Craziest anime girls

Anime is filled with crazy girls so it is hard to pick which one of them is craziest. So, we went through the craziness level of each one and listed down the most insane anime girls ever.

Credit: Madhouse

There is one common thing about these crazy anime girls, they’re all so gorgeous. Seeing them getting all clingy with a character makes us think they’re so lucky. She’s all sweet and cute as a pumpkin. However, once she is triggered, her personality turns her into a literal monster. That sweet, cute smile becomes one that would haunt someone in their nightmares. There are some special crazy anime girls which are worth watching because they’re just so insane. Keep reading this top list to find out who are these crazy hotties.

All these crazy anime girls have different reasons for being so insane. Some of them have twisted pasts which have turned them into monsters who hate people. While some are overly attached to a certain someone and love them a bit too much. It is their craziness that makes them so intelligent that they can do heinous crimes and get away with them so easily.

1. Junko Enoshima from Danganronpa

Credit: Lerche

Junko crosses all levels of insanity. She is so crazy yet so loved by everyone. No one loves the emotion “despair” more than Junko. She hates boredom and if killing someone would take away her boredom, she would do it without a second thought. I mean, she kidnapped students, killed her sister, and wants to ruin the world only because she is bored.

She has way too many mental disorders because she’s obsessed with despair and with the idea of spreading despair to others. She’s so moody her mood changes in literally seconds. In a minute, Junko can go from insane, to sad to joyful. There is only one thing that can make Junko happy, that is making the world full of despair.

2. Yuno Gasai from Future Diary

Ten years have passed since Yuno Gasai came on screens and fans are still traumatized by her insanity. Yuno Gasai is a character that kept on taking viewers by surprise as her secrets began to unfold. Yuno Gasai is the perfect example of a Yandere. She seems like an ordinary schoolgirl who’s only focused on studies. She’s friendly and has such a sweet smile it would make anyone’s heart melt.

However, She is crazy in love and if she feels anyone is a threat to Yukiteru or their relationship, she wouldn’t hesitate to slash his/her neck. Yuno would seem like a cute girl but suddenly she would go on a killing spree and kill everyone in the room so fast that you’ll sit there wondering “what even just happened”. What was her first crime? Nothing much. Just killing her parents and throwing their dead bodies in a room.

3. Hibana Daida from Deadman Wonderland

Credit: Manglobe

Hibana Daida looks like an adorable little girl. However, she’s the opposite of what she looks which can be guessed from the fact she’s in a special jail and her nickname is “The Punisher”. Well, she’s kind of literal to her name. Hibana has an insane sense of justice and for that, she’ll punish anyone she thinks is doing wrong. Although her punishments are way too violent.

Hibana’s craziness started in kindergarten when some boys flipped her skirt to which she reacted by torturing and killing them. A year later, she joined a gang called “The Criminals”. She considers herself a “good girl” for her actions because she thinks she’s only doing what is right. One can’t blame her for her actions though, it was her abusive mom which turned her into such a monster.

4. Anna Nishikinomiya from Shimoneta

Credit: J.C.Staff

What happens when a young girl has to repress her sexual feelings for a long time? The answer is one becomes like Anna Nishikinomiya. Anna is a student council president who seemed to reject all sexual acts. However, behind her sophisticated and decent personality is a whole different person who’s way more thirsty for love and sexual encounters than almost any other character.

She has a huge crush on Tanukichi Okuma whom she keeps on sexually harassing because she cannot control her sexual feelings for him. She’s so obsessed with making him hers that she “forces” him into drinking her “love nectar”. Yes, it is exactly what you think. Not only that, but she also puts her love nectar in cookies and bakes them for him.

5. Roberta Cisneros from Black Lagoon

Credit: Madhouse

Roberta is an antagonist in Black Lagoon and one of the most badass female characters not only in this series but also in the whole anime history. She is very intimidating, scary, and truly gave the protagonists a hard time during their battle. Becoming Roberta’s target means having a less than 1% chance of survival.

 Roberta is very strong and skilled because she used to work in an anti-government group as an assassin. She has killed many men, women, and children. Many strong cartels are afraid of her. She became so famous for her crimes that she is a criminal who is internationally wanted. If anyone tries to mess with her, she kills them instantly without any hesitance.

6. Himiko Toga from My Hero Academia

Credit: Bones

Let’s just Toga is like a “new generation” vampire. She is one of the antagonists in My Hero Academia whose quirk allows her to transform into the person of whom she drank blood. She’s an extremely insensitive person who feels pleasure by hurting people. Scaring people and killing them is what makes her happy.

Toga has some weird kind of attachment with Deku. Not a romantic one because she enjoys hurting him and wants to just drink his blood. Toga is smart and her quirk allows her to easily get away with her crimes. Her cute outfit and popularity have made her a common character for cosplay.

