Best anime girls with brown hair — cutest brunette characters 2023

Check out this list of the best anime girls with brown hair, loved by the entire anime community.

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Something we can all agree on is that anime girls with brown hair are one of their kind, they leave an unforgettable impact on us, and they have a knack for making a lasting impression. Keep reading the article to discover your preferred waifu or find someone new.

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So, let’s not waste any more time and continue with the list of best anime girls with brown hair.

1. Asuna Yuuki from Sword Art Online

Credit: A-1 Pictures

Asuna will always be the queen of our hearts; she was among the 10,000 players trapped inside Sword Art Online, where she served as a commander for the Knights of the Blood; her job was to scout the dungeons and clear any straggling monsters before the guild to raid the boss.

Like many other characters in the series, Asuna is shocked after learning about her situation. Asuna didn’t want to spend her life trapped inside a video game and eventually die; she started hunting monsters and getting stronger so she could finish the game and get back to the real world.

After meeting Kirito, she realized how beautiful this game world could be and started enjoying her life instead of trying to get back to the real world. This is when Asuna starts to develop feelings for Kirito and eventually gets married.

2. Sasha Braus from Attack on Titan

Credit: Wit Studio

More commonly known as Potato girl, Sasha is the fan-favorite girl from the Attack on Titan series; she’s a member of the 104th cadet corps and the scout’s regiment. Being a hunter since her childhood, Sasha has uniquely sharp senses when it comes to reading the movements of wild animals and Titans.

Sasha was born in the outskirts of Wall Rose, in a small village known as Dauper; when Wall Maria was destroyed by Titans and refugees started coming in, the hunter tribes had to give out their fields for crops and began breeding horses instead of hunting.

Sasha is a friendly, eccentric girl who loves to make friends or converse with her fellow cadets, though she has a timid personality and often makes mistakes when under pressure. Sasha is a brave girl who wouldn’t hesitate to help someone who needs it.

3. Megumin from Konosuba

Credit: Studio Deen

True art is an explosion or something like that; Megumin is an Arch Wizard from the Crimson Magic Clan; she became fascinated with explosion magic after being saved by an explosion mage when she was young. Now, she roams in Axel, known as the crazy explosion fanatic nobody wants in their party.

Her fascination with explosion magic stems from a childhood memory where a busty older woman saved her life with explosion magic, so Megumin decided she must cast explosion magic once a day or she would die.

Her personality is boisterous and eccentric; she shares many characteristics with her people, the hilarious one being her display of chuunibyou tendencies and her fondness for naming things. She may boast about her clan and plays the role of a powerful wizard, but she’s quite childish and immature.

4. Taiga Aisaka from Toradora

Credit: J.C.Staff

Taiga is the female protagonist of the series; she’s often snapping at people in brutal ways and short stature, which earned her the name “Palmtop Tiger.” The story begins with Taiga writing a love letter to Kitamura in her class but mistakenly giving it to Ryuuji, who later decides to help Taiga win over Kitamura.

After learning that Ryuuji has a crush on Minori, she suggests that both will help one another win over their crush. Taiga begins relying on Ryuuji quite a lot, to the point where she can’t contain her feelings of love for him.

Taiga is extremely short-tempered; snapping at people and causing a scene is an everyday thing for her; she’s also sensitive about her short height and under-developed body, easily getting upset if someone talks about it.

5. Holo from Spice & Wolf

Credit: Imagin

Holo is the deuteragonist of the series; she’s a non-human wolf spirit who lives in wheat fields. She initially lived at Pasloe, watching over it as their wheat goddess, but she decided to join a wheat merchant named Kraft Lawrence and began her travels with him. She eventually settles down with Kraft and opens a bathhouse with him.

Holo is intellectually confident whenever she is around Lawrence; she’s flirtatious towards Lawrence, often moving him. She also enjoys mocking and teasing him for his thinking and negotiating skills; however, she’s quite fond of him and doesn’t want to be away from him, often showing jealousy whenever Lawrence talks to another girl.

