Citrus Season 2: Release date, news and rumors

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Citrus is written and illustrated by mangaka Saburo Uta. It’s been three years since the anime premiered the charming love story of Mei and Yuzu. The manga began its serialization in 2012, and in January 2018, it was adapted into an anime.

Citrus is a well-known yuri anime that became very popular soon after its release. Fans have mixed reviews about it; some love it a lot, while some hate it. But Citrus had an ending that intrigued viewers to see Mei and Yuzu as an official couple.

Why hasn’t there been a Citrus Season 2 yet? And will it get released?

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What happened so far in Citrus

Credit: Passione

Yuzu Aihara is a stylish, cheerful, and spontaneous city girl who transferred to a new high school and neighborhood after her mother married another man. Yuzu’s more into shopping and boys rather than studying, making it difficult for her to settle into a conservative all-girls school. On her first day, she clashes with the school’s student council, Mei Aihara, a strict, hard-working, and beautiful girl, respected by the whole school. When she returns home, she finds out Mei is her stepsister, and they will be living together.

On their first night in the same room, Mei spontaneously steals Yuzu’s first kiss, which puts Yuzu into deep confusion. Soon, the sisters began spending more time together. Mei would have intimate moments with Yuzu when they’re alone, such as kissing her or pushing her down and becoming clingy. But moments later or the next day, Mei would have cold expressions towards Yuzu and behave as if nothing happened.

Yuzu becomes more confused about her relationship with her stepsister, but things get more complicated when she realizes she has developed romantic feelings for her. On a school trip, Yuzu discovers that it’s time she confesses her love to Mei and finds out whether she loves her, too.

What is going on with Passione?

After completing Citrus, Passione remained an active studio and worked on many projects, including High School DxD Hero, Z/X Code Reunion, and Interspecies Reviewers. Their most recent project is Mieruko-chan which is scheduled to be aired in October 2021.

What do we know about Citrus Season 2 so far?

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Season 1 of Citrus had 12 episodes that covered four volumes of the manga. The manga has a total of ten tankōbon volumes.

Citrus season 1 ended three years ago, and its studio, Passione, has yet not renewed Citrus for season 2. Moreover, Passione studio is known for only producing one season.

So far, there have been no updates or even rumors about Citrus Season 2. Saburouta has not given any hints about Season 2 either.

However, there are volumes left of the manga which were not covered by the anime. If Season 2 were to be released, the story would probably follow the manga volumes afterward of Citrus manga volume 4.

What are fans saying about Citrus Season 2?

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Citrus fans have filled the social media with discussions and posts about Citrus Season 2. They’re impatiently waiting and hoping for a Season 2.

They are expecting a release of Citrus Season 2 because they believe that the ending of Citrus Season 1 did not resolve anything, and it would need another season to give the anime a satisfying conclusion. They say that Citrus has gained enough popularity for it to have a Season 2, and not only that, but Citrus has enough source material for making a Season 2.

Will there be Citrus Season 2?

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Unfortunately, many viewers criticized Citrus, and fans did not support the anime very well. It sold few merchandise, and DVDs and Blu-rays sales only 1342 copies. Users have rated Citrus only 6.49, which shows that the anime did not receive an outstanding response from the audience.

Citrus Season 1 comprises four volumes, yet there are ten manga volumes, which leave six volumes available for creating Season 2. So, Citrus has more than enough manga content left for a Season 2. There is also Citrus+ which explains certain things in the anime and gives context to some events.

Even if Citrus has content for Season 2, Citrus season 1 did not receive a good enough response according to the merchandise, DVDs, Blu-ray sales, and viewer ratings, which can be discouraging for the studio to produce another season.

Currently, the chances of a Citrus Season 2 seem to be unlikely unless there is a sudden demand from fans for another season, which can create a slight chance for another season.

When will Citrus Season 2 be released?

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There has been no official announcement when or if a Citrus Season 2 will be released. Passione Studio hasn’t renewed for another season either. Creators may continue with Season 2; perhaps it will be out in the future. Citrus will introduce Season 2 if there is a surprising spike in its demand.

What can we expect in Season 2 of Citrus?

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Since Citrus season 1 covered manga till volume 4, Season 2 is most likely to continue Season 1 from volume 4. The season will cover Suzuran’s, Harumi’s, and Yuzu’s arc if this is correct.

At the end of Season 1, Yuzu confesses her feelings to Mei, and Mie indirectly tells her that she loves her back. Both the characters hold their hands while talking about dating each other. During the whole of Season 1, Yuzu has been unable to open up about her feelings easily. But as she spends more time with Yuzu, she will develop comfortability with her, and the audience will be able to see a more open and emotional side of Yuzu.

Mei and Yuzu will continue to have more awkward sexual encounters and slowly explore more about their sexuality with each other. They both have opposite personalities, so there will be a few drama and clashes between them in Citrus Season 2.