Best black hair anime girls — cutest characters 2023

Check out our tier list of some of the best black hair anime girls ever, each girl is prettier than the last.

Credit: J.C.Staff

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So, without any delay, here is the list of some of the best and most popular black hair anime girls for you to enjoy:

1. Mikasa Ackerman from Attack on Titan

Credit: Wit Studio

Mikasa Ackerman is often praised for her stoic, badass characteristics. However, many layers to this character make her truly unique!

Mikasa Ackerman is an orphan taken in by Eren Yeager and his family. Mikasa’s background is shrouded in mystery, but we do know that she possesses extraordinary skills and abilities. Mikasa has a deep emotional connection to her adoptive brother, Eren, who often drives her actions.

Mikasa Ackerman joined the Survey Corps at a very young age and quickly rose. She is considered the most powerful member of the corps. Mikasa is often relied upon to lead missions and protect her comrades.

Mikasa Ackerman is an incredible fighter who has mastered many different forms of combat. She is also considered to be the strongest female character in the series.

2. Nico Robin from One Piece

Nico Robin Aka, “Miss All Sunday,” is a beautiful and fan-favorite character in One Piece. She is the second member to join the Straw Hat Pirates, and like Nami, she chose to leave her old crew (the Baroque Works).

Nico Robin is our favorite in One Piece; her story and personality make her such an interesting character. Nico Robin is one of the smartest characters in One Piece. Nico Robin’s abilities aren’t just mental; though she is extremely gifted intellectually, Nico has some impressive physical strength that can match some of the crew.

Nico is often called “Monster” because of the devil fruit (Hana Hana no Mi) ability which enables her to sprout any part of her body on the surface of any object or a living thing. Nico’s story begins with an introduction to the Baroque Works, where Nico had become known as Miss All-Sunday. Nico Robin’s age is currently unknown, but her design suggests she is in her early/late teens.

3. Yukino Yukinoshita from Oregairu

Credit: Brain’s Base

Yukino Yukinoshita is a character in Oregairu who is highly intelligent and has a sharp tongue. Many people in the school avoid her because of this, but Hikigaya Hachiman is not one of them.

Hikigaya first meets Yukino in the service club. He is surprised by how cold she is, but he is also intrigued by her. Yukino disapproved of anything that Hikigaya did, specifically how he treated people, but after understanding him a little better, she started to warm up to him, and they became friends.

Hikigaya gets along with Yukino better than anyone else because of their similar views on the people around them, especially how they aren’t kind or deserving of pity.

However, Yukino has a hidden side that she doesn’t share with Hikigaya. She is actually very hurt by the way people treat her, and she feels alone in the world. This is why she pushes people away and is so cold to them.

4. Kurumi Tokisaki from Date a Live

Credit: J.C.Staff

Kurumi Tokisaki is one of the main characters of the Date A Live series. She is a Spirit who has the power to manipulate time.

Kurumi is a very complex character with a dark and twisted past. She is extremely intelligent, and her powers make her one of the most dangerous Spirits in existence.

Despite her cold and ruthless exterior, Kurumi is a very lonely person. She was abandoned by everyone she ever loved, which has made her incredibly distrustful of others. She is also plagued by self-doubt and insecurity, which leads her to commit acts of cruelty in an attempt to prove to herself that she is not worthless.

Kurumi is ultimately a very damaged person who desperately needs love and acceptance. However, her fear of being hurt again keeps her from truly opening up to others.

5. Rin Tousaka from Fate/stay Night

Credit: Studio Deen

Rin is first seen as an arrogant and rude high school student who looks down on people due to her exceptional talent.

Rin is a popular honor student among the teachers and students, but she is only acknowledged by those who are “worthy.” Rin is notoriously difficult to deal with as no one wants to be deemed incompetent in front of Rin or have Rin think poorly of them.

Rin despises anyone that makes her feel inferior to them, which is how she treats Shirou throughout the story. Rin sees Juvia as a rival that will never match up to her because of their difference in skill and talent. Rin has an exceptional gift for magecraft at such a young age, so she believes herself invincible.

