Best anime girls with pink hair — top 30 cutest characters in 2023

Check out this list of the best anime girls with pink hair who you will never forget.

Girls with pink hair have always been the center of attention in almost every show, their unique personalities, and characteristics leave us wanting more and it’s not difficult to see why. One word to describe these unique girls would be ‘inexplicable’ as they hold some mysterious significance over the plot. Check out some of our other top lists to discover new and awesome characters.

From the moment you first gaze at these girls, you are captivated by either their appearance or personality, even if these girls aren’t the main cast of the show, they know how to steal the spotlight. In other words, anime girls with pink hair are always the best, keep reading the article to see our top picks.

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So without wasting more time, let’s continue with the list of the best anime girls with pink hair.

1. Yuno Gasai from The Future Diary

Credit: Asread

A list of pink hair anime girls wouldn’t be complete without the goddess of love, Yuno Gasai. Well known in the world of anime as the queen of all Yandere, and although she can be quite terrifying when it comes to the matter of love as she will cut down anyone who stands between her and the love of her life.

Yuno is the female protagonist of the series, she may seem like an innocent girl at the beginning who is only trying her best to survive and protect the one she loves but that couldn’t be further from the truth, Yuno was later revealed to be a goddess from the previous world.

Yanderes in anime have a tendency to be on the extreme, at first Yuno doesn’t seem much different from any other teenager but deep down her feelings of love force her to take extreme measures in order to protect her love interest.

2. Kallen Stadtfeld from Code Geass

Credit: Sunrise

Kallen Stadtfeld is one of the main characters in the series, she was the first female accomplice of Lelouch (Zero) who helped him fight off the Britannian armed forces. She was initially against the idea of following someone who she has never seen or met; but after meeting Lelouch, she decided to put her faith in him.

Kallen is the only one who suspected Lelouch of being the Infamous Zero, and when she tried to uncover his secrets, she was outsmarted by Lelouch which made her give up her pursuit of the truth.

Just like Lelouch, Kallen is driven by her hatred for Britannia and will do anything to see her enemies suffer. She can be a bit impulsive sometimes, acting without thinking but she’s deeply loyal to her comrades, especially to Zero because she believes him to be their savior.

3. Sakura Haruno from Naruto

Credit: Pierrot

You must’ve heard how much the entire Naruto fandom hates Sakura for the way she treated Naruto earlier in the series and while most fans have forgiven her, there are plenty who still harbor some hatred.

Sakura is currently the strongest medical kunoichi from Konohagakure and the former member of Team 7 along with Naruto and Sasuke. She often found herself ill-prepared during battle and had to rely on her teammates; so, to overcome this she began her training under the teachings of Lady Tsunade.

Sakura was portrayed as a selfish and insecure person, always looking out for herself and not caring about others; hence the hate. However, Sakura has gone through some character after facing the reality and has come to care for others.

4. Yui from Angel Beats

Credit: P.A.Works

Every anime needs a cute girl who has always put a smile on everyone’s face, Yui plays that role in Angel Beats, She’s adored by everyone in the fandom. Her first appearance in the series was as a fan of Girls Dead Monster which is a music band comprised of the members from the SSS.

In her introduction to the SSS, she was immediately accepted by everyone due to her cutesy nature and willingness to do anything for her favorite band, her favorite person in the SSS is Hideki Hinata who is always the subject of her assault; they both get along well.

Yui has a cheerful personality, she’s always in a happy mood, giving a bright smile to everyone she meets. She is often hyperactive and talks too fast when she gets excited; she is like a ball of energy going from this place to the next.

5. Zero Two from Darling in the Franxx

Credit: A-1 Pictures / Trigger / CloverWorks

Every so often, we meet characters who will make you forget everything, characters who will pull you into their world and immerse you in the fantastic world of anime that you crave. Zero Two is the female protagonist of the series Darling in the Franxx, and her habit of calling her partners “Darling” has left quite an impression on the fandom.

She’s also known as the “Partner Killer” because it is said everyone dies after piloting the Franxx three times with her which is why she prefers to fight solo but all that changed when she met Hiro, the darling she was looking for.

Zero Two is eccentric, she’s an exciting individual who does what her heart desires which is mainly the reason why fans like her so much, she’s a free spirit whose smile will melt your heart.

