Knight’s & Magic Season 2: Release date, news and rumors

Credit: Eight Bit

Season 2 of Knight’s & Magic is feasible!

Let’s discuss whether it will happen, including what happened in Season 1. There are possibilities for further seasons and plot lines that might come up.

What happened in Knight’s & Magic So Far

Credit: Eight Bit

When Tsubasa Kurata, a software engineer from Tokyo and major otaku mecha fan, dies in a car accident, he is reborn into a magical world full of deadly beasts.

Ernesti Echavalier (Eru) was born in the Fremmevilla Kingdom, with monsters called Demon Beasts, ruthless killing machines. He learns his name will now change as well as the noble family who raised him only for it to turn upside down with series of events leading up towards an epic battle between armies fighting against one another lead by powerful Sorcerers known simply as the New Human Empire vs. the Calvard Republic led by King Solomon’s Twelve Knights.

The Fremmevilla Kingdom is a medieval land where powerful giant Mechs fight these Demon Beasts. These mechs are called Silhouette Knights and are piloted by Knight Runners. Eru decides to become one of these Knight runners and enters a school called the Royal Laihiala Academy. This is a magic school where the Runner Knights are trained to fight threats to the kingdom.

Thanks to being born in a noble family, Ernesti is bestowed with extraordinary magical powers. He also gets to keep memories of his previous life and, as a result, remembers all the knowledge he had regarding mechs from when he was geeking out about them before. He soon learns that the magic in this world works similarly to how computer programming works in the real world. Thanks to this, he gets to finally be able to live out a lifelong dream of his. To create and ride his Mecha

After killing a Behemoth (a Demon Beast) and creating an ultimate Silhouette Knight better than what they’ve ever had, the king takes an interest in Ernesti. He makes him the leader of a particular unit. They’re called “The Order of the Silver Phoenix.” Their job is to research and construct the highest level of Mechs to protect the kingdom.

After a bunch of fights and technological improvements, another kingdom wages war. This kingdom is far more technologically advanced. The Silver Phoenix finds ways to enhance and improve their Silhouette Knights and eventually defeat the attacking kingdoms’ main forces after many struggles. The king is so happy with their improvement that he rewards them with a laboratory of their own. 

That’s how the first season ends. By this time, there are airships and knights and all different kinds of engines and Mechs in the story, and it gets more and more high-tech as the series goes on. You can certainly see the author’s appreciation for Mechs and the passion he writes them with.

What’s going on with Eight Bit?

Credit: Eight Bit

Knight’s & Magic was made by Eight Bit. The studio was founded in September 2008 and is still active up to date. In 2020 they announced a partnership with Bandai Namco to create multiple Anime productions. The first one being “The Slime Diaries: That time I got resurrected as a slime.” 

The Slime Diaries went on until June 22 of 2021, and they’re currently working on “Blue Lock,” which is supposed to come out sometime in 2022. We now don’t know how long this show will air, and there’s one more planned after it, but it’s still to be announced. 

The studio is active and is making great anime, so another season of Knights & Magic might not be so far away.

What do we know about Knight’s & Magic Season 2 so far?

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A lot of rumors have been floating around about Knight’s & Magic getting a new season. After its first season, the anime went on a pretty long break, and people were hungry for more. Rumors started floating around the internet about a sequel, and people were even giving deadlines. Sadly they turned out to be only rumors. 

The creators remain silent and don’t give a definite answer to the fandom. The show’s future is still unsure as they have neither canceled nor renewed Knight’s & Magic Season 2.

What do fans have to say about Knight’s & Magic Season 2?

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Fans are reasonably disappointed with the silence and demand answers. Those who like to watch the fantasy mecha series fell in love with the first season and can’t wait to hear whether and when the second one will come out. They’re displeased with the production company for remaining silent, while at the same time, people seem confident and hopeful that the show will come back with a second season. 

Will there be a Season 2 for Knight’s & Magic?

Credit: Eight Bit

Well, for starters, it’s been an uninterrupted four years since the anime was released, and the studio has yet to announce anything about Season 2. Yet, there’s still quite a big chance for it to happen. The DVD sales of the anime were pretty good, going up to 3000 sales a week in 2017. It received quite a high rating on “My Anime List.” That should be reason enough for the studio to at least think about making a new season. But that’s not the only issue. 

If they decide to make a new season of Knight’s & Magic, the biggest problem will be the lack of story. The manga doesn’t have enough material for a whole new season of anime, and if they decide to do it, they either have to think of something themselves or wait for more source material which may or may not take a few more years come out. Waiting for the manga is a better option, though, because all the anime that continued despite the story not being caught up have been doomed not to have the next season afterward.

The anime is based on a light novel series. If there isn’t enough content, we can’t expect a sequel. So far, the author has published nine books and is still going even though the last one came out in 2018. The anime’s first season consumed 7 of the nine books, so now 8Bit Studio will have to wait for new ones to come out or write their version of the story. If they keep going on their own, the anime is sure to lose part of its charm due to the author not being involved in the decision-making of the plot and world building. So the best bet is that they’ll wait.

The first season had a great response from consumers, and its peak of popularity was in 2021. So we think it’s safe to say that the anime hasn’t been given up on. Even though there’s no specific time and release date, the fact that they haven’t canceled it yet is reason enough to believe it will come back even if we don’t know when exactly. 

Perhaps, we’ll see Ernesti and the Silver Lotus fight even more significant, more advanced kingdoms. Our main character’s job is to find out new ways to improve the Kingdom’s technology to withstand new threats. The new Demon Beasts are sure to arrive. There might even be some philosophical debate around the beast’s nature and technology and how far we humans are willing to go. 

Anything’s possible, and the sooner we get it, the better.