Death Note Season 2: Release date, news and rumors

Credit: Madhouse

It has been fifteen years since Death Note first premiered, and it remains one of the most successful anime ever. It is almost impossible to find an anime fan who has never watched Death Note. The anime is based on a manga series called Death Note, written by Tsugumi Ohba and illustrated by Takeshi Obata. It is produced by Madhouse, which is a very well-known production house.

Death Note falls in the genre of drama, crime, horror, thriller, and mystery. It has an unpredictable storyline which is confirmed to keep your eyes hooked to the screen. Much new anime has been created after being inspired by Death Note, but none are equally good.

Despite Death Note Season 1 ending long ago, including a very satisfying end that most critics appreciated, Death Note fans are still hoping for a Season 2 to relive a similar experience. Will the fans be bestowed with Death Note Season 2 anytime soon?

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What happened so far in Death Note

Credit: Madhouse

Death Note follows the story of a simple high school named Light Yagami, the most intelligent student in his school. One day, he finds a notebook named “Death Note” belonging to Ryuk, a Shinigami. The notebook allows the writer to kill anyone simply by writing their name on the notebook. All they need to know is the person’s name and face.

Light decides to bring justice to the world by killing any criminal he knows of, and soon he becomes a famous anonymous killer known as “Kira.” The police and government become suspicious of him and appoint a genius detective L Lawliet to find his true identity. The battle begins between some of the two most brilliant characters in anime history from that point onwards.

Death Note continued for thirty-seven episodes, during which both the characters fight their level best with their wits to win. Light joins L Lawliet’s task force to find Kira to win by putting everyone’s suspicion away from him. However, little does he know that L is not the only one capable of bringing him down.

What is going on with Madhouse?

Credit: Madhouse

After completing the production of Death Note Season 1, Madhouse remained an action studio and worked on more than thirty projects. Some of their notable projects were Hunter X Hunter, No Game No Life, and One-Punch Man season 1.

Their most recent project is The Vampire Dies in No Time, which will be premiered in October. Apart from that, Madhouse is also currently working on Overlord Season 4.

What do we know about Death Note Season 2 so far?

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The manga chapters had ended with the same end as the anime. But in February 2020, the masterminds behind Death Note, writer Tsugumi Ohba and illustrator Takeshi Obata released an eighty-seven page one of a special manga called Death Note Special One-Shot (2020). The manga received many positive reviews from readers, and if fans are lucky, this may be the foundation of Death Note Season 2.

What are fans saying about Death Note Season 2?

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Fans do wish for a Season 2, but they have very low hopes about it being released as they haven’t heard any official news regarding Season 2 in all these years, and as the manga has ended as well.

While some fans believe that if a Death Note Season 2 were released, it would be the storyline of Light as a Shinigami, who would misuse his power by dropping his Death Note in the human world and making a human take the role of Kira and follow the orders of Light to kill anyone he wants to kill.

Will there be a Death Note Season 2?

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Even a decade after its release, Death Note is considered the best anime of all time. The manga has sold 30 million copies worldwide, but the question is, why hasn’t there been a Season 2 yet?

The reason behind the delay in Season 2 is the lack of source material. Death Note has 108 chapters total in twelve tankōbon volumes. The Death Note anime adaptation has already used up all the source material, so there is none to make a Season 2.

Don’t worry, and there is good news. In February 2020, Death Note Special One-Shot (2020) was released by the manga creators. Since a sequel was finally released so many years after the ending of Death Note, it may be a sign that the creators are planning to use this as source material for Death Note Season 2.

When will Death Note Season 2 be released?

One and a half-decade has passed since Death Note Season 1 ended, but only three video games and five live-action film series have been released as a spin-off of the anime, and a manga sequel had been released as well in 2020.  However, since there hasn’t been any official announcement of a Death Note Season 2, its probability remains low.

What can we expect in Season 2 of Death Note?

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Season 2 of Death Note is currently not confirmed, so there are no plot details available. However, if there was a Death Note Season 2 released, the plot is most likely to be of the manga sequel Death Note: Special One-Shot. The sequel has an exciting plot, ten years ahead of the time of Death Note Season 1. If lucky, fans may even get to see some Season 1 character ten years after Kira is gone.

If Season 2 uses the source material of Death Note: Special One Shot, then we will see the return of Ryuk in the human world, who again drops his Death Note in the human world, which is obtained by a middle-school student named Minoru Tanaka who is also as intelligent and farsighted as Light Yagami. Minoru uses his powers to entice or blackmail some of the Nation’s most powerful leaders.

The plot of this sequel seems to be a perfect choice after Season 1, if Kira doesn’t exist anymore, what he did to the world was revolutionary, and he became popular worldwide. While some may dislike Kira, many people praised him as well for providing justice to people. Predictably, Kira would have become an inspiration to a few people, even generations after him.