Kakegurui Season 3: Release date, news and rumors

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Kakegurui is based on a Japanese manga series called Kakegurui – Compulsive Gambler, the manga’s writer is Homura Kawamoto, and the illustrator is Tōru Nomura. The series is animated by one of the top Japanese animation studios, MAPPA. The anime aired on MBS, Tokyo MX, and other channels from July to September 2017. The second season is titled Kakegurui ××, and it aired from January 8 to March 2019. In 2018, the anime began streaming on Netflix as well, and it’s one of the most-watched anime on this platform.

Kakegurui’s manga and anime have been very successful, and even though the anime has a season 2, there is more plot left to be covered.

When will be there be a season 3? What to expect from it?

Everything you need to know about Kakegurui season 3 will be uncovered in this article.

What happened so far in Kakegurui

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The anime is set in Hyakkou Private Academy, a place where children from wealthy and influential backgrounds are admitted. Surprisingly, the student’s hierarchy in the school is determined by their gambling skills rather than academic or athletics. Students in the school are ranked according to the financial aid they provide to the student council. Students who are lucky and skilled enough to earn the favor of the gambling committee achieve a lot of perks such as connections, prestige, and popularity.

At the same time, the unpopular ones have debt over them and are treated miserably and become house slaves. Those unable to pay their debts are called “pets,” The academy controls their whole life after receiving “life schedules” because then they must pay back the student council with their whole life.

The anime’s main character is a second-year student who recently transferred to the academy, named Yumeko Jabami. She is a beautiful girl who seems to be very kind, but she is a compulsive gambler. She’s different from all the other academy students because Yumeko gambles for the sake of thrill rather than for social or financial gain. Yumeko is an exceptional player, her observational skills are almost inhuman, and right after she enters the academy, she begins to beat the best players easily.  Yumeko disrupts the academy’s hierarchy and catches the student’s attention, especially the best player of the academy and the student council president, Kirari Momobami.

Yumeko’s thirst for gambling has only started. Yumeko makes a bet in a coin toss with Rei for her 3 billion yen against Yumeko’s family name “Jabami,” which is also worth 3 billion yen. Yumeko wins the bet, and then she goes around gambling with everyone in the academy.

At the end of Kakegurui xx, Rei loses all her votes even though she is cheating because Yumeko keeps on betting 101 votes until the Momobami clan members realize her strategy and everyone begins to work together bets one vote and wins all 100 votes on the ballot.

What is going on with Mappa?

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After Kakegurui, MAPPA remained an active studio and worked on a variety of projects. Their most notable projects include Dorohedoro, Jujutsu Kaisen, and the final season of Attack on Titan.

Their recent projects are Attack on Titan: The Final Season Part 2, Dance Dance Danseur, which will be released in 2022, and Chainsaw Man which’s date is yet to be announced.

What do we know about Kakegurui Season 3 so far?

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Thus far, no official news has been released regarding the renewal of the series by Netflix or MAPPA. The studio has been very discreet about it, so no rumors or information has leaked either.

What are fans saying about Kakegurui Season 3?

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Fans are beginning to feel scared that studio MAPPA will not make a third season of Kakegurui because it is already busy making many popular shows such as Attack on Titan final season and Chainsaw Man.

Moreover, some believe it will take more time for a season 3 because although the manga is ongoing, it still needs to have more chapters for a 12 episode anime to be created.

Will there be Kakegurui Season 2?

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Kakegurui has gained a good amount of popularity since its release. In February 2019, the manga had sold 5 million printed copies. However, the anime did not sell as well as the manga did. Kakegurui season one sold only 704 copies per volume, but it still managed to receive a season 2, which sold even lesser copies which were 368 DVDs per volume. All of this can be a discouragement to MAPPA for producing a season 3. Keep in mind that Kakegurui had a video game released that failed and hardly lasted more than a year.

The manga has been so successful that it led to it having an anime adaption which is why the source material is an essential factor in creating another season. The good news is, there is almost enough source material for another season because currently, fourteen volumes have been released, which is means 82 chapters. The first two seasons have covered 56 chapters altogether, which means 26 chapters are available for another season, and the manga is ongoing. The studio might make a few changes in the anime to fit the story perfectly, as it did in the last episodes of season 2.

Kakegurui has remained an active franchise. It has two anime adaptations, a live-action adaption and a live-action film as well. Seeing all of this, it can be proved that the producers are willing to keep the franchise active, and the fanbase is strong and keeps demanding another season. Although there hasn’t been an official announcement of a season 3 yet, it can be expected to hear about it soon.  

When will Kakegurui Season 3 be released?

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After the first season, the second season was released about a year and a half afterward. Since the second season had ended in 2019, which is not too long ago, it may be possible that the studio will be starting the production of season 3 soon, but it is being delayed due to COVID-19. It can be expected to hear an official announcement about Season 3 in mid-2022.  

What can we expect in Season 3 of Kakegurui?

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Season 2 had ended differently from the manga because the last few episodes were made before the manga chapters came out. After gambling against Rei, Yumeko wins, but she loses her votes by gambling with others. Rei loses, but Kirari is impressed by her determination and makes her choose a new name and allows her to live freely.

It is hard to predict what will happen in Season 3 by aligning it with the manga because of the difference between the anime and manga in Season 2. Although, the new season will show the election arc. Since Mary wants to win the elections, the arc will show her determination and gambling skills to win the votes. The Momobami clan isn’t willing to give the student council president position to anyone outside their cast, and they do not want Kirari to stay in this position either, so they will try their best to win. Season 3 will show some exciting gambling matches, especially some between Mary and the members of the Momobami clan.

Fans have been curious to know about Yumeko’s background and her sister who’s sometimes shown in small clips being in a hospital. A third season may finally show fans about Yumeko’s past and her sister.