6. Mai Sakurajima from Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai

Credit: Studio CloverWorks

Mai Sakurajima is the deuteragonist of the anime series Rascal Does not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai.

She suffers from Adolescence Syndrome, which causes her to be invisible to the people around her and causes her to have a pessimistic outlook on life. Mai is a very intelligent person and can come up with different ways to deal with her condition, like going to the library dressed in a bunny costume to see if anyone would notice her.

Mai is a serious person; she doesn’t joke around people and always thinks things through; she is considered a type B tsundere; someone who isn’t harsh but can still get easily annoyed.

7. Mio Akiyama from K-On!

Credit: Kyoto Animation

As the bassist of the light music club, Mio Akiyama is responsible for providing the low-end foundation that anchors the group’s sound. She is a quiet and reflective girl who often feels out of place in the hyperactive company of her classmates. Mio possesses a sharp intellect and is capable of complex thought processes that most of her peers cannot understand.

Despite her introverted nature, Mio is a gifted musician and has a deep passion for making music. She takes her craft very seriously and constantly seeks to improve her skills. Mio’s determination and hard work have earned her the respect of her fellow bandmates, who rely on her.

8. Shiina Mayuri from Steins;Gate

Credit: White Fox

Mayuri Shiina is a character in the anime series: Steins;Gate. She is a young girl who is cheerful and innocent but can also be surprisingly insightful. Tuturu is her catchphrase that she often uses when she is excited or happy.

Mayuri plays an important role in the story, as she is the one who discovers how to use the time machine. She is also very close to Okabe, and he often turns to her for support and advice. Mayuri is a valuable member of the Steins;Gate team, and her cheerful personality helps keep everyone’s spirits high.

9. Akame from Akame Ga Kill

Credit: White Fox

Akame is a character from the anime series Akame Ga Kill. She is a highly-skilled assassin and is a member of Night Raid, an elite team of assassins working against the emperor. Akame is known for her cold and ruthless personality and her deadly fighting skills.

Akame is first introduced in Akame Ga Kill when she is sent to kill the royal family where Tatsumi and his friends were staying. However, after finding out the royal family had killed both Tatsumi’s friends, Akame decides to help Tatsumi kill them and recruits him into the Night Raid.

10. Kaguya Shinomiya from Kaguya Sama: Love is War

Credit: A-1 Pictures

Kaguya from the anime Kaguya-Sama: Love is War is a complex and interesting character. At first glance, she may seem like a typical spoiled princess, but there is more to her than meets the eye.

Kaguya is actually quite smart and cunning. She knows how to get what she wants, and she is not afraid to use her charms or her authority to do so. She can be quite cold-hearted when it comes to dealing with her rivals, and she is not afraid to use any means in order to win.

Kaguya is also a very determined individual. She will do whatever it takes to achieve her goals and is willing to push herself past her own limits to do so.

11. Akeno Himejima from Highschool DxD

Credit: Studio TNK

Akeno Himejima is a character from the series Highschool DxD. Akeno is a third-year student at Kuoh Academy and is one of Rias Gremory’s servants. Akeno is a beautiful young woman with long black hair and purple eyes.

Akeno and Rias are the main girl characters that share an “s” relationship with Issei Hyoudo, Akeno’s rival in love for the affections of Issei. Akeno is a proud woman who is also understanding and patient with her friends. Akeno will do anything to protect the people she cares about and is also a very kind-hearted character. Akeno has a deep love for Issei.

12. Tsubasa Hanekawa from Bakemonogatari

Credit: Studio Shaft

Tsubasa Hanekawa is the main character in the Bakemonogatari anime series. She is a third-year high school student and the class representative of her grade. Tsubasa is noted for her beauty, intelligence, and polite demeanor.

Tsubasa is also well-known for her close relationship with Koyomi Araragi, the protagonist of the series. Tsubasa is often featured in promotional artwork alongside Koyomi; Tsubasa’s voice actress, Yui Horie, remarked that Tsubasa was initially conceived as a supporting character for Koyomi.

