God Eater Season 2: Release date, news and rumors

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God Eater derived from the video game ‘God Eater,’ directed by Takayuki Hirao and produced by Hikaru Kondo. Ufotable Studio initially took up the animation but was later taken over by MVM Films, who released the last 9 episodes after a week’s delay.

The anime aired on September 28, 2009, on Tokyo MX, BS 11, and other stations. After the 9th episode, aired studio Ufotable was replaced by studio MVM Films due to unscheduled episode release dates and budget issues; the last 4 episodes were released in March 2016. Many fans have compared the anime to the famous anime series Attack on Titan due to its plot concept and overall review.

What happened so far in God Eater

Credit: Ufotable

It is the year 2071 where there are supergiant monsters known as Aragami, who travel the lands attacking anyone or anything that moves. A specialized team known as God Eaters uses specialized weapons called God Arcs powered by Oracle Cells, which also make up the cells of the monsters Aragami. God Eater and Attack On Titan (AOT) have many similarities, such as monsters roaming the land, people living in walled cities, and trained forces to protect the people.

God eater has a special blend of animation and storyline where the characters have flashbacks, thus, giving us a brief but detailed understanding of the situation and how the past was. The anime tells the story of Lenka Utsugi, who is basically an amateur fighter and has a deep desire to wipe out all the Aragami from the face of the heart. Being useless in terms of fighting and defending, Lenka takes lessons from the captain of the first squad Lindow Amamiya, who teaches him everything he knows. The first team is tasked to kill the giant Vajra type Aragami named Pita, the king of all the giants. The merciless Aragami possesses human-like intelligence and can sense and read all the attacks of the first team.

In the last episodes, Lenka and Lindow fight off the Vajras, but Lindow notices that a signaling device is distracting the Vajras and so he sets out alone to find it and comes face to face with Dyaus Pita. He fights it alone head-on and gives the others enough time to save the villagers. Lenka and the others were able to save the villagers but were hurt and shocked to see Dyaus Pita emerge from the outskirts, but Lindow did not follow him, showing that he had been killed. Enraged and this time out for blood Lenka kills the Dyaus Pita but faints due to an extensive Oracle erosion. After recovering, Lenka becomes the new captain of the first team and leads his teammates to destroy the rest of the Aragamis.

What is going on with Studio Mvm Films and Ufotable?

Credit: Ufotable

God Eater was first animated by studio Ufotable, who did quite an impressive amount of work on the anime with realistic animation of the characters and the background. All the Aragami were CGI made, while the characters and the background were specifically made by hand (watercolors), the characters stood out from the background. They gave a realistic gameplay type of look. Studio Ufotable, however, was not able to complete the whole anime and had to leave it in between episode 9 due to episode release dates and budget issues. The anime was then taken over by Studio MVM Films, who did little to no changes to the art style and animation of God Eater and took the anime with equal care and perfection as its previous episodes.

Currently, Ufotable in March 2019 was found to be tax-evading, and the Tokyo police department searched their offices. In 2020 both the studio and company founder were charged with violation of the Corporation Tax Act, and in 2021, the owner was again charged with evading 137 million yen tax.

Studio MVM Films are a British licensor and distributor of Japanese animation. They took up the work for the next four episodes of God Eater. They have worked on various other projects such as Berserk, Amnesia, 11-Eyes, after the rain, and many more.

What do we know about God Eater Season 2 so far?

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After Studio Ufotable was replaced by MVM Films studio, they delayed the release of the last four episodes as they did all the artwork by hand and CGI. Ufotable has not worked on any anime as they have been in deep waters due to tax evasion.

They have not released any news or updates regarding Season 2 for God Eater, there were some rumors regarding Season 2 being released in 2019, but like many rumors, they were untrue. It’s late 2021, and where are still to expect an official release date for Season 2. During that time, the second and third sequels were released of the video game.

What are fans saying about God Eater Season 2?

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Unlike the usual anime series adapted from the manga, God Eater was adapted from the game. This gave fans more chance to watch the anime band to play it and enjoy the ploy while side-by-side experiencing what the characters felt. Fans have expressed love for the realistic animation, which blended perfectly, the CGI, and the plot, which was captivating beyond their expectations. They have expressed similarity between the game and the anime, saying that ‘if you played the game, you’d feel right at home.’ The Otaku fans are waiting impatiently for season 2 of the series and have their fingers crossed for the studio to start its production.

Will there be God Eater Season 2?

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Realistically there should be a Season 2 for God Eater as there is enough material and content for its production. The game developers Bandai Namco, Shift, and Marvelous Inc. released the 2 sequels already and have allowed gamers to play the game in its full swing. The anime sold over 1105 DVD and BD+game in its first week. According to google trends, God Eater is still a highly searched anime even in 2021, with over 60+ searches monthly.

When will God Eater Season 2 be released?

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There have been no official announcements so far from the producers or game developers for a Season 2. Studio Ufotable has been busy clearing up their tax evasion problems that they have been avoiding since 2017, while Studio MVM Films have taken up other ventures and have not given any details or clues of a possible season 2 for God Eater.

What can we expect in Season 2 of God Eater?

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God Eater Season 2 will most probably feature Lenka Utsugi as the new commander of the first team after the death of their previous captain Lindow. According to rumors, we can expect the returning of Lindow, whom we thought was killed by the Giant King, and the introduction of a new character. God Eater Season 2 is unlikely to be released, but the fans can enjoy the 2 sequels already released by the game developers.