Best green hair anime characters — top 20 boys & girls 2023

Credit: Madhouse / J.C.Staff

 One thing anime fans enjoy the most about anime is the colorfulness. From their extravagant dresses to their eye colors, hairstyles, and hair colors, all are of different colors and combinations which makes anime so fun to watch. The character design oftentimes signifies something about the character as well. Green hair anime characters are also very common in anime. In this top list, we will be talking about the best anime characters with green hair.

Anime creators often create green hair anime characters to make them stand out and show them as powerful and distinct characters. Fans also love these characters because of their cool personality and character design. Keep reading this article to find out which are the top 20 green-haired anime boys and girls which fans adore.

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1. Roronoa Zoro from One Piece

Credit: Toei Animation

There is no surprise that Zoro is on the number one spot on this list. Oda took Zora’s style to a next level by making him fight with a sword in his. There is no doubt that it makes him look much cooler. I mean, Zora is a badass with a style like none other. Zoro is the ideal vice-captain for the straw hats.  He is a very skilled fighter but what makes him inspiring is his courage and determination.

However, the most admirable quality of Zoro is his loyalty. He is the one loyal man we all wish we could get our hands on. He also keeps Luffy and the rest of the crew in check as he can give them a good spanking when needed. Zoro is strong yet he is aware that he is not perfect. That makes him wise which is why he is a great leader and advisor. Oh, and his light green hair makes him look like he’s not someone ordinary.

2. Izuku Midoriya from My Hero Academia

Credit: Bones

Here comes one of the current most popular anime characters, Izuku Midoriya. One can describe his story by the phrase “from zero to hero”. Deku was born without a quirk but after a lot of prayers and luck, he was able to “literally” walk in the footsteps of his idol. Izuku has trained extremely hard to get more powerful.

Fans love and praise Izuku for his insane amount of determination to become the best hero and to save the ones in need no matter what. There couldn’t have been a better protagonist for the anime than Izuku. Fun fact, “Midori” means green, and “ya” means valley, so Midoriya’s name means green valley. Kind of reflective of the color of his hair.

3. Gon Freecss from Hunter x Hunter

Credit: Nippon Animation

An unforgettable green hair anime boy who is loved by all, none other than Gon Freecss. Anyone who has watched Hunter x Hunter adores Gon. He is a super cute boy with a pure, innocent heart. Gon is charismatic and loves almost everyone. He is willing to do anything for his friends, even putting his life in danger. Although he’s usually sweet and loving, there is only one person he truly hates for whom he became a very, very scary person. Yes, that is Pitou.

Gon is optimistic and very powerful. He trains hard and his Nen abilities are one of the best in the show. However, no matter what Gon goes through, he doesn’t change and remains a wonderful kid. Also, he makes the cutest duo with Killua.

4. C.C. from Code Geass

Credit: Sunrise

I know you’re happy seeing this name here, so am I. C.C. is one of the most loved female anime characters. There is hardly anyone who doesn’t love this green-haired beauty. C.C is a very important character in the anime. After all, she’s the one to give the Geass to Lelouch. However, the real reason behind that is revealed later which is truly heartbreaking, making us feel more love and sympathy for her.

C.C. is a quiet character and rarely shows her emotions, that too only to Lelouch. She probably loves nothing more in this world than a pizza. C.C. is there when needed and her character is very well developed. She has an awful background story which explains why she usually looks all sad, but still, at least she didn’t go berserk on humanity.

5. Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck from Bleach

Credit: Pierrot

Nell first appeared in her child form and is mostly seen in that form. She soon became attached to Ichigo and calls him “Itsugo”. When she’s in her child form she usually lisps and looks overly cute. But when she is back to her adult form, it is obvious that things are about to get serious and scary.

Most Hollows kill people out of the need for survival. But Nell thinks the opposite because she believes that Shinigami are the evil ones. Nell continuous to have overflowing affection for Ichigo, despite being in his child or adult form. Although Nell seems to dislike combat and is different from other Hollows. She is in favor of combat only if it is to protect loved ones or for self-defense. She will stop fighting an opponent if they are too weak to fight back or disabled.

6. Tatsumaki from One Punch Man

Credit: Madhouse / J.C.Staff

What’s better than a Tsundere Lolita? A Tsundere Lolita is an S-class superheroine. Although fans and the anime’s characters often mistake her to be a child because she has a small body and baby face, she is indeed 28 years old. She is full of pride and has a bratty attitude but she never wavers from completing her duty as a hero.

