Best anime girls with glasses — top 27 cutest characters

Check out our list of bespectacled anime beauties with glasses who will steal your heart!

There are certain features of an anime girl which make her stand out from the rest; for many, it’s the color of their hair, and while we can agree some girls are liked more than others, the bespectacled beauties know how to steal the show. If you are driven by a passion for finding your best anime girl, checking out the top list section of our website, we regularly post new listicles.

You can’t help but fall in love with these bespectacled beauties; their charms and personalities are different from others. These anime girls with glasses are always there to steal the show whenever they get the chance. Also, they’re quite strong, able to hold their own in tough situations, be it fighting against a hoard of zombies or mystical creatures; these girls know how to make it work.

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So, let’s not waste any more time and continue with our list of best anime girls with glasses who’ll make you fall in love.

1. Saya Takagi from Highschool of the Dead

Saya Takagi definitely carried the show single-handedly on her shoulders; it wouldn’t be wrong to say that she is the best girl. Takagi is one of the female protagonists in the series; she’s an arrogant genius with a good heart, often seeming cold toward others; but despite her coldness toward other members of Takashi’s group, she genuinely cares about them.

Takagi prefers to stay out of combat; she doesn’t directly fight the zombies but helps others with her superior intellect. Throughout the series, Saya begins to trust her friends and rely on them for support.

Saya has a somewhat mean and impolite personality toward others; she considers herself an academic genius, so she always looks down on others; however, after realizing how useless she was when left to fend for herself against a hoard of zombies, she let go of her stuck-up attitude.

2. Shino Asana from Sword Art Online

Credit: A-1 Pictures

Shino is the quiet girl in school who often escapes to the world of online games to enjoy her life, under the username of ‘Sinon,’ she’s an experienced sniper known for her skills throughout the game; being able to shoot a target at the distance of hundred meters accurately.

She was initially introduced in the Gun Gale Online arc as a deuteragonist of the series along with Kirito. She first met him when they were applying for a tournament. Sinon was surprised to see Kirito’s reflexes during the Untouchable game and decided to party with him for the tournament.

Sinon takes a strategic approach during her games, always planning in case something goes wrong. She has a calm and cool personality, can keep a level head in combat, and generally accepts other people.

3. Kiyoko Shimizu from Haikyuu!!

Credit: Production I.G

Kiyoko Shimizu is the lifeline of Haikyuu’s Kursuno high volleyball team; she’s a third-year student and currently the manager of the team, although she doesn’t speak much and quietly does he duties as a manager, she genuinely cares about them; always coming up with new ideas to up the team’s morale by creating a new banner for the team or simple cheering them on.

Throughout the series, Kiyoko is seen always doing her managerial duties quietly; it felt like she didn’t fit in with others. Being the only manager can be quite exhausting, but soon after, when Yachi joined the club and began to help Kiyoko, she became bright and happy.

Kiyoko is generally calm, has a straightforward personality, and is goal-oriented with the Kurasuno’s volleyball team. She’s serious about her position as a manager and does everything she can for them.

4. Mirai Kuriyama from Beyond the Boundary

Credit: Kyoto Animation

Kuriyama is the female protagonist of the series; she’s a first-year at her high school along with Akihito Kanbara and a member of the Literature Club. Although seeming like a normal high school girl, Kuriyama is actually a warrior of the spirit world from an extinct bloodline with the ability to manipulate her blood as a weapon.

Despite being a spirit warrior, Kuriyama struggles to actually fight against Youmus; she’s hesitant about her abilities and does her best to control them. She meets Akihito Kanbara, who is half Youmu, and because of his immortality, she uses him to practice killing Youmus.

Mirai is often shy and has an awkward personality. She struggles to make friends or even communicate with others. She often turns to the internet, writing blogs about her beloved bonsai tree.

5. Maki Zenin from Jujutsu Kaisen

Credit: MAPPA

Maki is the dependable big sister figure for the first years of Tokyo Jujutsu High; she is a 2nd-year student who is practicing to become a licensed jujutsu sorcerer. Her family mistreated her for not having cursed energy; Maki wants to become a jujutsu sorcerer with only the use of her tools.