6. Tenten from Naruto

Credit: Pierrot

If there’s a character who’s been severely overlooked, it’s Tenten from Naruto; she’s a Kunoichi from the Konohagakure’s hidden leaf village who specializes in weapon sealing Jutsu. While she initially wanted to become Lady Tsunade, she soon realized that she didn’t possess the necessary chakra control to be a medical ninja.

Originally a member of Team Guy, she is surrounded by Might Guy and Rock Lee, who are not easy to deal with; she tries her best to keep up with their antics but loses composure and gives up.

Tenten is an understanding and compassionate girl who is kind toward her friends; she’s much well behaved compared to other girls in the series and works extremely hard to live an independent lifestyle.

7. Haruhi Suzumiya from Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

Credit: Kyoto Animation

You need to know about Haruhi that she doesn’t care about you if you’re an ordinary person; all she cares about is aliens, time-travelers, and espers. Haruhi Suzumiya is the title character of the franchise; she’s a student at North High and also the leader of SOS Brigade, a school club with the purpose of finding aliens, time travelers, and espers.

What makes Haruhi different is her ability to reshape reality; she doesn’t know that all members of the SOS brigade fit the supernatural criteria she is fascinated with.

One word to describe Haruhi would be Instinctive; her desire to live an extraordinary life is what keeps her going; she loves being the center of attention and only focuses on increasing the SOS Brigade’s notoriety by investing in supernatural cases around the school.

8. Mikoto Misaka from A Certain Scientific Railgun

Credit: J.C.Staff

Mikoto is the protagonist of the Certain Scientific Railgun series while also playing a minor supporting role in the Certain Magical Index series; she’s a psychic and the third-ranked level 5 esper in the Academy City. She’s nicknamed Railgun because of her signature technique.

Although she is considered a proper lady, she is short-tempered and prideful with some insecurities about her body; she acts mean and strict toward her friends but deeply cares about them.

Misaki loves cute and childish things such as colorful pajamas and the famous frog mascot; she also has a strong sense of justice, demonstrated by her involvement in fighting against crimes.

9. Shouko Nishimiya from A Silence Voice

Credit: Kyoto Animation

Shouko Nishimiya is the female main character of the series; while she isn’t completely deaf as seen from the hearing aids, she struggles to listen to even the loud sounds; hence she can be considered clinically deaf. While she only wanted to live her life peacefully, the other kids in her class would bother her and pull out her hearing aids.

Her outlook on life is drastically changed since she was a kid, mainly due to being harassed by the other kids. She soon began hating herself because she wasn’t normal like other kids.

Shouko is a shy and timid girl, she doesn’t talk much or hang out with people, being by herself throughout the day, but all that changed when Ishida decided to come back into her life and Shouko began to live a little more every day.

10. Hirasawa Yui from K-On

Credit: Kyoto Animation

Yui is among the five main characters of the series; she’s considered the lead protagonist as she is the group’s vocalist and lead guitarist. She’s the type of person who never looks at instruction and relies on her intuition to carry her up; she also gets easily distracted by cute and fluffy things; she also loves sweets as she is overjoyed whenever Tsumugi brings some.

Yui has a laid-back personality and never stresses too much about things; she just kind of goes with the flow; she will say yes to anything if she enjoys it. Although she acts like the kid child of the group, she has a strange sense of responsibility when it comes to performing her duties.

11. Kosaki Onodera from Nisekoi

Credit: Shaft

Onodera is one of the female protagonists of the series who is yet another possible love interest of Raku Ichijou; she’s from a family of great pastry chefs who specialize in creating decorative sweets and candies. Kosaki grew up with her eccentric mother and feisty younger sister, who seem to have very little influence over her personality as she’s quite timid by nature.

Onodera is an innocent girl who always rushes to help anyone who needs it; she’s in love with Raku as she’s seen to always care for him whenever he’s sick or ill.

