Best isekai anime — top 35 greatest of all time

Don't miss out on these best isekai anime.

Isekai is a Japanese word that means “another world”. That hints at what this genre is about. The isekai anime has a storyline in which the character is transported into a new world, which is mostly a fantasy world. The character has to adjust to his new environment while also fulfilling the mission for which is sent to this world. If you love ranked lists, check out the top list category on our website for more.

The isekai anime genre is full of creativity because of which they have become more popular. Consequently, more Isekai anime are being made each year. Fans are excited to watch these because of the unpredictable and fantastical storyline it provides to them. It can be hard to pick out the best isekai anime with such a variety of options available. So, in this list, we will be talking about the best isekai anime ever made. Based on their animation, storyline, characters, etc.

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Let’s wait no more and jump onto the list of isekai anime that gives you a whole new experience.

1. Re: Zero

Credit: White Fox

Re: Zero undoubtedly deserves the first spot because it is one of the best isekai anime ever made. Whether a person is an isekai fan or not, they have watched this anime or have at least heard of it. Don’t be fooled by its colorful setting and kawaii characters because Re: Zero is an extremely dark anime.

The anime revolves around protagonist Natsuki Subaru. He is suddenly transported into a new fantasy world. He has a mysterious cursed power that brings him back to a safe point every single time he dies. The worst part is that he dies way too many times putting him under mental trauma and frequent pain. Also, he’s unable to tell any other characters about this so he has to think his way out of this himself. Sadly, he constantly has to experience the death of his lover, Emilia as well.

Re: Zero has a well-written storyline, lovable characters, and beautiful animation. Few minutes into this anime and you’ll already be hooked to it.

2. Konosuba

Credit: Studio Deen

Right after a dark isekai anime is Konosuba, an isekai anime full of hilarious moments and comedy which would simply make your day better. It has the common story where the protagonist, Kazuma dies because of an embarrassing reason and is allowed by a goddess for him to resurrect in another world. Things take a hilarious turn when Kazuma takes the goddess, Aqua with himself to this new world.

Kazuma has a whiny, useless goddess with him but things get even more hopeless with him when his other allies are no good either. The Knight, Darkness, is a weird masochist and the magician Megumin can do explosive magic only once, which she usually doesn’t hit, and then she’s useless too. With all of these eccentric and useless characters, the group of four struggles each day to make it through. Konosuba has adventure and comedy that would keep you wanting more.

3. No Game No Life

Credit: Madhouse

It’s hard to understand why but isekai anime with Hikikomoris are usually the best ones and No Game No Life is no different. It revolves around two siblings who are master gamers. They spend all day hidden in their home playing games and beating the strongest opponents. Luckily, things take an interesting turn for them when they beat a god named Tet in chess and are transported into a fantasy world.

In this fantasy world, everyone must settle all disputes and matters being playing a game with them. The siblings soon adjust to this environment as gaming is their forte. Many new, interesting characters and introduced which makes the anime more engaging. No Game No Life is the story of Sora and Shiro which is well-written, well-animated, and is a splendid Isekai anime in every way.

4. The Rising of The Shield Hero

Credit: Kinema Citrus

The Rising the of the Shield Hero is currently one of the most popular isekai anime, especially with the announcement of its new seasons. The anime revolves around Naofumi Iwatani, one of the four humans summoned to save the kingdom of Melromarc. Unfortunately, Naofumi is ridiculed by everyone for being a shield hero as he cannot fight offensively. Things get worse when only training partner, Princess Malty, falsely accuses him of sexual assault.

That leads to Naofumi’s character development as he decides to become more vigilant and cynical. Leaving his past, naïve self who would trust anyone. This anime is praised for its fights, lovable characters, and Naofumi’s determination to become a powerful hero despite receiving so much discrimination and hate.

5. That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime

Credit: Eight Bit

The Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime is an anime that excels in all genres, action, adventure, and comedy. It follows the story of Satoru Mikami, a salaryman who dies and is reincarnated as a slime in a fantasy world. He has new superpowers which become even greater when a Storm Dragon gives him divine power and names him Rimuru Tempest.

