Deadman Wonderland Season 2: Release date, news and rumors

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Deadman Wonderland, an anime that captured the hearts of millions of readers and watchers all across the globe with its captivating storyline, animation, character development, suspense, and mystery, compelling readers to wait impatiently for the release of the next manga volume.

Written by Jinsei Kataoka and illustrated by Kazuma Kondou, the license for the animated series was given to Manglobe studios. The Manga has 13 volumes, of which five volumes were released in North America before the company closed down its publishing division in 2011. The anime adaption was released in 2011 between April and July, including 21 chapters from the manga.

Is there a possibility of Deadman Wonderland Season 2?

Let’s find out.

What happened so far in Deadman Wonderland

Credit: Manglobe

The post-apocalyptic anime is notorious for its thrilling, nerve-wracking plot that showed no intention of removing its foot from the acceleration. Because of this, otakus worldwide have shown love for anime and manga.

The anime starts with the perfectly balanced life of a high school boy Ganta Igarashi, but everything turns red for the young boy when all the children of his class are brutally murdered by the ‘Red Man’ as Ganta describes him. All fingers pointing at poor Ganta, he was sent to a private prison known as ‘Deadman Wonderland,’ where the prisoners are made to wear collars and do different activities to earn a certain sweetness that gives them a few days to live. It doesn’t take Ganta long to understand how things are run around the prison, which is like a secret gladiator game, better known as carnival corpse, where prisoners have to complete life-threatening challenges to win. Ganta is aided by a petite yet strong girl named Shiro, who seems to know Ganta from their childhood, but he does not remember. Shiro sticks with Ganta and helps him with every challenge that comes their way, and saves his life countless times.

While trying to survive prison life, Ganta gets obsessed with the ‘Red man’ and tries to find him to clear his name, and during the journey, he finds out that he can manipulate his own blood and turn it into a weapon. Thus, he becomes part of the prison’s Deadman’, a small group that possesses the ability to manipulate their blood as they will. He is then made to participate in a fight to the death competition, where spectators pay large sums of money to watch the match. In it, he befriends many of the competitors, and through their help, he seeks his journey to find the ‘Red man’ and uncover the dark secrets of the prison and its owner.  The prison is divided into different sectors from A to F, but there is a special sector known as G where the Deadman are kept and made to compete in bloodthirsty competitions against their will. There is also a secret laboratory where inmates are tortured and mentally disturbed. However, the cruelest feature of sector G is the punishment for losing in a competition if you already haven’t been killed; the punishment ranges from eyes being pulled out of sockets, intestines being pulled out, legs, arms, hair, and many more body parts being cut off. In this way, winning is a must. Ganta also joins a rebellion organization that plans to leave the facility and disclose all of its secrets to the world outside of the hell that Deadman Wonderland is.

During the plans, Ganta practices his new ability with the help of crow, who is one of the strongest deadmen in the facility, and slowly Ganta gets fleeting images of his past life with his mother and even of Shiro when they were children and how Shiro used to always be there for him. In short, Shiro holds two personalities, one as the loving, caring girl who would do anything to make Ganta happy and the other as the ‘Red man’ that Ganta is after.

The anime ends as a cliffhanger leaving fans agitated and unhappy over the ending of Season 1, it was later found out through the manga that Shiro murdered Ganta’s whole classmates because she was unhappy with Ganta being away from her and she having to stay at Deadman Wonderland her whole life. Season one ends incomplete with Ganta’s friends being killed in front of his eyes as they tried to escape the prison and Ganta still not knowing about the true identity of the Red man.

What is going on with Studio Manglobe?

Credit: Manglobe

Studio Manglobe was in charge of the animation team of Deadman Wonderland. Still, they were heavily criticized for not doing the anime justice and rushing the anime too far away from the manga’s storyline, thus omitting many characters and leaving the main theme of the manga out.

Sadly, the studio went bankrupt on September 29, 2015, and removed its website, The Anime! Anime! Bizz website reported that its loss was because it was knees deep in 350 million yen debt. Before their bankruptcy, they created many notable animes like Deadman Wonderland, House of Five Leaves, Karneval, Samurai Flamenco, and their last production, Gangsta, in 2015.

What do we know about Deadman Wonderland Season 2 so far?

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After being left on a cliffhanger in season 1, the otaku world faced further sadness and dismay with the knowledge that there would be no Season 2 for Deadman Wonderland as the studio in charge of its production went bankrupt.

It is sad news, but at the same time, we realized that apart from the studio being bankrupt, the production for Season 2 was not possible owing to different reasons. Nevertheless, this anime sold over 76 000 copies and ranked 5 in the Japanese Comics ranking.   

What are fans saying about Deadman Wonderland Season 2 so far?

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The poor review by the fans over Deadman Wonderland season 1 demotivated the producers to continue the storyline with Season 2 since the fans dubbed the anime as ‘poorly executed’ as it held minimal similarity with the original manga and missed out on many parts of the story and characters that would have been included in Season 2. Some otaku fans who have not read the manga and have just watched the anime find it a wonderful anime but only have issues with Season 2 not being released.

Will there be Deadman Wonderland Season 2?

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We can only hope for such a miracle from God, but it seems unlikely that there would be a season two for the anime. With the terrible reviews by the manga fans over Season 1, producers did not take the initiative to start work on Season 2 and left it that way only.

On top of that, there have not been enough sales of the manga volumes, and the older producers rushed 5 volumes in Season 1, thus making it difficult to take the anime in a more strong and detailed manner in the next season. Like many other things, the fans lost hope at the prospects of a Season 2 in the future.

When will Deadman Wonderland Season 2 be released?

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We are sad to announce that Deadman Wonderland Season 2 will not be released in the future because the studio that was in charge of it went bankrupt back in 2015. As hurtful as it is, we have to make ends meet by reading the manga to remove the cliffhanger that the anime left us on.

What can we expect in Season 2 of the Anime?

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If there were supposed to be a Season 2, we most likely would get to see Ganta’s reaction to knowing Shiro was the Red man and was the one who murdered all his classmates in cold blood. He will also develop a stronger control over his newfound ability to manipulate his blood. Finally, he will find a way to defeat Shiro and answer why she did all of it and ruined his life?

There are many unanswered questions and so many road blockers, but one fact is for sure, and we will not be getting Season 2 in the future. A big thumbs down from all of us who are saddened by the disappointments.