Her lack of confidence makes it difficult for her to express her feelings; she needs constant encouragement from Ruri before attempting any confessions.

12. Raphtalia from Rising of the Shield Hero

Credit: Kinema Citrus

Raphtalia is the fan-favorite raccoon girl from the series; she’s the deuteragonist of the series who was originally enslaved but was later purchased by Naofumi to serve as his sword was also the first member to join his party. Raphtalia shares a great bond with her master, risking her own life to protect his.

Before the world-destroying calamities happened, Raphtalia used to live in a small village just outside the kingdom of Melromarc; the village was raided by the knights of the kingdom and ransacked, most demi-humans were killed during the attack, and the rest were sold as slaves (including Raphtalia).

Raphtalia is an innocent girl who wants nothing more than to serve her master who saved her life; she feels indebted to him and never lets anything bad befalls him. It is also seen that Raphtalia has developed feelings for Naofumi, but her feeling is one-sided.

13. Kouko Kaga from Golden Time

Credit: J.C.Staff

Kouko Kaga is the female protagonist of the series and the current girlfriend of Banri Tada, she was originally the former lover of Mitsuo Yanagisawa, but after constantly being rejected, she decided to date Banri and became his girlfriend and later fiance.

Her appearance in the show is nothing less than legendary; she first appears with a rose bouquet and slaps Mitsuo with it, claiming that she isn’t happy that he lied about enrolling in the affiliated college; Mitsuo constantly avoids her because of her stalking habits and obsessive love for him.

Kouko initially came into the series like a bold and disrespectful girl who didn’t care about other people’s feelings, but all that changed after she began dating Banri and made some other friends in the university; Kouko had a hard time controlling her emotions around the person she loves.

14. Akane Tsunemori from Psycho-Pass

Credit: Production I.G

Akane is the deuteragonist of the official Psycho-Pass series and the protagonist of the second season; she was first introduced as a rookie in training but soon became a full-fledged detective who takes down revolts against the doubtful Sibyl System; Akane believes the system is necessary to maintain order and peace.

She was shy and hesitant during the time she was recruited, like some naive kid who blindly followed the rules. She’s compassionate, intelligent, and a hard worker who only wants what’s best for people. 

Despite hating the Sibyl Sistem after learning how unfair it is, she agrees to maintain it because she understands that people can not live in peace without it.

15. Ochako Uraraka from My Hero Academia

Credit: Bones

Ochako Uraraka, or Uravity as her hero name suggests, she’s a student at U.A high school, training to become a Pro Hero, she’s considered the main female protagonist of the series, but her character is often lost in the background. Her goal is to become a Pro Hero to make a lot of money and help her family.

There isn’t much to Ochako’s character as she rarely takes the spotlight; she’s always shown as a supporting character towards Izuku and someone who looks up to him, though it’s very clear that they both have feelings for one another.

Ochako is an open-minded, cheerful, and laid-back girl, she has a bubbly personality, often seeming like an airhead, but she’s a hard worker. She gets shy and easily flustered when in the spotlight; her reactions are on par with Izuku’s, where Izuku gets overly emotional and can’t hold back his tears. Ochako bursts out laughing in serious moments.

16. Liliuruca Arde from Danmachi

Credit: J.C.Staff

Lili is a member of the Hestia Familia along with Bell, Welf, Mikoto, and Goddess Hestia; she was originally from the Soma Familia working as a measly supporter near the Dungeons, helping people carry their items. She was given freedom after being rescued during the War Game.

Hey, hatred for adventurers grew after being looked down on by everyone she partied with; fueled from her hatred, she began tricking and stealing from adventurers. She tried to trick and steal from Bell the same way but seeing his kindness toward her; she began to question herself.

Lili is cunning and doesn’t trust people easily; she is always prepared for the worst in bad situations and gets jealous if someone tries to come between her and Bell.

