Best anime knight characters — top 20 female and male knights

A knight symbolizes courage, bravery, honor, and faithfulness toward his country and king, see our top picks for the best anime knights.

Knights in anime are portrayed as righteous to their very core, they don’t often appear in modern anime; even though, they signify everything that a hero should be. We frequently release extensive listicles covering a wide range of topics here at AnimeTide, visit the top list section of our website to discover the best anime has to offer.

The most noble quality of a knight is that they’re willing to die for someone else’s sake, a true anime knight character is willing to lay down their life for his friends or his country. They’re often portrayed as prideful and arrogant due to their status but they never abandon others. We love these characters because there is nothing more amazing than taking a stand against injustice.

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Watch out for spoilers and let’s go over the best anime knight characters.

1. Saber from Fate

There is hardly anyone who compares to the Queen of Knights, Saber/Artoria Pendragon. And it holds true whether it’s in Unlimited Blade Works or any other Fate Adaptation. I mean how can anyone compare to King Arthur herself also known as the King of Knights and the wielder of Excalibur.

She values herself as a knight more than a human, believing that emotions will only make her weak; she’s a courageous young woman who is determined to win the Holy Grail and make a change to the king selection process. She never displays her true emotions but all that begins to change as she meets Shirou.

She can also be quite stubborn with her ideals and notions; she is fixated on being treated as a servant rather than a human.

2. Darkness from Konosuba

Darkness brings a certain comedic element to the name knight, her actions portray heroics and bravery; however, there is something strange that goes on in her head when she’s putting her body on the line. It’s almost like she enjoys getting hurt, but can there really be someone who fights for the sake of pleasure?

Darkness is among the three female protagonists of the show, she dives headfirst into battle with no regard for her safety; she’s more of a liability because of masochistic tendencies. She’s actually from the house of nobles who escaped from the kingdom to become an adventure; however, no one is willing to let her into their party because of her unique fetishes.

Despite all her craziness, she does have an aura of dignity and nobility around her, she won’t standby while innocent people are getting hurt, and she will risk her life to protect them.

3. Erza Scarlet from Fairy Tail

Credit: A-1 Pictures, Bridge

The Fairy Tail anime is full of beautiful girls each more than the other, however, Erza Scarlet is the one who stole the hearts of many. Originally born as a slave, she was among the first people who rebelled against the mages to escape; after joining the Fairy Tail Guild, she became an S-Class mage for the guild and later joined Team Natsu.

Erza is quite strict and always looks to criticize others for their loose behavior which has earned her a reputation of being scary, many guild members fear her as they do not want to invoke her wrath; however, Erza deeply cares about others which is why she is so strict with them.

It’s not difficult to see how caring Erza is to the entire group, despite seeming tough on the outside, Erza is quite sensitive and emotional,  she only wishes to keep others around her safe.

4. Ais Wallenstein from DanMachi

Ais Wallenstein or more commonly known as the Sword Princess is the possible love interest of our brave protagonist, she’s a first-class adventurer and member of the Loki Familia, and she’s considered the strongest adventure around due to he amazing sword skills; able to take down monsters with a single swing from her blade.

She’s well known throughout Orario because of her amazing sword skills; however, she’s seen as an unapproachable enigma due to her quiet personality. If there is one thing we know for sure it’s that she has a soft spot for Bell, she’s seen him work hard and believes that he can be a great adventurer someday.

Ais is a quiet person, she often has trouble expressing her emotion which makes me out to be an airhead; even though it often looks like she has a lot to say. she’s also helpful toward others and doesn’t look down on those who are weak.

5. Tanya Degurechaff from Saga of Tanya the Evil

Tonya Degurechaff is the main protagonist of the series, Saga of Tanya the Evil but you may as well call her the death incarnate. She may seem like an ordinary girl on the surface but there is so much more that goes on in her head, she is constantly risking her life in battles to rise through the ranks of the military and land herself a comfy seat in the capital.

Originally a salaryman in modern-day Japan, Tanya is reborn into an alternate version of Europe during the war. She has to fight in order to live, she constantly dives headfirst into battle and emerges victorious; she curses the godlike entity who sent her to this world.

Tanya can be portrayed as a psychopath due to her actions, she’s cold, cunning, calculating, and has no problem using others to her advantage. She initially thought those who are weak should be left behind but she’s grown into a more caring commander. 

6. Farnese De Vandimion from Berserk

If we want to see an anime knight who has the most character development throughout a show, that would be Farnese hands down; she has gone through so much and has given up almost everything in search of the truth. It’s not easy to give up one’s beliefs and start anew.

She started out as someone who never questioned the orders she was given, committing all sorts of heinous actions in the name of God, she never had any doubts before burning people alive or nailing them at the stake. So, it’s a good thing she has left that life behind and is now focused on better things.

