Best anime elf characters

Don’t be fooled by their cuteness, there is much more to these 15 anime elf characters than the obvious.

The concept of elves has sprung from Norse mythology and they have become a very common race in all types of fiction. Whether it is movies, shows, anime, novels, manga, etc, elves are included in them to make them more entertaining. The trend of isekai and fantasy worlds in anime has increased recently which is why elves are becoming even more popular. So, to help you pick out your favorite anime elf character, we made this top list of them.

Elves have to look very similar to humans. Their main difference from humans is their long ears. They can live for thousands of years and are super cute. Each anime elf has different abilities according to their respective world. Some have unique magical powers; some are good with bows and arrows while some have great swords skill. The fact that elves have such different powers is what makes them an exciting race to have in an anime.

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1. Emilia from Re: ZERO – Starting Life in Another World

Credit: White Fox

It is no surprise that Emilia has the number one spot on this list. Although other elves are also gorgeous and powerful, none is as popular as Emilia. Emilia is the main character of one of the decade’s best anime which makes her an important character. Emilia is an elf with silver-long hair and purple eyes which make her so beautiful, not only Subaru but almost all fans are also in love with her.

Emilia has faced a lot of discrimination because of having looks similar to Satella. The difficulties she has faced have made her even more determined to become the king and help others. She’s often worried if she’s being selfish although she’s always caring about others.

2. Deedlit from Record of Lodoss War

Credit: Madhouse Studios

Deadlit appeared in the 1991 OVA, the Record of Lodoss War. Years later, she is still the favorite elf of many fans. Deedlit has a vintage character design, but her art and animation are so refined it looks like it’s recent. Deedlit is beautiful but she is more known for her mystery and magic.

She deeply values her comrades and always looks after them. The best part is her character is not the “I am too pretty to fight please save me” one because she is very fast in sword fights. Her magical powers are formidable as well. She is a well-written and well-animated character who is beautiful, smart, and strong.

3. Yousei Yunde from Goblin Slayer

Credit: White Fox

Yousei Yunde, also known as High Elf Archer, is a 2000-year-old archer in the Goblin Slayer’s party. Yousei is rather innocent about the brutal truths of the world. The cruelty of Goblins is a huge surprise to her. However, Yousei looks like a cute little elf but when she gets angry, there is no monster scarier than her.

Yousei is a strong member of the party. She is a very skilled archer as she can throw arrows that curve around objects, which is very helpful when killing targets in arced paths. She can also throw multiple arrows very fast. She can also detect traps and disarm some of them. Yousei’s intelligence and skills have made her one of popular and loved among the fans.

4. Tuka Luna Marceau from Gate

Credit: A-1 Pictures

Tuka Luna Marceau is a typical elf who’s super cute, simple, and has a tragic past. Tuka’s everyone’s favorite because she’s simple, yet so kawaii. She wears skinny blue jeans and a short white t-shirt which is a basic attire of humans, but she pulls it off better than anyone.

She looks like a teenager but is 165 years old elf. Tuka is mostly joyful and has a sweet smile. But she still has the mental trauma of having her whole forest destroyed and losing her father to a dragon attack. She is a little mentally unstable from it and after being saved from Itami, she is in a delusion that her father is alive. She even calls Itami her father sometimes.

5. Marielle from Log Horizon

Credit: Satelight

There is hardly any anime elf who is as cheerful as Marielle, very deserving of her reference ‘Sunflower of Akiba’. She is the totally opposite of calm and mysterious elves. Marielle is the perfect depiction of the word “enthusiasm”. She loves meeting people, her personality itself is like a big warm hug. Welcoming and comforting.

Marielle is among the few female guild leaders. Although she needs improvement in her management skills and can’t handle things without her assistance. Either way, Marielle makes the anime much lighter and more enjoyable with her fun-loving personality.

6. Ryuu Lion from Danmachi

Credit: J.C.Staff

Ryuu Lion is one of the strongest anime elf characters ever. Although many would argue that Eina Tulle should have been here, she’s also one of the best no doubt. But Ryuu deserves a spot on this list for being a total badass and killing powerful enemies. Being strong doesn’t make Ryuu arrogant, instead, she is by heart very loving and caring towards the ones in need.

Moreover, Ryuu has great character development throughout the anime. Her difficulty to understand emotions yet be kind and badass at the same time is what makes her character so interesting. Ryuu is a skilled fighter in bow and arrow. Moreover, she also has great magical powers such as her spell Luminous Wind and Noal Heal. Ryuu is an all-arounder character which is why many Danmachi fans love her.

7. Fiel Nirvalen from No Game No Life

Credit: Madhouse

The most surprising thing about elves is their age. This young, 16-year-old looking hottie elf is actually 52 years old. Fiel Nirvalen is one of the supporting characters and having her as your game partner is the best thing ever. That is because she’s very intelligent and she uses her hex casting abilities to help her partner in cheating. Moreover, she has blue eyes, an adorable smile, and blonde hair so having a gorgeous partner makes the game more fun.

Fiel is prideful but her best thing is that she is very kind to her human slave, Chlammy Zell. She doesn’t discriminate between other races and is good to all of them.

