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1. Rias Gremory from HighSchool DxD

Rias Gremory is the main female protagonist of the anime Highschool DxD. Rias is now a first-year college student at Kuoh Academy; she is a natural-born leader, the former president of both the school’s Occult Research Club and Chess Club.

Rias is also known as the crimson-haired princess of ruin because of her long red hair and incredible destructive power.

She is also notably one of the most desired women in the series. Rias is also known for her beauty and is considered very attractive by Issei and other male students at Kuoh Academy.

Rias is Compassionate, caring, and kind to anyone, whether they are a friend or an enemy, she is also very honorable. However, she easily gets angry and violent if someone offends her servants or her family. Rias is shown to be willing to sacrifice herself for her friends and family without hesitation.

2. Makise Kurisu from Steins;Gate

Credit: White Fox

Makise Kurisu Makise Kurisu is a talented neuroscientist who graduated from university at the age of seventeen. She works with Okabe Rintarou to try and create a time machine; however, they only manage to succeed in sending text messages into the past through cell phones and age a banana.

Kurisu is serious about her research; she is a sensible and mature young woman, always calm and collected even when things are starting to get tense; she is a quick thinker and quickly looks for a solution to the problem.

She is by far the favorite female lead in the anime world; she comes in as someone who doesn’t care about anything but her research, though she soon realizes there are things much more important; after joining the group, she learns to interact with people and share feelings.

3. Erza Scarlet from Fairy Tail

Credit: A-1 Pictures / Bridge

Erza Scarlet is a S-Class Mage of the Fairy Tail guild and a member of Team Natsu. She is serious, disciplined, and an all-around talented person who can be both a strict disciplinarian as well as kind towards her friends. She is popular among the Fairy Tail members for being strikingly beautiful, but also because of her talent and strict disposition.

Erza originally did not get along very well with others; when Erza first joined the Fairy Tail guild, she was disliked by many of its members because she would always scold them for their wrongdoings. Erza then earned her the epithet “Titania” (Queen of Fairies) at the guild because Erza always wore an armor-like dress and was very strict towards everyone.

4. Yoko Littner from Gurren Lagann

Credit: Studio Gainax

Yoko Littner is a character in the anime series Gurren Lagann. She is a tough, fiery-tempered young woman who acts as a motherly sort of figure to her comrades, but Yoko has another side that you don’t want to see.

Yoko never misses an opportunity to flirt with Kamina, even though she initially complains that he is ” A pain in the butt .” I guess she always had a thing for strong-willed men, and Kamina was the best at being bold.

Yoko has long fire-red hair, red eyes, and large breasts; her incredibly voluptuous body is one of her most noticeable features, along with her ample cleavage. Yoko wears a black bikini top with red flame patterns and black shorts.

5. Yona from Yona of the Dawn

Credit: Studio Pierrot

Yona is the princess of the Kouka kingdom and who has yet to come into her own. Even though Yona already displayed a wide array of abilities from the start, it takes some time for her to gain confidence in using these skills. As a result, she can at times appear extremely reckless and impulsive.

She is also extremely short-tempered and has the unfortunate tendency to overreact when in stressful situations. But her intentions are always pure, and she is immensely caring towards her friends, especially Hak.

Yona’s primary motivation is to find happiness for those who have suffered because of her family’s mistakes; along her travels, she realizes that her father was not considered a good king by the people.

6. Morgiana from Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic

Credit: A-1 Pictures

Morgiana is the female lead of the series; she’s a pure-blooded Fanalis. She was only a slave of Jamil when she first appeared in the series, but she soon became a member of Alibaba’s household.

Morgiana is very strong physically, but she can exude a battle aura from her body. Morgiana doesn’t like slavery; she hates it so much that it gives her a lot of motivation to reach her dream, which is to be free and live as a human being rather than an enslaved person.

She is a terrific dancer and quite beautiful. She is a quiet girl who rarely ever speaks, and instead of choosing jewelry, she prefers chains because they are more familiar to her, and when she gets mad, she would puff her cheeks or stomp the ground.

7. Minori Kushieda from Toradora

Credit: J.C.Staff

Minori is one of the female leads of the series, she is a 2nd-year student and the best friend of Taiga, and she would do anything to make her happy.

Minori is one of the most interesting characters in Toradora; she can be summarized as an energetic, lively girl who tends to be air-headed. She is very easily distracted by things that catch her attention quickly and forgets everything else instantly.