17. Tohru Honda from Fruits Basket

Credit: Studio Deen

Tohru is the female protagonist of the series and a student at Kaibara High School; she loves to cook and represents herself as an excellent housekeeper. Following her mother’s death, she began living in a tent but later was hired as a landlady; she also works a part-time job to pay her tuition fees.

She’s depicted as a polite, optimistic, extremely kind, and selfless person who sees the good in everyone she meets and tries to help everyone no matter what. She doesn’t hold grudges and believes in giving people another chance, although she gets very emotional if she feels sad.

18. Takagi from Skilled Teaser Tagaki-san

Credit: Shin-Ei Animation

Takagi san is the female protagonist of the series who enjoys teasing her classmate Nishikata; she is constantly looking for new ways to tease him since she loves to see his reactions; it is also noted that Takagi san has secret feelings for Nishikata.

She may seem mean towards Nishikata, but she secretly cares for him as she will try to cheer him up with her whenever he’s sad or feeling down. Takagi is a carefree and clever person who does not stress over little things and scores higher grades on her tests.

Takagi is also a master at manipulating Nishikata. She will fake her emotions to make him feel bad whenever he teases her or provokes him by laughing at his failed attempts at teasing her.

19. Mei Tachibana from Say I Love You

Credit: Zexcs

Tachibana is a social outcast who doesn’t have many friends at school; she lives a simple life where she minds her work, separating herself from the rest. Many of her classmates see her as gloomy and unreachable since she doesn’t talk to anyone.

Mei puts up a bold front as she refuses to make any friends, claiming that people are quick to betray each other when it’s convenient for them and that she’s better off without them.

She’s known to be a stoic girl around school and earned herself the reputation of a ‘gloomy girl’ since she always has a depressing look on her face.

20. Tainaka Ritsu from K-On

Credit: Kyoto Animation

Ritsu-chan is among the five main protagonists of the series; she’s the drummer of the group and the self-appointed leader of the music club. She works hard to manage the club activities and is often looked at as a big sister figure; However, she is very upbeat and cheerful. She has a habit of forgetting club activities and announcements.

Even though Ritsu acts like a leader at the time, she acts lazy when it comes to practice and prefers to have fun with her bandmates instead like just talking or having many-many tea breaks. Ritsu also hates to study, but she somehow manages to get good grades.

21. Chizuru Ichinose from Rent-A-Girlfriend

Credit: TMS Entertainment

Chizuru or known by her rental girlfriend persona, Mizuhara is the main female protagonist of the series. She works at a rental girlfriend service where people can hire her to be their girlfriend for a day, keeping her social life and work-life completely separate but all that changes when she’s hired by Kazuya, who wants more from her.

Mizuhara is considerate of other people and always tries her best to make her clients happy, but she’s also quite scary. Mizuhara hates when someone is being treated unfairly and always speaks against it.

She loves her grandmother and always tries her best to make her happy; as seen, she fakes her relationship with Kazuya just to keep her grandmother happy.

22. Hina Tachibana from Domestic Girlfriend

The most controversial girl on this list, Hina, is one of the female protagonists of the series. Working as a teacher in high school, she was always looked on with respect by the entire school body. Among those students is Natsuo, who like Hina in more than a student-teacher dynamic; they later become step-siblings after their single parents marry one another.

Hina was initially in an unhealthy relationship with her high school teacher, who was already married; this experience might’ve pushed her to become a teacher. Progressively being disappointed by the kind of relationship she was in, she would go to the roof during her breaks to discharge her feelings, and that’s where she meets Natsuo.

23. Kaede Azusagawa from Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai

Credit: CloverWorks

The fan-favorite Kaede is the most adorable little sister you’ll ever see; she’s the younger sister of Sakuta, who suffers from amnesia due to what happened at her school. After being bullied by her friends, she developed a different personality and started living at home instead of school.