Ever since she has met Guts, lots of unholy things have spiraled before her eyes which made her question everything she believed in, she is traveling with Guts to learn how to survive in a world without light.

7. Alice Zuberg from Sword Art Online: Alicization 

Alice is the female protagonist of the series Alicization Arc, she’s also a member of the Order of Integrity Knights. She was initially a normal girl living on the outskirts of the Human Empire; however, after she broke the law of the Taboo Index when she stepped into the Dark Territory, she was taken to the Central Cathedral to be turned into an Integrity Knight.

Alice is considered to be one of the strongest Integrity Knights, she was also the first one to get her memories back and fight against Quinella (Administrator). Alice is the true example of an anime knight, she fights fair and overpowers her opponents with her sword skills.

Alice is a soldier who fights to protect her comrades and her queen, after turning into an Integrity Knight, she worked hard to master the Sacred Arts. She is a kind person who is always ready to help others.

8. Fanatio from Sword Art Online: Alicization

Fanatio is the Deputy Knight Leader among the Order of Integrity Knights, she’s referred to as Fanatio Synthesis Two by the Administrator. Fanatio is the only possible love interest of Bercouli, the leader of Integrity Knights. Fanatio has hidden her true gender under heavy armor from every other knight except Bercouli.

She hides her gender because she believes that other Integrity knights will look down on her and even her opponents will not take her seriously; even though her skills in battle are only second to the leader of Integrity Knights; however, she has a habit of prattling after overpowering her opponents.

9. Gazef Stronoff from Overlord

When you come face to face with a being who’s way beyond your power, what do you do? Would you bow down and pledge your life to them or would you fight them for honor? In either case, no one will look down on you for choosing one or the other.

Unlike many other characters in the series, Gazef Stronoff was probably the one who knew what he was doing and what he was up against, he and Ainz both had mutual respect for each other. Unfortunately, they both found themselves as enemies, Ainz offered Gazef to join him and fight for him but Gazef refused as he was not someone who would abandon his country.

It saddened every fan to see a capable man like him give up his life for a country that didn’t even recognize his value.

10. Bercouli from Sword Art Online

Bercouli lives for everything just and as the leader of the Integrity Knights, he always tries to set a good example for others. He was originally among the people who found the Rulid Village (Alice’s hometown); even though he lost his memories after becoming an integrity knight, Bercouli suspected the motives of the Administrator but he continued fighting to maintain peace and order.

Bercouli is by far the strongest among Integrity Knights and the possible love interest of Fanatio, he doesn’t hold a grudge, and his level of concentration during battle is impressive seeing as how easily he was able to defeat Eugeo, he fights fair and wins his battles.

Bercouli is a prideful man; however, not arrogant. He’s confident in his skills as a swordsman because of his battle experience, he’s able to keep a level head in intense situations.

11. Felix Argyle from Re Zero

Who doesn’t love a well-done trap? Felix Argyle or better known as Ferris is the knight of Crusch Karsten, he initially hated Subaru for his laidback attitude and immature behavior during the ceremony but he soon comes to respect him, seeing him as a friend.

Ferris truly and deeply cares for his mistress Crusch Karsten and is willing to do whatever it takes to keep her safe. He wears girlish clothes that include ribbons and bows whenever he’s at the palace serving miss Crusch; however, he wears a proper black and white army attire for battle.

Ferris is cute, and adorable and refers to himself as Ferri-chan in the third person, he likes to act cute and teases others who are surprised to learn about his gender, especially Subaru.

12. Gilthunder from Seven Deadly Sins

Pink hair anime guys are scarce, you don’t find them often but when you do; they are quite amazing, and Gilthunder is no different. He’s a Holy Knight, considered to be one of the strongest in the Kingdom of Liones, it is a great feat that he was able to take Meliodas even for a little bit.

Gilthunder was shown as an arrogant and cold guy, who didn’t care about others and did whatever he desired simply because he could. However, Gilthunder is a far nicer guy; he was only trying to avenge his father by hunting down the seven deadly sins, he turns back to the sweet and friendly guy after learning the truth.

He’s a sweet and innocent guy who cares deeply for others, of course, there were times when he acted like a tyrant but he is willing to fix his mistakes by any means.

13. Hak from Yona of the Dawn

Hak is the deuteragonist of the series, Yona of the dawn. With his passion as an anime knight, Hak takes his responsibilities seriously as chief of the Wind Tribe. His combat skills make him a formidable opponent to any who challenges him, he is tasked by the late Emperor to keep the princess safe and he is adamant about fulfilling his duty.

Hak is sarcastic and nonchalant, he doesn’t care for anything that doesn’t concern him or the safety of the princess, as protecting her is his priority at all times. Despite getting tired of Yona’s attitude and behavior, he doesn’t get mad instead he takes extra care when dealing with her.

He can also be characterized as obsessive since he doesn’t like when someone tries to get close to Yona or she gets close to them, he’ll intervene and pull her away.