After leaving her family to become a jujutsu sorcerer on her own, Maki joined the Tokyo Jujutsu High based on her weapon specialties. Maki believes in hard work and always performs her very best in any situation, her physical abilities are unmatched.

Maki has a goal-oriented personality, she believes in hard work and wants everyone to be able to help themselves. Despite having a tough exterior, she cares about the first years as she takes time from her personal training to help them.

6. Anri Sonohara from Durarara!!

Anri Sonohara is the quiet girl you don’t want to mess with; underneath her shy personality lies a supernatural power that is too powerful for her control. She doesn’t speak much and prefers to be by herself; often secluding herself from others. Anri often goes online and communicates with her online friends under the username, Saika.

She first met Mikado at high school where both of them volunteered to become class representatives. Throughout the series, their relationship turned into friendship, she became more open about her feelings for Mikado and after seeing his kindness, she began to trust others as well.

Anri has a timid personality; she doesn’t speak often and always keeps to herself. She’s also shown to be rather submissive, as she won’t fight back against her bullies. After meeting Mikado and Masaomi, she began to come out of her emotional shell.

7. Sheele from Akame ga Kill

Sheele is the beloved and kind-hearted member of the infamous vigilante group known as Night Raid. Unlike other characters in the series, Sheele hates killing others, even if it is for the betterment of the people. She was also the first member who welcomed Tatsumi into their group, the iconic moment between Sheele and Tatsumi where she held him as he mourned his friends remains special.

Sheele’s relationship with everyone in the Night Raid is of a big sister, she’s always helping out with little details, lending a hand with chores. Even though she is a Klutz, she does her best to be helpful toward others.

Sheele has a sweet and welcoming personality; she cares deeply for her friends, she would even risk her own life to protect others. Sheele initially had a timid personality when it came to killing but she soon understand it was the only way to cleanse the world.

8. Kobayashi from Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

Credit: Kyoto Animation

There is no one like our favorite Kobayashi-san; she’s the main protagonist of the series and a normal salary worker at a computer firm. Her complicated yet comedic relationship with Tohru is what makes this show interesting. Kobayashi sees the good in people and believes in giving them another chance.

The entirety of the show revolves around Kobayashi and Tohru; they first met when drunk Kobayashi is walking through a park and spots a giant dragon. She talks to the dragon, inviting her over to live together, and that’s the story of how those two meet.

Even if Kobayashi gets annoyed over Tohru’s crazy antics, she forgets her mistakes and teaches her proper ways to live in the human realm. Kobayashi is kind and welcoming toward others as she accepts any un-invited house guests of Tohru; she also has a stoic nature, expressing little emotions.

9. Karin Uzumaki from Naruto

Karin is the only known living Uzumaki survivor along with Naruto; she has a unique ability to heal others or herself by consuming her chakra. She was initially the assistant of Orochimaru, running his secret bio lab facilities, but she later joined Sasuke on his mission to capture the tailed beasts.

Karin has deep emotional connections with Sasuke, unlike other girls who only like Sasuke for his cool looks. Karin genuinely cared about him, always going the extra mile to assist him in whatever he needed. She also agreed to let him go when he decided to Marry Sakura.

Even though Karin acts like Tsundere, it feels unfair to put her in that category. She’s far too mature to be considered a typical anime girl, she tends to be violent at times (especially towards Suigetsu), but she is also very forgiving.

10. Nemuri Kayama from My Hero Academia

Credit: Bones

Nemuri Kayama, more popularly known as Pro Hero: Midnight, is a supporting character in the popular My Hero Academia series; for reasons unknown, she is considered an R-rated hero, which we believe is because of her revealing outfit and the whip she carries.

Her quirk is the ability to spray mist from her skin which makes people fall asleep, she seems to be a supporting hero because we haven’t seen her in any major battles throughout the series; she currently teaches Modern Arts at the U.A High School.