Minori is also quite athletic; she was the captain of the girl’s softball team and later became the captain of the combined boys and girls team. She is quite reliable and always cheerful; she also holds many part-time jobs to support her education.

8. Chise Hatori from The Ancient Magus’ Bride

Credit: Wit STudio

Chise Hatori is the protagonist of The Ancient Magus’ Bride and a Sleigh Beggy; she is sold to an old mage named Elias Ainsworth to pay off her family’s debt.

Chise has no talent for magic or any value that Elias can find, except her being a Sleigh Beggy, the rarest among magicians and sorcerers. Though her condition caused her many unpleasant memories as a child, she could see haunting spirits and ghosts.

Chise has a somewhat meek and subservient personality and struggles to socialize with people; she isn’t like other kids her age due to her traumatic past; despite all this, she doesn’t hesitate to help someone who needs it.

9. Stella Vermillion from Chivalry of The Failed Knight

Credit: Silver Link / Nexus

Stella Vermillion is a Rank-A Blazer and the second princess of the Vermillion Empire; she’s known as the Crimson Princess. She was born with substantially more magical power than any normal Blazer though she lacked proper training to control this power.

Her aggressive and hot-blooded nature has caused her many problems, most likely due to her sheltered light; she loves to make a fuss over little things, as seen on various occasions.

Stella is a prideful, chivalrous girl who has a very strong sense of justice; she’s also fiercely loyal to her friends and vows to protect them with her life. She hates being called a prodigy whose natural abilities come only from her magical powers; she wants to train and show her skills with a sword.

10. Masami Iwasawa from Angel Beats!

Credit: P.A. Works

Masami is one of the key characters in the Angel Beats; she’s the lead guitarist and founder of Girls Dead Monster band, she’s an original member of the Afterlife Battlefront and was in charge of vocals and guitar.

Iwasawa has a deep love for music, as, during her life, she was on her way to becoming a popular musician, but her dream was cut short due to some unforeseen circumstances; her nickname around the school is “Cool Beauty” because of her calm demeanor and quiet personality.

She later reveals that she feels trapped when confronting people and would rather listen to music than interacting with others; she loves expressing herself through music as she’s seen taking it with her wherever she goes.

11. Rindo Kobayashi from Food Wars!

Credit: J.C.Staff

Rindō Kobayashi is a 90th Tōtsuki Generation student and a previous 2nd seat of the Elite Ten Council. Rindo is known as the “Barbarian” of the Elite Ten due to her brutal cooking styles and techniques.

Rindo is usually a cheerful girl who likes to enjoy the little things; she’s always hanging in the background enjoying events or causing trouble; she also loves teasing people and not doing anything herself; she wouldn’t participate in the food events but rather go around and eat everyone else’s cooking.

Rindo is a knife specialist; she’s extremely precise while using a wide array of knives within a short time; she skinned out an alligator in a matter of seconds, leaving everyone stunned.

12. Miia Lamia from Monster Musume

Credit: Studio Lerche

Miia is a Lamia, a half-snake woman, and among the few demi-humans to be a part of the Cultural Exchange between species. She was also the first girl to join the Kurusu household, and during her stay, she fell completely in love with him, to a point where she would constantly try to seduce him to have his eggs; she loves calling him “Darling.” She would get jealous if someone else tried to come between them.

Miia has a seductive and high sex drive because of her species and doesn’t restrain herself from making moves on Kurusu; she’s a wonderful personality, as she’s always cheerful yet bashful. She’s quite dominant and hot-tempered toward anyone who tries to steal Kurusu from her.

13. Stephanie Dola from No Game No Life

Credit: Madhouse

The hilarious Stephanie Dola is the granddaughter of the previous King of Immanity. She, before his death, decided that the next ruler of Immanity would be chosen through games and not by blood relations. Stephanie lost the kingdom to Chlammy Zell (another human), who believes humans are too weak.

Despite being the granddaughter of the previous king, she lacks the proper skills to win any game. Though she is too proud and would act without thinking about consequences, we see her losing against Sora and developing feelings for him forced by the pledges.

Stephanie is also aggressive and not very logical, which gets her in trouble often. Stephanie’s feelings and heart can change easily, as we saw when Stephanie went from hating Sora to loving him. Her expressive nature makes her a social person; she’s also very kind to her people and will do anything for them.

