Best anime girls with horns

If an anime girl has horns, she’s already the best. Check out our top picks for the best anime girl with horns who are cool, direct, and cute.

Girls with horns are often portrayed as the best girl in the show which is somewhat true because they usually are, they’re always a bit unique from other characters. We frequently release anime articles, covering a wide range of topics here at AnimeTide, visit the top list section of our website to see what other amazing characters there are in the fantastic world of anime.

What makes anime girls with horns so special is that they are often mysterious in a way, mixed with some sort of supernatural powers, seductive personalities, desirable appearance, or extremely adorable in some cases. Anime girls with horns come in all types, be it dragon girls, devil girls, alien girls, or even demi-humans.

You better believe is there an anime girl with horns, there is romance to blossom, either willingly or forcefully but it is always consensual. Check out the list of the best romance anime ever that will melt your heart. If you’re a fan of the old-school anime, see our extensive list of the legendary 90s anime that you will absolutely fall in love with.

Let’s continue with our list of the best anime girls with horns.

1. Zero Two from Darling in the Franxx

Credit: A-1 Pictures / Trigger / CloverWorks

You know Zero two will be on top if we’re talking about anime girl with horns. She’s the heroine of the series, Darling in the Franxx who won the hearts of millions of fans with her charming personality and the way she lives life to the fullest. Her unique habit of calling her partners “darling” has caught on in the community, and the word has become her symbol.

Zero Two is also known as the partner killer because every partner she had until now has died after piloting the Franxx with her three times, which is why she’s cold toward people; believing that everyone will either leave her or die. However, she soon meets her one true darling.

Zero two is an eccentric girl who does whatever she wants, she lives every moment and captures its memories. She’s a free spirit who just wants to have some fun.

2. Lucy from Elfen Lied

Credit: Arms

Lucy is by far the most terrifying addition to this list, she’s the main protagonist of the series, Elfen Lied. Prior to the story, she was kept in a medical facility where she was ruthlessly tormented until she escaped and murdered everyone who tried to stop her. She soon developed a split personality, one where she was herself and the other being that of a child.

Ever since she was a little kid, she experienced the cruelty around her, she was seen as an outsider among other kids and treated terribly, she never expected any sort of affection from anyone until she met Kouta who gave her a hat to hide her horns.

Lucy hates all humans, believing that everyone is evil because that is how she was ever treated; however, she cares for Kouta because she remembers him from their childhood.

3. Mina Ashido from My Hero Academia

Credit: Bones

Mina Ashido is the eccentric girl from Class 1-A who is always hyped for everything, she loves to enjoy her time at school rather than studying which is a good thing because she knows how to make things exciting. She has a habit of going overboard with extracurricular activities, she believes that every student should have the best time of their lives in school.

She easily gets excited over anything that isn’t related to books, her main focus is always on having fun and getting better at controlling her quirk as seen by her flashy moves. She doesn’t let a chance go by to show her amazing breakdancing skills.

Mina always tries to remain positive whether it is in class or out on the battlefield, she also tries to cheer up others around her. 

4. Kanna Kamui from Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

Credit: Kyoto Animation

Kanna Kamui is the most adorable addition to this list, the level of her cuteness is overwhelming as she is always adored by everyone around her and the anime community as well, she’s more commonly referred to as the Dragon Loli by the fans. She came to the human world searching for Tohru after she was exiled because of her pranks.

Although she was initially against the idea of meeting humans or even befriending someone, she soon began to realize how peaceful the humans were and not anything like she thought them to be. After a while of living in Kobayashi’s apartment, she became interested in attending school and Kobayashi enrolled her in an Elementary school on the condition that he hides her horns and tail.

Now, Kanna may seem all cute and innocent on the surface; however, she is much older than any human, she just has a child-like personality.