He later becomes a village leader and engages in creative and entertaining battles to protect his village. Rimuru is a very popular character as he was in the Crunchyroll Anime Awards voted as the best anime protagonist of 2019. If you love isekai anime, you will surely enjoy this one because it has wonderful characters, animation, and battles.

6. Overlord

Credit: Madhouse

Overlord has the usual human trapped in a game concept but it is so creatively written that it sets itself apart from the rest. Most anime protagonists in Isekai anime are seen running after power or working hard to protect the ones they love. However, Overlord shows what happens after a character becomes the most powerful being in that world.

The anime is set in a game called Yggdrasil which is about to close down after 12 years. Momonga has no ties in his real life and spends the last few moments in the game. Surprisingly, the game does not shut down even when it’s past due time. Moreover, the game’s non-human characters have developed their personalities. Momonga, the strongest player in the game, renames himself Ainz Oal Gown and commands all his servants to help him become the master of this world. All while he investigates the truth behind this mystery.

7. Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation

Mushoku Tensai is an anomaly when it comes to isekai anime. Its story is different yet engaging. It follows the story of a 34-year old who was mistreated his whole life. He becomes a shut-in and tries to do something good at the last moment but meets his end. However, things take a huge turn when he is reborn as Rudeus Greyrat in a fantasy world.

Rudeus is born as a baby in a loving family. He has his memory from the past so, with the mind of a 34-year-old, he quickly adapts to the new environment and becomes proficient in magic very fast. He realizes that he has been given a second chance in life and he wants to make things good for himself this time and maybe even find love someday. Mushoku Tensai has a lot to offer to the audience in terms of fights, beautiful female characters, and top-tier animation.

8. Sword Art Online

Credit: A-1 Pictures

Whenever you hear the word “isekai”, Sword Art Online is probably one of the first anime that comes to your mind. It became so popular that it had many spin-offs afterward. Sword Art Online follows the story of Kirito a young man who starts playing a new game that had very few copies released. However, after entering the game he and all the other players become trapped in the VRMMORPG. The only way out is by winning the game.

This anime had set a unique premise for fans. The storyline made the viewers get hooked to it right from the start. SAO has jaw-dropping fight scenes and the animation is mesmerizing. It has gained so much popularity in Japan and internationally and it can easily be considered among the best isekai anime to have ever been made.

9. The Devil Is a Part-Timer

Credit: White Fox

The Devil Is A Part-Timer is the hilarious story of a Demon Lord who ends up working at Mgronalds. This is one of the funniest anime ever made. It has many lovable characters and jokes that would lighten up your mood and keep you laughing for hours. Fans enjoyed season one so much and luckily, its second season is also coming out this year.

Satan, a Demon Lord is about to take over the land of Ente Isla. However, he’s defeated at the last moment and Satan retreats to the human world. Satan, now called Sadao Maou, cannot use magic in this world. Thus, he must work to meet ends. That starts Sadao’s daily life of working at a fast-food chain and living as a normal adult. This is an anime that makes the simplest of life tasks such as washing dishes look hilarious.

10. Log Horizon

Credit: Satelight

Log Horizon is another Isekai anime that is based on an MMORPG. But it’s different from the rest because it doesn’t have a cliché story where there’s the protagonist who kills the enemy and saves everyone. Instead, literally, everything in the anime is like an MMORPG. Winning and losing here isn’t only about power and skills, there are guilds, mob spawns, respawn points, raids, etc. If you’re a gamer, you will surely enjoy this isekai anime.

After Elder Tale, a popular MMORPG has a new update, all the players who were playing it become transferred to this world. The protagonist, Shiroe is a veteran who quickly takes control of his situation and begins analyzing this unexpected situation. Shiroe knows he must accept reality and adapt to this new world. The anime follows the journey of Shiroe, his friends Naotsugu, Akatsugi, and others as they all work to survive in this world and bring peace to this city

11. The Saga of Tanya the Evil

Credit: NUT

The Saga of Tanya the Evil is a rare isekai anime in which the villain is the protagonist. The anime follows the story of a selfish salaryman who is pushed to death. Moments before his death, he meets an unknown entity that calls himself God. However, even then he refers to him as Being X and defies his existence. Being X then reincarnates him into a new world as Tanya Degurechaff. That begins Tanya’s true war with Being X as he constantly puts her in difficult situations to make her believe in him. This is what makes this anime so interesting.