Tsubasa does not possess supernatural powers like most other characters in the series.

13. Nezuko Kamado from Demon Slayer

Credit: Studio ufotable

Nezuko Kamado is a character in the manga and anime series “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba.” Nezuko is the younger sibling of Tanjiro Kamado, and she was turned into a demon against her will.

Nezuko is initially portrayed as being a violent and aggressive demon who has no control over herself, but she eventually becomes more compassionate and calm as the series continues.

Nezuko Kamado is introduced during the first episode of Demon Slayer where she tries to kill Tanjiro, but he manages to convince her that they are siblings and save her life when Giyuu Tomioka tries to kill her.

14. Rukia Kuchiki from Bleach

Credit: Studio Pierrot

Rukia Kuchiki is a key character in the anime and manga series Bleach. Rukia is a Soul Reaper, meaning she fights evil spirits known as Hollows. Rukia was originally from the Soul Society, but after being sentenced to death for giving her powers to Ichigo Kurosaki, Rukia was sent to live in the Rukon District of Japan.

Rukia’s role in the series and her relationship with Ichigo and friends is one of the most important, as Rukia often uses the power she has to protect those that are dear to her.

Rukia can be rather cold because of events that occurred in her past, but she learns how to open up as time progresses.

15. Mei Misaki from Another

Credit: P.A. Works

Mei Misaki is a character from the anime series Another. Mei is an enigmatic figure whose existence is only hinted at in the early part of the series. It is not until later that her role in the story comes to light.

Mei is a quiet, introspective person who often keeps her thoughts and feelings to herself. She is quite protective of her friends, she will do whatever it takes to keep them safe.

Mei is a strong and determined person, who is not afraid to face challenges head-on. She is an integral part of the class, and her presence is sorely missed when she disappears near the end of the series.

16. Eru Chitanda from Hyouka

Credit: Kyoto Animation

Eru Chitanda is a character in the anime series Hyouka. Eru is an introverted and intelligent girl who is also very curious. She is able to deduce information by piecing together small clues and often asks others for their help in investigating matters.

She is a talented artist, and her drawing skills seem to be so great that Eru can visualize her experiences with such detail. Eru typically becomes engrossed in the topics she decides to investigate and is passionate about them, becoming uncharacteristically assertive and proactive.

17. Sawako Kuronuma from From Me to You

Credit: Production I.G

Sawako Kuronuma is the protagonist of the anime series Kimi no Todoke. She was labeled as Sadako by her classmates because of her resemblance to the Japanese horror film, which made it difficult for her to lead a normal high school life.

She is a genuinely nice person who cares deeply for people and works extremely hard in everything she does, though she lacks self-confidence and which is why she didn’t stand up for herself when even her friends began calling her Sadako.

18. Jabami Yumeko from Kakegurui

Credit: Mappa Studio

Jabami Yumeko is the main character of the anime series Kakegurui. Yumeko is a student at Hyakkaou Private Academy, a school for the wealthy and privileged. Yumeko is an outsider at Hyakkaou, as she is not from a wealthy family. Yumeko is an incredibly intelligent and cunning individual who isn’t afraid to take risks in order to get what she wants.

Yumeko is also a very honest person, which often gets her into trouble at Hyakkaou. Yumeko doesn’t care about social norms or expectations and will always speak her mind. This puts her at odds with the other students at Hyakkaou.

19. Nico Yazawa from Love Live!

Credit: Studio Sunrise

Niko Yazawa is one of the nine main characters in Love Live! She is a first-year student, and she attends Otonokizaka High School.

Niko is an idol with an extremely perky personality. Niko’s most noticeable trait is probably her unflinching energy or “perkiness”, as expressed through her dance style and facial expressions, she seems to be very popular among the male students of Otonokai High School.

Niko would prefer to eat sweets than other types of food, but her favorite food overall seems to be rice omelet (omurice).

