Best anime school girls — top 25 characters in 2023

Most shoujo anime are centered around the high school life of anime girls, here are our top picks for the best anime school girls.

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You can’t deny how frequent are schools in anime in modern anime, it’s like every rom-com and fantasy series is set in a high school setting and those anime sure bring a lot of high school anime girls. We frequently cover various news and listicles here at AnimeTide, see the top list section of our website and see what you’re looking for.

There is no denying that anime school girls are the best at what they do, those are the iconic anime girls that you can never forget. however, there are so many of them that it’ll be tough to cover them all, so we’ll be picking one girl from each anime, most likely the female leads. So, keep reading the article if you want to find out who are the best anime school girls in the world of anime.

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Watch out for spoilers and let’s go over the best anime school girls.

Rias Gremory from Highschool DxD

Credit: Studio TNK

On the first spot we have the crimson-haired princess herself, Rias Gremory is the main heroine of the series. she’s a 2nd-year student at her school and the president of the Occult Research Club, she’s also considered the most beautiful girl in the entire school. She’s a natural-born leader with a regal authority who cares about her servants.

One of her greatest qualities is that she’s ready to fight for her friends, she will do whatever it takes to protect those she cares about. She’s looked on with respect by her peerage and the student of the Kuoh Academy for her authority and work ethic.

Rias is generally a kind and compassionate person, she never abandons anyone who needs her help, be it a friend or an enemy. She also has a short temper when it comes to her protecting her authority as a leader and her servants.

Taiga Aisaka from Toradora

Credit: J.C.Staff

How can this list be complete without the queen of tsundere? Taiga Aisaka is the cute protagonist of the Toradora series who’s popularly known as the “Palmtop Tiger” due to her short temper and her short stature. Taiga has a reputation in her school to be violent which is why no one wants to make her angry.

She’s mainly upset due to her family problem, after losing her mother; she was forced to live alone in an apartment so that her father could start a new life with another woman. Taiga claims that she hates it because the new wife will soon give birth to tall children and she won’t feel like a part of the family anymore.

Taiga may seem like a scary girl which is somewhat true; however, she’s not all bad as she cares about her friends and makes an effort to engage with people.

Yumeko Jabami from Compulsive Gambler

Credit: Mappa Studio

Yumeko Jabami is the fan-favorite crazy girl from the series, she’s driven by her desire to gamble not for money or any physical possession but only for the thrill of putting everything on the line, as we mentioned “Crazy”. She transferred to the Hyakkaou Private Academy, a school that is a school well-known for its ties with the political world.

Although she only cares about gambling, Yumeko hates it when someone plays unfairly, she will deliberately play dumb; giving her opponent a slight sense of victory before she dismantles their plan and takes a win, leaving her opponent in shambles.

Despite how crazy she may seem while she’s gambling, she’s a genuinely nice person who cares about people and wishes to be friends with them with the only exception being people who gamble for selfish gains.

Sakurajima Mai from Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai

Credit: Studio CloverWorks

Mai is the female lead of the show and hands down the best anime school girl of 2018, she’s affected by the adolescent syndrome which makes her invisible to the people around her which is why she wears a sexy bunny girl outfit and goes to the library to grab the attention of people.

Mai hates that nobody is able to notice her existence and constantly lives in the fear that might she actually disappear one day, after meeting Sakuta, the only person who could see her; she was relieved and tried to become friends with him.

Mai is a pessimistic person, she thinks that bad things are bound to happen sooner or later; which is why she lives her life enjoying every moment. She’s also incredibly sensitive and caring toward those she cares about.

Yukino Yukinoshita from My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU

Credit: Brain’s Base

Yukino or how Yui likes to call her, Yukinon is one of the tritagonists of the series, she’s an intelligent individual who doesn’t bother conversing with others because she believes that everyone is selfish and only wants what’s good for themselves.

As the president of the Service Club, Yukino goes out of her way to help anyone who is in trouble, that includes the people she hates. Yukino claims that she doesn’t care how others portray her in their mind, as long as they don’t act on it.

However, despite her tough exterior, deep down Yukino cares what others think behind her back; she chooses to ignore it because she can’t change what others think of her. She constantly feels alone but pushes people away because of her past.

Suzune Horikita from Classroom of Elites

Credit: Studio Lerche

Suzune Horikita is the heroine of this amazing series, she was placed in the lowest class because she lacks the ability to work with others, she believes herself to be above others because of her superior academic skills and prefers to work alone. She serves as the class president and is in charge of making sure that everyone passes.

She’s quite competitive and doesn’t let anyone challenge her authority when it comes to academic skills, she’s consistently ranked the highest in her class, and her goal is to reach class 1-A; however, to achieve that, she has to learn to work along with others.

Suzune can be quite bold when she wants, she isn’t scared of others and knows how to put others in their place. She mostly hides her true emotions from others, believing that trusting others will make her weak.

Kiyoko Shimizu from Haikyuu!!

Credit: Production I.G

There is hardly anyone who compares to the best club manager, Kiyoko the club manager for Karasuno’s high school volleyball team. The entire team cherishes Kiyoko as the shining ray of light and protects her at all costs, and if you’re someone who’s trying to hit on Kiyoko, better watch out for her bodyguards.

Kiyoko is someone who truly cares about the team, she quietly does her duties as a manager, and also makes an effort to cheer up the team’s morale. As the only female member of the team, Kiyoko never really showed her true self, she always kept to herself; however, after Yachi joined as the secondary manager, Kiyoko began to smile more often.

Kiyoko is generally a calm and collected person, she doesn’t speak much or express her emotions; however, she does take her position as the club manager seriously.

