In Another World With My Smartphone Season 2

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In Another World With My Smartphone, known as Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomo ni, is originally a light novel written by Patora Fuyuhara with illustrations by Eiji Usatsuka. The serialization started online in 2013, with the latest volume released in December of 2019. Since then, it got adapted into an ongoing manga and one season of anime.

Just like many Isekai genre anime, it started online on the Shōsetsuka ni Narō site. The most famous series coming from that site is Log Horizon. In another world with my smartphone got published in print thanks to Hobby Japan. It got an English licensed release, and the anime got an English version too.

All the diehard fans are still waiting for In Another World With My Smartphone Season 2. It is a classic example of what the Isekai genre is these days. It may not be a popular or well-liked show, especially when it does not help the stigma on Isekai anime. Yet, this anime has become a guilty pleasure for some.

What has happened so far with In Another World With My Smartphone

Credit: Production Reed

Let’s begin with first explaining what this anime is all about. This is your typical Isekai with your main character coming from earth to a magical fantasy world. The genres consist of adventure, harem, comedy, magic, romance, and fantasy.

Touya Mochizuki gets killed by a stray bolt of lightning and gets told by God that it was an accident. To make up for it, God gives him another chance at life in another world. God grants him one wish, which is to bring his smartphone along on the journey. Touya quickly finds out he has crazy magical powers and gets acquainted with several cute girls. He encounters many romantic situations as he discovers more about this new world.

At the end of Season 1, we see a picture of all 9 wives that the main character will end up with. Fans want to see how this happens with another season. He tells them he’s not ready to marry and for them to wait. His line, “if you lose interest in me while waiting, I won’t blame you,” is very true to the anime watchers who have been waiting for a while.

In Another World With My Smartphone Season 2?

Credit: Production Reed

Season 1 started airing on July 11th in 2017. The studio that brought it to life was Production Reed. Funimation gave us the English dub.  Sadly, there is no confirmation for Season 2. No word from the author or studio.

For an anime to get another season, it needs to be profitable because anime is a business in the end. The light novel was popular online, but the anime has dealt with some harsh criticism. Season 1 was rushed by skipping over some plot and character development. It holds a decent score of 6.51 on MAL at the moment.

People are divided on if this show will get another season. They left Season 1 at a point, making people believe they will do another season, but it could just be a ploy to get people to pick up the light novel. Some people thought it was going to happen back in 2018. It is 2020 now, but other anime had to wait longer for their season, and my smartphone is still young in another world.

Is There Enough Source Material?

Credit: Production Reed

In the matter of the light novels, there is definitely enough source material for another season. The first season goes into volume 3 of the light novels and ends around chapter 70 of the web novel. There is a total of 19 light novels published, 18 in English. That is a lot of content we could get for the anime.

The manga is making slow progress and is still far behind the light novels. There are 7 volumes of the manga with no official English release. If another season of anime comes out, it would again surpass the manga. There are more than enough light novels to adapt to another season of anime, and maybe it is all a matter of time.

What Would Season 2 of in Another World With My Smartphone Be Like?

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They handle the anime way differently than the light novels and web novels. Light novel adaptations tend always to leave stuff out. So nobody knows how they will go about Season 2. They already revealed all 9 girls that Touma will marry in the end, so expect more plot skipping to get them all in Season 2.

The next season may need a bigger budget as well. There is more crazy stuff happening with some cool scenes. The budget was pretty low for the first season. Needing more money for the second season may be a reason why they are not going with it.

There were many allusions to the phrase and the frame get robots which fans are eager to see in Season 2. The web novel is pretty crazy with all the information, while the light novel simplifies it. The anime goes further into that to make a fun and humorous adventure for the viewers to watch. In the last scene, we see Ende, which makes a good hook to the very next plot arc.

Characters to Appear in Season 2

Credit: Production Reed

We can expect Touya and his current harem to be present. We also have the other characters soon to be in his harem. There are some non-harem side characters as well. Here is a brief list of all these characters:

  • Touya Mochizuki: We have our 15-year-old main character that got isekai’d into another world. God decked him out with the ability to use all magic spells along with a vast mana pool. He did not stop there, but also gave him increased memory, stamina, and reflexes. He could not be any more over powered.
  • Yumina Urnea Belfast: Daughter of the king and holds a pair of evil eyes that can see the true nature of a person. First to join Touya’s to-be wife group.
  • Linze Silhoueska: A shy mage and younger twin sister of Elze. Second to join Touya’s wife group.
  • Elze Silhoueska: The other strong willed twin that wields gauntlets. Joins her sister in Touya’s wife group.
  • Yae Kokonoe: The clumsy samurai that joins in on Touya’s wife group.
  • Leen: A fairy that has lived a long time. Is revealed to be one of Touya’s future wives.
  • Kohaku: Touya’s first summed beast and is in the highest class one can summon.
  • The maids and butler: Among them is Francesca, a robot made by Regina Babylon to manga the sky garden of Babylon. She then becomes a maid to Touya under the head maid Lapis.
  • Sushie Ernea Ortlinde: A cousin of Yumina, she is a duke’s daughter. She is revealed to be a future wife for Touya.
  • Lucia Rea Regulus: One of the mysterious future brides that was revealed. She is a princess of the Regulus Empire.
  • Hildegard Minas Lestia: Another future wife that was revealed. She is a princess from the kingdom of Lestia.
  • Sakura: Another future wife for Touya making it a total of 9. She is first introduced with suffering from amnesia.

Age is weird in this world as the year consists of 16 months. They may all seem young but are actually older and physiologically different than what Touma is used to. This makes it seem normal for the girls to marry but feels weird for the young Touma.

There are many more supporting characters as the fantasy world in these light novels is vast. In the very last scene, we see a new mysterious character named Ende appear. Talk about a cliffhanger; how could they leave us off like that? We need to know more about these characters in Season 2 already.


Credit: Production Reed

This anime is every man’s dream. Going to another world and being overpowered with a harem of girls. Not only do all the girls love the main character, but they are okay with them sharing him. Having multiple wives is actually normal in this world. This is Polygamy at its finest. It may be an anime catered more to men, but a female can also enjoy the humor.

Hopefully, we will see how his adventure continues, with his smartphone, in another season of anime someday. It is an Isekai anime that does not take itself so seriously. For now, check out another great Isekai that will get another season this year, Log Horizon.