20. Azusa Nakano from K-On!

Credit: Kyoto Animation

Azusa Nakano is a character from the anime series K-On!. Azusa is an inexperienced freshman at Sakuragaoka High School, and joins the light music club in hope of learning to play guitar. Azusa is a hardworking and determined individual, and quickly becomes an important member of the club.

One of Azusa’s defining characteristics is her strong sense of responsibility. This is most evident in her determination to help keep the light music club running, despite her lack of experience with playing the guitar. Azusa works tirelessly to improve her skills as a musician, and helps to motivate her fellow club members.

21. Albedo from Overlord

Credit: Studio Madhouse

Albedo is one of the main characters in the anime series, Overlord. Albedo is a beautiful and seductive woman with long black hair. She is also the Overseer of Nazarick, which is a giant dungeon that was created by her master, Ainz Ooal Gown.

Albedo is fiercely loyal to Ainz and will do anything to protect him. She is also highly intelligent and has a vast knowledge of magic. Albedo can be quite arrogant at times, but she also has a gentle side that she shows to those she cares for.

Overall, Albedo is an amazing character who is fiercely loyal and protective of her master, Ainz.

22. Rory Mercury from Gate Thus the JSDF Fought There

Credit: A-1 Pictures

Rory Mercury is a character from the manga and anime series Gate Thus the JSDF Fought There. Rory is a demigoddess and an apostle of the god Emroy. She is a skilled fighter and has superhuman strength. Rory often accompanies the JSDF on their missions and provides support to them, more like just hanging with them because she’s bored.

Rory is a very powerful character, but she also has a kind and caring side. She often looks out for the well-being of others, and she frequently helps those who are in need. Rory is always willing to lend a helping hand, and she always puts others first.

23. Kuroyukihime from Accel World

Credit: Studio Sunrise

Kuroyukihime is the deuteragonist in the anime series Accel World. She is a powerful and skilled player in the virtual world known as the “Black Princess”. Kuroyukihime is also the Vice-President of the student council at her school.

Despite her cold and aloof exterior, Kuroyukihime is a kind and caring person who always looks out for her friends, she will do whatever it takes to help them, even sacrificing her safety. Kuroyukihime is also a strong leader and can inspire others to follow her.

Kuroyukihime’s most distinguishing feature is her jet-black hair, which she keeps styled in a short bob. She is often seen wearing a black outfit with purple accents, and her game avatar with large pair of wings on her back.

24. Hestia from Danmachi (Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?)

Credit: J.C.Staff

Hestia is a character from the anime series Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?. Hestia is a goddess who lives in the city of Orario and oversees the safety of its inhabitants. She is also the leader of the Hestia Familia, which is a group of adventurers who explore the dungeon beneath the city.

Hestia is a kind and compassionate deity who cares deeply for her followers. She is always willing to help those in need and will go out of her way to assist them. Hestia also has a strong sense of justice and will not hesitate to stand up for what she believes in.

25. Hishiro Chizuru from ReLife

Credit: TMS Entertainment

Hishiro Chizuru is a key character in the ReLife anime series. She is a hardworking and diligent individual, who always puts others before herself. Chizuru is always willing to lend a helping hand, and she is always looking out for her friends.

Her personality is a huge asset to her classmates, as she is able to defuse tense situations and help keep the class united. Chizuru’s positive attitude also helps her to persevere through difficult times.

Even though she faces many challenges in her life, Chizuru never gives up. She is constantly working to improve herself, both academically and emotionally, her determination and strength inspire others.

26. Kagome Higurashi from Inuyasha

Credit: Studio Sunrise

Kagome Higurashi is one of the main characters in the anime and manga series InuYasha. Kagome is a 15-year-old schoolgirl who was transported to the feudal era of Japan after falling into a well at her family’s shrine.

There, Kagome met InuYasha, a half-demon who was pinned to a tree by an arrow shot by Kagome’s ancestor. Kagome freed InuYasha from the tree and consequently became his travel companion as they searched for the shards of the Shikon jewel in order to grant InuYasha’s wish to become human.

