Best anime wolf & dog girl characters

Woof woof! Check out these irresistibly adorable wolf & dog girl anime characters.

Credit: Lerche

One of the best things about anime is the creativity it has. There are a lot of wonderful things which we wish to have in this world but cannot. One of them is adorable fantastical creatures. In anime, some very fun characters are the wolf & dog girl anime characters. These are cute girls with the best characteristics from two of our favorite animals. Keep reading this top list find out which ones are the best.

Human-animal hybrids have started becoming more common in different forms of media such as anime, manga, movies, etc. People love the fantastical world and they put all the possible creativities into it. Wolf & dog girl anime characters happen to be one of the most famous human-animal hybrids.

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1. Holo the Wise Wolf from Spice and Wolf

Credit: Imagen

The number one spot goes to the beautiful brown-haired wolf harvest deity.  Holo promised the people from the town of Pasloe that there will be a good harvest next year and so they revered her. However, as time passed people became more self-sufficient and didn’t need her anymore.

Hence, Holo leaves the town on the cart of a traveling businessman named Lawrence to go back to her snowy hometown which is the land of Yoitsu. Although she shows herself as someone arrogant, deep down she is very lonely and has a vulnerable side which she shows sometimes.

2. Yuki from Wolf Children

Credit: Studio Chizo

Yuki is the main character of one of the best animated movies ever made, Wolf Children. Yuki’s mother, Hana is a human, and her father is a werewolf with the power of transforming into a human. Yuki also has the same power.

The anime mainly shows Yuki and her younger brother Ame growing together, learning new things, and understanding the problems of being wolf-human hybrids. As a child, Yuki was a charismatic girl who loved exploring. As she grew older, she became more mature and sophisticated.

3. Polt from Daily Life With A Monster Girl

Credit: Lerche

Polt is a Kobold, a soul which can take into any form. Polt takes a somewhat wolf-human hybrid form. She is the Kobold Industries’ leader. She runs the Sport Club Kobold, Kobold Stadium, and health spa which are the only places that offer services to people of all species.

As you can see by looking at her picture, Kobold looks very fit and like the perfect person to help you work out. She appears in Chapter 17 and onwards where she takes the responsibility of helping Mero, Cerea, and Miia to lose weight. Polt is also a suitable exercise coach because she is very hyper and encouraging. She does everything she can to help others do well in their exercise routine.

4. Eruruu from Utawarerumono

Credit: OLM

Eruruu is the protagonist of Utawarerumono. She is a very loving and caring fox-girl. In the start of the series, Eruruu founds a man in the woods who doesn’t have any memory of his past. Eruruu takes him to her cottage where her younger sister, Aruruu and grandmother are. They name him Hakuoro.

Hakuoro ends up falling in love with Eruruu. Eruruu has a very kind and gentle personality. She seems to deeply care for others and hate seeing anyone in pain.

5. Millhiore Firianno Biscotti from Dog Days

Credit: Seven Arcs

Millhiore is a beautiful, pink-haired anime dog girl who is a princess of the Biscotti Republic. She looks like a treat and is also named after a treat as Millhiore is after the word mille-feuille which is a famous French pastry.

Millhiore is loved by everyone. She is very kind, caring, and charismatic. She is also the owner of the Holy Sword Excelide which means she is strong as well. Millhiore can sing very well and often performs in events and concerts. She is an all-rounder. Surprisingly, she is only 14 years old.

6. Wanda from One Piece

One Piece has a lot of unique character designs and luckily this anime has also made a sexy anime dog girl. Wanda belongs to the Warrior Beast Tribe. She is a member of the Inuarashi Musketeer Squad. Wanda’s team serves Duke Inurashi of Mokomo Dukedome.

The Straw Pirates save her from the Beast Pirates due to which she becomes an ally with them. Wanda also has some traits of a dog such as licking people’s faces when she wants to show affection. Wanda is also a very strong combatant.

7. Luna Tsukuyomi from Day Break Illusion

Credit: AIC

Luna Tsukuyomi is a magical girl in this anime with the ability to use the moon’s power for manipulating the Elemental Tarot cards. Luna is a very kind and powerful girl. However, when she gets jealous, she becomes very vulnerable.

When Luna is jealous, the enemies of her companions transform her into a killer called “daemonia”. Luckily, friendship is what turns her back to her normal self and helps her overcome the ill-feeling of jealousy.

8. Blue from Wolf’s Rain

Credit: Bones

Finally, we have an olive-skinned wolf-dog girl anime on the list. Blue was first the pet of Quent who aided him in going hunts for wolves. She never knew about her wolf bloodline and thought she was a dog. However, after spending more of her life as a dog, she meets Cheza after which her wolf blood is instantly reawakened. She never hunts her own species again.

Instead, she follows Kiba’s group in their quest of finding the door to paradise and that is what she does in the rest of the anime. But Blue has spent most of her life with humans and she became very attached to them. It becomes a question for her to either stay with Quent because she is dearly attached to him or protect her species from people like him.

9. Zakuro Fujiwara from Tokyo Mew Mew

Credit: Pierrot

Zakuro Fujiwara is one of the main characters of Tokyo Mew Mew. Zakuro is the part of a secret magical group in which the DNA of all girls has been merged with an endangered species. Zakuro is the only dog-human in the group. These girls fight against alien parasites called Chimera Animas.

Amongst all the members of the group, Zakuro is the most mature one. She often gives advice to the younger members and saves them whenever needed. She is a model and a dancer. Zakuro sometimes hides her knowledge, but she is very intelligent.

10. Inukai from Flying Witch

Credit: J.C.Staff

Inukai is a cute anime dog girl which has unfortunately been under a curse that has turned her into a dog-human hybrid. Inukai is a witch who did heavy drinking one night and ate Akane’s chocolate which turns people into animals.

