Best anime moms — top 17 most loving characters

These anime moms have made the audience attached for being so wonderful.

Credit: Toei Animation

Behind every protagonist, is a mother who truly loved and supported them. Even if the protagonist lost her too early. Being a mom isn’t easy, but some anime moms still manage to do their best job even as single parents. These moms deserve appreciation and recognition for being the best of the best which is why we have made this top list.

Although many of these moms are not fighters, they still have a huge impact on the plot. The support and love of these anime moms help develop the personalities of their children. Also, these moms are very strong and capable. It is surprising how accurately anime creators portray the love and care of moms in anime.

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1. Sachiko Fujinuma from Erased

Credit: A-1 Pictures

Sachiko Fujinuma undoubtedly deserves this spot for being an exceptionally good and exemplary mother. Sachiko shows how mothers can play an important role in the success of their children even after they become adults. Sachiko is sharp-minded, hardworking, and selfless. She knows when to support Satoru, give him important advice, and when to let him think on his own.

Sachiko portrays that a mother’s love is boundless, and you can love your children and non-blood-related children without creating any difference. She showered Kayo with love and give her more motherly affection than she could have ever asked for. She has an important role in the anime and is an important supporting character. Sachiko has great critical thinking skills which saved the lives of many and taught people how to live better.

2. Hana from Wolf Children

Credit: Studio Chizu

Hana studied in a university where she found a wolf-man and fell in love with him They had two children together but unfortunately her husband passed away. Hana had to raise a toddler and a baby as a single mother. What makes it more difficult? Her children are also half-wolf and half-human. Her husband’s savings begin to run short, her children keep transforming into wolves in places they shouldn’t and so she has to leave the city and move to the countryside.

Hana devotes her life to raising her children in the best way possible. She has no experience as a mother nor any experience with wolf-human hybrids. Yet, Hana does not give up and gives it her all to raise her children in the best way possible. She is a perfect example of how strong moms can be.

3. Sanae Furukawa from Clannad

Credit: Kyoto Animation

Sanae is a very emotionally strong mother. She has control over her emotions and knows how to look after others even when she is sad herself. Sanae took a lot of care of Nagisa when she was pregnant. She has to go through the hurt of losing her daughter, Nagisa and even then she kept a hold of herself. She made the wise decision of raising her granddaughter. For five years, Sanae looked after Ushio raising her like her own daughter.

She cherished Ushio with love but didn’t become overly possessive of her. She looked after her because Tomoya wasn’t in the condition to raise a child but when the time was right she was sure to send Ushio to Tomoya. She knew that it’s his daughter at the end of the day and Tomoya is already lonely from losing his wife. She chose to keep Tomoya happy rather than keeping Ushio with herself forever. Even after going through so much in life, Sanae remains to be a soft-hearted person who doesn’t allow her emotions to affect her decision-making.

Also, the jokes about her bread keep the lightheartedness in the anime.

4. Trisha Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist

Credit: Bones

Trisha married Hohenheim and had two children with him. However, Hohenheim left her alone. Trisha took no time to mourn and instead decided to raise her children as a single mother. She cherished Edward and Elric with love and kindness. This is why the boys grew up to be soft-hearted and always looking to do good deeds.

Trisha encouraged the creativity of the boys and didn’t let her sadness or anger affect the love she has for her children. Unfortunately, she died of an illness and the boys tried to resurrect her. This shows how much they love her and were desperate to get her back somehow.

5. Carla Yeager from Attack on Titan

Credit: Wit Studio

Carla faced an end that she did not deserve. She was a very loving, caring, and gentle mother. She believed in Eren and showered his love upon him. She even took care of Mikasa and treated her well when she started living with them. There hasn’t been much screentime of her but there are some important moments and clips of her in the anime.

Carla faced a tragic and scary death. She was stuck under the rubble and all she cared about was Eren and Mikasa getting out of the danger. Nor the titans or the crushing under the rubble prevent Carla from caring about Eren. She is a mom who cares about Eren more than her life. 

