Kemono Jihen Season 2: Release date, news and rumors

Credit: Ajia-do Animation Works

The show made its way to the hearts of its Otaku fans Kemono Jihen which translates to “Monster Incidents.” Sho Aimoto wrote Noboru Kimura wrote the Japanese manga series and the anime version.

Ajia-do Animation works were in charge of its production for the anime series, which consisted of twelve episodes that aired from January to March 2021. The manga series, however, had over fourteen tankobon volumes as of July 2021. In the span of few months, the show hit thousands of views and had its fan base grow overnight, and it was all not just out of luck; Kemono Jihen has become a fan favorite with excellent ratings on every platform.

The show has only one season till now, but we will be telling you all about Kemono Jihen Season 2, so keep reading!

What Happened So Far In Kemono Jihen

Credit: Ajia-do Animation Works

When a series of animal bodies are found with their inside eaten away in a single night, an esoteric investigator named Komachi Inugami is called in by a nearby tavern to investigate the incident. In a rural village in the Japanese countryside, a series of mysterious events occur every time during a full moon that has frightened the locals to an extreme level.

During his investigation, Inugami comes face to face with a peculiar boy whom he sees laboring in the fields instead of being at school. The young boy named Kabane was startled when he saw someone taking an interest in him; shunned by his classmates for the foul odor he was nicknamed “Dorotabou,” because of which he avoided school and instead worked in the fields. Inugami recognizes the pendant around Kabane’s neck as a “Life stone,” a type of precious gem that keeps Kabane close to him and, with his help tries to catch the one behind the gruesome killings.

Things take a dramatic turn when Yataro steals Kabane’s pendant which triggers Kabane to transform into a ghoul that scares him away. Inugami later explains to a frightened Kabane that he was a Hanyo, a child of a human and a ghoul, and the pendant prevented him from transforming into a ghoul.

They later do catch the culprit behind the series of killings, a deer ghoul, and Kabane, with talent, kill the deer ghoul. Inugami later reveals that he was sent to kill Kabane. Instead, after some skirmish with the innkeeper who tries to kill Kabane, he gets saved and later wakes up in Tokyo, where Inugami welcomes him to his detective agency.

In the end, Shiki and Akira stay behind to rebuild their family relationships, while Kabane sets off to find his own family, which has been his mission since episode one. He travels to Shikoku with the assistance of Inugami, who has been his guide and mentor. Kon was also tasked to make Kabane voluntarily provide the Kemonostone with to restore her place at inari’s side. Inugami steps aside and lets Kabane make the decision to accept her offer or not.

What Is Going On With Studio Ajia-do Animation Works?

Credit: Ajia-do Animation Works

Ajia-do which translates to “Hall of Asia”, is a Japanese animation studio founded on October 4, 1978; Dap International, Inc. Mitsubishi Pictures formally owns it. It has worked on a series of different anime television series as well as films such as OVA Twilight Q which was its first series in 1987.

After that they have worked on multiple different shows and films, Miracle girl, Nintama Rantaro, How not to summon a Demon Lord, Kakushigoto and Motto! Majime ni Fumajime Kaiketsu Zorori. They made You Are Umasou, Magic Tree House, Seven Days War, and their recent one Kakushigoto.

What do we know about Kemono Jihen Season 2 so far?

Credit: Ajia-do Animation Works

Kemono Jihen season 1 was released on January 10, 2021, the series had twelve episodes and ended on March 28, 2021. The studio has not announced any renewal for Season 2, however, does not mean that the show has been canceled but that it will take some time for the producers and the studio to make the second season.

The manga has fourteen volumes, so rest assured there is enough content for the producers to start on Season 2, there is only a matter of time as Season 1 recently finished. It is expected that the show will be available to stream around the year 2022-2023, which is only a guess and we hope that we can get a formally approved date for the next season of Kemono Jihen. 

What are fans saying about Kemono Jihen Season 2?

Credit: Ajia-do Animation Works

The show got a 10/10 approval from Otakus worldwide, who have said that they loved the show and the way the directors took the storyline. The main character was overpowered, but they still took time to show him learning and developing; with not many big events, character development was the core aim of the anime to make the viewers understand the background and grow with the characters.

Despite being a fan favorite, the show was underrated and was not given the hype that it deserved—the comedy, packed with action, realistic graphics and animations, an intriguing storyline, and great manga. However, fans still feel that the series was over shadowed by multiple other shonen anime series, and because of which it did not reach the top-grossing anime series.

Some fans have added the show in their bucket list of anime series to watch this year. Kemono Jihen not getting the recognition it deserved had sparked public outrage (not on an extreme level) and had fans logging in on social media to debate how it should have been in the topmost best shonen anime series.

Will there be Kemono Jihen Season 2?

Credit: Ajia-do Animation Works

In just a few months, the anime series had taken over the hearts of almost every Otaku fan out there, and the positive feedback can be seen by the ratings it has received on multiple platforms.

It received a 7.4/10 on IMBD and, it has a 74% rating on AniList, and 94% of google users loved the series. The manga had over 4.2 million sales in just February 7th, 2021, and google trends are not shy to show us that it has been the most searched anime series since its debut. The shonen anime had over 244 copies sold in Blu-ray or DVD packages in its first week alone.

The manga series has over fourteen completed volumes, which means there is enough content for Season 2 if the studio decides to make one in the future.

When will Kemono Jihen Season 2 be released?

Credit: Ajia-do Animation Works

The chances of Kemono Jihen getting Season 2 is probable.

However, we cannot put our finger on an exact date until we can receive an official announcement from the studio and producers. Still, we would guess that the Shonen series will be producing Season 2 somewhere around 2022-2023. Season 1 had finished a few months ago, so it would be quite unrealistic to say that it should be getting a Season 2 sometime soon.

What Can We Expect In Season 2 Of Kemono Jihen?

Credit: Ajia-do Animation Works

After the pitch-perfect final episode in Season 1, everyone is biting their nails out of excitement and anticipation for Season 2. Most manga readers would not have such a problem as they can dig their nose into the manga series to know more about what will happen in the second season.

Season 1 concluded with Kabane traveling to Shikoku with Inugami, who has been his guide from the beginning, to find his family. In Season 2, we can hope to see some more development in the characters, even see Kabane have more control over his super powers, and perhaps finally find his family he thought he had lost forever. So, in the next years we can keep our fingers crossed for the sequel that will have us on our toes!