Kaede is very shy and doesn’t open up to people easily; when she first met Mai Sakurajima, she misunderstood her as a scammer or a prostitute. Kaede feels safe around Sakuta and has begun to trust Mai as well.

Throughout the series, we see Kaede slowly making progress, such as walking halfway to school, answering the phone, and sometimes opening the door as well.

24. Diane from Seven Deadly Sins

Credit: A-1 Pictures

Diane is one of the Seven Deadly Sins; she’s of the Giant race and represents the Serpent Sin of Envy. She doesn’t remember the early years of her life until she met Meliodas, who invited her to be a part of the Seven Deadly Sins; like a giant, Diane has the power of creation as she can manipulate the earth into any shape or form.

Diane is an innocent person; she is too friendly for her good. She trusts anyone easily, and despite acting all tough and strong, she’s a very sensitive and fragile person. However, she’s confident in her skills to protect her friends from imminent danger and doesn’t hesitate no matter how difficult it may seem.

25. Nanami Aoyama from Pet Girl of Sakurasou

Credit: J.C.Staff

Nanami is the normal student among the talented minds living in Sakura Hall; her dream is to become a voice actress, and to do that, she has to save up money for acting classes. Although she acts harsh toward Sorata, it is clear that Nanami has feelings for him as she will constantly look for him when she’s sad or feeling lost.

Nanami is first introduced as a supporting character for Sorata and helps him find owners for the stray cats he took in to move back into the normal dorms instead of living at Sakura Hall, but she ends up living there with him.

Nanami is an honor student who always works extra hard at her grades, do part-time jobs to support her acting career, and helps out Sorata whenever she can, but doing all this is exhausting.

26. Hiyori Iki from Noragami

Credit: Bones

Hiyori is the female protagonist of the series; she’s a normal human who turned into a half-phantom; she can leave her physical body and travel the phantom world.

She meets Yato while walking in the street; she sees a speeding truck about to hit him and pushes him away in an attempt to save him but ends up losing contact with her physical body.

Hiyori is a pure-hearted girl who always rushes to help anyone who needs it. Although she initially didn’t like Yato because of his laziness and selfishness, she has come to understand his actions and possibly develop feelings for him? Hiyori had many chances to turn back into a normal human, but she refused to leave the boys.

27. Misaki Kamiigusa from Pet Girl of Sakurasou

Credit: J.C.Staff

Kamiigusa is the embodiment of hype and brilliance; she’s a student at the Suimei University of Arts, currently living in Sakura Hall; she’s amazing when it comes to drawing and animating; she can create studio-level animations and handle most of the work by herself.

Although she openly admits her feelings for Jim Mitaka, she secretly feels disappointed every time she is rejected, but she can’t help but keep trying until she wins him over.

Kamiigusa also serves as the big sister for the whole dormitory, keeping track of everyone’s work, assigning them tasks, leading dorm presentations, and anything that involves the whole dorm.

Misaki has such an outgoing personality; she’s energetic with wild imaginations, always ready to take on whatever is ahead with a smile. She has a sweet sense of humor, but sometimes it can be vulgar when she’s going all out. She occasionally calls herself an alien due to her despicable acts.

28. Kayo Hinazuki from Erased

Credit: A-1 Pictures

Kayo Hinazuki is the female protagonist of the series; she’s among the victims of the serial kidnapping and murder; she lives in an abusive household with her parents, who don’t care for her. She was always a loner due to her mysterious family conditions and how she behaved around people.

She was abused by her mother her entire life; she didn’t know what it meant to be loved by another person. When Satoru saved her and let her live at their home, she cried because it was the first time she felt such kindness.

29. Kasumi Fuu from Samurai Champloo

Credit: Manglobe

Fuu is the female protagonist of the series; she’s traveling alongside Mugen and Jin to find the mysterious sunflower Samurai who abandoned her and her mother. She met them while working as a waitress in some restaurant; she has to deal with rowdy customers and the village chief’s son, who always harass her.