Degurechaff is then an adult in the body of a girl. The challenge he’s thrown upon by Being X isn’t easy as he’s born in a warfare country where magic is used. Degurechaff becomes a ruthless soldier who is willing to kill anyone who comes in her way. Tanya’s self-centered nature and her wits may make her an antagonist but her strategies make her country more powerful than ever.

12. GATE

Credit: A-1 Pictures

GATE has one of the most unique isekai anime premises and you won’t find anything else like it. Two things make GATE so different and good. Firstly, it shows the conflict between the modern world military and fantasy, medieval creatures. Secondly, its protagonist is a middle-aged man rather than a typical young and energetic teenager. The popularity of this anime led to it having a campaign with the real-life JSDF.

The story is set in modern-day Japan where a large gate suddenly opens amid Tokyo. From this gate, fantastical, creatures and warriors in medieval swords and armor began marching in the country killing anything in their sight. Youji, a middle-aged man manages to save some lives. The anime then follows the journey of Youji as he takes the task to enter the world beyond the GATE. He must befriend and understand these mystical creatures to prevent a devastating war.

13. Angel Beats!

Credit: P.A.Works

You might want to grab some tissues to watch this one. Angel Beats is an outstanding anime although the anime is very, very, sad. It follows the story of a teenager named Otonashi who awakens in the afterlife. He has no past memories and doesn’t even remember anything about his death. He’s told by a girl named Yuri that she’s the leader of the Afterlife Battlefront and her enemy is Tenshi, an evil person.

Otonashi eventually joins the Afterlife Battlefront but he still feels attracted to Tenshi, as if she’s not his enemy. Angel Beats follows Otonashi’s journey as he tries to regain his memory while understanding the secrets behind the afterlife. Angel Beats is a beautifully written anime that would set a place in your heart.

14. Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash

Credit: A-1 Pictures

Usually, Isekai anime has one overpowered protagonist that is smart, talented, and powerful. However, Grimgar sets itself apart from other isekai anime because it has no single strong protagonist. Instead, there is a group of novice adventurers who have little skills and experience and are struggling to improve every day.

It follows the story of a few teenagers who suddenly wake up in a new fantasy world. They have no past memories and must learn to live in this harsh environment by themselves and face fatal threats. Moreover, this fantasy world has many MMO elements but characters do but there are no rules and if a character dies, they die. There is no coming back. Grimgar has slow pacing but it slowly builds up to developing wonderful characters and storyline. 

15. How Not to Summon a Demon Lord

This list is full of anime so might as well add this anime filled with kawaii characters and lots of fanservice. How Not to Summon a Demon Lord sounds like a typical isekai anime where the hero is transported to a world where there are gorgeous fantastical characters and ends up in a harem. However, the anime still manages to keep the viewers entertained and enjoyed.

The anime follows the story of a gamer, Takuma who suddenly gets summoned into a fantasy world by two girls, Rem Galeu and Shera L. Greenwood. Turns out the girls were doing an Enslavement Ritual and accidentally make Takuma their Demon Lord and them his slaves. That starts the journey of Takuma and the girls as they try to find a way to remove their contract while also understanding this new world.

16. Cautious Hero: The Hero Is Overpowered but Overly Cautious

Credit: White Fox

The anime title speaks for the anime itself. Cautious Hero is about an overpowered hero whose overly cautious. He’s summoned by Ristarte to the world of Gaeabrande which faces a huge threat. Seiya Ryuuguuin is perfect for this task as he is extremely powerful and capable of defeating any foe. Except that he’s a way too cautious He takes too long and has too much power to defeat even the smallest of enemies such as slime.

Cautious Hero is more of a comedy isekai anime than an action. But the funniest moments are between Seiya and Ristarte as she’s often frustrated by his overcautiousness. Ristarte’s character is a lot like Aqua while Seiya is very serious. This is what makes the anime so humorous. The story may sound too casual but once you start watching it you can’t stop.