7. Shiro from Deadman Wonderland

Credit: Manglobe

Shiro looks like a friendly, sweet, jolly girl who’s caring and loves lots of candies. Although she has become an adult she still acts like a child. At first, she looks harmless. However, Shiro has a second personality called “wretched egg” which is the opposite of her.

Shiro can anytime split into her second personality where she is a twisted and dangerous killer who does not care about anyone and anything. As a child, she had to go through a lot of experiments which made her develop this dark side. Shiro loves Ganta a lot because they have been friends since childhood. However, her love towards him made her get jealous of his friends and as a result, she killed all of his classmates.

8. Lucy from Elfen Lied

Credit: Arms

Lucy is a crazy anime character with a dual personality. Her real name is Kaede and she is a Diclonius which is a species created by humans. Lucy started murdering ever since she was a child as she would murder whole families so she could stay in their homes.

She was seen as a threat to humanity and was kept in the Diclonius research center until she escaped from there after killing almost everyone there. During her escape, she was injured in her head which caused her to develop a second personality called “Nyu”. She begins living with her childhood friend and lover, Kouta. Lucy has a strong hate for humans and Doclonius both and kills them whenever she gets the chance.

9. Yumeko Jabami from Kakegurui

Credit: MAPPA

Yumeko Jabami is the main protagonist of this animated series. Yumeko is a beautiful, extremely intelligent girl who looks like an ordinary high school girl. She’s very joyful and can easily become friends with anyone. She knows exactly how to talk and insinuate anyone.

Yumeko Jabami always steals the spotlight when she’s in the room. She was a nobody when she came to the prestigious high school but soon she gained popularity after beating the best players of the school in gambling. Yumeko can easily find out whenever someone is cheating and she still beats them anyways.

She deserves a place on this list because she becomes insane when it comes to gambling. She is willing to risk tons of money and even her own life when it comes to gambling. Nothing gives her more happiness than gambling. Yumeko is a crazy girl worth watching because she’s a hottie and her gambling skills are way too good.

10. Shion Sonozaki from When They Cry

Shion Sonozaki is an anti-hero and protagonist of this anime series. Shion is another insane anime girl but she’s unique from the rest because of the weird crazy stuff she does throughout the series. Shion is the elder twin sister of Mion Sonozaki. Shion is a very manipulative character who goes through all extends to does what she wants which includes seducing her targets so she could torture them.

Shion makes full use of having a twin sister as she often changes places with her. She got absolutely insane after her lover; Satoshi went missing. She began killing and torturing anyone she believed to be responsible for Satoshi’s disappearance. She is a mass murderer who did not leave anyone unharmed including the village chief, her grandmother, Satoshi’s young sister, and her identical sister as well.

11. Haruko Haruhara from FLCL

Credit: Production I.G

`Haruko Haruhara is a center character from FLCL. She is from space and is a member of the Galactic Space Police Brotherhood. She is very spontaneous and manipulative, doing teamwork with her is not easy. She will act differently according to the situation, sometimes like a maid, a lover, or even a mom.

Haruko will behave most weirdly and according to her mood, she can also be very aggressive. She is an extremely hard character to adapt to because she will do anything to get what she wants. Haruko is smart and insinuative, and she is also dangerously fast and powerful. She runs to Naota and stalks him to introduce herself because she likes him. One can say she’s an intimidating character because she’s strong and unpredictable.

12. Ophelia from Claymore

Credit: Madhouse

Ophelia is an antagonist in the anime series Claymore. She is the perfect example of what happens when evil people have power. Ophelia is an extremely strong character, and she happily kills anyone whom she finds weak. She has a lot of hate for Awakened Beings because they killed her family.

 Since the organization did not allow killing humans, she turned humans into Awakened Beings so she can kill them. She uses a very offensive “Rippling Sword” technique to attack her opponents, after which she has named herself “Rippling Ophelia”.

13. Nina Einstein from Code Geass

Credit: Sunrise

Nina at first seems like an ordinary supporting character in the start. She’s mostly into books and is all sweet and gentle. She is obsessed with Euphemia and sees her almost as a divine entity after she saved her from a hostage situation. However, Nina’s personality turns upside down and she loses her mind after Euphemia’s death.

She becomes madly fixated on killing the elevens and Lelouch. She did not care about anyone else and created an atomic bomb called  F.L.E.I.J.A. Fans have an insane amount of hate for her stupid and murderous actions. Oh, and she’s also seen s*x with a table. One crazy character, isn’t she?

14. Sekai Saionji from School Days

Credit: TNK

Well, Sekai’s a normal high school girl, except that she’s a crazy murderer and her skills include manipulation and knife skills. School Days itself is not an ordinary Slice of Life anime and Sekai does not only add drama but also violence to the series. Sekai loves her boyfriend Makoto who cheats on her multiple times with Kotonoha and even Satsuna.