Midnight is known to have a promiscuous and playful personality, with a short temper and unpredictable serious moods, she has no shame in dressing sexually in front of the students or even making sexual remarks. But despite her flirtatious personality, she cares about her students.

11. Rio Futaba from Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai

Credit: CloverWorks

There are anime girls who will steal our hearts with their charms, amazing character designs, and cheerful personalities but Rio Futaba isn’t one of them; she’s a quiet girl who sits alone at the chemistry lab, minding her work while also helping out others with their problems. She takes a logical approach to everything that happens around her but often loses herself in those moments.

Throughout the series, she struggles to find her true self, at some point, she hated that her body had matured so much that the boys in her class were ogling at her; she considered herself a “truly filthy being.” she tried posting lewd photos of herself on the internet to grab some attention online but ended up deleting her account.

Futaba has a stoic personality, never expressing much emotion, always keeping her thoughts to herself. She also has a sharp sense of humor, and she’s quite sarcastic when dealing with Sakuta.

12. Roberta from Black Lagoon

Credit: Madhouse

There is no reason not to love Roberta; she’s an ex-military trained assassin who is currently working as a maid for the infamous Lovelace household. From the moment she appeared in the show, it was quite clear that she is someone you don’t want to mess with; Roberta doesn’t hold back, she goes all out and doesn’t stop until everyone is dead.

Her true strength was showcased during her fight against the city of Roanapur, where she took on multiple bounty hunters single-handedly, she herself the name ‘Bloodhound’ because of her relentless drive to complete her objectives.

Despite her ruthless past, Roberta is well-mannered as a maid; she also has a short temper as she doesn’t take lightly if someone insults her. She doesn’t talk much, which was clear from the start, showing no emotions even when she’s going all out.

13. Hanako Koyanagi from Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku

Credit: A-1 Pictures

Find an otaku girl who isn’t interested in reading boys love manga, we bet you can’t. Koyanagi is the bespectacled beauty at the office, her favorites hobbies include cosplaying and reading Yaoi fanfiction; she secretly loves to cosplay as male characters.

At the office, Koyanagi is a strict superior who is professional and hard at her job, she’s a role model for her coworkers who look up to her; she’s always calm and collected at the office. But Hanako has a different persona outside of work, she’s short-tempered, nervous, and anxious around people.

She gets jealous 

14. Sarada Uchiha from Boruto

Credit: Pierrot

Sarada is the beloved anime Uchiha girl from the Boruto series, she’s a kunoichi from the hidden leaf village and the daughter of Sasuke Uchiha. She’s currently the only Uchiha survivor except for Sasuke, she’s a member of team 7 along with Boruto and Mitsuki and the only sane person who thinks with her head.

After learning about her Uchiha heritage, Sarada struggled to understand what it meant to be an Uchiha, but after meeting her father and with guidance from Naruto, she soon understood that a ninja is defined by their nation and the connection they have with others.

Sarada is polite when talking to others, always referring to others with proper honorifics, she’s friendly and pleasant when meeting someone new. Although she has a short temper which she gets from her mother, you don’t want to see her bad side.

15. Shizuku Murasaki from Hunter x Hunter

Shizuku Murasaki is an iconic member of the infamous Phantom Troupe; she doesn’t engage much with other members of the group and is always by herself. Her ability, Blinky, allows her to devour an infinite amount of items, giving her the duty of cleaning up after the Troupe’s activities, leaving no trace.

Shizuku’s true power is still a mystery to many fans, as she has never been seen to go all out during a battle; it’s true that she lost an arm wrestle match against Gon but that is because she wasn’t using her Dominant arm. Even during the battle against chimera ants, she could easily win.

Shizuku has a stoic personality, she’s does talk much or express any emotions, she is able to remain through tough situations and keep a level head. She did not react to hearing the fortune about her death, she often appear cold toward other members of the Troupe with her bold remarks.

16. Riko from Made in Abyss

Credit: Kinema Citrus

Riko is as charming and optimistic as anyone can be; her dream is to become a legendary White Whistle cave raider just like her mother and visit the bottom of the Abyss to meet her. Her fascination with the Abyss began ever since she was a kid, quickly earning herself the rank of Red Whistles.