17. Drifters

Credit: Hoods Drifters Studio

Drifters is an isekai anime like none other. If you’re into anime with history, fantasy and wars then Drifters would be the best pick for you. Each character in this anime is a notable figure from our world’s history and that is what makes it so special.

Famous historical figures from different eras of the world such as Toyohisa Shimazu, Nobunaga Oda, and Yoichi Suketaka Nasu and transported into a fantasy world as Drifters. The enemy of Drifters is “The Ends” which are evil people that oppress the Demihumans and elves. The Drifters take upon themselves the challenge to free this land from the oppression by the Ends. Drifters is an outclass anime with lots of spectacular war scenes and characters.

18. Arifureta: From Commonplace to World’s Strongest

Credit: Asread

As the title suggests, this is an anime where the hero rises from the bottom. Not only one but a whole class is transported into a fantasy world in this anime. While everyone is given strong offensive powers, Hajime Nagumo has only basic alchemy. He’s often bullied by his classmates and is betrayed by one of them and is left to die deep in an abyss.

Hajime survives but has to face many difficult monsters which make his life hell. He even turns into a cynical cold person because of his betrayal. Hajime encounters an imprisoned vampire seeking her way out too. The vampire and a few others join Hajime on his journey to escape from this abyss while Hajime grows stronger throughout his journey. His wits and hard work lead him to become the strongest man in the world.

19. Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody

Credit: Silver Link / Connect

This anime may sound typical because of the usual “man wakes up in an RPG world” story. However, it’s much more unique and has a well-written plot although it may be slow-paced. It follows the story of Ichirou Suzuki a programmer whose tired out by worn out by his job. When he finally sleeps, he wakes up in an RPG fantasy world. The world is a mix of the games he had been debugging.

Now called Satou, soon after his arrival, he is attacked by some lizardmen. Surprisingly, Satoru throws a spell on him which turns out to be so powerful it kills the enemies and even a god nearby. His stats shoot high and he becomes a level 310 adventurer. That starts Satoru’s journey as he explores this fantastical world and meets lots of new characters alongside.

20. In Another World With My Smartphone

Credit: Production Reed

This anime is exactly what’s written in the title. Touya Mochizuki is luckily the person whom God accidentally strikes with lightning. He’s lucky because God gives him excellent compensation for his mistake. He’s given the choice to live in a fantasy world and have one of his wishes accepted.

Touya chooses to keep his smartphone in the new world. Moreover, Touya is also granted supernatural powers. That begins Touya’s journey in this supernatural world where he enjoys companionship with a lot of cute girls and discovers the secrets behind this fantastical world. One more thing God gives this young boy is a harem which makes his time even better there.

21. Problem Children Are Coming from Another World, Aren’t They?

Credit: Diomedéa

This is one of the most underrated isekai anime on this list. If you are a fan of cocky teenagers beating up tyrants and gods then this is your cup of tea. Filled with lots of battles and great characters, this anime makes sure to keep the audience engaged. Although the characters do have some attitudes because of always being powerful.

Izayoi Sakamaki, You Kasukabe, and Asuka Kudo are exceptional teenagers with psychic powers. They’re bored with their lives when one day they’re invited into a fantastical world. They accept the offer and are taken into a world where they must fight using their powers. They join a community called “No Names” and start their journey of getting back the community’s status which was stripped away.

22. Digimon Adventure

Credit: Toei Animation

Whether you’re from the 90s or belong to the newer generation, chances are you’ve heard of this masterpiece at least once. After all, Digimon Adventure is the king of isekai from the 90s which many people grew up watching. Filled with action, adventure, heartwarming scenes, and amazing fights, Digimon Adventure gets the spot on this list.

The anime follows the story of seven children who go on a summer camp. There, they receive a device that transports them into a new world. They have Digimon and Digidevices with them only and they must find their way back home. However, soon the mysteries linked to this world begin to unfold and they must fight with their all to protect the world from danger.

23. The Familiar of Zero

Credit: J.C.Staff

The Familiar of Zero is an isekai anime with a mix of romance, comedy, and ecchi. Although this is a typical isekai anime it has a major difference in the plot which makes this anime more fun to watch and unique in its own way.