14. Kushina Uzumaki from Naruto

Credit: Studio Pierrot

Kushina Uzumaki is a Kunoichi from Konohagakure who belonged to the infamous Uzumaki clan specializing in sealing techniques; she was also the 2nd Jinchuriki of the Nine-Tails beast before passing it down to Naruto.

What makes her so iconic is her innocent personality, similar to Naruto as she proclaimed the first female Hokage. The other kids would laugh at her and make fun of her red hair, and she would beat them to a pulp which eventually earned her the name of Red-Hot Habanero.

Kushina was always the tough, headstrong, and stubborn girl who wasn’t afraid of the unknown. Despite being treated as an outsider, she always did her best to study and make friends; she was a hard worker. According to Noted, Naruto inherited his traits from her; Kushina also had the habit of finishing her sentences with Dattebane (You Know).

15. Emi Yusa from Devil is a Part-Timer

Credit: White Fox

Emi Yusa is the female protagonist of the series and then defeated the Demon King in Ente Isla, forcing the Demon King to escape to modern-day Japan; she followed him to ensure the elimination but lost her powers because magic does not exist on Earth.

Now Emi Yusa lives in Japan as a normal human who works at a call center and pays bills like any other person though somehow she has managed to lead a good life, unlike the Demon King Mao, who lives in a one-room apartment with two other demons.

Emi is a courageous and determined person with many admirable qualities such as a strong sense of responsibility, unwavering loyalty, and intelligence, making her a true hero. Initially, she hated Mao and kept the same hatred for him after coming to Japan, but she soon learned about his kindness and generosity toward humans and stopped her pursuit of killing him.

16. Yume from Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash

Credit: A-1 Pictures

Yume is my favorite girl from the list, specifically for the reason that she’s from my favorite anime; she’s a hunter and one of the main characters of the series.

Yume came across as someone timid. First, she was hesitant and afraid much like others in the anime, but she soon got over her fears and shifted her personality. Yume is the energetic one in the group; she joined the hunter’s guild and became a hunter.

She initially showed very little skill at archery which is the main weapon of a hunter, so she decided to use a machete for close combat while she trained her skill as a hunter, and by the end of the series, she was able to one-shot goblins from far away.

17. Lilith Asami from Trinity Seven

Credit: Seven Arcs Pictures

Lilith Asami is one of the seven Trinity Seven in the series and a teacher at the Royal Biblia Academy. Lilith discovered the existence of a demon lord Candidate, Arata Kasuga, and was given charge of teaching him magic.

Lilith is very responsible and mature compared to the other members of Trinity Seven; she is always pushing herself to the limit to get things done. Lilith also cares and protects her students, especially Arata, since he is a demon lord candidate.

Being a teacher, she often acts strict and serious to her students, but Lilith wants to teach the value of hard work. Lilith often has trouble showing her feelings because she cares about how others perceive her so much.

18. Mio Naruse from Testament of Sister New Devil

Credit: Production IMS

Mio Naruse is one of the anime’s main protagonists, The Testament of Sister New Devil. She is the daughter of Demon Lord Wilbert and a human who made her a humanoid demon; after her father’s death, she inherited his powers, but she was despised for carrying human blood, and other demons planned to execute her. Still, she escaped the demon realm with the help of Maria, her guardian.

Both of them came to earth to live as normal humans, planning to alter the memories of Jin Tojou and Basara Tojou to disguise themselves as Basara’s stepsisters. Still, this plan failed because the humans were revealed to be the members of the Hero clan, though they decided to let them live in their house.

Mio is a calm and quiet girl, especially when around strangers but rather talkative around her close friends. Mio loves the human world; she thinks it’s better than living in the demon realm full of war and hatred between demons; Mio claims there is freedom here.

19. Shura Kirigakure from Blue Exorcist

Credit: A-1 Pictures

Shura is an Upper-class Exorcist and teacher of Rin Okumura and Yukio Okumura in Shiro Fujimoto’s absence. She was trained by Shiro and earned the title of Meister. Now, she works as an inspector for the Exorcist Vatican.

Shura has faded red hair (which might appear hot pink) with blonde ends, tied in a high ponytail. Her outfit is quite revealing, consisting of a red bikini top and black pants; she explained her clothing is due to the markings on her chest and abdomen that allow her to seal various items.