6. Morgiana from Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic

Credit: A-1 Pictures

Fiercely gorgeous Pink hair anime girls are something we haven’t seen much of, but who wouldn’t like a beautiful girl who can also take care of herself? Morgiana is the heroine of the series, she’s a pure-blood Fanalis who spent most of her early life as a slave; however, Alibaba freed her from slavery and made her a member of his household.

As a Fanalis, her natural strength and combat ability are quite incredible, making her a formidable fighter where she’s able to take down massive beasts with a single kick but that’s not all, Morgiana is also a great dancer as seen by her amazing performance at the Mahrajan Festival.

Morgiana rarely talks due to being raised as a slave, she’s someone who never expresses her true emotions; however, she seems quite fond of strange jewelry, she picked the iron chains as her household vessel because those seemed more familiar to her.

7. Minori Kushieda from Toradora!

Credit: J.C.Staff

Everyone deserves a true friend like Minori, she’s always been there for Taiga no matter how busy her own life is, she deeply cares for her and wants to see her happy. Minori is admired by everyone in her class for her work ethic and positive outlook on life.

Minori lives a tough life, she works multiple part-time jobs, leads the high school softball team, and part-take in the festivals, or at least she tries. Minori doesn’t want to rely on others, she works hard to pay her expenses and is saving money to apply to a sports university.

No matter how tough her own life gets, Minori doesn’t let others see this vulnerable side of her, she always smiles bright and helps others however she can. Although she can be a bit weird sometimes, with her never-ending flow of energy she’s always up to something.

8. Jibril from No Game No Life

Credit: Madhouse

Jibril is by far the fan-favorite supportive character in the series, she’s a member of the Flugel race who is deeply in love with the knowledge and history of their world; she resides in the National Library of Elkia which she won fair and square from the previous king of Immanity.

Although she lost her game against Sora and Shiro ultimately losing everyone she owned; including the library and her life, she happily gave him the knowledge he was looking for and became their servant. However; she was given the library back to maintain it.

Jibril is not much different from any other character in the series, believing that the Flugel race is far superior to any other, she is condescending toward other races; claiming that they’re not worthy of her respect. However; besides that, she is very polite when she’s not hurling insults at you.

9. Inori Yuzuriha from Guilty Crown

Credit: Production I.G

Inori Yuzuriha is a soft-spoken and gentle girl from the Guilty Crown series, she’s the female protagonist of the series and a member of a resistance group known as ‘Funeral Parlor’, she is also the voice of an internet artist known as Egoist.

Inori is shown running away from Japanese military forces; however, she is attacked and gets injured, she decides to take refuge in an abandoned building where she decides to sing one of her songs and funny enough Shu immediately recognizes her voice when he visits his usual hangout spot.

Inori is a sweet and innocent girl who for the most part, follows their leader’s orders without hesitation. She’s shown as an emotionless character who thinks logically and only cares about her mission but all that soon changes as Shu begins to rely on her more and more.

10. Chika Fujiwara from Kaguya-Sama: Love is War

Credit: A-1 Pictures

Chika Fujiwara is the lively and upbeat girl from the Love is War series, she’s the student council secretary who spends most of her time teasing other members rather than doing her duties and suggesting unusually fun games to play with the other members of the student council where she obviously cheats.

Now, Chika may seem like a simpleton on the surface but deep down she is quite cunning and devious when it comes to playing games, she deliberately suggests games where she has an unfair advantage, and exploit others for her own personal gain but she’s not all evil. Chika can’t see others in distress and always look to help anyone who needs it.

Chika has a bubbly personality, she’s always in a happy mood with a smile on her face; her best quality is that she always says what’s on her mind and doesn’t twist her words.

11. Lisbeth from Sword Art Online

Credit: A-1 Pictures

Lisbeth is another amazing character from Sword Art Online, she was among the 10,000 players who were trapped inside SAO, and where most players fought their way to complete the game, Lisbeth set up a blacksmith shop on the 48th floor of Aincrad which is where she first met Kirito.

Lisbeth was a well-known Blacksmith in Aincrad who takes pride in her work as she is often visited by high-ranking players, she first met Kirito when he came to buy a custom made sword; however, the swords she offered him didn’t stand a chance, and broke with a single hit from the Elucidator. She then proposed a dangerous adventure to gather rare metals and craft a better sword.

Lisbeth has a friendly personality, is able to get along with anyone she meets, and goes out of her way to help her friends. However, she does have a temper so you don’t want to get on her bad side.

