Cutest short anime girls — top 20 anime little girls

Adorable magic girls or thousand years old lolis, they are always the cutest in any show, see our top picks for the best anime little girls.

Little girls in anime are often the center of attention because of their cuteness and adorable personality, Anime little girls have gotten popular in recent years which is why we often see them in new-gen anime. We frequently cover new and popular topics here at AnimeTide, visit the top list section of the website to check out our extensive listicles.

There are all sorts of short anime girls, and it can be tough to rank them based on either the level of cuteness or their ability to take down giant monsters; in the end, their personalities or abilities don’t matter, the only thing that matters is that they’re able to put a smile on your face.

Anime little girls are more often in the slice-of-life genre, more specifically in Isekai fantasy romance comedies, see our top picks for the best romantic comedies that will make you fall in love with anime, and you’re in the mood for some old-school anime series; take a look at our curated list of legendary 90s anime that you will never forget.

So, let’s go over the best anime little girls.

Megumin from Konosuba

Credit: Studio Deen

True art is an explosion, now you might think that this is the philosophy of another bright young man; however, Megumin lives by the same code. She’s a crazy Arch Wizard who is better known for her explosion magic and only that, she came to the city of Axel to become an adventurer and make a name for herself, but nobody wants a crazy explosion freak in their party.

When she was a small kid, Megumin was saved by a busty older woman who used explosion magic, and ever since then, her fascination with the explosion magic has only grown, to a point where she’s committed to only using explosion magic. She stated she must cast explosion spells once per day or she will die.

Megumin is an eccentric little girl, she’s boastful about her clan and her efficiency at using explosion magic, and she has a fondness for naming inanimate objects.

Rikka Takanashi from Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions

Credit: Kyoto Animation

Rikka is the top-tier Chunibyo girl from the series, and she’s as cute as she is delusional. She’s the protagonist of the series who isn’t interested in anything that is normal, that includes basically everything. She refuses to accept reality and continues living inside her fantasy world.

Rikka loves to pretend that she can control things around her, her powers may be imaginative but her display is quite amazing. Rikka is fond of her lifestyle, so much so that she is desperate to start her own club which is all about empowering your imagination.

Even if she openly rejects reality and continues to live her life the way she wants, she understands things won’t be like this for long. She’s quite emotional and sensitive when confronted with reality.

Victorique De Bloise from Gosick

Credit: Bones

Victorique is the deuteragonist of the Gosick series, she’s the mysterious girl who’s more often lost in her books and prefers to spend her time in the library instead of hanging out with other students. Most of the students are unaware of her existence and treat her like a ghost.

Victorique is portrayed as someone who’s bored with her normal life, and always looks for ways to entertain herself, she’s extremely fond of Kazuya Kujo and keeps him by her side as an assistant to help solve mysteries.

Even though Victorique classifies as a tsundere, she’s known to be somewhat harsh and sarcastic when dealing with other people. She is naturally a charismatic person with the ability to manipulate others into doing what she wants.

Kanna Kamui from Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

Credit: Kyoto Animation

Kanna Kamui is the cutest dragon girl on this list, her overwhelming cuteness is adored by everyone around her and the anime community, she’s more commonly known as the dragon Loli in the fandom due to her short stature and child-like personality. She was exiled from the dragon realm due to her excessive pranks and came to Miss Kobayashi’s apartment, looking for Tohru.

She’s currently the only dragon who doesn’t belong to any of the factions, as she just wants to live her life having fun instead of fighting with other dragons. She initially disliked humans, believing them to be evil; however, after coming to the human realm and living with Kobayashi, she’s come to realize that humans aren’t anything like she thought.

Kanna may look like a tough cookie but she’s quite sensitive and doesn’t like violence, even a little. She’s come to love the world of humans and wants to live there forever with her new friend Saikawa.

Kanade Tachibana from Angel Beats

Credit: P.A.Works

Kanade Tachibana serves as the antagonist of the series; however, it soon becomes clear that she’s just like the rest of them, she’s trapped in the afterlife high school and she’s given the task to help everyone cope with their problems so they can get reincarnated into their next life. Kanade is the student council president of the Afterlife Highschool; however, everyone refers to her as the Angel because of her white wings and considers her the enemy because they believe she wants to make them disappear.

Kanade is deeply misunderstood, she’s a sweet girl who cares about everyone and only wishes to help them; she later reveals her plan to the entire group and eventually becomes a part of the After Battle Front.

Taiga Aisaka from Toradora

Credit: J.C.Staff

Up next, we have the queen of all tsundere, she’s the female protagonist of the series, she’s best known as the “palmtop tiger” due to her short stature and her incredibly short temper. Everyone in the school fears her and doesn’t want to come in her way ever as she has a reputation for being violet.

She may come off as some scary girl which is true to some extent; however, there’s much more to her than meets the eye. She’s actually in love with a guy which is why she acts all nice and cheerful in her class, she gets startled when Kitamura approaches her and often acts out of the ordinary.