Shura has a laid-back personality, partying to her heart’s content and not wasting time worrying about things; she’s also known to be quite blunt with her words; she would often speak openly about sensitive topics without being hesitant to point out flaws of others.

20. Suou Pavlichenko from Darker Than Black

Credit: Studio Bones

Suou Pavlichenko is introduced in the 2nd season of Darker Than Black; she is shown as the protagonist of the series, and the whole story revolves around her; she’s the daughter of a Russian scientist who was studying contractors, she later becomes a contractor working under Hei along with July and Mao.

Every contractor pays the price of using their abilities; for some, the payment is quite daring, and for Suou, she makes paper swans. Her Ability is materializing an Anti-Tank Sniper Rifle, which she can use to take out her targets from a safe distance; with every activation, the rifle spawns with six rounds.

Suou is a strong girl; she’s determined and calm in most situations, her hobby before becoming a contractor was taking pictures of whatever she saw; she would keep her camera close to her at all times. She’s more gentle than other contractors, as we saw how she was unable to kill her target but soon came to understand her situation.

21. Akane Hiyama from Love Tyrant

Credit: EMT Squared

Have you heard of Death Note, correct? Now comes Kiss Note, a notebook that makes any two people who have their name written together to fall in love if they kiss. Akane Hiyama is the main female protagonist of the series who studies in the same class as Seiji Aino and has a little crush on him.

However, after being affected by the Kiss Note, she can’t keep her feelings in check and acts borderline psychotic because she is madly in love with him. Going so far as to attack anyone who tries to come close to Seiji, she wants to protect Seiji from anything bad that might happen, even if it means risking her own life.

Akane Classifies as a Yandere, and among the top ones at that. She has a scary personality, but she would always behave nicely in front of Seiji’s family, seeming to try to impress them.

22. Yuki Minagawa from Tsurezure Children

Credit: Studio Gokumi

Yuki Minagawa is the favorite character from Tsurezure Children; she always has that gleamy look on her face which makes her quite attractive; she’s a hard-working student; she’s the class representative and a member of the tennis club.

Yuki always has a bright look on her face; she’s extremely positive and loves to meet people; although her boldness is the most interesting characteristic about her when she fell in love with Furuya, she didn’t hesitate to tell him how she felt.

Now she says she has a laid-back personality, which seems true for the most part. She doesn’t stress over little things and always thinks ahead; she loves to tease Furuya every chance she gets, even teasing his little sister Hotaru.

23. Sekkekkyuu from Cells at Work!

Credit: David Production

AE3803, more commonly known as Sekkekkyuu is the iconic Red Blood Cell in the anime Cells at Work! She’s new to the red blood cell environment; you see, she was chosen to be a red blood cell because of her red hair. Because of her clumsy nature, she would often get lost while delivering and require assistance from the other cells.

Sekkekkyuu is a determined red blood cell; she’s always hard at doing her work and as well as helping others along the way, even if it means getting lost on the job. She has a cheerful yet timid personality; she gets frightened over little things, whether it’s a germ attack on bumping into another cell.

24. Rena Kariu from ReLIFE

Credit: TMS Entertainment

Rena is the most well-written character in this list; she is a normal high school girl who sets high standards and struggles to meet her expectations. Her character comes off as a classic tsundere, but there’s so much more to her than just that.

Rena is quite judgmental and easily gets annoyed over the mistakes of others but considerate enough to help them get better. She believes in hard work and always pushes her limits when studying or practicing volleyball.

Her stubbornness and competitive nature make her so relatable; she constantly works hard even when she’s sick, considers Chizuru her academic rival, and wants to surpass her and become the class rep.

25. Serara from Log Horizon

Credit: Satelight

Serara is a Human Druid- Keeper and a member of the Crescent Moon Alliance; part of her charm is that she’s just an adorable NPC who is efficient at healing, cleaning, and cooking. As a maid, she’s quite fond of Nyanta, a Felinoid Swashbuckler-Chef (a cat-human).

Serara is of a meek personality; she’s easily flustered when it comes to the topic of love or marriage (especially regarding Nyanta). Serara hates to fight and cowers at the sight of danger; she prefers to stay at Nyanta’s home doing chores.

Another reason for her being the favorite character is her strong sense of responsibility; she understands her limits and focuses on what she can do.

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