During her journey down the Abyss, Riko came across many challenges and met people who tried to hold her back but her persistence is admirable. Even when faced with life or death situations, she never gave up on her journey.

Riko is a sweet, innocent kid; she has a curious personality, always trying to learn and gather information about the Abyss. She’s also very passionate about becoming a Delver, her fascination with the Abyss is what keeps her going; her ability to keep a level head under stressful situations is truly remarkable.

17. Manami Okuda from Assassination Classroom

Credit: Lerche

Every anime has its fair share of shy and sweet anime girls; Manami is the quiet girl in class who doesn’t talk much and always finds herself alone. Unlike other kids in class who rely on brute force and an element of surprise to catch Koro-sensei off guard, Minami uses her scientific knowledge to create numerous concoctions such as poison chemicals or even smoke bombs.

Initially, in the series, Manami didn’t have much of a presence in the class, she was always sitting quietly, never engaging in-class activities, and never showing up her individuality, but after receiving encouragement from Koro-sensei she finally took her first steps toward assassinating her teacher.

18. Sakura Kouno from Horimiya

Credit: CloverWorks

Sakura Kouko is the girl who everyone secretly rooted for; being the student council vice president, she is always ready to help others however she can. She’s a shy girl who is often too afraid to speak her mind because she doesn’t want to offend anyone with her words.

She is quite insecure about her physical appearance, she considers herself unwanting and struggles with her own self-worth which is also the reason why she never objected to the Idea that Ishikawa will ever never want someone like her; she accepted it to be.

Sakura is timid; she doesn’t talk much and silently does her duties as the student council vice president. Despite her hard work ethic, she feels that she isn’t deserving of any praise and struggles to understand her feelings.

19. An Onoya from ReLife

Credit: TMS Entertainment

Everyone needs a friend like Onoya in their life, she’s a friendly girl who easily gets along with others and enjoys life. She transferred to Aoba highschool as a third-year along with Ara Kaizaki and much like him, she isn’t very good at her studies either; however, she’s incredibly efficient at solving problems.

Earlier in the series, she acts much like any other high schooler, she loves to skip her studies and enjoys her time shopping or just hanging out with friends. She was later revealed to be an Employee of the ReLife organization who came to support Arata during the experiment.

Onoya has a cheerful and bright personality, she’s also quite teasing toward Arata; often seducing him to get a reaction out of him. As a member of the ReLife organization, she is determined to get better results for her subjects, she also genuinely cares about them.

20. Asuka Tanaka from Sound Euphonium!

Credit: Kyoto Animation

Asuka Tanaka is the Iconic trumpet player from the Sound Euphonium series, She’s the vice president of Kitauji High’s concert club, and her instrument is the euphonium. Her interest in the euphonium began as a kid when her father sent her a silver euphonium, she would practice playing it every day; developing her skills as an excellent euphonist.

Unlike other characters in the series, Asuka enjoys life to the fullest; she may come off as childish toward others, but deep down, she is a diligent euphonist who cares about her performance.

Asuka has an easy-going and playful personality; she enjoys her time away from practice and likes to spend it playing games with her friends; her playful personality is only a cover to hide her deeper emotions.

21. Airi Sakura from Classroom of Elite

Credit: Lerche

Sakura Airi is the beloved hottie from Class 1-D; she’s is the quiet girl in class who always minds her work; barely communicating with her classmates. But little does anyone know; she’s a former gravure idol who dresses up in pin-up style swimsuits and takes pictures.

She is self-conscious about her physical appearance and wears glasses to avoid any possible attention or recognizing her as a model. She also developed a crush on Ayankoji when he saved her from a creepy stalker; even after being discarded by Ayanokoji for being useless, she never hate him.

Airi has a shy personality in class but she’s much more cheerful and friendly when she’s in her element; throughout the series Airi begins to participate in classroom activities and become more sociable.

