Death Parade Season 2: Release date, news and rumors

Credit: Madhouse

It has been six years since the release of Death Parade, a unique anime that lets viewers experience fascinating games held in the afterlife. Death Parade has been written, created, and directed by Yuzuru Tachikawa and produced by Madhouse. The anime series originates from Death Billiards, a short film. 

After its release, death Parade became a massive hit and became one of the season’s most popular anime. Fans pressured the studio so much for creating another season that they had to give in and promise the fans a Season 2.

So, when will Death Parade Season 2 come out? Continue reading to find out.

What happened so far in Death Parade

Credit: Madhouse

After their death, people are sent in a pair of two to strange bars where a bartender serves as an arbiter in a tower in the afterlife. The dead people, known as guests, play a game against each other with their souls on the line. The guests do not remember they have died, but slowly, the memories of their life begin to flashback. As the game progresses, the darkest side of people begins to uncover, which the arbiter uses to judge if the souls should be reincarnated or sent to void.

According to rules, Arbiters are not supposed to have any emotions. But the main character, Decim, is an Arbiter who has emotions. Along with him is his assistant, Chiyuki, a human who Decim could not give judgment because she remembered that she had died and would not agree to play the games.

At the end of the Death Parade, Decim finally decides to give judgment to Chiyuki. He takes her to the lowest level on the tower and shows her the childhood house where her mother is grieving over losing her. But Chiyuki’s mother is unable to see her. Chiyuki becomes emotional, and Decim allows her to come back to life in exchange for another person’s life if she presses a button. Chiyuki wants to come back to live badly, but she cannot press the button, thinking someone out there is crying for the life of the person she will exchange life with for herself.

Chiyuki begs Decim to press the button. But then the whole scenery breaks and Decim apologizes for making up all of this to judge Chiyuki. Decim cries while hugging Chiyuki because he’s sad seeing her in pain, and then he sends her to reincarnation. Afterward, two new guests arrive, and Decim continues to serve as an Arbiter with Chiyuki’s dummy sitting next to him.

What is going on with Madhouse?

Credit: Madhouse

After completing the production of Death Parade, Madhouse remained an active studio. It worked on various projects each year, including Overlord, One Punch Man, Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card, and No Guns Life. Their recent project is Police in a Pod which is supposed to be premiered in 2022.

What do we know about Death Parade Season 2 so far?

Credit: Madhouse

Due to the high demand by Death Parade fans for a Season 2, Madhouse did promise that another season would be released and said it would be happening in 2016. However, after that, the studio did not give any updates about Season 2. It said that there are currently some issues that they need to handle.

So far, no rumors or further information has been leaked surrounding Death Parade Season 2 either.

What are fans saying about Death Parade Season 2?

Credit: Madhouse

After Death Parade Season 1, the internet became filled with questions and discussions about Season 2. Fans have different opinions about Season 2, but some fans believe Death Parade had a definitive end, so it does not require a sequel.

Fans are of the opinion, and the first season had enough content and did not prolong the story. This could have made the plot boring, so the fans are questioning how the story would further be executed if Season 2 was released.

Will there be Death Parade Season 2?

Credit: Madhouse

As mentioned above, Madhouse had announced there would be a Death Parade Season 2. However, six years have passed, and there has been no official news about Season 2. There are a few factors that put doubts that there will be a Death Parade Season 2.

Firstly, Madhouse is known for only produce one season.

Secondly, Death Parade has a lack of source material for having a Season 2. Unlike other anime, Death Parade was not based on manga but a short film. Death Parade season one already expanded the concepts from the movie, leaving no content left for a sequel. Thus, a sequel with no current source material would require a lot more time and effort, which the creators may not be willing to put in for Season 2.

However, Death Parade did receive a lot of popularity and success, which could have encouraged the creators for a Season 2. The anime received an 8.18 ranking on MyAnimelist based on over 750,000 votes. It had an above-average BD/DVD sales of 1000 BD items per week.

But even though the first season was profitable, the chances of Madhouse making a second season is low. There is no source material, no Season 2 updates in six years, and the first season concluded the story, so a second season is not required to finish the story either. Hence, it can be concluded that Death Parade will not be having a Season 2.

When will Death Parade Season 2 be released?

Credit: Madhouse

Sadly, there has been no official announcement regarding the release date yet. Neither Madhouse nor Yuzuru Tachikawa has spoken a word about another season in the past four years. Considering the factors above, the creators may not be wanting to create another season.

What can we expect in Season 2 of Death Parade?

Credit: Madhouse

In the last season, a more emotional side of Decim was shown. He learned from Chiyuki that his method of passing judgment hasn’t been correct, and there is more to humans than the dark side, which he pulls out of people by putting them in such a difficult situation.

Season 2 may depict, Decim functioning differently as an arbiter and passing on judgments based on what Chiyuki taught him. Many more interesting humans and games will be shown, and Decim’s changed behavior towards them would make the shown much more fascinating.

Furthermore, Chiyuki was the main character in Season 1 and a favorite character of many fans. Hence, in Season 2, Chiyuki may return to the afterlife, and fans would get to the events and memories of Chiyuki’s second life and see how her personality has changed. It would probably be one of the most awaited anime moments.