Domestic Girlfriend Season 2: Release date, news and rumors

Credit: Diomedéa

Eager to find out about Domestic Girlfriend Season 2?

Today we’ll be taking a long look at what happened in the show, the studio behind it, and the possibility of a second season. So let’s get into this!

What happened up so far in Domestic Girlfriend

Credit: Diomedéa

The story follows a guy called Natsuo Fujii. Natsuo is a high school student and is hopelessly in love with his teacher Hina. It’s his teacher, and he knows nothing can happen; he gets frustrated. He agrees to a mixer and ends up meeting Rui Tachibana, an odd but cute girl. She invites him to sneak out, and they go to her house. There she asks him to sleep with her. 

Natsuo is still a virgin and has never been with a girl. He hesitates at first, but since his “true love” can never actually happen, he decides to go for it. He loses his virginity to Rui Tachibana. Afterward, he learns about his fathers’ plans to remarry a certain woman and that she’ll come live with them from this night onward. When she arrives, she’s with her two daughters Rui and Hina. Needless to say, Natsuo’s shocked. Rui and Hina are sisters. Now, not only will his feelings be conflicted because he’s in love with his teacher but because they’re his step-siblings, and they’re sisters of all things. Rui even joins the same school as Natsuo, and they’re in the same class with Hina as a teacher.

After Natsuo sleeps with Rui, they develop a closeness and spend more time together. Hina notices this and slowly starts developing feelings for Natsuo as well. They get into a secret relationship because it would be trouble for both of them if the school found out.

By the end of the series Natsuo, although still conflicted and loving, both sisters still can’t quite decide. However, the school decides for him as they find out about his relationship with Hina. She takes all the blame to prevent him from ruining his future, transferring to other schools, and whatnot. She then disappears without a word, and the only thing she leaves is a heartbreaking letter for Natsuo. He gets heartbroken and can’t live down the fact that his love will never work out. Rui and his other classmates try to encourage him to get up on his feet. He turns to write. This becomes an outlet for his pent-up emotions, and this ends up leading to some positive changes for him.

What’s Studio Diomedéa’s current status?

Credit: Diomedéa

The studio behind Domestic Girlfriend is called Diomedéa Studio. It used to be called Studio Barcellona, but it changed. It was founded on October 5, 2005, by Makoto Kohara. It has done many anime series over the years and is still going strong.

These series include: “Riddle story of the Devil”; “Sky wizards a¨cademy”; “The lost village” and of course “Domestic Girlfriend.” Domestic girlfriend was released on January 12, 2019, and continued until March 30, the same year. After the end of the first season, the studio has released 2 more series. The first being Ahiro no Sora, and the latest one is “The saints’ magic power is omnipotent,” which ended in June of 2021. 

The studio is currently working on a series called Futsal Boys that will be available sometime in 2022. The two anime series after Domestic girlfriend are the only two projects the studio has released until then. They’re currently at work and are still going. Their latest project was scheduled for 2021, but due to some issues, it’s been delayed for 2022.

What do we know about Domestic Girlfriend Season 2?

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Unfortunately, when the writer Kei Sasuga was asked about it by fans on Twitter, she gave a direct response and flat out said that there are no plans for a Season 2. She said there wouldn’t be Season 2 and that she’ll just be continuing her manga series.

Season 1 was released on many televisions such as MBS, TBS, AT-X, and ATV. It was also released on Animelab and Crunchyroll for international viewers. The anime has 12 episodes and adapts the first 8 volumes of the manga series. The manga currently has 28+ volumes released. So source material is present. HIDIVE announced that they would create an English Dub for the animes’ first season. There’s also a lot of demand for Season 2. In April of 2020, the manga had sold 3 million copies. Not to mention that the anime is still up in popularity as its highest point was in February 2021.

In short, there’s a lot of demand for the show. There’s enough source material for a couple of more seasons. The only setbacks are that the studio is currently working on something else and that the author isn’t thinking about Season 2 at all and just plans to continue with her manga series. Meaning it’s improbable for it to happen.

What do fans have to say about this?

Credit: Diomedéa

Fans are obviously devastated by the announcement that the show’s not continuing. The fanbase is big enough and is still growing as there are Youtubers that talk about it, theories about new content for the manga, and psychological analyses of the characters. People vent a lot on forums as they’re angry about the show not continuing. But overall, fans still love the show and are hopeful that someday it may happen. There have been rumors going around that maybe it’s because of an argument between the author and the studio, but so far, they’re just rumors. It’s easy for people to spread information like this when they’re highly emotional.

Even though Season 2 is not something to look forward to, the dubbed version of the anime and rewatching it are always new ways to enjoy it. Also, the manga is so far past the anime in terms of content. Even though the reading manga isn’t for everyone, it might be a good option if you enjoyed the show.