14. Reinhard Van Astrea from Re:Zero

Reinhard embodies everything that an anime knight should be, he has a calm and confident demeanor whenever he talks to ordinary people, it’s like he’s always trying to reassure them that everything is going to be fine. He is the current Sword Saint who is well known throughout the kingdom as the strongest Royal Guard.

After the Insignia chose Felt, Reinhard immediately pledged himself as her knight and sought to support her throughout the Royal Selection. He is currently the only one who is able to not only withstand Elsa Ganhiert but also defeat her in battle.

Unlike other knights in the kingdom, Reinhard is a humble and down-to-earth guy who doesn’t look down on those who are weaker than him, he believes that everyone should help out however they can. He considers Subaru to be his equal because he does whatever he can to protect others.

15. Arthur Boyle from Fire Force

Arthur brings a comedic touch to the word, Knight. He’s a third-generation fire soldier who loves to pretend as a knight in some medieval fantasy which is why he refuses to wear the protective helmet as it does not fit his attire as a knight, he also uses a sword which makes him feel extra “knightly”. His power grows stronger according to how knightly he feels, hence the sword and the helmet.

Arthur is bold and confident in his skills as a knight and as a fire soldier; however, he’s also childish when it comes to dealing with Shinra, they seem to disagree with each other on every level, yet they still manage to work as a team when fighting a stronger foe.

Much like an actual knight, Arthur has a strong sense of justice, and his habit of using proper honorifics makes him a proper knight.

16. Arc Lalatoya from Skeleton Knight in Another World

A good-written wholesome Isekai is always appreciated, Arc Lalatoya is the newest addition as an anime knight, one day he woke up and found himself inside his favorite online game within his game avatar, almost as if he is transported to the world. Now he roams the Isekai world as a valiant knight, helping those who need him.

Despite his seemingly scary appearance, Arc is humble and a laid-back fellow, he enjoys roaming the game world and traveling to distant lands where he’s never gone before and he will stop any injustice happening before his eyes.

Arc is always in a positive mood, mainly because of his armor that doesn’t allow him to feel strong negative emotions which is a good thing because he is far too strong for anyone to handle.

17. Julius Juukulius from Re:Zero

I think we all hated Julius at the beginning because of his overbearing personality, he treated Subaru like a peasant who didn’t know his place. However, as a knight Julius was only trying to keep him in check, the two of them did get along during their battles with the Sin Archbishop of sloth and soon became friends.

Julius loves to act all high and mighty due to him being a part of the great Lugnica nation, he believes that everyone should work hard to become a better version of themselves and those who slack off aren’t worth his time.

Despite his tough exterior, he genuinely cares about others and always looks to help them in their time to need even if he has to risk his own life.

18. Suzaku Kururugi from Code Geass

Suzaku Kururugi, currently the knight of Zero is the deuteragonist of the series, Code Geass. Initially born as a Japanese, he climbed through the ranks of the Britannian army to become an honorary knight; earning himself the title of White Knight. However; Suzaku never liked how the Britannian Empire treated the Japanese, his only wish was to create peace which is why he relied on Euphemia Li Britannia for support.

Suzaku is among the most capable Knightmare pilots, there is hardly anyone who is a match against him, his only goal is to bring about peace between the two nations, and for that goal, he’s willing to do whatever it takes.

Before anything, Suzaku is loyal, he doesn’t question the orders he is given and follows them without hesitation; believing that his actions will help bring peace.

19. Ikki Kurogane from Chivalry of the Failed Knight

Ikki Kurogane is the protagonist of the series, Chivalry of the Failed Knight, despite his excellent sword skills he is considered an F-Rank Blazer because he was born without any magical powers. However, he doesn’t let any of that come in his way as he’s able to defeat his opponents with just his sword skills.

Ikki’s life has been a constant struggle; despite his incredible performance at the Academy, he’s forced to repeat the grade due to his family’s intervention which he doesn’t let him get down and continue to work hard.

Ikki is strong and capable of taking care of himself and others, he has a caring personality as seen throughout the show, and he goes out of his way to help others.

20. Skull Knight from Berserk

The existence of Skull Knight is shrouded in mystery, all we know is what he’s told about himself; there are rumors that he was once the true king of the world, and four angels were sent down to defeat him. Now he roams the world, fighting Inhumans and waging war against the four angels.

Skull Knight appears whenever there is a chance for the apostles to appear, he is also there to protect Guts if he is ever attacked by one of the four angels. He seems to have great knowledge about the flow of causality and is aware of events that are yet to happen.

We hope you liked our top picks for the best anime knight characters, every character is admired for their righteousness and ability to stand up against evil or for bringing a certain element of comedy into the mix. If you are someone who enjoys seeing cute animals in anime, especially the furry little demons; feast your eyes on our top picks for the best anime cats