Eru Chitanda from Hyouka

Credit: Kyoto Animation

Eru Chitanda is the heroine of the Hyouka series, she’s a curious girl who is captivated by anything mysterious and loves to spend her time-solving mysteries with her club members, especially Oreki.

Eru is a cute girl, she’s considered a stunning beauty throughout the school which is probably how she’s able to convince others to help her with solving mysteries. She’s also quite stubborn, so if she sets her mind to something, there is no stopping her.

As a daughter of a rich family, Eru is a well-mannered girl. She’s polite, cheerful, and curious about anything new, she’s also an extremely caring person, who goes out of her way to help her friends.

Chizuru Hishiro from ReLife

Credit: TMS Entertainment

You can’t help but feel bad for Chizuru, she does her hardest to perform well in her class; however, her lack of social skills makes it difficult for her to make any friends which is why she always sits alone in her class and even at the cafeteria.

Chizu is a genuinely nice person who puts others before herself and goes out of her to help them, she secretly hates the fact that she doesn’t have any friends or anyone she can talk to, she wants to change herself but she doesn’t know where to start.

However, as time goes by, Chizuru makes a lot of friends in her class, including Rena Kariu who initially hated her and considered her a rival.

Kaguya Shinomiya from Kaguya Sama: Love is War

Credit: A-1 Pictures

Shinomiya is the female protagonist of the series, she’s the current student council vice president who’s in love with the student council president; however, she isn’t one for admitting defeat and confessing her feelings to him, instead, she will do everything in her power to make him confess his love to her.

Kaguya is well-known throughout the school for her brilliance and cold attitude which has earned her the name of Ice Princess, she initially only cared about herself and the Shinomiya name; however, she soon came to treasure the other members of the student council.

Kaguya is a smart and cunning individual, she thinks rationally and plans ahead so that she can ensure her victory in the battle of confessions.

Ayame Kajou from Shimoneta

Credit: J.C.Staff

Ayame Kajou is the most hilarious anime school girl on this list. In a world where the concept of dirty jokes doesn’t exist, she’s set on a quest to make the students learn about the world of dirty jokes. And even though she claims to be a pervert with a dirty mind, she gets shy when questions are directed at her.

When she’s doing the dirty deed around school, she wears a somewhat revealing outfit and calls herself by the name of Blue Snow, together with her accomplices, she’s determined to teach the students about dirty jokes.

Ayame has a strange obsession with dirty jokes and doesn’t hesitate to use them regardless of where she is which has caused her some trouble but can’t help it.

Mashiro Shiina from The Pet Girl of Sakurasou

Credit: J.C.Staff

Shiina Mashiro is the art prodigy who came from abroad to learn about drawing manga; however, while she’s amazing at art, she’s terrible at almost everything else and we mean everything. However, she does make an effort to become independent every so often.

From the moment she arrives in Japan, Sorata Kanda is given the responsibility of taking care of her as she’s extra reliant on others to take care of her, she doesn’t understand even the basics of personal care. She requires Sorata to wash her clothes, make sure she eats breakfast, and help her get ready for school.

Despite her being inattentive in class and skipping homework, Mashiro has excellent grades in every subject, she claims that she memorizes the answer if she considers them as pictures.

Kaori Miyazono from Your Lie in April

Credit: A-1 Pictures

Kaori Miyazono is the most beloved girl from 2014, she’s a talented violinist whose style of music has left a great impression on the fandom. Her desire to play the Violin came from listening to Kousei play the Piano, she was delighted by the sound of music and wanted to someday do a duet with him.

She transferred in as a third-year to meet Kousei; however, she didn’t know how to approach him because he had stopped playing the piano, so she decided to befriend Tsubaki and have her introduce the both of them and that is how she meets Kousei and introduce herself to him.

Kaori is a sweet and kind person, who goes above and beyond to help others, she’s a passionate person who gives a hundred percent at everything she does.

Rin Tohsaka from Fate/Stay Night

As we had to pick one girl from each anime, we decided to go with the best girl, Rin Tohsaka. She’s seen with respect, and envy by everyone in the high school because of her exceptional talents in controlling all five great elementals.

Rin is someone who considers herself to be above others because she was born with an exceptional talent for learning magecraft. She constantly looks down on others and doesn’t acknowledge anyone who she deems incompetent.

Rin is a prideful girl, she hates when someone challenges her authority in the magic and will fight to show her superior magic skills, and she may seem arrogant and proud but she cares about those who are close to her.

Kyouko Hori from Horimiya

Credit: Hoods Entertainment

Hori is a model student in her class and also in the entire school, she’s treated with respect by everyone in her class due to her good grades and work ethic, she’s looked on with admiration by the girls and boys consider her to be their ideal girl; however, no one is willing to ask her out.

Little does anyone know, Hori lives a much different life from other girls, she goes straight home after school because both her parents work so she has to do chores around the house and take care of her little brother. She often stresses that she isn’t outgoing like the other girls and she’s unfamiliar with the current popular trends.

Kyouko is a straightforward person, she says what’s on her mind and acts like the little things don’t affect her; however, she gets flustered over the tiniest of things like when Miyamura compliments her, she’s also incredibly possessive and gets jealous if some other girl looks at Miyamura.

We hope you liked our top picks for the best anime school girls, every girl is adored in their respective fandom and loved universally by the community and If you want to check out some of our other top picks, you know where to go. Cats in anime often make for the best pets, even if they don’t play a particular role in the plot, they do make the moment more enjoyable, here are top picks for the best anime cats if you’re interested.