The chocolate didn’t work properly so Akane has dog traits in the daytime and turns back to normal at the night. Sounds like one very interesting dog girl on the list.

11. Pochi from Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody

Credit: Silver Link and Connect

Pochi is the youngest character on this list. She is an absolutely adorable child dog girl. Pochi wields a sword and a buckler. She was only known as “Dog” when she belonged to Usuu. After his death, she was named “Pochi” by Satou who became her master after the labyrinth.

She has the appearance of a normal human, but she has a tail and dog ears which distinguish her as a dog girl.

12. Nozomu Ezomori from Kanokon

Credit: Xebec

Nozomu is a wolf deity and a first-year school student. She looks like a child because of her small body and short hair, but she is actually 200 years old. Although she sometimes looks emotionless, she has strong feelings of love for Kouta. That is because Kouta, the protagonist of the anime attracts animal spirits because of his actions.

Nozomu rivals Chizuru for Kouta’s love. She makes fun of her appearance to make herself look better. She often tries to initiate sexual activity with Kouta. She’s a rich girl as she lives in a luxurious penthouse all alone. Also, she seems small, but her appetite is huge.

13. Mashiro Mito from Tayutama: Kiss on my Deity

Credit: Silver Link

Mashiro is a reincantion of the goddess Kikuramikami no Hime. She is of the Tayuti race. Mashiro is accidentally released in the shrine by Yuri. She slowly loses her divinity in the human world and has the body of a young girl with dog traits such as her ears. Mashiro is taken care of by Yuri and she falls deeply in love with him.

She calls herself his wife and puts his name on the end of hers without him saying yes to it. Humans and the Tayuti haven’t had a good relationship and so Mashiro dreams of living in a world where these two races can peacefully live with each other.

14. Ashlynn from Log Horizon

Credit: Satelight

Ashlynn was a novice who just completed the Elder Tale tutorial and got stuck in the game along with 30,000 other people. When she woke up, she was in the body of her avatar, which is an adorable little dog girl. She starts panicking at first but is comforted by Henritta and Marielle who convince her to join their guild which is the Crescent Moon Alliance.

Asyhlynn’s cute dresses make her look like the most adorable dog girl in the anime. She is not a fighter but she shows her support in the guild as an enchanter by helping her carry supplies. Having a sweet and cute person like her in the guild boosts up everyone’s morale.

15. Ai from Dragon Crisis!

Credit: Studio Deen

Everyone loves cats with odd eyes, and this wolf-girl right here has a right golden and a left blue eye and that is what makes her so special. Ai is a thief and she can transform into a half-wolf thanks to the tattoo on her arm.

Ai was unfortunately misused by her master who put that tattoo on her arm. Her master had kidnapped her home to use her as an experiment. He lied to her that her parents are dead and that she was born a half wolf. Ryuuji is the one to save her from her thief life and that’s why she likes him.

16. Liru from Renkin San-kyuu Magical? Pokaan

Credit: Remic

Liru is a warewolf who hates silver. She has blonde hair and dark skin which makes her look very beautiful. Liru fully transforms into a wolf but looks like a yellow puppy in that transformation. She transforms even if she sees a moon-like object or the real moon.

 All four girls in the anime including Liru have unique and special superpowers.  Liru is extremely powerful and has great physical abilities such as a lot of stamina, speed, and improved senses and strength.

17. Bianca (Whitney) from Animal Crossing: The Movie

Credit: OLM

Most anime fox girls look more like a human and have a few features of a fox. But Bianca is different because she looks more like a fox and less like a human. Bianca is one of the main characters of Animal Crossing: The Movie. She is mostly seen wearing a Kimono.

Bianca is a gorgeous white fox and she really wants to look ladylike. She has a deep admiration for Apollo and says that she and he were once lovers. The anime has a simple and sweet story in which the protagonist Ai, moves into a new animal village.

18. Ayame from Inuyasha

Credit: Sunrise

Ayame is a beautiful wolf lady from Inuyasha. When she was young, she got lost in the forest and was attacked by Birds of Paradise. Koga saves her and promises to marry her when she’d grow up. Then she returns back to the Northern Mountains. However, after coming back from the Northern Mountains, Ayame is heartbroken to find out that Koga has forgotten about the promise.

Ayame has red hair which tides up in two ponytails. She has white wolf fur which is draped across her shoulders and falls till her thighs. She also has the fur-covered around her waist.

19. Lupusregina Beta from Overlord

Credit: Madhouse

Finally, a wolf-girl from one of the best Isekai anime, Overlord. Lupusregina is among the members of the Pleiades Six Stars which is the maid battle squad of the Nazarick tomb. Lupusregina is a beautiful wolf-girl who’s very smart, brutal, and fierce.

Lupusregina looks more attractive because of her brown skin. Also, what can be cuter than a wolf-girl in a maid dress? Lupusregina mostly wears a maid uniform and makes two braids. She is very social and approachable. Lupusregina enjoys making lewd jokes on others and likes to startle others by using her ‘Complete Invisibility’ spell.

20. Shiba Inuko from Shiba Inuko-san

Credit: Hotline

Shiba Inuko is a fourteen-year-old schoolgirl whose appearance is like a Shiba Inu dog. Her classmate, Ishibashi Chako finds her appearance a little weird but everyone else doesn’t. Shiba Inuko is very well-mannered and polite due to which she is loved and accepted by everyone.

Luckily Shiba normally attends her school and lives her life as a schoolgirl although her appearance is nothing like that of a human. No one notices that she is furry and has a tail either. Although her behavior is the best a human could have.

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