Taiga has an extremely short temper, she can’t help getting angry over little things that offend her in any way, she also hates it when someone talks about her short stature or underdeveloped physique.

Shinobu Oshino from Bakemonogatari series

Credit: Shaft

Shinobu is by the far the fan-favorite girl from this list, she’s a cute blond loli vampire who’s able to change her form from teenager to an adult at her command. She can change her body into four different states, including her little girl form, a teen, and the well-known Kiss-Shot.

On the surface she does look like an ordinary anime little girl; however, she’s over 500 years old and quite scary if you make her mad. She loves to spend time with Koyomi even if she argues with him about every little thing, she especially hates it if he talks with another girl.

Shinobu is a bright young girl, she is always in a cheerful mood whenever she’s around Koyomi, she can be rather talkative, often declaring her dominance through her speech.

Serara from Log Horizon

Credit: Satelight

Serara is the cutest member of not just the Crescent Moon alliance but quite possibly the entire show, she’s a Human Druid-Housekeeper and incredibly good at doing house chores such as cleaning, and cooking, she’s also an efficient healer but she prefers to stay away from the battlefield.

One of her favorite people in all of Log Horizon is Nyanta who’s a Felinoid Swashbuckler-Chef, in other words, he’s a cat-human. Serara has a strong sense of responsibility, she understands that she may not be able to help others in battle so focuses on that the things she is good that.

Serara has a meek personality, she is often shy when talking to anyone new and gets flustered whenever some compliments her, especially if it’s Nyanta.

Naru Kotoishi from Barakamon

Credit: Kinema Citrus

The adorable Naru Kotoishi is the deuteragonist of the Barakamon series, she’s a little troublemaker who frequently visits Handa’s house to either annoy him or watch him do calligraphy. She doesn’t seem to understand what personal space means, and often causes trouble at his house.

She’s a cheerful little girl who is always full of energy and loves to play around with the other kids on the island. Even though she seems like a reckless kid, she knows when to stop and properly apologize for her mistakes.

Naru is an eccentric little girl with unique hobbies, she’s fond of catching bugs and collecting shells on the beach, and she’s also quite adventurous and likes to go on walks in the mountain.

Tanya Degurechaff from Saga of Tanya the Evil

Credit: NUT

Tanya Von Degurechaff is the protagonist of the series, she’s a terrifying anime little girl who’s managed to evade death countless times, she may look like an ordinary girl but there’s a lot more going on that nobody knows. She was initially a salaryman living in modern-day Japan; however, after losing his life in an accident, he was Isekai’d to a different world.

After being reborn, he soon understood the reality of his situation and realized that the only way to live a safe life is to join the military and climb up the ranks and secure himself a comfy position.

Tanya is cold, cunning, and manipulative; she initially didn’t care about anyone around and only cared about her own interest but soon became a caring commander.

Suzukaze Aoba from New Game!

Credit: Doga Kobo

Suzukaze Aoba is the protagonist of the series and the new game designer of Eagle Jump, she wakes up every day with a positive attitude and is excited to work at her favorite game company. She’s an excellent learner who’s able to quickly learn and adapt to new things, she’s currently the in-charge of character design because of her amazing art skills.

Ever since she was a kid, Suzuka had a deep love for games and always wanted to become a game designer and meet her favorite character designer Kou Yagami. She initially came off a bit awkward due to her low social skills but soon started to get along with her co-workers.

As the newest member of the company, Sukaze tends to get nervous around others and often mixes up her phrases. However, she’s a solid member of the team and takes her job seriously.

Miyano from Tanaka Kun is Always Listless


Miyano is as clueless as she is cute, she’s the most adorable character in the series who thinks too much and often gets lost in the details. She’s one of the female leads of the series and Tanaka’s secret admirer, she’s fond of Tanaka’s way of life and wants to become his apprentice so she can live a worry-free life just like him.

Miyano is a nice girl, she goes above and beyond to help her friends, especially if it’s Tanaka. She’s extremely loyal to him as she will help him with his listlessness and even yell at him for being an idiot, she may look oblivious but she’s good at reading the room.

Miyano is a cheerful young girl who is always in a happy mood and looks to make others smile as well; however, she’s insecure about many things and doubts herself at every step.

Komoe Tsukuyomi from A Certain Magical Index

Credit: J.C.Staff

Komoe Tsukuyomi may look like a 12-year-old girl but she’s the oldest character in the series, she’s the homeroom teacher of Class 7 and she deeply cares about her students, enough to go out of her way to help even outside of school. She’s also the most competent adult in the show; however, she does act childish sometimes.

Due to her childish appearance, squeaky voice, and her kid-like mannerisms, people often assume to be her child. However, she is an adult evidenced by the fact that her apartment is littered with beer cans and packs of cigarettes. She’s even allowed to drive a car, but can her feet can reach the breaks?