However, Sekai and Makoto make love and later she tells Makoto that she is pregnant with his baby to which he responds by telling her to abort it. Not only that, but Makoto also makes out with Kotonoha right in front of Sekai. All of this messes up Sekai’s mind so much that she murders Makoto by stabbing him in the chest multiple times. Seems like high school anime can be dark at times too.

15. Shōko Kirishima from Baka and Test


Shōko is another Yandere who is obsessed with her crush. She has been in love with her childhood friend Yuuji Nakamoto for a long time and calls herself his wife. Although Yuuji does not reciprocate feelings for her, she has already decided on names for their children.

What makes her so crazy? She is extremely possessive and if she finds anyone getting close to Yuuji, she will poke their eyes out with “scissors” or tase them. She is beautiful, intelligent and the top student of the academy. She rejects everyone’s love because she only wants to be with Yuuji. He’s not her boyfriend, yet she treats him like one. She’s so scary that even Yuuji is too scared to be committed with her.

16. Akane Hiyama from Love Tyrant

Credit: EMT Squared

Akane is a gorgeous red-haired tritagonist of the series. Like most Yandere, Akane’s looks can be very deceptive because her face looks so innocent, anyone would want to be with her. However, she is a psychopath who is nothing of what she looks like. Akane is insanely in love with her classmate, Seiji Aino.

However, Aino easily gets jealous and because of that, she attacks anyone who is romantically interested in Seiji. She will even kill anyone without hesitating who tries to date Seiji. She is willing to die for Seiji and would also hurt him if she feels betrayed by him. Seiji means everything to Akane and killing anyone else for him is very insignificant for her.

17. Kaede Kayano from Assassination Classroom

Credit: Lerche

Kaede Kayano deserves a place on this list because she is so crazy that she hid her personality for literally half of the anime series. She pretends to be the friendliest, sweetest, and most innocent girl while she had a way different motive behind being in the school.

Kaede was in the school because she thought Koro-sensei was responsible for her sister’s death and she wanted to kill Koro-sensei along with her classmates. The friendships and bond she had with her classmates, all meant nothing to her when it came to achieving her motive. However, what makes her crazy is that she went implanted tentacles in her neck so she could gain enough powers to kill Koro-sensei. Although implanting those tentacles would put her at risk of dying.

18. Misaki Nakahara from Welcome to the N.H.K.

Credit: Gonzo

Misaki Nakahara is like one of those girls from high school who go out of their way to help and act friendly in every way possible. However, that is what it looks like she’s doing at the start. In reality, she’s doing one of the most horrible things ever which is manipulating a mentally ill man. Misaki is a crazy and dangerous character because instead of hurting people physically, she manipulates them and takes advantage of their weaknesses.

Misaki starts showing sympathy towards the main character, Satou who is mentally ill. She gives him attention, cooks him meals, gives him counseling sessions, and tells him to leave his house. However, Misaki has a mental disorder herself and she manipulates Satou to help her with her depression. She only feels attached and wants to feel validated, so when Satou rejects her when she asks for a relationship, she commits suicide.

19. Saya Kisaragi from Blood-C

Credit: Production I.G

A character who goes through twists and turns in the story, Saya Kisaragi is the protagonist of the anime and she lives two opposite lives. Saya is a charismatic high school student who acts nice, friendly, and normal during the daytime at school. However, once it is night, Saya takes on the responsibility of murdering monsters from whom she has to protect her community.

Saya has two personalities. The first one is the Saya in her school who is loving and caring. The second one is in which she does not care about humans at all. In that personality, Saya hates humans and wants to drink their blood but she has a contract with someone due to which she cannot hurt humans.

The story takes a huge turn when it is revealed that Saya is a monster herself and there is a social experiment being tested on her to find out if nature can be changed. Either way, Saya’s actual personality is turned out to be the second one in which she loves murdering and hates humans.

20. Megumi Shimizu from Shiki

Credit: Daume

One thing for sure about Megumi is that she hates villages. She grew up in a village but had the personality of a city girl so she always said she hates the village and wants to leave it. The only two things she loves in her town are Natsuno Yuuki and a new mansion built in the village. Oh, and she is a Yandere so it can be guessed that she does not just “love” Natsuno but is crazy in love with him.

She would constantly stalk Natsuno by staring through his window while hiding in the bushes. The anime shows her love for him by showing literal heartbeats of Megumi every single time she sees Natsuno. She would become so excited if Natsuno would look towards her. Not only that, but Megumi would also eradicate anyone who becomes involved with Natsuno.

Finally, the list of crazy anime girlscomes to an end. However, there are many more enjoyable articles left for you to read. Hop onto our updated list of best cats in anime, best 90s anime, and best romance anime.