastically changes when he upholds his morales and decides to save a boys life who arrived first rather than the mayor which jeopardizes his career.

However, soon after three of his superiors are murdered which makes him further advance in his career but instead of going about this life, Tenma takes it upon himself to find the boy the uncover the truth about what happened.

Tenma has a high sense of morality, throughout his life, his goal has been to save as many lives as he can.

Chopper Tony Tony from One Piece

Chopper Tony Tony is a member of the Straw Hat Pirates and the onboard doctor of the group, he’s also known as the Cotton Candy Lover because of his obsession with candy. He was initially just a reindeer but he became a human/reindeer hybrid after eating the Devil Fruit, his unique ability allows him to transform his body when certain conditions are met.

Besides being an important part of the group, he’s an excellent traveling buddy to be with; and he is quite the good with the ladies. He is often mistaken for a pet of the Straw Hat Pirates who infuriates him, he has a low bounty of 100 berries over his head.

Chopper is serious about becoming a doctor, he travels around the world in hopes to learn more about being a doctor, his life’s goal is to become a doctor who can cure any disease.

Tsunade from Naruto

Credit: Studio Pierrot

Tsunade is among the three legendary Sannin and the strongest medical ninja in the world, she’s the direct descendent of Hashirama Senju and just like him, she’s able to heal wounds without having to weave hand signs. And even though she was initially against it, Tsunade decided to become the 5th Hokage of the leaf village.

She’s also famously known as The Legendary Sucker because she never wins her bets, she’s known for losing every bet she ever placed which is probably why she is quick to anger if someone makes fun of her. But say what you will, she is and always will be the queen of Konoha.

Even though Tsunade never wanted to become the Hokage and take on the responsibility, she is committed to protecting the village and its people with all her might.

Franken Stein from Soul Eater

Credit: Bones

Dr. Franken Stein is someone who lives his life enjoying every moment, he’s generally a happy guy who sees the world and himself as an experiment; hence the obsession with dissecting people. However, despite all his eccentricities, he’s a very talented doctor who is very compassionate about his profession even if his methods are somewhat less desirable.

His strange habits often freak people out like how he frequently turns the screw in his head which he claims helps him think, or how he dissects endangered animals only to learn whatever he can before it goes extinct.

Stein often shows sadistic tendencies as he admitted to having those feelings and how he struggles to contain himself from going mad.

Brock from Pokemon

Be it a doctor or someone aspiring to become a doctor, it’s the thought that counts. Brock is the beloved member of Ash’s party who, after losing to him decided to accompany him on his travels across the Kanto Region; while his initial goal was to become a pokemon, he’s moved on to becoming the best pokemon doctor.

Throughout their adventures, Brock has shown his skills as a great chef, not just for his friends but for pokemon as well, he seems to know a lot about different species of pokemon and how to care for them.

He also seems to like both Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny which makes him come off as a creep, he’s often being dragged and taken away by either his friends on pokemon for his behavior; However, Brock is determined to find a girl and start a relationship.

Shinra Kishitani from Durarara!!

Shinra is a goofball of a character, he lives his life to the fullest and enjoys the little things in life. He’s nothing how you would expect an underground doctor to be, he wears his doctor’s labcoat even when he’s at home; this is how you know he loves his job. Part of the reason why he’s so much into his profession is because that is how he met the love of his life, Celty.

And of course, as an underground doctor, he’s mixed in with lots of people; including Izaya who he describes as shady as hell; however, Shinra isn’t one to hold grudges. Whenever he’s at home, he spends his time fawning over Celty so she would give him attention.

Shinra can be characterized s odd considering how easygoing he is despite the nature of his work, Shinra has an obsession with the supernatural and shows no interest in humans.

Toshio Ozaki from Shiki

Toshio Ozaki is the primary protagonist of the series, who decides to come back to his hometown after the passing of his father, he soon comes across multiple cases of people dying of strange causes and he takes it upon himself to solve the mystery of the village so no one else has to die.

Toshio has a deep hatred for his family because they always care about their reputation before anything else, which is initially the reason he walked away from home to work at his university.

After learning the truth behind the mysterious deaths, he’s fixated on eradicating the Shiki.

Tosio is well-known to be a great doctor, he cares deeply about his patients and does everything in his power to save his patients, he can also come off as somewhat sarcastic and cranky depending on his mood.

Kabuto Yakushi from Naruto

Kabuto is without a doubt, one of the most capable medical ninjas in all of Naruto, his knowledge of human anatomy comes from human experimentation as Orochimaru’s apprentice. His natural talent for deception and intel-gathering makes him a valuable spy, Kabuto is driven to fight the fate he was given and change the world, although not necessarily for the better.