12. Tetora from Log Horizon

Credit: Satelight

Tetora is a unique one, to say the least. She’s among the thousands of players who were trapped in the game after the Catastrophe, she’s a human cleric/idol who knows how to use her charm. There is an ongoing debate on whether she’s a boy or a girl, her in-game avatar happens to be a girl despite being a boy in real life.

Tetora loves pretending to be an idol and boasting about her pretty face. She enjoys acting like an innocent girl and teasing guys as she rubs against them, freaking them out and hinting that she hates when guys rub against her; Naotsugu is usually the victim of her mockery.

Tetora is a ball of energy, she has a playful personality and is always up to something bad as she enjoys teasing other. However, she’s also very charismatic and helpful toward others.

13. Mina Ashido from My Hero Academia

Credit: Bones

Mina Ashido is an energetic and the most eccentric member of Class 1-A, she loves to have fun with other students in her class and always goes Plus Ultra during extracurricular activities, she easily gets excited over little things and her reactions are out of the ordinary. She is also a great dancer.

Mina Ashido is efficient at many things, she works hard and constantly trains to improve at using her quirk, she easily has some of the flashiest power moves after Bakugou of course, and even though she’s not great at studies, she doesn’t let it bring her down.

Mina is a cheerful girl, with infinite amounts of energy at her disposal, there is nothing that can bring her down when she’s in her grove, casually showing her dance moves and hyping up the entire class with her positive energy.

14. Saya Takagi from Highschool of the Dead

Credit: Wit Studio

Saya Takagi is the classic tsundere and a member of Takashi’s group, since she’s not good at fighting zombies, she acts as the brain of the group coming up with plans to escape and strategies to fight against the zombies. She initially had a superiority complex which soon disappeared when she had to rely on others to keep her safe.

Despite being the intelligent one in the group, she’s a bit slow in reading their current situations, she constantly breaks down crying and blaming everything on others. However, as the series progress, she lets go of her arrogant attitude and tries to get along with everyone.

Saya is an immature person who often acts out when things don’t go as planned, she blatantly orders everyone to do what she asks without question and despite how it may seem, Saya is strict because she wants to keep everyone safe.

15. Mine from Akame ga Kill

Credit: Trigger

Mine is the uptight, and sharp-tongued member of the infamous assassin group known as Night Raid, she is a long-ranged sniper and an extremely good shot. She doesn’t coddle any new members and believes that everyone should pull their weight to be treated equally.

Even though Mine was initially against the idea of letting Tatsumi join their group, she began to teach him about the cruelties of the Empire and how each member of the Night Raid wants to destroy it. As they went on different missions, Mine slowly started to develop feelings for Tatsumi.

Mine can be somewhat temperamental since she is quick to anger over tiny mistakes of others, she was relentless toward Tatsumi during his first days in the Night Raid; however, much like any Tsundere character, Mine is a warm person who deeply cares for others.

16. Euphemia Li Britannia from Code Geass

Credit: Sunrise

Euphemia Li Britannia is a kind-hearted and caring member of the Royal Family, she hopes to bring an end to the war between the Britannian army and Japanese forces. She was among the few people who were genuinely happy to see Nunally and Lelouch survive and wanted to bring them back into the Imperial Family.

Despite being a member of the Royal Family, Euphemia cares deeply for others even if they’re not Britannian, she was the first person who Lelouch trusted to share his secret identity with. And despite knowing his previous actions, she was reluctant to help him bring peace to bring in their country.

Euphemia is a soft-spoken who always treats others with proper honorifics, this universal respect stems from her own childhood experience, she always cares for Lelouch and Nunally despite everyone treating contempt for not being a part of the nobility.

17. Kofuku Ebisu from Noragami

Credit: Bones

Kofuku is the fan-favorite god of poverty and someone who always has a soft spot for Yato, both of them go hand in hand if they’re next to each other. She feels for Yato, she cares about him and doesn’t want to see him sad or broken, and also she might be the only person who doesn’t get angry over his antics.

Unlike other gods who are more focused on gathering Shinki and expanding their Familia, Kofuku is content with pretending to be a goddess of Fortune so she lives an easy and carefree life. She only has one Shinki by the Daikoku, who she relies on for everything.

Kokufu can be somewhat of an Airhead when she’s next to Yato, both of them like to be carefree and have fun. However, it’s a good thing she has her Regalia, Daikoku who won’t let her go overboard.

