Blue Exorcist Season 3: Release date, news and rumors

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Blue Exorcist is known to be one of the most successful anime series by Kazue Kato. There was an anticipation building by fans and viewers by waiting almost six years for Season 2. Will they make the Blue Exorcist Season 3?

Blue Exorcist Season 3 expects to be a far more exciting episode challenge for our characters. It will be anticipated to be adapting the Illuminati Arc from the manga by Kazue Kato. However, with the recent announcement that she would be going into a long-awaited hiatus. The studio would be focusing on other projects. The battle with the pandemic has caused more challenges. Fans are left questioning whether there is a possibility of seeing the lively and enthusiastic Rin and his friends breakthrough one of the most prominent organizations in action? Here’s everything we know about Blue Exorcist Season 3 so far…

Moving on, we have spoilers ahead, so beware and read on if you’re all good with that. First, we start with what was left off the last season.

What happened so far in Blue Exorcist

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The last few episodes of the Blue exorcist focused on how Rin wins the battle from the Impure King and his training to control the blue flame and slowly regaining trust among his classmates and peers. The aftermath of the fight on the Impure King left most of the people wounded, among them was Mamushi. At the time she regains consciousness, Juzo reassures her that the battle against the Impure King led to success.

Meanwhile, Rin wakes up with Kuro at his side and is surprised that Shiemi is lying beside him. He thanks Shiemi for the encouragement in battle and she responds happily announcing that she wants to be friends with him forever. Rin realizes he’s been friend-zoned, later on, finds out that his friends are listening in the same room as them.

Mephisto prepares Yaozo to testify for Rin at the Vatican. After the discussion, Shura interrogates Mephisto for his true intentions against Rin, he replies by asking her when she became attached to Rin and threatens that it’ll be a shame for her to die young.

Shura quickly hops away when sensing danger and warns Yukio that Mephisto might be plotting trouble to Rin. With thoughts of danger, Yukio becomes worried and becomes unable to sleep. Rin finds him in a chair, sleeping near the vending machines. Rin tells him that he has important things to talk about later.

Afterward, Juzo makes his announcement to marry Mamushi & proceeds to receive their blessing. Tatsuma tells his son that he is important to him and that he does not want to let misfortunes happen to him.

The next day, the students head out to visit tourist destinations, they visit the Tokyo tower and while there, Rin asks for pictures with them, for fun his classmates spell out satan with their arms behind his back.

In the last few minutes of the episode, Rin and Yukio converse by the riverside, Rin decides to fight as an exorcist accepting that he is Satan’s son. However, Yukio voices out his disagreement due to his promise to their father that he will protect him. Rin chuckles and tells him that they may be both right or wrong, but what matters is that they will be there for each other. He asks Yukio for his moments with Shiro and offers for his help to depend on him but Yukio declines otherwise.

What is going on with A-1 Pictures?

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A-1 Pictures Inc, the Japanese animation studio responsible for the Blue Exorcist animation series and productions kept busy with Sword Art Online projects releases in DVD & Blu-ray sales. The studio has not released an announcement about Blue Exorcists and disheartened fans heard about the news that Kazue Kato – the mangaka of the Blue exorcist will go on an 8-month hiatus until 2022’s issue #5, according to @WSJ_manga. According to the tweet, the series will take a break this year 2021 while Kazue produces a short-term serialization starting this September.

What do we know about Blue Exorcist Season 3 so far?

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In place of the long month hiatus from Kazue Kato, the Twitter user @MangaMoguraRE shares recently shared details that Kazue will begin with the manga adaptation for the horror novel, “Eizen Karukaya Kaitan” with 6 chapters in total as the mangaka finds her niche regarding the world of Spirits.

So, this news would probably result in Blue Exorcist Season 3, releases left on hold, and fans feeling in pain to wait for when the production would start.

What are fans saying about Blue Exorcist Season 3?

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Up until recently, fans on Reddit have been requesting updates for Season 3. Questions hanging in the air include; “has season 3 been announced?” or “so about the anime… Is there any news for a third season to be released?”

These questions have been answered with, “the chance of getting a season 3 before the last arch of the manga is finished is very slim” and “no, unfortunately. But I hear there is news of a delayed game! Blue exorcist and the damned chord. Which I believe is supposed to fund the third season.”

However, an announcement was made in November 2020 by @aoex_DC that the card game Blue Exorcist Damned cord is canceled and a Blue Exorcist X MMORPG is in the making instead.

Will there be a Blue Exorcist Season 3?

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Although we know that chances may be slim for the new season to be announced this year, the author nor the Studio are neither in the works, and we can still make a few pattern analyses as to when the next season might start in production. It’s a fact that Season 1 ended at Volume 4, Chapter 14, containing an alternate ending, and Season 2 ended at Volume 9, Chapter 34, a five-year gap between the release of the first season and the latter. If it will be faithful to the manga, rumors declared that the next one will be the Illuminati arc.

During those years, most fans lost hopes before the release of the second season. Now, with the Pandemic going on and the author + studio focusing on other projects, would there be a possibility of a Season 3 coming soon?

Well, we know that popularity plays a huge factor, and in our recent searches for the past 12 months, worldwide upon interest-based on Google Trends, it is shown that there was a downward trend of searches for the third season. It was only around May 2021 that there was a spike on the charts and we believe this is mainly due to the fact that the anime was released on Netflix that influenced the search. In 2012, Blue Exorcist: The Movie premiere releases garnered a score of 7.2/10 on IMDb.

Nevertheless, a petition was made by Taylor Kinne and around 5000 has already been signed. If this petition does succeed, then we can expect another season.

Impressively, according to Screenrant, Blue Exorcist sales topped fifteen million copies with the seventh volume as the first and only Jump square manga reaching one million copies in the year 2016. So with these great numbers, there won’t be an issue for the next season’s production.

About the data based on the popularity and sales, we can assume that the renewal or release may take some time; taking into account factors such as people’s interest over time and the studio’s current focus. Yet, let’s look at the bright side because we never know how Season 2 was released before; they might surprise us soon!

When will Blue Exorcist Season 3 be released?

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Taking into account all the factors based on the studio’s and mangaka’s current focus and the current situation with Covid-19, it seems that fans may need to wait longer for the new season to start production.

What can we expect in Season 3 of Blue Exorcist?

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Although no official plotline is released, we can assume if they do follow the manga, Blue exorcist Season 3 will adapt the Illuminati arc. Rin and his friends will encounter the Illuminati – the extraordinarily influential and wealthy organization which has obtained a non-existent technology that can open up a false Gehenna gate. They claim themselves as the Bright Future Foundation in public, sponsoring the change of Inari into a tourist destination for a front activity. Meanwhile, underneath these activities, they do experiments by forcibly possess demons into human beings.

With the direction in which the production is going, what can you suggest to help them mobilize another season? Do you think the studio is already brewing new episodes in secrets for us? I mean, they did make the fans wait before, are they doing the same for the next one?

Let us know what you think and once the new updates for the Blue Exorcist Season 3 come out, we’ll let you know as soon as possible, so keep on following our posts for these fresh updates.