As someone who was born an orphan, Kabuto has always found himself on the shorter end of the stick, he joined the secret Anbu organization under Danzo where he learned most of his survival skills, but he later found out that he was only being manipulated by the Roots.

He soon met Orochimaru who helped him leave the Roots and joined him to create a new identity for himself with whatever knowledge he could find about the world.

Emilia Kishitani from Durarara!!

Emilia Kishitani is just a member of the crazy doctor family of Durarara!!, she’s Shinra Kishitani’s step-mother who happens to share his obsession with the supernatural, she would often come to Shinra’s place to visit Celty Sturluson despite her hectic work schedule which keeps her very busy and away from home.

It shouldn’t come across as something weird that she paid Cetlty to perform an autopsy on her, considering she is a member of the Kishitani household. She loves Celty and insists that she call her mother.

Emilia Kishitani is an eccentric individual, she makes the mood lighthearted whenever she goes, she is a nice person who cares about others and always looks to make others feel comfortable around her.

Ogai Mori from Bungo Stray Dogs

If we’re talking about psychopaths, Ogai Mori would definitely be on top; he’s a mob boss of Port Mafia who is incredibly at deception; able to manipulate others to do his bidding. He’s one of the coldest characters in the series, his actions are driven by logic which is only beneficial to him.

His subordinates are only a means for him to reach his goals, he’s known to toss his allies once he’s done with them, or he’ll keep them if thinks they are still useful to him. He’s a ruthless strategist who’s able to predict what others are planning.

Mori has a deceptive personality, he acts all ordinary and clumsy in front of allies and enemies alike; however, his true nature is far worse.

Akari from Karneval

Akari is an extraordinary doctor working at the Research Tower, he’s a talented researcher with a prideful personality, he can be overbearing at times due to his pompous attitude since he has a tendency to say rude things with a sarcastic attitude. He considers himself to be above others since he’s designated an important person by the Government.

He’s often insensitive toward the nurses and doesn’t hesitate to give callous remarks which have divided the nurses into two factions; while there are many nurses who hate him for the way he is, there are also a few who idolize him.

Jukai from Dororo

Jukai is a doctor who is driven by the regrets of his past, his life’s goal is to redeem himself for his horrible actions. He is a parental figure for Hyakkimaru and the one who saved him when was an infant, Jukai saw this as an opportunity to give life as an act to erase his guilt.

Jukai offers free medical aid to any who needs it, he’s also a master in creating prostheses, he would create prosthetic limbs for corpses and people who lost their limbs in battles.

He was once a torturer who would kill people and crucify them if they disobey the lord, he mentioned that he didn’t enjoy doing what he did and he hated himself every day for his actions.

Kuroo Hazama from Black Jack

Kuroo Hazama or widely known as Dr. Black Jack himself is the main protagonist of the series, he’s an iconic unlicensed master surgeon with ridiculously high fees, and he is often considered soulless due to his appearance; which couldn’t be further from the truth, Kuroo Hazama takes great care when performing on his patients.

While he charges an absurd amount of money for his services, he often performs free surgeries for people who he considers to be good. His skills as a Surgeon are incredible since he’s able to diagnose his patients with just a look.

However, Doctoring is one of his many skills, he’s also an excellent fighter; able to make use of the surgical tools that he keeps with himself at all times. 

Shou Tucker from Fullmetal Alchemist 

Some characters are just universally hated and Shou Tucker is on the top of that list, which is exactly why he is on this list, he’s an excellently written doctor whose desperation drove him to commit those heinous actions that make every anime fan want to kill him.

Shou initially came off as a genuinely caring and kind person who was looking to help others with his skills but deep down he is a selfish and evil person who cared about nothing but his research, he willingly sacrificed his wife for research and later used his daughter and dog to create a speaking chimera.

The most horrifying thing is that he knew what he was doing but he never gave it a second thought as if a person’s life had no meaning to him.

Masahito Date from Btooom!

What is it with doctors being the evil guy? Masahito Date is among the players who were unwillingly taken to the Btooom! reality game; however, he did not know who entered him into the game. It was clear how manipulative he was when he ordered others to risk their lives as he stayed behind.

Date maintains a friendly persona on the surface which is how he tricks others into believing and relying on him, he has no problem using people to his advantage and then leaving them behind when they’re of no use to him.

He has all the qualities you would hate in a person, he’s a selfish, manipulative womanizer who only cares about himself. We hope that you liked our picks for the best anime doctors of all time, every character is equally appreciated for their help throughout the story. If you want to see more listicles done by yours truly check out our other top lists. Cats often make for the best travel companions in anime, while most of them are purely there for the aesthetic; some do play a part in the actual plot, see our list of fan-favorite anime cats that will brighten up your mood.