Futaba Igarashi from My Senpai is Annoying

Credit: Doga Kobo

Futaba Igarashi is the protagonist of the series, she’s a junior employee at her new company where she finds her workplace senior to be quite annoying, mainly because Takeda senpai always treats her like a kid; however, deep down she just wants him to acknowledge her as an equal and not someone who he has to take care of.

Futaba tends to work hard, she hates relying on others and sees this as a weakness; however, due to her lack of experience, she often messes up the assignments or gets confused. She’s also sensitive about her small stature and hates it when someone thinks of her as a kid.

Futaba cares about her job, she often stays extra hours and comes early to always be on time, and even though she doesn’t admit it, she is thankful to Takeda senpai for helping her.

Riko from Made in Abyss

Credit: Kinema Citrus

Riko is the protagonist of the series, her goal is to become a legendary white whistle cave rider so she can one day visit her mother down in the abyss. She is as optimistic as anyone can be and is eager to start her adventure; as a red whistle, she would enter the first layer and find minerals to sell.

Riko is not one for obeying the rules, she would often sneak into the deeper layers to see what is going on down there, she also believes in not giving up so, no matter how difficult the situation gets; she quickly uses her brain and thinks of a solution. She also keeps notes about the different layers and the dangers lurking there.

Suika from Dr. Stone

Credit: TMS/8PAN

Suika, more commonly known as “Detective Suika” is the cutest and the most adorable member of the Kingdom of Science. She plays the role of a scout and spies on the enemies with her advanced camouflage skills, she wears a melon helmet which helps her see better through the holes in the front, among many others, Suika suffers from poor eyesight or also known as the “Fuzzy Sickness”.

Suika is a sweet and caring little girl who’s always looking to help the Kingdom of Science, she’s driven by her desire to become helpful to others. She decided to help Senku because he was the only person who didn’t ask her the reason for wearing that mask or called her a weirdo.

Although Suika mainly helps with daily chores, she’s extremely reliable as a spy.

Filo from Rising of the Shield Hero

Credit: Kinema Citrus

Filo is the cute and adorable member of Naofumi’s party who’s won the heart of many fans with her child-like personality. She initially hatched into a Filolial bird and after traveling with the Shield Hero, she evolved into a Filolial queen, she is affectionate toward Naofumi and won’t let anyone harm him.

Despite her status as the Filolian queen, Filo is still a child at heart; she loves to make demands of both Naofumi and Raphtalia, acting as their child in a way; however, she gets extremely irritated if Naofumi doesn’t give her attention and constantly make demands of him.

Filo initially behaved like a wild bird who didn’t listen to any of Naofumi’s commands and proceed to make a mess of things but she’s gotten better at following orders and became a reliable member of the party.

Beatrice from Re:Zero Starting Life in Another World

Credit: White Fox

Beatrice is the mysterious girl who lives behind a door in Roswaal’s mansion, her sole responsibility is to take care of the forbidden library until she meets “That Person” who will break the curse and release her. She claims to have lived in the forbidden library for over 400 years.

Even though the door to the Library is difficult to locate, Beatrice doesn’t seem to care if someone accidentally steps into the library; however, if you touch or trip over anything, that is a different story. From all the people she’s met, Beatrice is only fond of Puck.

Even though she seems selfish and arrogant, she does care about others, and even though she prefers to be alone, she does get lonely sometimes.

Umaru Doma from Himouto! Umaru Chan

Credit: Doga Kobo

Umaru chan is the iconic little sister, she’s the protagonist of the series who has two separates mode, one for her social life which is the textbook definition of a perfect teenage girl, and the other is her Himouto form which literally means “dried-fish little sister” that is referring to the way she behaves at home.

She holds an upstanding image of herself outside of her home, she’s an A+ student in her school and her grades are the highest in her class, she’s also very helpful in public, rushing to help anyone in need, and she’s admired by everyone around her and everyone wants to be her friend.

However, when she’s at home, Umaru changes into her toddler form where she lays on a pillow all day, eating potato chips and watching anime, It’s surprising how she manages good grades.

Rory Mercury from Gate: Thus the JSDF Fought There

Credit: A-1 Pictures

She may look like a 12-year-old girl, Rory is one of the oldest entries on this list, she’s a walking grim reaper who will take anyone’s life if they offend the god she serves, Emroy. As an apostle for the god of darkness, she represents violence, war, and death; however, after living her life this way for hundreds of years, Rory is in search of something new and exciting.

She was immediately taken by the appearance of the JSDF and decided to join them on their adventure around the world, she has a strong sense of justice and always tries to help others during her travels with them.

Rory is a scary individual as she doesn’t think twice before taking someone’s life, she’s also extremely kind and looks to help people in their time of need. she’s fond of Youji Itami and enjoys teasing him.

We hope that you liked our top picks for the best anime little girls, every girl is quite adorable and cute in one way or another. If you’re someone who loves seeing animals in anime, especially cats, take a look at our list of the best cats in anime.