6. Kushina from Naruto Shippuden

Credit: Studio Pierrot

Kushina is the mother of the anime’s protagonist, Naruto. She used to be a hot-headed girl as a child but when she grew up she got much smarter, stronger, and mature, although she was still hot-headed. Kushina loved and cared for Naruto so much that she sacrificed her life for him. Kushina did everything to protect Naruto when she was pregnant and afterward.

Kushina did not hesitate once before letting herself get pierced through the stomach to save Naruto. She used the last of her life’s minutes to talk to Naruto and tell her how much she loves him. Her few minutes of interaction with Naruto were so emotional, it had adults crying their eyeballs out.

7. Delia Ketchum from Pokemon

Credit: OLM

Delia Ketchum is the perfect example of a supportive mom. Delia had the dream of becoming a Pokemon trainer when she was a girl. However, she had to start a family and leave her dream. Delia does not get much screentime but whenever she does, she is seen looking after Ash and saying sweet, supportive things to him.

Ash has been on a journey for 20 years and Delia has always remained supportive of him. She makes sure he has everything he needs on his journey. She is a wholesome character, and her love and support are probably what led Ash to become such a good Pokemon trainer.

8. Inko Midoriya from My Hero Academia

Credit: Bones

Boku no Hero Academia has many cool and motivational characters. But although Inko doesn’t fight, she still puts an impact on the story because of how she treats Izuku. Inko and Izuku have the cutest relationship where she would play games with him in childhood. She supported Izuku’s childhood dream of becoming a hero. When she found out Izuku doesn’t have a quirk, she was equally heartbroken and in tears.

Inko gave a lot of affection to Izuku to calm him down. She was doubtful about him getting into UA high but when he did, she wholeheartedly apologized to him and even designed him a hero costume. She was scared after seeing his scars and was skeptical of sending Izuku to the school dorm. That shows how caring she is and even then, she allowed Izuku to go so he can achieve his dreams.

9. Kyoko Honda from Fruits Basket

Credit: Studio Deen

Kyoko has a very devastating background story. Kyoko was a bike girl who was much involved in fights and didn’t have the chance of a bright future. Katsuya Honda saw the good in her and her potential to improve and so he married her. They had a daughter together named Toru.

Although Kyoko was a single mom, she turned out to be a great mom who unconditionally loved Toru. She is a very compassionate and wise person. She believed that people deserve to be given a second chance and we should have faith in others. She taught Toru to be a strong and positive person. Kyoko loved and valued her so much that she promised herself to think of Kyoko as the most important person in her life forever.

10. Bell-mere from One Piece

Credit: Toei Animation

One Piece is full of amazing anime moms but Bell-mere had to be picked out of them. She is proof that you do not need to be related by blood to love a child wholeheartedly. Bell-mere adopted Nojiko and Nami when they were little girls. Bell-mere had less money so she and the girls lived in poverty yet they found happiness and laughs amongst each other.

Bell-mere taught them the importance of family and those difficult times can be dealt with together. The girls loved so many things from Bell-mere and how to be rough and tough in danger. Bell-mere did everything she could to protect the girls and keep them happy. The girls truly loved Bell-mere and she loved them so much that she valued their life over hers.

11. Chi-Chi from Dragon Ball

Credit: Toei Animation

A list of best moms can never be complete without Chi-chi. She is the daughter of the Ox-King of Fire which makes her a royalty. She met Goku when they were children and they both fell in love and had a child together. She is a loving and caring mom who can also be angry and strict whenever needed.

She is one of the strongest women on the earth. Chi-Chi knows how to protect herself and her family. She is a fighter mom who always makes decisions and does actions according to what would be best for her family. She was already strong but having her family to protect her made her even stronger.