27. Reina Kousaka from Sound! Euphonium

Credit: Kyoto Animation

Reina Kousaka is one of the main characters in the anime series Hibike Euphonium. Reina is a talented trumpet player and is the president of the brass band club at Kitauji high school. Reina is a strict and demanding leader, but she also has a strong sense of justice and cares deeply for her friends.

Reina is quite passionate about her music, she doesn’t show interest in people but she is enthusiastic about her music. Although she is polite and has good manners, she isn’t well liked by many others in the school, she is known to be somewhat cold toward people.

Reina is often lost in her own world, she isn’t one for meeting new people or trying to make small talk, she doesn’t bother with people who don’t interest her, she is often quite blunt when it comes to her pride as a trumpet player.

28. Rikka Takarada from SSSS.Gridman

Credit: Studio Trigger

Rikka is a reserved, mature young woman who can be sarcastic and aloof from time to time, but she is otherwise a kind, pleasant, and empathetic person who cares for her friends, as shown by her willingness to help the amnesiac Yuta and grieve over the death of Tonkawa and the others despite having little knowledge about them.

She also gave assistance to complete strangers such as Anti, demonstrating a more carefree side by skipping school without informing her friends.

29. Hanabi Yasuraoka from Scum’s Wish

Credit: Studio Lerche

Hanabi Yasuraoka is one of the main characters in the anime series Scum’s Wish. Hanabi is a high school student who has a crush on her teacher, Narumi Hanai. However, Hanabi is also aware that her feelings are not mutual and she harbors resentment towards Narumi for not returning her feelings.

Hanabi is an interesting character because she is able to vacillate between being vulnerable and being spiteful. For example, in one scene, Hanabi openly cries after Narumi rejects her advances. However, later in the series Hanabi turns around and deliberately tries to hurt Narumi’s feelings by spreading rumors about him.

30. Miyuki Shiba from The Irregular at Magic High School

Credit: Studio Madhouse

Miyuki Shiba is the main female character of the anime The Irregular at Magic High School, which can be thought of as Harry Potter meets Durarara!! Shiba Miyuki and Shiba Tatsuya are siblings. Shiba Miyuki’s personality traits include kindness and quick thinking. Shiba Miyuki is incredibly intelligent, but her social skills aren’t quite up to par.

Miyuki is beautiful with a lovely personality, but Shiba Miyuki is always being left behind by Tatsuya in anime; she feels inferior to her brother throughout the entire show because he is so much more capable than her at everything they try together.

Miyuki often envies others who can live up to their own potential without holding back as she does.

31. Rea Sanka from Sankarea

Credit: Studio Deen

Rea Sanka is the protagonist of the series Sankrea. Rea is a zombie and was the adopted daughter of Dan’ichirō Sanka, but Rea had an accident at their home which caused Rea to have amnesia. Rea is currently being cared for by her father at home while she recovers, although Rea’s recovery has been very slow.

The reason Rea still hasn’t completely recovered from her memories is because she often wakes up in the night screaming due to having nightmares about her accident that led her into becoming a zombie.

32. Ayame Kajou from Shimoneta

Credit: J.C.Staff

Ayame Kajou is our favorite character from this list; she’s a pervert who is also shy? She’s the protagonist of the series Shimoneta, and she’s a self-proclaimed pervert with an extremely dirty mind. Ayame has a crush on Tanukichi, but she also is very pervy, with her favorite type of book being an erotic manga. Ayame’s friends are Tanukichi and Kosuri Onigashira (the one with pink hair).

Shimoneta is hilarious to watch, and I just laugh so much every time Ayame does or say something lewd. Ayame has got to be the most casual pervert ever too, she takes it all in stride, even when people hate her for being that perverted.

33. Kirigaya Suguha from Sword Art Online

Credit: A-1 Pictures

Kirigaya Suguha, also known as Leafa in the ALO (Alfheim Online), is Kazuto’s (Kirito’s) adoptive little sister; she was also the deuteragonist in the Fairy Dance arc of the series.

Suguha has had feelings for Kazuto since they were children; however, their relationship was strained after Kazuto was trapped inside SAO, and she had to bottle up her emotions.