Tatsumaki is one difficult character to have around and she is certainly not someone to be messed with. But everyone still loves her because her appearance is adorable, she’s strong and her sassy attitude makes her look more attractive. She loves defeating villains and if the Hero Association does not find her a villain, she’ll go out by herself searching for villains to beat.

7. Lubbock from Akame Ga Kill

Credit: White Fox

A smile on his face and a woman on his mind. This describes Lubbock the best. In a show full of dark elements and many sad moments, Lubbock keeps the lightheartedness in Akame Ga Kill. He is always cracking jokes and is trying to find ways to peep on girls when they’re in the bath. Lubbock is full of perviness but when it comes to fighting, he takes it seriously.

Although Lubbock flirts with his female enemies and boasts about his power during fights, he is well aware of his limits. That is why he doesn’t feel shy about running away when he knows he cannot win the fight. But Lubbock won’t give up easily and give his all in combat. He is very loyal to Night Raid, especially because he is in love with its leader, Najenda.

8. Spike Spiegel from Cowboy Bebop

Credit: Sunrise

Some people might have not noticed but Spike Spiegel has dark green hair, which is why he’s here at this spot. Spike and Jet Black are bounty hunters which work together by capturing fleeing criminals from moons and planets in the solar system. Spike also has a very pure and good heart. He is willing to go out of his way to help others without wanting anything in return.

Spike has a lot of talents and abilities. He has very good sleight of hand techniques of which he takes full advantage. He is skilled in using weapons and is also good in martial arts and hand-to-hand combat. He is a very good pilot as well and he pilots the Swordfish II.

9. Kaede Kayano from Assassination Classroom

Credit: Lerche

Kaede’s character was one of the biggest surprises in Assassination Classroom. At first, she is like the sweetest classmate ever. She was the first friend of Nagisa. She is very kind, friendly, and caring towards others. She was the one to name the teacher “Koro-sensei” and throughout the anime, she knows intelligence and determination in killing him.

Spoiler ahead, Kaede believed Koro-sensei was the one to kill her sister, which is why she even implanted tentacles in herself to kill him. She was hiding her true motive this whole time and faking being sweet and gentle. When her anger is calmed down, she goes back to showing a kind personality.

10. Freed Justine from Fairy Tail

Credit: A-1 Pictures / Bridge / Satelight / CloverWorks

Although Freed is a mage, he rarely showed up in the Fairy Tale Guild. He joined the Blue Pegasus Guild after Fairy Tail was disbanded. Then after Fairy Tale reformed, he and his team left the Blue Pegasus Guild to join the Fairy Tail Guild again.

If Freed could be defined in one word, it would be “honor”. Freed always means what he says and will keep his promise no matter what. He will not do anything to hurt his honor and if he is indebted to someone, he will do anything to pay it off. He has powers enough to make him a good villain but he has a certain set of rules by which he always abides, those rules always keep him on the good side.

11. Tsuyu Asui from My Hero Academia

Credit: Bones

At first, many people did not think of Tsuyu as an important character, but as the anime progresses she continuous to become a highlight of some arcs. She came second in the first popularity poll held in the USA. That is because Tsuyu is a very mature character in the anime. Although the UA students are smart, they sometimes tend to let emotions take over them in difficult situations.

But Tsuyu stays calm even in difficult situations. She thinks things through and gives a more logical and practical opinion. She is willing to speak her mind even if her words may seem harsh at times. This is seen when Bakugo is kidnapped. Tsuyu is one of the smartest in the class with very good emotional control of herself.

12. Shintaro Midorima from Kuroko’s Basketball

Credit: Production I.G

Shintaro Midorima is the tallest character in Kuroko No Basket and the shooting guard of the Generation of Miracles. His talents and hard work led him to join one of the three best basketball schools in Tokyo, Shutoku High. Shintaro looks like a reserved, serious character at first but there is a lot more to him.

Firstly, Shintaro has a tsundere personality as Takao calls him so as well. That is because he acts all serious and like he doesn’t care, although he does care about his teammates and helps them without bragging about it. He is an excellent basketball player not only because he is tall and talented, but also because he works hard and hates wasting time the most. Also, he deeply believes in astrology.

13. Envy from Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

Credit: Bones

Probably everyone will agree that Envy is the worst amongst all Homunculus. That is what makes him the best antagonist in the series. Envy has the shape-shifting ability which he uses for the worst things ever. Envy finds the most pleasure in manipulating humans and making them go through misery.

He doesn’t simply kill people, he makes sure to make them go through emotional trauma first and says the harshest things to them. Envy enjoys demeaning and teasing humans. He goes through every extent to make them suffer. However, Envy hides his true feelings which are that he does all these horrible things to humans because he envies their free will and solidarity.

