EDENS ZERO filler list for September 2022

Credit: J.C.Staff

Edens Zero is a Japanese anime about an orphan boy named Shiki Granbell who gets swept up into the adventure of his life when he goes on board Edens and a ship made to travel through space in search of Mother. This show has twenty-one episodes and no fillers!

The Sakura cosmos is a surreal spacefaring universe where humans, aliens, and robots share the planets. There are many small dimensions that can be found within it all with different landscapes from futuristic to classic fantasy combined in some cases like cybernetic dragons or monsters called Chronophages which devour entire worlds by permanently rewinding their time.

The Edens Zero series takes place across this strange yet beautiful world inhabited by various life forms such as ourselves and rife for danger just waiting around every corner due to its vastness being open-ended so players do not know what might come next.