Food Wars! The Third Plate filler list for September 2022

Credit: J.C.Staff

The 3rd season of Food Wars! was released in 2017. The show has twenty-four episodes and no filler episodes.

The third season of “Food Wars” is broken into two parts. The first part covers the Moon Festival when Soma Yukihira challenges Council of Ten Masters member Terunori Kuga to a challenge where they must see who can raise more money during three days in order to win. At the end, Erina Nakiri’s father Azami Nakri takes over Totsuki and reforms it by eliminating independent groups within Totsuki including Polaris Dorm.

In the second part of the series, Central targets Soma’s group for expulsion because they have succeeded in defending Polaris Dorm against Azami. Eventually, a Shokugeki is held between them to overthrow Azami as headmaster and it ends with victory for Soma’s rebels.