Fuu has a child-like personality; she doesn’t like being left out of things; her friendship with Mugen and Jin is much like siblings where she’s the young, energetic one who is prone to getting into accidents, losing her way, and causing trouble for the whole team.

She puts a bold front and tries to seem more experienced even though she isn’t, so she doesn’t appear idiotic beside her bodyguards; she’s always reliant on Mugen and Jin to save her from precarious situations.

30. Yuuko Aioi from Nichijou

Credit: Kyoto Animation

Yuuko is the protagonist of the series and the leader of their little group along with Mai Minakami and Mio Naganohara; she’s prone to having bad luck in everything. Many illogical bad things happen to her throughout the series, even when it doesn’t make much sense, such as losing her coins in a snack machine, getting hit in the head with a Japanese doll, or having the claw in a claw machine broken off.

Yuuko has an outgoing personality; she loves to make others laugh and laugh at other people’s misery; perhaps that’s the reason why bad things happen to her?

Although one thing is certain, she’s a simple-minded clumsy girl who likes to have fun and doesn’t enjoy studying; she tends to sleep during class, has failing grades, and subsequently copies homework from her classmates.

31. Suzuha Amane from Steins;Gate

Credit: White Fox

Suzuha Amane is the mysterious time-traveling girl who lives under the disguise of a normal girl who works part-time and enjoys riding her bicycle.

However, she is quite interested in the work of  Rintaro Okabe and often comes to their flat to play with Mayuri. It is later revealed that she’s a time traveler who came here to search for her father and prevent SERN from building a time machine.

From the start of the series, Suzuha is a proud and independent girl who dislikes asking others for help; she hides her problems from other people. She prefers to keep a distance from everyone and doesn’t feel overly attached to them.

32. Isuzu Sento from Amagi Brilliant Park

Credit: Kyoto Animation

Isuzu Sento won the hearts of many fans with her amazing character; she’s the first loyal guard from Mapleland who is given the duty to find a suitable and capable person to manage their park and grow it to its former glory. Oh, and did you know she also uses a muzzleloader musket by the name of Steinberger, it is incapable of killing anyone, but it hurts like hell.

Isuzu is stoic, very quick to anger, and doesn’t take any jokes lightly. Although she may appear violent and strict, she just wants what’s best for everyone; she struggles to convey her expressions as she has little to no experience in social interactions.

The best thing about her is how much she struggles when it comes to being open about her feelings, she acts awkward and shy.

33. Mikuru Asahina from Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

Credit: Kyoto Animation

Mikuru is the time-traveler of the SOS Brigade; she’s the only person beside’s Kyon who is forced to join the club against her will; Haruhi is always harassing her because of how adorable she is, and her moe girl antics never fail to make us laugh. 

Even if she doesn’t like doing crazy things, she usually just goes along with the whole group; she also has a little crush on Kyon.

She also serves as the mascot for the SOS Brigade; Haruhi uses her as eye candy to lure people into the club; she’s incredibly shy when talking to people, especially to Kyon, because many things he asks about are classified and can’t be shared.

34. Kyouko Hori from Horimiya

Credit: Hoods Entertainment

Kyouko is the fan-favorite girl of 2021; she’s the female protagonist of the series and a model student of Katagiri High School. Kyouko is seen as the role model for girls and the queen of hearts for the boys; although many boys want to date her, no one dares to ask her out.

Little does anyone know; she lives a simple life outside of school; she works chores around the house and takes care of her little brother while cooking and studying for her grades. She sometimes stresses that she isn’t outgoing like the other girls in her class and is unfamiliar with popular songs.

Although she acts all tough and brave, she gets flustered over little things whenever Miyamura complements her; she’s also the jealous type, as seen when some other girl tries to flirt with Miyamura, she would scare them off.

35. Nanami Momozono from Kamisama Kiss

Credit: TMS Entertainment

Nanami is the protagonist of the series and found herself lost in the door of God; she grew up in a strict household where she learned the value of money at a young age.