5. Albedo from Overlord

Credit: Studio Madhouse

Albedo is hands down the favorite girl in the series, she’s a succubus who is still a virgin which is a running gag in the show, she constantly fights her urges in the presence of her master but she sometimes loses control. She’s a beautiful, seductive woman and the overseer of the Great Tomb of Nazarick.

She has a great affection toward Ainz, mainly because he rewrote her settings which made her go crazy for his affection, she’s envious of people who get to be around Ainz because she has to stay behind and watch over The Great Tomb of Nazarick. She is extremely loyal to Ainz and will never let anyone speak ill of him, no matter who it is.

As a seer of The Great Tomb of Nazarick, Albedo considers herself to be above others and will openly denounce anything she considers inappropriate.

6. Rem from Re:Zero Starting Life in Another World

Credit: White Fox

There isn’t any fan of Re:Zero who isn’t heartstruck by her love speech for Subaru, the fans are equally divided between those who believe Rem is the best girl and those who believe otherwise. She is a maid at Roswaal’s mansion and while she initially saw Subaru with distrust, she soon developed strong feelings for him when he saved her by risking his own life.

Although she seems like a perfectly normal maid, she is an Oni born with just one horn and her true power is quite terrifying. During her Oni mode, Rem goes into a frenzy where she surpasses the physical limitations of a human and is able to kill the demon beast with her bare hands.

She is extremely polite as a maid, she does her chores regularly and uses proper honorifics when addressing someone.

7. Tohru from Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

Credit: Kyoto Animation

Tohru is the beloved dragon maid from the series, although she is officially the deuteragonist of the series, she often takes the spotlight with her crazy antics as an amazing housemaid, she also has the ability to transform into a terrifying dragon and sore through the sky with ease.

Tohru’s only goal is to make peace with humans, she never understood why dragons and humans couldn’t live in harmony. After her defeat when fighting against the gods in the dragon realm, she came to the human world where a drunk Kobayashi met her and invited her to become a housemaid.

Something that makes Tohru the best girl is her personality, she’s extremely nice, friendly and a hard worker who is always ready to help others, she’s well known throughout the city for her generosity and everyone seems to rely on her.

8. Aries from Fairy Tail

Credit: A-1 Pictures / Bridge / Satelight / CloverWorks

Aries is one of Lucy Heartfilia’s celestial spirits and she’s as shy as she is cute. She was initially owned by Karen Lilica, who would treat her terribly; using her as a shield during battles and keeping her suitors away, and even keeping her in the human world for over a week which could kill a spirit.

Her name and appearance are on spot, she wears a fluffy wool-like getup with twisted horns on her head, and even her ability allows her to conjure up a massive amount of magical wool to use a weapon.

Aries is a shy spirit, she’s quite apologetic due to her previous owners and tries to not upset others as she easily gets frightened when someone yells at her. 

9. Eri-Chan from My Hero Academia

Credit: Bones

Eri is just the most beloved character in My Hero Academia, everyone around her adores her and tries to make her smile, she’s especially fond of Mirio Togata and Izuku Midoriya who tried their hardest to save her the Shie Hassaikai. She’s currently living at the U.A Dormitories after being rescued, she occasionally visits Izuku Midoriya and brightens the mood of the entire class.

Eri is a gentle, frail girl who acts incredibly shy whenever she’s around new people; although, she tries to make friends with them; Eri doesn’t know how to interact with others because she’s mostly been alone her life.

Even after being rescued, Eri was hesitant to interact with others and wasn’t able to smile for quite a while; but all that changed during the U.A School Festival.

10. Shion from That Time I got Reincarnated as a Slime

Credit: Eight Bit

Shion is another eccentric member of Rimuru’s kingdom, she has a deep attachment with Rimuru and always takes extra care of him whenever she is around. She was initially an ogre but soon transformed after being named by Rimuru, she now serves as his personal bodyguard and also his personal secretary who is also his strongest fighter.

