Best anime with overpowered main characters — top 20 series 2023

Check our list of the most popular anime where the main character is op; they are truly a unique breed.

Credit: Madhouse

Every anime series offers some strong and overpowered anime characters; of course, most of them are strong in their unique way, and some characters are liked more than others. If you are curious about these anime series, you should check out the top list section of our website; we have a wide assortment of topics to help you find what you’re looking for.

We can all agree that anime with overpowered main characters are quite entertaining. Watching them fight against armies of monsters or outsmart entire nations is certainly thrilling. Keep reading the article, and you might find new anime shows to watch.

A problem we all face when completing an entertaining series is what to watch next, and going through anime only to find it disappointing is not fun. So, if you’re interested in watching some romance anime, check out our list of best romance anime, or if you want to watch something from the 90s, our list of legendary 90s anime is the perfect place to pick one.

Here is the list of our best anime where the main character is overpowered.

1. One Punch Man

Credit: Madhouse / J.C.Staff

If we’re talking about Overpowered characters, You know the legendary One Punch Man will take the top spot; the series is a groundbreaking success with its incredible visuals, action-packed fight scenes, and phenomenal music, who knew a violin based theme could pack so much power.

Although the series is known for its hilarious main character, there are many loveable cast members we can not forget, like the Housemaid Genos, weeb King, sporadic Speed-o-Sonic, and the community favorite Mumen Rider.

The story follows the main character Saitama who is a hero for fun; his overpowering superhuman abilities allow him to kill any opponent in a single blow. He’s become too powerful to the point where he doesn’t get any joy from battling monsters.

2. Sword Art Online

Credit: A-1 Pictures

The Sword Art Online franchise stands on its own, the beloved anime series is popular for its amazing characters that you can’t help but fall in love with, action-packed fight scenes get you hyped, complex storyline with grows more intricate with each season, and of course, the fantastic music that never gets old.

The anime community is equally divided among people who love the series for its enjoyable moments and those who hate it because of the plot, though everyone agrees that it’s fun to watch.

The protagonist of the series Kirito the black swordsman is among the 10,000 players trapped inside the game; luckily, he was a beta tester and knew most of the hidden routes. He quickly rises through the ranks, unlocks secrets, and earns his reputation as the strongest solo player around.

3. Overlord

Credit: Madhouse

Overpowered anime characters are truly a unique breed; they hold immeasurable power in their hands, able to obliterate any opponents or army that stands in their way. Overlord is very much the same; the story of getting stuck inside a video game isn’t new in the anime world; however, the plot of an overlord planning to take over the whole world is exhilarating.

Overlord is popular for its complex and intricate plot, which deepens every season, an amazing cast of characters who win your heart in every episode, gorgeous animation with carefully drawn details throughout the series, and the euphoric music with loveable lyrics characterizing Albedo’s purity.

The story is about a player who one day is teleported inside a virtual reality game called Yggdrasil, a popular online game about dungeons and tombs. Momonga decides to spend his remaining moments inside the game, which will shut down at midnight. However, even after the clock strikes midnight, he is conscious as his characters and the game’s NPC seem to have developed personalities.

4. Assassination Classroom

Credit: Lerche

The assassination classroom series is globally loved by millions of fans, especially the teens, mainly because is the series is about the daily lives of high school students with some fantasy elements mixed in. Every student has faced failures a few times during their time in school, but what makes this show a masterpiece is the presence of a loving and helpful teacher.

Even though the series is portrayed as a comedy adventure where the students of class E are tasked with killing an entity capable of destroying their planet, there is so much more that makes the show quite enjoyable, like the loveable cast members, great character development, and the relatable storyline.

The story’s synopsis is given as a mysterious being who destroyed half the moon and wants to teach some kids from the Kunugigaoka high school class 3-E. His true intentions are unknown as he shrouds his identity; something is clear—he is the best teacher there is.

5. Attack on Titan

Credit: Wit Studio

The infamous Attack on Titan franchise is nothing less than legendary; millions of fans love the series. It is currently making history with its stunning and amazing visuals, attention to detail, banger music, incredible animation, intricate plot that gets progressively more complex, and the famous cast who risk their lives to unveil the secrets of their tragic world.

The intense emotions you feel when watching the series are nothing less than amazing. However, despite all this going for it, many people have deemed the show ‘overrated,’ but they couldn’t be more wrong. Attack on Titan series has evolved with each passing season and is now in its final stages; we can safely say that it will go down as the last legendary anime.

The series follows a young boy named Eren Yeager who is sick of living inside the walls; he desires to eradicate all of the titans outside the walls, but little does he know, he holds power to transform into a titan as well. But what will he do after learning the wicked truth about his world?

6. The Saga Of Tanya The Evil

Credit: NUT

The Saga of Tanya The Evil is considered one of the most excellent military anime; even though the story sometimes takes a strange turn towards fantasy, the war never stops. The constant battle of wits between Tanya and the rest of the world never ceases to amaze.

The series is popular for its main lead, the little girl who was transported from another world and now runs the military operations at age 9. However, many people in the anime community hate the premise of a little girl calling the shots.