18. Ram from Re:Zero Starting Life in Another World

Credit: White Fox

While there have been constant arguments over Rem or Emilia, not many people see the charms of the pink hair anime girl. Ram is the twin sister of Rem, working at Roswaal’s mansion as a maid, she plays a rather neutral role earlier in the series, not involving herself in Subaru’s endeavors and not questioning Roswaal’s schemes.

Ram is extremely observant and outsmarts others, despite her stoic nature, she cares about others and will do anything to protect the people she cares about. Despite losing her demon horn, she is extremely powerful in combat and doesn’t hesitate to show her abilities.

Ram can seem somewhat self-centered, sarcastic, and not compassionate toward others but that is just how she is on the surface. Ram doesn’t sugarcoat her words to make others feel better, she boldly says what’s on her mind.

19. Faris Nyan Nyan from Steins;Gate

Credit: White Fox

Faris the enthusiastic and cheerful member of the Future Gadget Lab, well not exactly a member but she often shows up and spends time with the group, so she’s technically a member. Faris works part-time at the MayQueen Cafe NyanNyan where she is admired by everyone for her cheerful smile and work ethic, she also has a soft spot for Okabe.

Faris likes to enjoy herself no matter where she is, even in the most serious situations, she’ll come up with ways to cheer everyone. She loves to wear cute outfits and act all cutesy around others, especially around Okabe. She also enjoys playing delusional games with Okabe, coming up with her own unique scenarios.

She is genuinely a nice person and always looks for the good in people; she encourages everyone to be their best and never change.

20. Neko from K: Missing Kings

Credit: GoHands

Neko has many characteristics similar to a cat, she also very much acts like one and her attachment towards Yashiro Isana is proof of that, she likes to be around him and eat together with him; however, she is unaware of her ability to alter memories.

Kuro doesn’t know much about her origins, only that she is able to shapeshift into a cat, she eventually comes across Yashiro who takes the cat to his dorm thinking the cat is a stray; however, Neko transforms back to her human form lying next to him on the bed.

Being a cat makes her live a carefree life, Neko has a cheerful personality whenever she’s around Yashiro and likes to have fun playing games with him. 

21. Krul Tepes from Seraph of the End

Credit: Wit Studio

It wouldn’t be wrong to consider her the fan-favorite loli vampire of all time, she is by far the kindest vampire in the series, she cares for her servants, especially Mikaela Hyakuya and doesn’t let anyone challenge her authority. She is the highest-ranking noble vampire who is fixated on annihilating the Japanese army.

Krul Tepes is in charge of gathering surviving human children to maintain a steady supply of blood, and also secretly looking for children who inherit the seraph gene so she can further experiment and turn them into her loyal soldiers. She shows great care towards Mika and is always genuinely happy to see him.

22. Mei Hatsume from My Hero Academia

Credit: Bones

Mei Hatsume is the eccentric and energetic girl from My Hero Academia, she’s a part of the school’s support department and takes her job very seriously. She goes above and beyond when designing new support items, she takes all sorts of considerations when building support gear to maximize efficiency.

Mei takes pride in her work as a member of the support course, she emphasizes that the members of the support course aren’t much different from the heroes, just like heroes use every trick in their book to win battles and save as many as possible, support course continuously upgrades their tech to aid the heroes in their cause.

23. Milim Nava from That Time I got Reincarnated as a Slime

Credit: Eight Bit

If there is any truth, it’s that Milim is the cutest demon of them all. She is currently considered the 2nd strongest demon lord out of the current eight. She’s well respected and known throughout the land and the Destroyer because she’s able to flatten an entire kingdom with one strike.

She loves to goof off with other demon lords, especially Frey who she sees as a mother figure. She also loves to run off and play with her best friend, Rimuru who is always happy to see her.

Milim loves to play around with her best friend, Rimuru, and acts like a child without a care in the world, she also gets angry if someone treats her like a child, invoking her anger which is not good for anyone. She is always bored in her kingdom so she runs off to Rimuru City for entertainment.

24. Shuna from That Time I got Reincarnated as a Slime

Credit: Eight Bit

Shuna is a soft-spoken and innocent girl, before joining Rimuru’s tribe and evolving into a Kijin, she was a princess of the Ogre tribe, where she lived a sheltered life which is why she was socially awkward at first but soon got along with Goblinas of Rimuru’s tribe. Shuna has a natural talent for magic but she was never allowed to train as a princess.