She is also the commander of Yomigaeri, an army consisting of Hobgoblins. She also loves to cook but the food she makes is somewhat poisonous and only those who are poison resistant can endure going through her cooking; however, she recently acquired a unique skill that makes her food taste delicious despite looking like it came from hell.

Shoin can come off as somewhat of an airhead, she’s oblivious to most things that happen around her and doesn’t pay much attention; however, she believes in Rimuru despite the odds and that is precisely why she is the best girl.

11. Shuna from That Time I got Reincarnated as a Slime

Credit: Eight Bit

Shuna is the innocent and soft-spoken girl from the series, she was initially an Ogre princess who was driven out of her village when her group came across Rimuru and was later named by him; she later evolved into a Kijin and become the advisor for the Tempest Nation, she always accompanies Rimuru during his meetings.

Even though she lived a sheltered life and was not allowed to learn magic, Shuna has an innate talent for magic, she’s shown to easily overpower one of Clayman’s fingers, The Immortal king. She works hard and teaches others to do the same, she also has an attachment to Rimuru’s blob mode.

Shuna is a gentle and kind person, she doesn’t look down on others and treats everyone with respect; as a princess, she’s also quite graceful with everything she does.

12. Secre Swallowtail from Black Clover

Credit: Pierrot

Nero is the supposed bird spirit from Black Clover or at least that’s what many people thought until she was revealed to be a human who fell under the curse of the forbidden magic and transformed herself into a bird; however, her form isn’t permanent as she’s able to change her form at will.

Nero seems to be affectionate towards Asta as she prefers to sit on his head in her bird form, she believes that Asta has the potential to become the next wizard king and fully supports him; her relationship with him.

Nero is interested in most things that happen around her; however, she cares deeply about Asta and helps him in every difficult situation. She gets annoyed by Asta’s antics and would peck him repeatedly to stop.

13. Laika from I’ve Been Killing Slimes for 300 Years

Credit: Revoroot

So, a dragon comes and wants to challenge you, what do you do? If you’ve seen Miss Kobayashi’s dragon maid, you befriend her and turn her into an exceptional maid.

Laika is the deuteragonist of the series, she’s a member of the Red Dragon Faction which is known for being the strongest species, she arrives at the Province of Nanterre after learning about the strongest witch living in the village, and she challenges Azusa to test her strength; however, she is easily defeated with a single spell. She then offers to become her student to become stronger.

Despite being a dragon, Laika is quite formal and elegant with her way of life, she has a strong sense of justice and won’t stand for any injustice. 

14. Aletta from Restaurant to Another World

Credit: Silver Link / OLM

Aletta is one of the main protagonists of the series, she was initially working at a demon cafe but she was fired after her horns were revealed, she found a strange door that lead her to Western Restaurant Nekoya where she currently works as a part-time waitress.

She left her home in the Demon lands in search of work; however, the rest of the world isn’t much welcoming of demons which is why she hides her horns but she’s really not good at keeping secrets.

Despite how one would think of demons, Aletta is among the nice ones, she’s very sweet and kind toward others. And most importantly, she doesn’t judge others based on their appearance, or the way she’s been treated her entire life.

15. Yamato from One Piece

Credit: Toei Animation

Yamato is the newest and biggest ally during the war on Wano Country, she is a friend of Portgas D. Ace back when they were kids during Ace’s visit to the Wano Country, she was sad to learn about his death and waited for his brother to arrive someday. She’s currently helping Luffy to overthrow her father and plans to join his crew and travel the sea.

Despite her being a girl, everyone around her refers to her as Kaidou’s son as she prefers to be called that. Ever since she was a kid, she had a profound admiration for Kozuki Oden, leading her to impersonate his mannerisms which resulted in her father punishing her and keeping her a prisoner at Onigashima Island.

We hope you liked our top picks for the best anime girls with horns, every girl is loved and adored within the anime community. If you’ve got time and you love to see cute furry animals in anime, take a peek at our picks for the best anime cats that are just too adorable.