It revolves around Louise and her familiar Saito. Louise is in the prestigious magical academy but she cannot use her magic properly which is why she is taunted as “Louise of Zero”. However, during her summoning ritual, she summons Saito, a boy from Japan. Although she mistreats him at first, she later finds out that he is really strong. That starts their duo’s journey as they beat strong opponents together and grow closer.

24. Wise Man’s Grandchild

This is another isekai anime with an overpowered main character. Filled with amazing fights, and an interesting cast, Wise Man’s Grandchild is an anime that makes sure to keep the viewers hooked to it.

The anime follows the story of a boy who dies in the real world and is reincarnated as Shin Wolford in the fantasy world. His grandfather, Merlin Wolford is a very strong man and Shin is also very powerful. Shin has some memories of his past which makes him even stronger. He is so powerful that even he doesn’t know the limits of his abilities. To hone his overall skills, he enrolls in the kingdom’s Magic Academy. The anime progresses to show Shin making new friends and battling against powerful enemies.

25. Isekai Quartet

Credit: Studio Puyukai

Ever wanted to see all your favorite Isekai characters in one place? Then Isekai Quartet is a blessing for you. Characters from Re: Zero, Saga of Tanya the Evil, Konosuba, are living in their respectful worlds, minding their own business. Out of nowhere, a red button appeared Infront of them, and from curiosity they pressed it.

Then they are transported to a new fantasy world. There the characters have to attend a classroom and get along with each other. Isekai Quartet is an anime that shows how these characters would be in a new, peaceful world.  The characters are constantly teasing each other and making fun of their shows which makes this anime so hilarious. The best part is that the animation is Chibi style which makes all the characters look so kawaii.

26. Outbreak Company

Credit: feel.

The protagonist of this anime has a job whose importance can only be understood by die-hard Otakus. Shinichi Kanou is an otaku with extensive knowledge of video games, manga, and anime. After applying for a job, he is transported to a fantasy world. There he finds out about the unusual task given to him by the Japanese government. The task is to become an “Otaku missionary” and spread the Otaku culture in this realm.

That starts Shinichi’s journey as an Otaku missionary with Princess Petralka and half-elf maid Myucel alongside him. This unordinary group works together to fight against the ethnic discrimination and political obstacles which come in their way so they could achieve their ultimate goal.

27. So I’m a Spider, So What?

Credit: Millepensee

This anime is different from the rest because the protagonist isn’t an RPG overpowered character or a hottie in another world. Rather, it’s a spider. On an ordinary day of school, a sudden catastrophe strikes killing everyone possible. Luckily, a few students are saved and transported into a new world as royalties.

Unfortunately, one girl is transformed into a spider in the new world. She faces many hardships as she tries to adjust to her new body and protect herself from dangerous enemies. Soon, she finds out this world has an RPG-like system. By defeating monsters, she can level up and so she starts fighting against enemies and improving her skills so soon she can achieve the lifestyle she wants.

28. Isekai Cheat Magician

Credit: Encourage Films

If you’re looking for an isekai anime with an overpowered duo of protagonists and amazing fights, then this one is for you. Taichi Nishimura and Rin Azuma and ordinary high schoolers. One morning on their way to school, they are suddenly transported to a world filled with magical beings.

Taichi and Rin are soon attacked by a beast but saved by some adventurers. Afterward, they go to the Guild to register as adventures. There they find out that Taichi and Rin have extraordinary superpowers which makes them much stronger than a normal mage. Rin and Taichi start working as adventures, exploring the world and trying to find the mystery behind their transportation. Soon, they begin to find an evil force that is behind them.

29. Ascendance of a Bookworm

Credit: Ajia-do Animation Works

Looking for an isekai anime with a lighter plot? Then Ascendance of a Bookworm would be the best choice. It is more of a slice of life anime with a simple plot that is well-written. This show will take you on a unique adventure, leaving all your tensions behind.

It follows the story of Urano Motosu, a girl with a passion for reading. In her last breath in the real world, she wishes to read more books. Luckily, she’s reincarnated as a five-year-old named Myne in a fantasy world. However, the world is in a medieval era so there is a lack of books. Due to social division, books are only owned by nobles.  Frustrated with her situation, Myne decides to write her own book. This is an unusual plot that shows the passion of a girl for books which is something not very common in anime.