The story is about a salaryman who one day dies and is reincarnated as a girl with his memories intact; after learning the truth about his situation and the magical world she now lives in, Tanya rises through the military ranks with her military expertise in an attempt to live a comfortable life in the capital.

7. That Time, I Got Reincarnated as a Slime

Credit: Eight Bit

It’s probably the most fun and entertaining show to watch from this entire list, That time I got reincarnated as a slime is a great adventure isekai anime, with so many things going for it. The easy-going and laid-back pace of the series is quite relaxing, and with the most loveable and adorable cast, no less, every character in this show has a respective fanbase.

The series is popular for its fantasy adventure setting, and it’s easy to keep track of what’s happening around; there are no over-the-top anime cliches or forced plots. The series is wholesome at its core and quite enjoyable.

Anime follows the story of an ordinary salary man killed in a hit and run, with his last request being that his friend takes the hard drive from his computer and drown it in the bathtub (the finally did it). He is later reincarnated as a slime with unique and uncanny skills that grant his great powers and resistance to many things.

8. Mob Psycho 100

Credit: Bones

Something to know about the Mob Psycho franchise it’s that the same author writes the series One Punch Man; there are many similarities between the two main characters and the cast around them. The visuals for the series are on par with One Punch Man, if not better; the action-packed fights scenes along with the phenomenal music make this series one hell of a ride.

The series starts with a cool slow-moving pace but soon evolves into something much more exciting. The series is known for its groundbreaking visuals and artistic style that shines in every episode, very stylistic to the manga.

The story follows a young boy named Shigeo Kageyama, also named ‘Mob’ who is a normal high school student with monstrous psychic powers that he keeps locked within; unable to control his psychic powers, Shigeyo visits a con artist named Reigen Arataka and enlist himself under his wing to learn to control his powers.

9. No Game No Life

Credit: Madhouse

Those were the good days when the Isekai genre was still new in the world, and not every anime seemed like a copy of some other show. No Game No Life is undoubtedly the most loved anime series by millions of fans worldwide. Despite the anime being aired back in 2014, the fandom of the series is still alive and patiently waiting for a sequel.

The series is exciting; the story begins with our two protagonist siblings, NEET shut-ins, and incredible gamers. One day, Tet challenges them, who refers to himself as the god of games. Upon accepting his challenge, both siblings are transported into a different world where games decide everything.

Our protagonists are well versed in games, but what’s even more exciting is that they’re also master strategists.

10. Trigun

Credit: Madhouse

Trigun is a pure masterpiece however you see it. Action, comedy, adventure, and drama blend so well within each episode, slowly unraveling the secrets behind Vash The Stampede; who is he? What does he want? And why does he have a sixty billion dollar bounty on his head? The series began airing in the late 90s, and the series is still recommended by millions of fans.

The protagonist of the series, Vash the Stampede, is possibly the toughest, funniest, and coolest character ever written. He has a reputation for destroying and decimating entire cities, even killing those who oppose him in any way, but the truth is Vash is a huge softie; he claims that he has never taken the light of another person.

However, wherever he goes, calamity seems to follow him. He says he has nothing to do with it but what is the real truth?

11. The Irregular at Magic High School

Credit: Madhouse / Eight Bit

Another overpowered anime high school character, the irregular at magic high school, is an excellent anime series that is praised by the entire anime fandom; the series is animated by studio Madhouse, known for its amazing visuals during the fight scenes and the little attention to details.

The anime takes place inside a normal high school environment where students from high roots are treated better than others; there is a lot of attention to detail to make it close it the real world. There is an actual discriminate social standing, and the pursuit to shake the roots of society is quite exciting.

The protagonist of the series, Shiba Tatsuya, is considered an irregular at the magic high school due to his low practical ratings but extraordinary combat abilities.

12. Code Geass

Credit: Sunrise

Talk about the smartest character in the entire anime verse, the man who fought nations against nations and managed to reunite the world by becoming its one enemy; there aren’t enough words to describe the joy of watching Code Geass. The series is popular for being a mecha, military anime, and having a competent male lead who knows how to handle every situation.

Lelouch Vi Britannia is an ordinary high school student who’s a member of the royal family, but his father exiled him to Japan along with his little sister Nunnally. He’s always been a strategist as he would always beat his opponents in chess.

However, his life changed when he was caught in a crossfire among the Japanese and Britannian army; fortunately, he met a girl named C.C who bestowed him the power of Geass, which he will use to lead the Japanese army against war with the Britannian empire.

13. Death Note

Credit: Madhouse

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Light Yagami could single-handedly outsmart the entire animeverse; of course, he is a madman driven with the power to cleanse the human world of petty criminals, thieves, and senseless violence. The series is considered a masterpiece by millions of fans; however, there are also those who see it as overrated.

Death Note is a fantasy anime where supernatural beings exist. Ryuk is a Shinigami (god of death) who is bored living in the Shinigami realm and seeks fun; he drops his death note in the human realm for his enjoyment, hoping that a human would pick it up.

