Classroom of the Elite Season 2: Release date, news and rumors

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Classroom of the Elite is a series of light novels that were later adapted into manga and anime. There are currently 11.5 volumes of the light novel and 8 chapters of the manga. The anime series, which aired in 2017, covers the plot of the first 4 volumes of the light novels.

The plot of Classroom of the Elite revolves around the quiet young student, Kiyotaka Ayanokōji. He’s enrolled in the Tokyo Metropolitan Advanced Nurturing High School, an elite school for Japan’s most talented young prospects.

Despite his natural talents and spectacular intellect, his poor entrance exam results landed him in D-Class with the worst students. He early learns on in the semester that this is not your typical high school. 

It’s a highly competitive simulation of the real world, and only the most cunning students will survive the full four years of study. And so we follow the unassuming Kiyotaka as he manipulates inter-class politics, personal drama, and the school’s unorthodox systems to win — at all costs.

The Anime Adaptation

The first four volumes of the light novels were adapted into an anime in 2017. Classroom of the Elite’s first season aired from July to September 2017 and covers the major events in Kiyotaka’s first semester at his new school.

This 12-episode run makes some major changes to important plot elements. Classes comprise only 25 students (not the 40 in the light novels), and Horikita plays a much bigger role than in the books. 

The anime’s cliffhanger ending is also entirely original, and the scene doesn’t exist in the light novels. Kiyotaka is also much colder and ruthless in the anime.

When Is Season 2 Coming?

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Season 1 of the anime only covers the story from the light novels up to Volume 4. In all, there are 11 volumes, meaning there’s still enough content for a second and even third season.

It has been several years since the first season wrapped with no official announcement about a second season. Fan speculation in forums suggests there isn’t much hope that the anime will continue.

One of the biggest indicators of this is the fact that LERCHE Studio produces anime. LERCHE Studio is notorious for only producing one-off anime runs. They very rarely take a project into a second season.

There are also suggestions that the anime was always intended as a promotional tool for light novels. There may never have been long-term plans for the series. And despite outstanding streaming numbers, Blu-Rays of the first season of Classroom of the Elite sold poorly. It might be several years before we hear news of a second season, if at all.

The anime has also come under criticism for changing major plot details. Many animes have solved this issue; later seasons of Tokyo Ghoul RE and DxD Hero righted the mistakes of previous seasons. However, Classroom of the Elite strays quite a bit from its source material. A faithful adaptation of later volumes would need significant re-arranging and retcon work.

What to Expect From a Season 2?

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The first season ended with the thrilling conclusion of the Summer Vacation tests. It also leaves viewers with a cliffhanger, teasing a reveal of Kiyotaka’s true nature. With the exams done, the students are free to enjoy their summer, and that’s Volumes 1 to 4 of the manga completed.

It’s unlikely that Season 2 will cover Volume 4.5 – that’s a summertime filler that would be better fitting for an OVA. So we can assume that the series would start from Volume 5 and end with Volume 7. If there’s time, Volume 7.5 might be included for filler.

Volumes 5 to 7 cover the second semester of school for the students of D-Class. New challenges await the students of the Tokyo Metropolitan Advanced Nurturing High School.

The year starts with a bang with a thrilling sports festival that pits the different classes against one another once again. Then the mid-exams arrive, introducing a new complex system that has students working in pairs. Meanwhile, Kiyotaka’s father is pressuring him to drop out of school.

The Characters We’ll Meet in Season 2

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If you’re familiar with light novels, you’ll already know the characters who will play major roles in Season 2. Let’s talk a bit about the boys and girls we’ll definitely see more of without spoiling anything.

Ken Sudō: Ken is a student of D-Class and one of the 3 Idiots, a trio of students known for their poor academic performances. He is also a star member of the school’s basketball team and an excellent all-around athlete. Season 2 starts with a major sports festival, so expect Ken to own the limelight.

Kakeru Ryūen: Ryūen is the leader of class 1-C, which he leads by fear. His obsession with pinpointing the mastermind of D-Class leads to a thrilling rooftop confrontation in Volume 7.

Miyabi Nagumo: Nagumo replaces Horikita as the new Student Council President. His blazing ambition and natural charisma make him a force to be reckoned with. The students that he dislikes have a mysterious tendency to be expelled.

Summing up…

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It could be quite some time before we see Season 2 of Classroom of the Elite. Without an official statement from the series’ creators or production studio, chances are slim it will happen at all.

LERCHE Studio, the team in charge of producing the anime, is known for producing one-season anime. One of the only times they took a series into a second season was with Assassination Classroom, which was a much bigger hit than Classroom of the Elite. Add to the fact that Classroom of the Elite’s Blu-Ray sales was underwhelming; we may never see Season 2.