Best steampunk anime — top 10 series and movies 2022

Instead of letting your head get steamed up because of tension, watch these steampunk anime to let out the steam.

Steampunk anime is a genre in which the anime has a historical setting. Instead of using advanced technology, they use steam-powered machinery from the industrial revolution. These anime require a lot of creativity and good animation so there are only a few good steampunk anime available which we have chosen for you in this top list.

Some steampunk anime are based on the history of our world while some are set in a completely different fantasy world. There are some anime that are heavily steampunk based while others have only a few elements of steampunk so fans of this genre can enjoy the anime too. Nevertheless, steampunk is an enjoyable genre that provides a totally different anime experience.

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1. Castle in the Sky

Credit: Studio Ghibli

Castle in the Sky was voted as the best steampunk film of all time by fans in an animation poll in 2008. It is no surprise that an 80s Studio Ghibli film tops this list. This anime is a masterpiece. It has beautiful music, gorgeous artwork, steam-powered cities, and creative aircraft. Along with the mysterious flying Castle. This anime tics all boxes needed for the best steampunk anime.

The anime follows the story of a young girl named Sheeta who gets kidnapped by the government agents as they are after her precious crystal necklace. Her airship gets raided by pirates who are also after her and so she escapes from the ship. After reaching a village, she meets a boy named Pazu who hopes of finding Laputa, an ancient flying castle. They both start the journey for reaching the castle and are aided by pirates. However, the government agents are also after reaching the castle.

2. Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Credit: Bones

More than ten years have passed since this anime ended but it remains a fan favorite. FMAB is the perfect mixture of an old-fashioned setting with technology added to it. FMAB is an anime full of emotions, actions, and amazing characters. It follows the story of two brothers, Edward and Alphonse.

The brothers used forbidden alchemy to bring back their deceased mother which in turn costs Edward his leg and Alphonse loses his whole body. Alphonse’s soul is then bounded to armor and Edward is given a prosthetic leg. The brothers then set on a journey to find the philosopher’s stone which would help them restore their bodies.

3. Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress

Credit: Wit Studio

Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress is a relatively newer anime as it was made in 2016 but it is one of the best and craziest steampunk anime out there. The anime is set during the industrial revolution when a mysterious virus outbreak turns humans into zombies called Kabane.

The only way to kill them is by hitting their steel-coated hearts. The last of humanity creates a fortified civilization with huge walls on an Island. The only way to go through them is by armored trains built by protagonist Ikoma. Ikoma also built a deadly weapon that could kill the Kabane. Although he is yet to try that weapon and luckily or unluckily, the chance to try it comes soon as an unexpected battle with Kabane starts.

4. Last Exile

Credit: Gonzo

 Last Exile is the one series that does full justice to the steampunk genre and is a perfect example for an anime of this genre. It follows two teenagers, Claus Valca and Lavie Head who are on a quest to surpass their parents who were a vanship pilot and a navigator.

They want to be the world’s best combo of pilot navigators. However, they find themselves tangled in a huge conflict because they took the job of making a delivery of a mysterious orphan to a battleship. Last Exile is an anime full of adventure, action, but also mysteries and betrayals.

5. Steamboy

Credit: Studio 4°C / Sunrise

Steamboy is an anime that had set the standard of steampunk anime and inspired the creation of many steampunk anime afterward. The title itself speaks for its genre. Steamboy is an anime that shows the evolution of steam-powered machines in the Victorian era.

It follows the story of a young inventor named Ray. His life changes when he receives a package from his grandfather from the USA that has a machine called Steam Ball. A powerful device that can give an unlimited amount of power to any steam-powered machine. Ray has been given the responsibility of not letting the Steam Ball get into the hands of the wrong people who want to use it for con purposes. That starts the journey of Ray to use all his intellect to save the Steam Ball from the enemies that are sent to him.

6. Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water

Credit: Gainax

Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water is an award-winning anime series inspired by the novel “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea “written by Jules Verne. The plot is set in 1889 and follows Nadia, a young girl who doesn’t remember where she came from.

She is being chased by jewel thieves for her pendants and an inventor named Jean helps her in escaping them. They encounter Captain Nemo who saves them and takes them to their submarine Nautilus. Together they go on to fight against Gargoyle, a man who is attempting to take over the world for his evil reasons.

7. Samurai 7

Credit: Gonzo

This is the first steampunk anime on the list which is mixed with samurai. Samurai 7 is an anime that shows how versatile can be the steampunk genre. Unlike other steampunk anime, Samurai 7 has a traditional Japanese setting.

The anime focuses on the Seven Samurai by the infamous Akira Kurosawa. The anime focuses on a post-war period in which samurais have mechanized their bodies.  A village faces abduction and starvation from samurais with mechanized bodies called “Nobuseri”. The villagers use all their last resources left to hire seven samurais to protect them. Samurai 7 is an anime full of action between the samurais and the bandits. Lots of entertaining and powerful characters are introduced and the steampunk elements are highlighted.

8. Violet Evergarden

Credit: Kyoto Animation

Violet Evergarden is one of the most hit series of the decade. It has been given the best animation award and the anime’s music, historical setting, storyline, and character development, all are exceptionally good. Violet Evergarden is a revolutionary anime with many steampunk elements. It has a very emotional storyline so better to grab some tissues while watching it.

The plot is set after a four-year Great War has ended. The anime follows the story of a teenage girl named Violet Evergarden who spent much of her childhood in war. She loses both of her arms in war. All that matters to her is where her Major is and what did his last words to her “I love you” meant. This anime is the heart-touching story of Violet as she tries to fit into society and understand the meaning of the three special words.

9. Princess Principal

Princess Principal is the most recent anime on this list and is one of the best ones. The plot is set in the early 20th century where the discovery of a substance called Cavorite led to advancement in military technology. Eventually leading to a conflict as well. London and the Commonwealth get divided by a wall, but a silent war continues.

Five girls then work as spies of the Commonwealth at Queen’s Mayfaire school. Princess Principal has a very interesting and unpredictable plot with steampunk elements added to it. It is a must-watch for all steampunk anime fans looking for action and mystery.

10. Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind

Credit: Topcraft

A top list of anime can’t be complete without at least one Ghibli Movie film. Hence, Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind is a steampunk movie that had to be included here. This movie is different from the rest of steampunk anime because the plot is set a thousand years after the industrial civilization collapses.

The humanity which is left lives in a threat from a jungle that is filled with enormous insects and poisonous spores. The jungle keeps spreading putting the lives of humans in danger. The Valley of the Wind is a peaceful village that is far from the jungle. The protagonist of this anime is Nausicaä, is a young princess of the village. She has the responsibility of protecting her village from the Tolmekians who have suddenly attacked her village for their greedy purposes.

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