Fire Force filler list for September 2022

Credit: David Production

In 2019, a new anime series called Fire Force premiered on television. The show features Shinra Kusakabe as the protagonist with pyrokinetic abilities who is determined to join Special Fire Company 8 and fight against infernals to prevent them from harming any more people again after they destroyed his family twelve years ago. There are forty-eight episodes, and there is no filler.

Shinra Kusakabe, a youth who gained the nickname “Devil’s Footprints for his ability to ignite at will,” joins Special Fire Force Company 8 in Tokyo of Year 198, fighting against Spontaneous Human Combustion or Infernals which turn humans into living flames.

The first generation is caused by spontaneous human combustion. It possesses limited manipulation skills, but later generations gain more control over their abilities while retaining form as before except when attacking with intense heat without feet contact.