8. Shera L. Greenwood from How Not to Summon a Demon Lord

Credit: Ajia-do Animation Works

Shera is one of the main characters in this all-time famous ecchi and isekai anime. A blonde and cute elf, one can look at her character design and instantly find out she’s in an ecchi anime. Well, Shera’s physical features, her pointy elven ears, and archery skills make her look like an ideal, attractive anime elf.

Shera is an innocent elf who has a dark past. She is a princess who left her kingdom because of her abusive brother. She still has trauma and fears loneliness the most. She would beg Diablo or Rem to bathe with them so she wouldn’t have to be alone. It is an ecchi anime after all but Shera’s doing all of it out of innocence. Shera’s an inspiring character because even after all her brother did to him, she doesn’t hate him and even feels sad for his death.

9. Tiffania Westwood from The Familiar of Zero F

Credit: J.C.Staff

Tiffania Westwood is a character more famous than the anime she is in. That’s because I’ve seen her mentioned everywhere in fandoms more than the mention of the anime. Tiffania Westwood is an unforgettable anime elf. Hearing her name would pretty much give you an idea that it’s going to be a cute blonde elf, or as Saito thinks of her as “the big-breasted half-elf girl who saved his life”.

Tiffania is a half-elf and she used to wear a hat to cover her ears to prevent people from finding that out. Although she doesn’t cover them up anymore. Although she first appears in the last episode of The Familiar of Zero: Knight of the Twin Moons, she becomes one of the main characters of Princess no Rondo.

10. Aura Bella Fiora from Overlord

Credit: Madhouse

The first dark elf on this list is Aura Bella Fiora. She is the perfect example of “size doesn’t matter” because although she is small, she is very powerful. Her character design is quite funny considering she’s the sister who wears pants while her brother, Mare Bello Fiore wears a skirt.

However, Aura Bella Fiora makes her presence obvious by being a charismatic, confident, and adventurous character. She is so powerful that she and her brother alone guard the Great Tomb of Nazarick’s 6th floor. Aura is very fast, and her skills include targeting, archery, and camouflage. She’s so small yet she can tame and control huge beasts.

11. Aura Shurifon from Tenchi Muyo! War On Geminar

Credit: AIC

Aura Shurifon is one of the most beautiful and strongest dark elves. Aura seems like a bipolar elf because her personality significantly changes according to the time of the day. Early morning she’s a cutesy girly girl but after midday, she will kick your ass if you do anything wrong.

 Aura is a princess and a member of the Junrei Guard. She is a very skilled fighter, and her main ability is piloting Seikijin, a mecha machine for fighting. Her Seikijin has a crossbow and can make a Dark Elf Field. This field repels any enemy in the range. But Aura is a skilled fighter even if she is not in her mecha.

12. Myucel Foaran from Outbreak Company

Credit: Feel

What is better than an elf? An elf in a maid attire. But Myucel is working currently working as a maid but before that, she served two years in the military. She is very powerful, intelligent, and a fast learner. Myucel is a half-human half-elf but unluckily she is despised by both races.

Myucel finally found acceptance when Shinchi became the only person to accept her for the way she is, or even find her attractive. Myucel is very devoted to her work especially if it is given by Shinchi. Myucel has very strong magical powers and is also skilled in combat. Although Myucel lives peacefully and doesn’t use her combat skills as a maid, she would use them if required.

13. Echidna from Queen’s Blade

Echidna is one of the strongest and most perverted anime characters. Also, she is extremely hot. Her attire is nothing like usual anime elves. She only covers some parts of her body with armor and instead of wearing underwear, she uses her poisonous sneak, Keltan to cover up for her.

Echidna has spent her whole life battling. She has had over 500 battles. She is a lone mercenary with a sadistic personality whose capable of winning the Queen’s Blade but has no interest in it. But Echidna also has a softer side to herself. Interestingly, when she has free time she spends it harassing and flirting with other girls.

14. Licht from Black Clover

Credit: Pierrot

Licht comes in one of the best Black Clover arcs. His appearance is after around 35 episodes. Firstly, Licht has a very unique elven character design which sets him apart from others. He has red marks above his eyes, a white long braid, and golden eyes. His attire is outstanding as well. Licht’s personality is very kind and loving. He believed that elves and humans should live together and there should be no discrimination in between.

Unfortunately, Licht suffered and lost his family, friends, and all the elves. He was fooled otherwise Licht is so strong he had the power to defeat his enemies. He is a legendary character from Black Clover who has a significant impact on the anime’s plot.

15. Puck from Berserk

Credit: GEMBA

You it’s going to be a tiny, cute elf when its name is “Puck”. Puck is the tiniest anime elf on this list and the first companion of Guts. Puck has blue hair and is always naked. He is from Elfhelm and he left that place only out of boredom. Puck is an elf who joined Guts because he was bored.

Berserk is a dark anime and Guts has a serious personality, so having Puck who has such an opposite personality keeps the lightheartedness in the anime. Thanks to Puck for giving us the few moments of comedy in the anime.

Finally, the list of best anime elf characters comes to an end. We hope you enjoyed reading this article. If you’re looking for more fun articles to read, take a look at our article on hot anime boys with long hair or the best 80s anime recommendations.