Unlike Kazuto, Suguha is much more social and upbeat; she loves to make new friends and hang out, though she can also be quite scary to those who offend her or her friends.

34. Miuna Shiodome from Nagi-Asu: A Lull in the Sea

Credit: P.A. Works

Miuna Shiodome from Nagi no Asukara has been one of our favorite characters. Miuna is a part of a small group of humans who live underwater in the fishing village, Shioshishio. She is a tsundere-type character, having short moments where her tsun side comes out and longer periods where she shows her dere side – most notably when she falls for Hikari.

Miuna is often quiet and doesn’t talk much. She is often seen sitting with her legs folded and staring off into the distance intermittently. Miuna is a very reserved character and usually does not want to advertise her feelings.

35. Yozora Mikazuki from I Don’t Have Many Friends

Credit: AIC Build

Yozora Mikazuki is the female protagonist of the series Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai; she is the first member and founder of the Neighbour’s Club. Yozora is very prideful and easily offended when people tell her she isn’t perfect.

Yozora didn’t have any friends and was only capable of talking with people on the internet. Yozora met Sena Kashiwazaki, who later became another member of the Neighbour’s Club, by insulting her in an online game which led to them being matched together (insults bring people together).

36. Asuka Tanaka from Sound! Euphonium

Credit: Kyoto Animation

Asuka Tanaka is a supporting character in Hibike! Euphonium. Asuka is a member of Kitauji High School’s concert band club as a tuba player. Asuka first appears as part of the group that invites Kumiko to join their club.

Asuka is quite friendly and easygoing, and she enjoys playing games; Asuka is shown to be a good judge of character, such as when Asuka quickly takes a liking to Kumiko.

Though sometimes her indefinite high energy comes off as childish to other members, her playful personality and humor are just to cover her deeper emotions.

37. Elucia de Lute Ima from The World God Only Knows

Credit: Studio Manglobe

Elucia de Lute Ima, or if you prefer the easier version, Elsie is the deuteragonist of the series The World God Only Knows. Elucia de Lute Ima is a “new” demon who lives in the “new” hell. She has come to earth on a mission to capture dangerously active souls for Runaway Spirit Squad, and in order to capture those active souls, she needs the help of her human partner Keima Katsuragi.

Is it unreal how optimistic she can be, she has a really excited and playful personality, and despite being 300 years old, she acts like an incompetent teenager.

38. Suzune Horikita from Classroom of Elite

Credit: Studio Lerche

Horikita is the main female character of the series Classroom of Elite. Suzune is a student of class 1-D and the younger sister of Manabu Horikita (the current student council president). Suzune is a competitive person. She always raises her hand and speaks very shortly. Suzune also takes note of everything around her, not letting any detail slip by.

Her goal is to be recognized and acknowledged by her older brother, who is the reason why she transferred to this school, but she was humiliated and shunned by her brother after being sorted in class 1-D.

39. Ruiko Saten from A Certain Scientific Railgun

Credit: J.C.Staff

Now it’s time for the fan-favorite supporting character: Ruiko Saten from the anime A Certain Scientific Railgun. Ruiko and her best friend Uiharu Kazari are just adorable together. Ruiko starts the anime as a total klutz but grows into her own after becoming friends with Mikoto and Kuroko Shirai.

Ruiko is like the opposite of Mikoto in many ways: Ruiko has no esper abilities, Ruiko has more experience in life, Ruiko leads an easier childhood, Ruiko has lower expectations for herself, Ruiko is more down-to-earth.

40. Momo Yaoyorozu from My Hero Academia

Credit: Studio Bones

Momo Yaoyorozu is an extremely reliable person, as she would put the needs of others before herself without hesitation. Momo is one of the smartest students in Class 1-A, and her intelligence is said to rival that of top heroes such as Eraser Head (a pro hero).

She also quickly thinks up countermeasures for situations that crop up unexpectedly. Momo has a strong sense of responsibility to the point where she won’t hesitate to resort to using deadly force if it means protecting people.