12. Tomoko Higashikata from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

Credit: David Production

Tomoko is a badass warrior mom who knows how to protect herself and be strong even though she went through betrayal and hurt. Tomoko fell in love with Joseph Jostar and had an illegitimate child with him. Later, she found out that he is already married to Suzi Q. Tomoko raised their child, Josuke as a single mother. Tomoko’s son is a punk, but she knows how to handle him and be rough and strict with him when needed.

Tomoko hates being catcalled by men, and she can fight the ones who annoy her and she even defeated a villain by herself. It is no doubt that her son gets the toughness inspired by her. Tomoko is a beautiful and strong mother who loves and priorities her family.

13. Ryouko Tamiya from Parasyte the Maxim

Credit: Madhouse

Parasyte the Maxim deserves all the respect, but Ryoko Tamiya in particular is a character from the anime who deserves a lot of respect. Ryouko was an extremely intelligent parasite who conducted a lot of research on humans, their emotions, and parasites. Although she was emotionless like other parasites, she significantly changes after having a child.

Ryouko wanted to use her child as an experiment at first. But unconsciously she falls in love with him. She feels joy and happiness by seeing his laughter and holding him. She loved him so much that she sacrificed her life to save him. This shows how complex species can be a time and “emotions” are what make humans so “human”. In the end, Ryouko felt happy for spending time with humans as she slowly started feeling like one too.

14. Mito Freecss from Hunter x Hunter

Credit: Nippon Animation

Mito is another example that you don’t have to be a biological mom to be a great mom. Mito tried to convince Ging to not leave because he was irresponsible. So, she took custody of Gon when he was 2 years old. Mito has looked after Gon ever since he was an infant. She dearly loves him, takes care of him, and treats him like his mother would have. That’s why Gon has said to imagine her when he tries to think of his mother.

Although Moto had lied to him about his parent’s death, she later tells Gon about his father being alive. Mito did want Gon to leave and become like his father. But then she agrees to let him follow his dreams. She welcomes him wholeheartedly when he comes back to come and showers him with love.

15. Mari Katsuragi from The World God Only Knows

Credit: Manglobe

Mari is another mom on this list who left her previous lifestyle to start a family. Mari is currently a housewife and is raising her son Keima and Elsie, his adoptive daughter. Although Elsie is the illegitimate child of her husband, Mari still loves her and takes care of her. She currently runs a restaurant called “Café Grandma”.

But before Mari got married, she was a fearsome biker girl known as the “Snow Woman of the Mountain Pass”. She usually has gentle and calm behavior but when she is angry, she can become violent again. She is also stronger than she looks because once a man tried to sexually harass her and she had beaten him up a lot

16. Junko Kaname from Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Credit: Shaft

Junko’s family different is a little less common in society. Her husband is a stay-at-home dad and she is the family’s sole breadwinner. She works all day at the office and spends nights drinking with her colleagues. She’s a busy businesswoman but she deeply loves and cares for he two children, Tomohisa Kaname, and Tatsuya Kaname.

Although she’s busy, she takes out time to advise her daughter Tomohisa. She doesn’t know that her daughter’s life is much more complicated than that of a normal teenager. But still, she tries her best to support her. Thanks to her being a good mom, Tomohisa loves her and that is what keeps Junko safe.

17. Yasuko Takasu from Toradora!

Credit: J.C.Staff

Yasuko doesn’t look like a mother because she looks so young. That is true because she is very young and beautiful too. Yasuko is a perfect example of how difficult it is to raise a child alone at a young age. At first, Yasuko looks like a childish mom who is mostly seen fooling around and getting drunk.

But Yasuko has had it rough. She became a mom when she was very young. She had a choice, but she decided to keep him. Yasuko works two jobs to ensure her son lives his best life. She does it so she could attend school and have everything that she could not have had.

Mothers are unforgettable and so we hope you never forget about these anime moms. If you love anime, you’ll also enjoy reading about the best steampunk anime and samurai anime