She was raised to become an independent girl who never has to rely on men for anything. Her story begins after she is evicted from her home and decides to spend the night at a shrine.

Nanami is a kind person who believes in hard work; she cares for those around her and believes in giving people another chance; she tries to bring out the good in people. She’s too sensitive and unable to control her emotions under pressure; she often breaks down and starts crying when things get too difficult.

36. Tsubaki Sawabe from Your Lie in April

Credit: A-1 Pictures

Tsubaki is the childhood friend of Kousei, who secretly cared for him, but she was always hesitant when it came to conveying her feelings to him; she struggles to cope with her feelings and often shrugs them off with a smile. 

Tsubaki is an athletic person and a member of the school’s softball team; she often pops up in the school’s Piano room to check up on Kousei and invite him to do daring stunts with her; however, after getting rejected, she just stays in the room listens to him play.

Tsubaki is a wonderful friend to Kousei, and she has always tried to help him in any way she can, be it protecting him from bullies at school or being with him late at school to keep him company.

37. Shizuku Mizutani from My Little Monster

Credit: Brain’s Base

Shizuku is the female protagonist of the series and the girlfriend of Haru Yoshida, who is considered a delinquent as he was dismissed from school for beating up some students. Shizuku is a hard worker who studies extra hard to keep up her grades at school; she also does chores around the house, such as buying groceries and cooking for the family.

Shizuku is constantly working herself to exhaustion which doesn’t give her much time to enjoy time with her friends or visit places; she also doesn’t jump into other people’s affairs and keeps to herself.

Shizuku believes that everyone should be able to solve their problems; she’s apathetic towards her classmates, she’s always focused on her studies because she wants to become successful like her mother.

38. Rei Miyamoto from Highschool of the Dead

Rei Miyamoto is the heroine of the series and the significant love interest of Takashi Komuro (protagonist); she is a member of the Sojutsu martial arts club and actively practices her skills with a spear.

Her combat skills are very helpful in fighting against zombies and keeping the group safe. She initially used a spear made from a broom but later changed it to a rifle with a bayonet.

Despite how she seems, Rei is a kind-hearted person who cares deeply for her friends, especially Takashi, even though she expresses her hatred toward him.

However, she’s always ready to scold her friends if she thinks they’re doing something, as she’s seen to disapprove of Takashi’s selflessness constantly.

39. Kumin Tsuyuri from Love Chuunibyou and other Delusions

Credit: Kyoto Animation

Kumin Tsuyuri is an adorable member of the Far East Magical Napping Society Summer, or we can just call it the afterschool nap club as far as Kumin is concerned. She joined the club because she wanted to sleep during her breaks and not do anything curricular activity; she tried to start a nap club of her known but failed because no one wanted to join.

Kumin has a rather laid-back personality as she will never volunteer for anything and sleep every chance she gets; she even carries around her pillow to wherever she goes. Although she is a pure-hearted girl, if she sees someone in distress, she will try to solve their problems in her own way.

40. Shinka Nibutani from Love Chuunibyou and other Delusions

Nibutani is the popular girl in school, as she is considered one of the school’s beauty queens; she’s also a cheerleader at her school and very popular among students where girls want to be like boys want to be with her.

However, Shinka wasn’t always the popular girl she is now; she was also once a victim of chuunibyou, who named her fantasy character ‘Mori Summer’.

Shinka was shown to be a selfish person who didn’t care for anyone but herself, but all that soon changes once she joins up with the chuunibyou kids, and she’s allowed to be herself. Even though she appears bitter and easily irritable, she genuinely cares for her friends and will help them if needed.

I hope you’re satisfied with our top picks for best brown hair anime girls; we covered the fan-favorite and community-loved girls of all time. Say what you want, but cats in anime are quite hilarious, and besides, who wouldn’t like our little furry friends? So grab a seat, and check out our list of best cats of the anime world.