Kinnikuman filler list for September 2022

Credit: Toei Animation

Kinnikuman is a Japanese anime series that ran for four episodes in 1983. It has no reported filler, and it was an instant hit with viewers who loved the action-packed battles

Kinnikuman, the world’s worst superhero and constantly screwing up yet somehow winning against monsters. However, an alien named Meat tells him that he is actually of Chojin heritage from Planet Kinniku, where there are no such things as bad omens or failures, just lessons learned through trial by fire which must be passed on to others who cannot know wisdom in their own time due to circumstance beyond human control!

So now Kinnikuman fights evil Devil Chojins with this revelation at hand, so people won’t think they’re all doomed when faced with adversity themselves – getting fame or respect even if only temporary but better than nothing, right?