30. My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom!

Credit: Silver Link

Most main characters in anime end up as protagonists in their fantasy world. However, a girl is unluckily transported as a villain instead in her favorite game. She knows that her character, Catarina Claes is doomed to die in the end. But she is determined to change the destiny of her character.

She uses her extensive knowledge of the game to avoid all death traps. She doesn’t follow the script and works on becoming a lovable character. This Isekai anime is watch-worthy because of its very interesting storyline and the cast of wonderful characters makes it even better.

31. Princess Connect! Re: Dive

Credit: CygamesPictures

Princess Connect! Re: Dive is one of those rare anime adapted from a mobile game that is actually pretty good. The animation, storyline, characters, all of it has been very well created. The show has a simple storyline and is a mix of comedy, adventure, and action anime.

A man named Yuuki falls from the sky into a fantasy world with no past memories. He meets Kokkoro, an elf girl who guides him about everything in this world. When Yuuki goes to a guild to accept a quest, he encounters Pecorine, a glutton skilled in battle. Later, he meets a catgirl named Karyl too. The anime follows the journey as the four form bonds of friendships and do all kinds of cute things together. This is more of a wholesome isekai anime filled with humor.

32. The Vision of Escaflowne

Credit: Sunrise

The Vision of Escaflowne is a remarkable isekai anime from 1996 which has earned a separate place in our hearts. Also, it is one of those few shows where a female character is transported. This is an anime with a Mecha theme and offers romance, action, and adventure. Surprisingly, it has an animation way ahead of its time.

Hitomi Kanzaki is an ordinary schoolgirl who helps Van successfully kill a dragon. Afterward, she is transported to the world of Gaea. Van is the prince of the Kingdom of Fanelia which is under attack by an evil empire. He uses his mechanized battle suit, Escaflowne to fight against them but fails. Then furthermore, new characters are introduced in the anime, and Van and Hitomi, along with their allies’ fight toward reviving Van’s kingdom.

33. Knight’s & Magic

Credit: Eight Bit

Isekai, magic, and amazing mecha scenes, that is what describe Knight’s & Magic. Although this anime has a typical storyline, its beautifully-animated mecha scenes are what make it so amazing.

Tsubasa Kurata, a software engineer from Japan is transported to Fremmevilla Kingdom, a world in a medieval era. He’s reincarnated as Ernesti Echevarria of a noble family and joins the Royal Laihaila Academy. A place where students are trained to pilot Silhouette Knights so they can protect the kingdom. Soon, Ernesti finds out the magic is similar to our world’s technology which makes him exceptionally talented. Ernesti then forms a team with two girls and aims to someday make his own Silhouette Knights.

34. I’m Standing on a Million Lives

Credit: Maho Film

Yuusuke Yotsuka doesn’t like Tokyo and wants to live in a virtual world instead. One day, he sees his classmates talk to one another but suddenly, they disappear. A few moments later, Yotsuka is transported into a new fantasy world. His first experience isn’t all good as he falls into the water with monsters surrounding him.

He finds out Hakozaki and Shindou have brought him into this world. Together they form a party and start participating in quests which keep getting more difficult. They fight against all odds to fulfill the challenge given to them by an unfamiliar entity. But soon, they find out not only their lives are on the line, but also the lives of millions.

35. Restaurant to Another World

Credit: Silver Link / OLM

We come to the end of this list with a light and comedic isekai anime. Restaurant to Another World is an isekai anime far from the typical fighting heroes and villains anime. Instead, it has a very different concept. It revolves around the Western Restaurant Nekoya which is a famous eatery. It seems like a usual restaurant serving clients but on Saturdays it’s closed.

Saturday is a special day where the restaurant’s door opens to another world. All kinds of fantastical characters such as elves, mages, dragons, etc become the customers of this restaurant. The restaurant’s star is its charismatic chef, called “Master” who wholeheartedly serves the favorite dishes of these species to them. His service and food make the characters come back for more of his food every Saturday.

Here ends our list of the best isekai anime. There are many more great anime lists available for you on our website such as best short anime series and best anime openings.