Children of the Whales Season 2: Release date, news and rumors

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Children of the Whales has one of the most fascinating and compelling stories as well as top tier animation. The premise is compelling and people can’t seem to wait for a Season 2.

Today, we’ll examine what we know about the show and if Children of the Whales Season 2 will become reality.

What happened so far in Children of the Whales

Credit: J.C.Staff

In the world, there’s a whole civilization that lives on a little island. It’s a giant rock that’s drifting over a sea of sand and people refer to it as the Mud Whale. Society is divided into two parts, the marked and the unmarked. The marked have special telekinetic abilities. They can move objects with their minds and have markings appear on their body when they do so. The name of the power they use is called “Thymia” and although it’s strong it also comes with a cost. The marked have naturally shorter lifespans. There’s also the unmarked who are basically normal human beings, they live as long as humans and don’t have any exceptional abilities. 

We follow a boy by the name of Chakuro. He’s both the protagonist and narrator of the story. He works for the elders of the Mud Whale as an archivist in hope that the information he gathers will help newer generations in the future. The Mud Whale at one point encountered an abandoned island and Chakuro couldn’t help but explore. He then found a girl named Lykos and being that she’s from outside the Mud Whale immediately befriends her. 

Chakuro talks the people of the Mud Whale into taking Lykos in but this turns out to be a decision that would bring them great trouble. Lykos used to be a child soldier of the “Allied Empire”. They come up to the Mud Whale with their own vessel (Huge island) Skyros, and they’re determined to kill everyone on the Mud Whale. This leads to a huge massacre that changes life on the Mud Whale forever. After some events, the Mud Whale grows wings and is ready to go to new places.

What’s going on with J.C.Staff?

Credit: J.C.Staff

Above many other things, Children of the Whales is praised for its animation. The art style is one thing but the animation of the show is so complimenting of the art style that it can only bring out the best. J.C.Staff did a great job at adapting this aspect of the show. Even people who dislike the show can’t help but praise its animation and premise.

The studio has done countless series such as One Punch Man Season 2 and Food wars so it’s no wonder. While the show does have a little bit of a melancholic tone to it it’s also backed up by the music and animation to make it look a bit brighter. They managed to make the use of Thymia in fight scenes look smooth and satisfying to watch even with the constant markings that show up when using the power. Telekinesis is usually tough for animators because there’s nothing super visual about it. It’s not like fire or lightning powers where you can see it being used. But with these markings and the fluidity of the motion graphics they truly did a great job at adapting the power system in an engaging way for the viewers.

People who have problems with the show usually talk about its pacing and how the character development happens. Yet these same criticisms go for the manga as well. As far as the studio is concerned the anime is a masterpiece. Another aspect that makes it great is the interactions between the characters. The voice actors did a great job especially with how everyone interacts differently with the main character.

Chakuro was voiced by Natsuki Hanae and Lykos by Manaka Iwami. All of the most emotional moments of the show have great voice acting. The anime adaptation was directed by Kyohe Ishiguro and written by Michiko Yokote. The character designs are the first thing people notice even when they’re researching the anime and haven’t watched it yet, are done by Haruko Iizuka. And last but not least is the emotional music of the anime. It was created by Hiroaki Tsutsumi and is another aspect of the show that is usually never criticized being that the greatest aspect of the show is emotional climaxes. A big theme in the show is emotions vs logic and how important emotions are to humanity. Being that “the marked” are a bit odd usually and the unmarked help them as a reminder of what it means to be human. 

The anime aired from October 8th to December 24th of 2017. It ran for 12 episodes and was released worldwide on Netflix in 2018. The last episode called “I’m Glad I Was Born Here” has an open ending that gives out the impression of a Season 2 coming up in the future for sure. 

After Season 1, J.C. Staff has done more than 30 other projects and is still going. They’re currently working on 4 series but none of them is Children of the Whales Season 2.

What do we know about Children of the Whales Season 2?

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People have been wondering about whether or not there will be a second season ever since the end of the first one. There were speculations that it would come out sometime in 2021 but nothing was announced over the years. As we already said the first season finished open-ended and this left people craving for the sequel.

The anime was a big hit so it’s safe to assume that there will be a Season 2. As of this moment, despite this, nothing has been announced. The good news is it also hasn’t been canceled so there’s a big chance they just don’t exactly know what to do with it yet.

What fans are saying about Children of the Whales Season 2?

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Some fans are bummed out because even though they liked the show its sales were not so great, meaning it’s less likely to get a second season. Others are optimistic and say it’s more than likely since the first season ended at the end of 2017 and there’s been anime that got sequels up to 5, 6 years after. It’s a show that surely isn’t for everyone but the people it is for are in love with it.

Consequently, while it is true that most people didn’t really like the show there’s a niche group of fans that are in love with it and have built a community. There’s even a whole website dedicated to having all the information on both the manga and the anime and it’s completely fan-made. Also, there’s plenty of reviews and talk about it on Youtube. People can’t seem to keep their fingers off their keyboards on Reddit. The anime received a killer 100% fan score on Rotten Tomatoes and overall it has a good fanbase and community. 

Will there be a Children of the Whales Season 2?

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Children of the Whales is originally a manga series that currently has 19 volumes released. The first season of the anime covers only up to volumes 6 and 7 and not all of them. Fans who read the manga usually advise people to start from volume 6 after the anime so that they don’t miss anything. So source material is not really an issue.

Moreover, the fact that it’s been 3 years since the show ended isn’t really that big of a deal since many anime have had sequels after long gaps. Having a bit of a longer gap isn’t an issue and is quite normal. The show can be affected by the pandemic since there were rumors about it coming back in 2021. The show didn’t do so great in sales but as stated above it does have a niche fanbase that is willing to go the distance if a show is made. This, however, is still a big issue for the creators since it’s not the cheapest thing to create an anime series. Even so, most people are optimistic about it and want the show to get a sequel.

While there is actually some hope of it happening for a Season 2, there’s still nothing official and there’s no way to say whether or when a second season will be released. The show’s popularity was wavering as shown in the statistic. People seem to get on and off the Children of the Whales train. The biggest things affecting the shows’ return are the criticism it got concerning its plot and pacing and the low success it had in sales. Other than that the show is loved enough and there is demand for a sequel. Are there enough fans for it to come back and are the creators even considering the return of the show are both unanswered questions, however? 

When will Season 2 of Children of the Whales be released?

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There have been no announcements so it is impossible to know. It’s safe to assume that the show won’t just be released out of nowhere without any announcements and it’s also safe to assume that it won’t be this year since all the anime done by J.C. Staff for this year have been announced.

Unless the show has been secretly in the works with a different studio we won’t be getting a Season 2 as soon as we’d like. 

What can we expect outof Season 2?

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Since the first seasons’ finale was so open-ended we can predict some of the things that may go down in Season 2. Now that the Mud Whale can fly there are a few possibilities for its next destination. For one, they could go take revenge for their people and stop the Allied Empire. They could also decide to go find out about other vessels like the Mud Whale. There’s bound to be tons of worldbuilding too since we still don’t exactly know where these vessels came from, why they’re so big, or even what else the outside world has to offer out of the Allied Empire.

Season 2 is bound to answer these questions and many more, and fans can’t seem to wait for the answers as many people started reading the manga after finishing the first season.

If you wanna brush up on the story you can always rewatch Children of the Whales Season 1, on Netflix and let’s hope that Season 2 will come out soon.