Kamisama Kiss Season 3: Release date, news and rumors

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Kamisama Kiss, or KamiKiss, is your regular shoujo anime and manga with a touch of Rumiko Takahashi magic-like, giving it a little something charmful enough that you cannot explain. After 2 seasons and a good number of OVAs, will there be Kamisama Kiss Season 3?

What happened so far in Kamisama Kiss

Credit: TMS Entertainment

Nanami Momozono is not remarkable. Poor sports abilities, considered to be physically too average and not that good in academics, our heroine has to also include on that list her deadbeat father and his excessive taste for gambling. Moreover, that habit of his got her evicted from their apartment after he ran away from debt collectors. Now sitting on a bench, pondering over her miserable fate, Nanami encounters a young man cowering in fear because of some dogs. To thank her for “saving” him, the man proposes letting her life in his home since she is homeless and seals the deal by kissing her forehead before leaving.  Nanami quickly discovers that his “house” is a rundown shrine. After two shrine spirits (Onikiri and Kotetsu) explained, the young man was linkage, the Land God, who unceremoniously passed his powers to her. With her heart of gold, Nanami accepts the responsibility to the displeasure of Tomoe (a fox spirit), Mikage’s familiar, who cannot fathom the idea of a human as a master.

Tomoe then leaves the shrine for the World Over Yonder, promptly followed by Nanami and the two spirits who want to reason with him. However, Nanami gets mad at Tomoe’s behavior when they find him and decides that she will run the shrine without his help. But in the face of danger, taking the shape of a demon ready to eat her, Tomoe and Nanami -begrudgingly- kiss to officially seal a contract turning the fox into the young woman’s familiar. From this point, Tomoe starts teaching his new mistress the do’s and don’t’s of the supernatural world and her duties as Goddess of the Land, with the two often butting heads. At first disgusted by her weak disposition and lack of power as a human, Tomoe slowly warms up to Nanami’s presence and falls for her. Feelings reciprocated by the newly appointed Goddess who will fight to prove herself and support Tomoe even after learning that humans and youkai cannot be together. Their romance and her reign as a deity will not be without trouble: between other entities trying to steal Nanami’s power, unrequited suitors and her normal-high-school-girl-life to manage, our heroine has much to be worried about. 

What is going on with TMS Entertainment?

Credit: TMS Entertainment

Kamisama Kiss has two seasons: season 1 was aired from October 1 to December 24, 2012, and Season 2 from January 5 to March 30, 2015. In total, the series ran for 25 episodes. It is directed and written by Akitaro Daichi, with the score composed by Toshio Masuda.

In its essence, KamiKiss is shoujo 101. Nonetheless, the series managed to borrow a few codes from Rumiko Takahashi’s InuYasha in a successful way. The anime is not just focused on romance but also brings in some action, lore, and interesting characterization. There is a good balance between romance and comedy. As it stands, Kamikiss shows even more comedy than romance, but it is not a bad point. It actually reduces the cringe factor that many shoujo pieces are guilty of and improves the pacing of the relationship between Tomoe and Nanami. KamiKiss is cute, relaxing and lighthearted in its execution while staying engaging for the viewers.

The story is easy to understand and follow and offers some exoticism through its rendition of Japanese folklore. The chain of events is logical and takes the viewers on the same path as the heroine, reinforcing the attachment between the audience, the characters, and the world they live in.

Nanami is a mix between the usual shoujo heroine (a bit of a klutz, a bit of a good for nothing because too normal) and the classic “Mary Sue” (her unlimited kindness melts everyone’s hearts, no exception). Yet, it does not mean that she is annoying: we see her learning and trying to use her new knowledge as is expected of her. She actually struggles doing so and the viewer is caught cheering her on because her being nice brings more friends/allies, but it does not help with actually becoming a better Goddess. Some will complain that she has a serious damsel in distress”, case but Tomoe always swooping in to save her does not hinder the character nor the narrative. Nanami tries to overcome the hardships she faces all by herself, but one must remember that she is human after all and, therefore, is limited in what she can do.

Tomoe has that Kyo-flavour-of-the-month (Fruits Basket, but less dramatic) going on for him: aloof and rude at the beginning, wounds caused by its past will reveal themselves and slowly heal through his interactions with his love interest and the way she influences the people around him. Tomoe is no prince charming, sure. Nor is he one of those clichés we often find in shoujo manga or anime. Those guys who think that invading the girl’s private space by cornering her, using their arms to create walls while towering menacingly over her small stature and saying “But you will be mine” is sexy and oh-so-endearing. Tomoe is given a proper background and reasons for his behaviour. He is not just cold and distant to look “cool, badass and so hot” to female viewers. The rest of the cast is nice to have around. Except for a select few (and for specific reasons), most characters do not experience real growth. They are distinguishable through their character design and personality, but they mostly serve as the conduits that will help Tomoe’s and Nanami’s relationship.

The animation is really average, as is often the case with shoujo anime. However, the art is charming. The backgrounds are beautiful and detailed even if the landscapes are nothing out of the ordinary. The best part is certainly all the motifs and patterns inspired by the visuals of the Edo era and the traditional outfits due to the Shintoist nature of the lore.

TMS Entertainment is a giant in the industry, founded in 1946, with even a North-American presence. It owns several subsidiaries which can make tracking their projects a bit confusing. But they are indeed working on different anime for 2021 and 2022.

What do we know about Kamisama Kiss Season 3 so far?

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Nothing has been released in respect of this. The project has never been renewed or talked about after Season 2 had ended.

What are fans saying about Kamisama Kiss Season 3?

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KamiKiss is immensely popular!

For people not indulging in shoujo, it might come as a surprise. But it is a fan-favorite in the shoujo community. It has a subreddit and is often talked about and mentioned on Twitter. Fans share their fan art, help newcomers, show their crafts, among other things. No one talks or asks about a third season since the anime ended on a conclusive note, and a good chunk of the fandom also read the manga and the story ended properly there. The show has outstanding scores on both IMDB and MAL.

Will there be Kamisama Kiss Season 3?

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KamiKiss started as manga illustrated and written by Julietta Suzuki from February 20, 2008, to May 20, 2016. It ran for 25 volumes. A 4-part OVA was aired from August 20, 2015 to August 19, 2016 and titled “Kako-Hen”. This arc covers volume 14 to 17 and follows Nanami as she goes back in time to find a way to cure Tomoe’s curse on himself to turn human. An OAD was released on December 20, 2016, bundled with the Kamisama Kiss fanbook. It was titled “Shiawase ni Naru” and is considered the real final episode through its depiction of Tomoe and Nanami becoming human and their marriage.

If you were still doubtful about KamiKiss’s popularity in its niche, the graph obtained via Google Trends speaks for itself: it barely reaches zero and maintains stable peaks that are not too low. Funimation released each season in a combo pack (DVD + Blu-ray). Signs of his past glory, KamiKiss had quite the selection when it came to merchandise. However most, if not all, articles are now sold out or out of stock.

When will Kamisama Kiss Season 3 be released?

No date is available as of yet.

What can we expect in Season 3 of Kamisama Kiss?

Objectively speaking, it will not happen. It is not just because of the 6-year gap, but mostly because the anime reached its conclusion. Due to the lack of space in Season 2, it followed the manga and released the rest of the story through OVAs and an OAD.

Indeed, Kamisama Kiss has told us everything and shared all its secrets.