14. Senku Ishigami from Dr. Stone

Credit: TMS/8PAN

Senku Ishigami is a literal legend. He is a child prodigy but his character is used way differently. Dr. Stone itself isn’t a cliché anime and nor is the character of Senku. Senku loves nothing more than science. Instead of being upset over the stone world, he became excited to develop a kingdom of science. Senku is extremely smart and confident but he isn’t overconfident. He knows that things might not go well the first time so he keeps on doing scientific experiments until he reaches the goal.

Moreover, Senku deeply cares about everyone and his friends. He never lets anyone die even if they are their enemy. He is not full of pride and doesn’t look down on others, rather encourages them to learn about science. Senku is ten billion percent one of my favorite characters on this list.

15. Beelzebub from Beelzebub

Credit: Pierrot

The first baby on this list is none other than the demon king, Beelzebub. Beelzebub is no ordinary baby. He is a devil’s spawn, so he likes things that no ordinary babies do. Such as scary toys, violence, hurting others, and being a threat to the world.

Beelzebub is a bundle of fear that only the unluckiest man will have to babysit. In this case, it’s the human Oga. Beelzebub picked Oga because of his violent nature and he leaves no chance to torture him. From crying out loud to throwing tantrums, to electrocuting him now and then. Beezlebub fears no one but all fear him, including his adoptive father.

16. Uzu Sanageyama from Kill la Kill

Credit: Trigger

Uzu is a main character in Kill la Kill and one of the student council’s Elite Four. He is a very powerful and determined person. At the start of the anime, Uzu is very arrogant about his powers and has full confidence in his ability to defeat anyone. His Tengantsu allows him to predict the movements of his opponents while his Goku Uniform provides him multiple eyes.

However, *spoiler*, his overconfidence in his abilities leads him to a horrible defeat by Ryoko. Uzu is unable to forgive himself for this and sews his eyes shut so he wouldn’t overly depend on them anymore. He trained so hard he was able to defeat Ryoko without the help of his eyes. That is some crazy determination out there. He could’ve just blindfolded himself, but he had to get all extra.

17. Broly from Dragon Ball Super

Credit: Toei Animation

Broly is a legendary Super Saiyan who only appears in movies and video games. Also, he has a green form. Here, we are mainly focusing on the Dragon Ball Super Broly. Broly was born with powers stronger than Vegeta, due to which he was sent to planet Vampa by King Vegeta.

He stayed alone with his father on planet Vampa. He was trained very harshly by his father which of course turned him into a berserker. Although Broly had a less traumatic past than the others, he became very lonely, lacks social skills, and is somewhat naïve. But Broly is extremely strong and when he goes all out he is extremely hard to defeat. Without giving any spoilers, it can be hinted that there is more to Broly than an overpowered character who easily kills others.

18. N from Pokemon

Credit: OLM, Inc.

N appears in Pokemon Black/White as a rival and antagonist and in the BW anime series as well. He grew up amongst abused Pokemon which made him believe that humans only exist to harm Pokemon. This made him despise humans. N can speak and understand Pokemon and he was made to believe that humans use Pokemon for their benefits and he wanted to Pokemon from humans.

Although N has a kind heart and good intentions, he is unable to trust people. He cannot differentiate between good or bad people and can easily be manipulated by them. This makes N an extremist because he’s unable to make the right decisions as some humans are good too. Luckily, N realizes what he’s doing wrong and comes back as a protagonist in Black/White 2.

19. Ukyo from Amnesia

Credit: Brain’s Base

Ukyo is an extremely handsome photographer from Amnesia. Having Ukyo as your boyfriend can be a beautiful dream or a scary nightmare. That’s because Ukyo has a dissociative disorder in which one of his personalities is sweet and gentle and the other is an aggressive murderer. Both personalities are around his love interest, Heroine.

But once you see his backstory, you feel sympathy for him. Since he has had to face trauma very similar to our beloved Subaru and Hyojin Kyoma.

20. Shion Sonozaki from When They Cry

I will try to keep this as discreet as possible to avoid any spoilers. Shion is one of the main characters of the series and she is one crazy person. You’ll never be able to forget about her and you’ll see her in many articles about crazy anime girls. Shion’s behavior is the circumstances of what she had to go through. So, during the series, you’ll be questioning yourself about her personality and the causes behind it.

Watching Shion in the anime will take you on a “scary” rollercoaster ride. Maybe you’ll love her or hate her. You’ll have to see for yourself to find out.

This brings our list of best green hair anime characters to an end. But don’t break the flow, there are more enjoyable articles to read. Take a look now at the cutest anime elf characters or see these recommendations for best seinen anime.