Despite living as a sheltered princess, Shuna is extremely skilled at dealing with domestic matters she is soon promoted to the position of the chief advisor of Rimuru City where she is always beside Rimuru; however, she still uses every chance to steal blob Rimuru away from Shion.

Shuna is an extremely kind and caring person. Because she was raised as a princess, Shuna has regal authority and a graceful personality. Rimuru often relies on her for diplomacy with the leader of other nations.

25. Satsuki Momoi from Kuroko’s Basketball

Credit: Production I.G

Satsuki Momoi is a health nut, she’s a basketball enthusiast who was the manager for the Generation of Miracles. Being a manager since Junior High, Satsuki has a lot of experience, which helps her identify patterns of the opposing team and analyze each player’s ability.

Momoi has such a comedic presence on the show, whenever she’s around Kuroku, the intense atmosphere turns mellow. And even though she constantly gives subtle hints about her feeling to Kuroko; it is unknown if Kuroko feels the same way which makes her sad.

Satsuki basically has two separate personalities, one where she acts all bubbly and flirty toward Kuroko and the other where she gets serious about analyzing the opposing team.

26. Tsukasa Yuzaki from Tonikawa: Over the Moon For You

Credit: Seven Arcs

Tsukasa is the female protagonist of the series, Tonikaku Kawaii. She initially saves Nase from an incoming truck and gets injured while doing so; however, she brushes it off like it’s nothing and continues on her way. And when Nase confess his feelings for her, she proposes to the two of them should get married.

Tsukasa can appear somewhat calm and cool-headed; however, she easily gets flustered when Nase tries to be romantic with her which hints that she doesn’t have much experience in the dating department either; which is funny considering she’s the one who proposed the idea of marriage.

Tsukasa loves pop culture, she’s a fan of movies, games, and anime. She also has a vast knowledge of Japanese history.

27. Remi Ayasaki from Horimiya

Credit: CloverWorks

Remi Ayasaki is the cutest and most uplifting pink hair anime girl on this list, she’s currently a member of the student council and the girlfriend of Sengoku, the current student council president. Most people in her circle see her as a ray of hope that doesn’t stop smiling and Remi herself tries to make others smile.

Remi is considered a beautiful and cute girl around school, boys want to be with her and girls want to be like her; however, Remi can be somewhat childish when it comes to dealing with the matters of the student council. She doesn’t keep anything to herself and says what’s on her mind.

28. Meroune Lorelei from Monster Musume

Credit: Lerche

Meroune is one of the female protagonists of the series, Monster Musume. She’s a mermaid who is infatuated with the idea of ‘tragic love’ and wants to experience it herself or at least a part of it. She’s the fifth girl who moved into Kimihito’s household which also got him his personal pool.

Lorelei is quite the elegant girl, she is extremely polite and addresses everyone with proper honorifics, she believes herself to be part of a royal family. Her fascination with tragedy makes her a target of ridicule, occasionally called a “tragedy freak”.

29. Satone Shichimiya from Love Chunibyo & Other Delusions! Heart Throb 

Credit: Kyoto Animation

Satone Shichimiya is one of the main characters in the second season of the Love Chunibyo series, she was the first person who introduced Yuuta to the world of Chunibyo and was also his partner in crime when they were in middle school. Both of them would participate in lots of Chunibyo activities together and were best friends.

While Yuuta and outgrown his Chunibyo phase, Satone remains the same; constantly encouraging him to act like the Dark Flame Master that she once knew. She still considers Yuuta as her only true friend and would often get too close to him.

30. Micchon Shikimori from Shikimori’s Not Just a Cutie

Credit: Doga Kobo

Shikimori is the newest addition to the world of pink hair anime girls, and just as the anime name suggests, Shikimori is just a cutie. She’s the female protagonist of the series and currently the girlfriend of Izumi, and where most girls cling to their boyfriends for protection; Shikimori is always looking out for Izumi and keeping him safe.

Shikimori is confident and beautiful, she’s admired by everyone in her school for being a kind and caring person. She’s also competitive whenever Izumi is involved, she doesn’t hesitate to express her love to him. However, despite being an amazing person, she feels insecure in the eyes of Izumi.

So there you have, we hope that you liked our list of some of the most popular pink hair anime girls, all these characters are well known throughout the anime fandom and adored by many.Say, cats are quite cute in any anime? Our furry little buddies sure make for good travel companions, while most of them don’t particularly play a role in the actual plot, they still manage to be the star of the show, check out this awesome list fan-favorite anime cats of all time to find your next favorite.