22. Kasumi Nomura from Asobi Asobase

It’s true that Kasumi is nothing compared to Hanako Honda; she’s one of the three main protagonists of the series, portrayed as the quiet and shy girl who sits in the class and minds her own work. She also has a crazy side to her that comes out whenever she’s around Hanako and Kasumi.

She tries her best to contain her inner self; she’s usually very calm and collected, thinking with her head and trying to avoid any troubles, but she can get very sadistic and cruel if you mess with her, she gave the hardest spanking we have ever seen.

Kasumi has a shy and gentle personality; she’s somewhat of an awkward mess in public, so she stays away from people altogether. However, she’s competitive when it comes to games; she’s always taking the win and never seizes the opportunity to give punishments.

23. Sumireko Sanshokuin from Oresuki

Credit: Connect

Sumire is hands down the best anime girl with glasses and there is no arguing about that. She’s the protagonist of the series, often referred to as Pansy. She may seem like an ordinary high school girl who’s a helper at the library, but her true intentions are quite promiscuous.

The trope of having an indecent anime girl who looks nothing like that by her appearance is nothing new, but Sumreko sure takes it to the extreme, indulging in Jouro’s idea of building a harem only to screw him over.

Initially, she was portrayed as a shy and quiet girl, but Pansy soon presented herself as a genuine person with a very strong personality, and not only that, she’s a smooth-talker, well mannered, and manipulative, going as far as to blackmail others to get what she wants.

24. Yuki Nagato from Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

Credit: Kyoto Animation

Yuki Nagato is a quiet girl who struggles to understand and express her emotions, she claims to be an alien with supernatural abilities and limited social capabilities, hence the stoic personality. She was initially a member of the school’s literature club until Haruhi kidnapped her.

According to the story she tells, she was sent by an alien society to keep a watch over Haruhi Suzumiya and gather any intel she can about her. However, due to her ‘limited social capabilities’, she struggles to understand how Haruhi operates and cannot accurately gather data.
Nagato doesn’t usually express emotions; she always has this monotone look on her face, she rarely speaks and or engages with anyone outside of the SOS Brigade. And despite her low social abilities, she was able to develop a crush on Kyon.

25. Hange Zoe from Attack on Titan

Credit: Wit Studio

There is no character more eccentric than Hange Zoe; she’s the life of Attack on Titan. Her fascination with Titans makes her loveable. She would find different ways to experiment on Titans. After meeting Eren, her curiosity about the Titans is adorable.

She’s reliable and trustworthy; everyone indeed considers her to be the leader after commander Erwin; however, Hange doesn’t feel the same way, she would often call out her own shortcomings and look for ways to be useful to people around her.

Earlier in the series, Hange had an eccentric and energetic personality, her curiosity and fascination with the titans built her character; she’s extremely hard-working, never slacking on her job, and constantly pushing for greatness.

26. Miki Kawai from A Silent Voice

Credit: Kyoto Animation

There are some characters you can’t help but hate, and Miki Kawai deserves it. She was among the few students who relentlessly teased Shoko Nishimiya in middle school, but when it was time to take the blame for it, she refused to take any fault and put all the time blame on Shoya.

Some characters unconsciously forget their bad deeds and refuse to accept even the proof is laid out in front of them; however, Miki understands her bad deeds but deliberately blames others. She was like that in middle school and even now when she’s in high school.

Her character is portrayed as deceitful and insincere; she’s a hypocrite, always taking the role of a leader in class or a short trip with her friends. She tries to help others the best she can; however, when it’s time to take responsibility as a leader, she blames others.

27. Nina Einstein from Code Geass

Credit: Sunrise

There are many generally hated characters in the anime, but no one comes even close to Nina Einstein from Code Geass. Some would even call her the biggest hypocrite; there is a huge difference between participating in war and making weapons that would literally kill millions of people. However, after realizing what she had done, she created an anti-weapon to fight against it.

And after realizing what she had done, she initially lost her mind, thinking that everything she did was wrong but she soon changed her mind and accepted this new path. Her obsession with lady Euphemia was also borderline chaotic; she is crazy in all senses of the word.
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