Light Yagami is an honor student, top of the class in grades, and a role model for the other students; he stumbles on the death note and picks it up; reading its absurd rules about whoever’s name is written in the notebook will die, Light decides to use this new power to make the world a better place.

14. Bofuri

Credit: Silver Link

Bofuri, or ‘I hate being in pain, so I think I’ll make a full defense build’ as you can read from the title, is yet another comedic anime series with an OP lead, which is apparently also a clone of Sword Art Online.

The Trope of having a strong anime lead has become quite common these days, a character so strong they don’t have to go through character development to unlock their full potential. However, the series is quite enjoyable if you don’t mind the plot.

The story is about a high school girl who isn’t really that interested in playing online games but after receiving an enthusiastic invitation from her friend; she tries the new popular VRMMO game, New World Online. 

15. The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.

Credit: J.C.Staff

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the disastrous life of Saiki K is an optimal comedy anime; there aren’t too many cliches to make the anime seem annoying; also, the comedy in this anime blends in nicely with the extreme cast of the series.

Since every character in the anime is completely stupid like the delusional guy Shun, perfect chad Kineshi, popular girl Kokomi, the spirit medium Reita and the meathead Riki; that makes our protagonist seem quite normal; however, he does have his own antics going on like his over-exaggeration over certain situations.

Saiki Kusou may seem like an ordinary high school student, but he is gifted with various supernatural abilities from x-ray vision, superhuman strength, and of course, telekinesis; however, Saiki only wishes to lead a normal life.

16. Akashic Records Of The Bastard Magic Instructor

Credit: Liden Films

Talking about strong anime characters with brooding and arrogant personalities, we have Glenn Radars, who isn’t much different from you regular op protagonists; he doesn’t hide his personality or feel any need to be liked by someone; putting it bluntly, he is a ‘bastard magic instructor.’

The anime takes place in your normal high school setting, where one of the teachers retires, and our protagonist is the one who replaces him. However, his laid-back personality puts him at odds with his class, who believes that the only way to get ahead is to follow everything down to a T.

Glenn later showcases his magical skills and mastery over the enchant, which surprises the entire class; who really is Glenn Radars?

17. In Another World With My Smart Phone

Credit: Production Reed

Every year we are introduced to a brand new Isekai sub-genre, which is sometimes a blessing in disguise and sometimes a complete joke; in another world with my smartphone is your just another average isekai where the main character is reincarnated into a fantasy world with unique and strong powers; in this case, a smartphone.

The story begins with our protagonist Touya Mochizuki who is struck with an accidental bolt of lightning from God. God summons him, and as an apology, he offers to reincarnate Touya into a magical fantasy world with any unique power he wishes; however, Touya wishes that he would like to keep his smartphone with him.

There isn’t much to say about the average animation, cliche characters, and the plot that goes nowhere. However, the series is quite enjoyable to watch.

18. The Misfit of Demon King Academy

Credit: Silver Link

We’ve seen characters who are many times older than the average human lifespan; however, that isn’t the case with the misfit of the demon king academy; our protagonist is only one month old. The Series protagonist Anos Voldigoad is a demon lord reborn after two millennia to reclaim his throne, but he soon realizes his identity is falsified.

It seems the trope of having an overpowered anime lead has made its way to the modern anime; the series plot is not much different from your average high school anime with a strong male lead.

Anos Voldigoad is an all-powerful demon lord with infinite plot armor; however, no one recognizes him since his legacy is altered under a fake name. Anos sets out to find the truth of this world and what happened after he died.

19. How Not To Summon A Demon Lord

How not to summon a demon lord is the classic isekai game anime; however, instead of getting stuck inside the game due to an unforeseen glitch, our protagonist, Diablo, by two mages in an attempt to capture the demon lord and use his powers for their good. However, their spell to subjugate the demon lord backfires.

The series takes place inside a fantasy game world where our protagonist is summoned, a world filled with magical beasts and where different species co-exist.

Demon King Diablo is an ordinary human who is one day summoned into a magical game world; however, instead of trying to find a way out of the game, he spends his time understanding this new world and helping people.

20. Cautious Hero: The Hero Is Overpowered but Overly Cautious

Credit: White Fox

The isekai genre will always be introducing new overpowered anime characters; however, something unique about the cautious hero is that he’s cautious. On the surface, it looks like the protagonist is just an overpowered cliche character gifted with unique and powerful abilities, but that’s not the case.

The series begins with our favorite (useless) goddess, Ristarte, who is given a task to protect an S-ranked human world from demons, and she is allowed to summon one hero who would help her achieve that goal. While looking at the hero listings, Ristarte stumbles upon Seiya and summons him to clear the S-ranked world.

Seiya Ryuuguuin is careful, cautious, and always prepared; he practices and levels up his skills before heading into battle.

We certainly hope you like our list of top anime where the main character is op; all these anime series are well-liked in the anime community. Something we find more hilarious is the animals in anime, especially cats; here is a list of the best cats in the anime world if you’d like to check it out.