Momo’s personality doesn’t change much either; although it softens around her close friends, Momo can appear harsh or arrogant when expressing her opinions about other people, and she values punctuality. Momo has a habit of commanding people when in charge.

41. Hanako Honda from Asobi Asobase

Credit: Studio Lerche

Hanako is one of the female protagonists of the series Asobi Asobase, and she is a close friend of Olivia and Kasumi. She often drags her two best friends into the strange games she likes to play at school, which often (always) leads them to trouble.

Her family is quite wealthy, which is why she can obtain many strange items on request, which she uses for her games. She is a hyperactive and reckless individual who seems to lack common sense; she also has some strange taste in fashion, which leads to some questionable clothing.

42. Maika Sakuranomiya from Blend S

Credit: A-1 Pictures

Blend S is a fun and interesting anime that tells the story of Maika Sakuranomiya, a girl who has trouble dealing with society; she’s from a traditional family and currently works part-time so she can study abroad with her own money.

Maika always adores Dino because of his natural blond hair and his foreign heritage, but she is clueless about his crush on her.

Maika is a quiet and reserved girl when we first meet her, but as the anime progresses, we get to understand Maika more and how her past experiences in life and society have influenced who she is today.

43. Onna No Kurokami from Death Parade

Credit: Studio Madhouse

Onna No Kurokami or more commonly known as Chiyuki is a mysterious character from Death Parade. Chiyuki doesn’t have any recollection of her past, but it’s likely that she was once human. She appears to be the joy and laughter in the afterlife and has an almost childlike personality who enjoys her time around people.

Chiyuki’s existence is like a fresh breath of air, yet she too struggles with what comes next after experiencing death herself. Chiyuki seems to take comfort in spending time with people.

44. Tamako Kitashirakawa from Tamako Market

Credit: Kyoto Animation

Tamako Kitashirakawa is the daughter of the owner of the famous mochi shop, “Kitashirakawa.” She lives in a house behind the store with her father, mother, younger sister Anko, younger brother Kondo, and their pet bird. Tamako has known all about mochi since she was young because her family owns a mochi shop.

Tamako began working at her family’s shop as an apprentice to learn how they make mochi. During this time, Tamako also helped with everyday chores at her home, which included doing laundry and cooking; she was always concerned about her family’s well-being.

45. Mitsuki Nase from Beyond the Boundary

Credit: Kyoto Animation

Mitsuki Nase is a well-rounded character in the anime Beyond the Boundary. Mitsuki is accompanied by Akihito Kanbara, one of her classmates, and she serves as a supportive helpmate to him whenever he gets himself into trouble fighting against youmu.

Mitsuki is known for speaking direct and insulting words that cut to the point of looking quite sadistic. Even though she tries to keep a straight face and not express her feelings, she has shown emotions such as anger, happiness, and sadness.

46. Kaede Honjou from Bofuri: I Don’t Want to Get Hurt, So I’ll Max Out My Defense


Kaede Honjou is an energetic, passionate girl. She’s known to defend her friends fiercely and will do anything to help others.

Kaede or also known as Maple in the VRMMO NewWorld Online is the protagonist of the anime series Bofuri; she was invited by her friend Risa Shiramine to play the new VRMMO game: NewWorld Online.

Kaede had never played a game like this before, so in fear of getting hurt, she put all her level points into defense. Kaede is much like an airhead when it comes to playing games, she has no basic knowledge of the game, but somehow she can defeat any high-level monster.

47. Tamaki Kotatsu from Fire Force

Credit: David Production

Tamaki is a third-generation second-class fire soldier in the Fire Force. Everyone in the Fire Force community loves her for multiple reasons, the most popular one being the fan service.

Tamaki is very well known for her “Lucky Lewd Syndrome,” but Tamaki has more to offer than just the occasional tease. She has a composed and kind personality; she loves kids and helping anyone who’s in need of help.

She often feels that she’s being left behind by her peers, and that doesn’t compare to them, which led her to work hard and improve herself.

48. Misaki Kirihara from Darker than Black

Credit: Studio Bones

Misaki Kirihara is a character in the anime series Darker than Black; she is a police officer who is investigating contractors, specifically the Reaper.

Misaki is a strict and headstrong woman who shows no mercy or hesitation when it comes to being a police officer; she will do anything to get her answers even if it is against the law.

As an officer, Misaki does not take her work lightly when it comes to the Black Reaper investigation, though she has very little information on the subject.

49. Rem Galeu from How Not to Summon a Demon Lord

Credit: Studio Ajia-Do

Rem Galleu is one of the main characters in the Anime: How NOT to Summon a Demon Lord. Rem is a Pantherian who is also an invoker.

Rem is a very caring individual who always wants to protect her friends and family, often putting herself at risk; her goal is to summon the Demon King Krebskrem and exterminate him though it’s later revealed that the soul of the demon king resides inside her.

She’s self-conscious about her small chest size, and this is often a source of humor in the anime; she considers it a huge disadvantage when trying to win Diablo’s affection.

50. Yuiko Kurugaya from Little Busters!

Credit: J.C.Staff

Yuiko Kurugaya is a member of the seven Little Busters! and a breath of fresh air. Yuiko is someone who can take care of herself; she’s incredibly reliable and always care for her friends as well.

Despite being the same as everyone else in the class, she is looked upon like a big sister, often referred to as Anego (big sister). She is someone who you can rely on and who will always be there to support you no matter how difficult it may seem.

Her most unique characteristic would be the yellow ribbon on the left of her hair, but there’s more; she’s also the tallest out of all other girls and quite mature.

51. Nanami Touko from Bloom Into You

Credit: Studio TROYCA

Touko Nanami is a second-year student at the High School and also a student council member; she’s the younger sister of Mio Nanami and also the best friend of Sayaka Saeki.

Touko always keeps a strong exterior in front of people; she’s extremely self-assured and confident, incredibly determined and ready to help whoever needs it; she can even be quite stubborn when it comes to obtaining good results.

Though the truth is not always as it seems, she has insecurities that she hides from everyone except Koito Yuu; the girl she really likes.

52. Anri Sonohara from Durarara!!

Credit: Brain’s Base

Anri Sonohara is a bespectacled beauty from the anime series Durarara!! Anri is a resident of Ikebukuro, and she lives alone in an apartment complex.

Anri Sonohara is portrayed as an introverted girl who seems to have no friends at school and prefers doing things by herself, which is mainly influenced by Anri’s timid personality.

The series shows Anri as a normal girl who lives a normal life as a high school teenager, but as we know, that is not the case; she possesses an ancient sword by the name of Saika, which is an entity that manifested itself into a Japanese sword.

53. Satou Sakie from Interviews with Monster Girls

Credit: A-1 Pictures

Satou Sakie is the protagonist of the series Interviews With Monster Girls; she’s the mathematics teacher for the demi-human students and also a succubus (also a demi-human); the show is about her perspective of trying to live a normal life.

Something that makes Saki the best succubus is that she’s not like the traditional depiction of succubi; she’s quite timid and shy; she takes appropriate precautions as to not appeal to men around her, but that often doesn’t work because her body produces an aphrodisiac pheromone which makes any man in the vicinity lust over her.

54. Makoto Kowata from Flying Witch

Credit: J.C.Staff

Makoto Kowata is the protagonist of the anime Flying Witch. She is a witch, and she lives in a house attached to her family temple with her younger cousins Chinatsu and Kei.

Makoto is a very nice girl who tries to help other people and always has a lovely smile on her face; she’s friendly and caring. And exactly what you would want in your big sister.

If we have to pick the best girl out of all of them, a character with zero haters and someone who is adored and loved by everyone in the anime community, it would be Makoto Kowata.

We hope you liked this list of some of the best black hair anime girls. It’s all about the black-haired waifus who stole our hearts. You might’ve noticed that some of these anime girls are from the shounen genre and not romance, might we direct you to our list of best shounen anime ever made or even best 90s anime. You will find many strong-willed and fierce anime girls of your dreams.