Konohana Kitan Season 2: Release date, news and rumors

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This slice of life and mythic fiction anime provided the audience with an entertaining anime experience. Konohana Kitan received a good amount of views, and fans were expecting a season 2 to be released. Almost four years have passed since the first season of Konohana Kitan ended, and since then, fans have been restlessly waiting for Konohana Kitan Season 2. Why hasn’t a new season been released yet? Will it be released or not? Keep reading to find out.

Konohana Kitan is based on a manga written by Sakuya Amano. The manga was first published on the manga comic Yuri Hime S from 2009-2010, after which it went on hiatus. Afterward, the manga was relaunched in December 2014 in the magazine Comic Birz. In 2017, the manga’s animated adaptation was released, which has 12 episodes.

What happened so far in Konohana Kitan

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Konohana Kitan shows the moving tale of a simple fox girl forming bonds with others and finding a home in the mysterious yet, beautiful world of spirits.

The anime follows the story of Yuzu, an enthusiastic fox girl who starts her job as an attendant at Konohanatei, which is a hot springs inn. Although Yuzu has no previous work experience, she gets employed, and the head attendant, Kiri, is very reliable who starts her job by making her learn the basics.  

Yuzu has a jolly nature which makes the inn livelier. Although Yuzu often makes mistakes, the workers and customers began to become used to them and develop a liking towards Yuzu due to her friendly nature. Using the guidance of the other foxes, the shy Sakura, the rigid Satsuki, critical Ren, and the carefree Natsume, Yuzu finally learns the duties of an inn attendant while also beginning to understand and love the magical world in which she now resides.

What is going on with Lerche?

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Lerche was established in 2011, and it is an animation brand of Studio Hibari. After completing the production of season one, Studio Lerche remained active and worked on various projects including, Hakumei and Mikochi, Seven Senses of the Reunion, Given, Toilet-Bound Hanako-Kun, and Fate/Grand Carnival. Their current project is the anime series Rumble Garanndoll.

What do we know about Konohana Kitan Season 2 so far?

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Unfortunately, there has been no teaser of a season 2, and there has been no update about it from studio Lerche and Sakuya Amano. There was a rumor in 2018 that season 2 would be released in October 2018, but it turned out to be false. Fans will have to wait a bit more until the studio finally decides to make an announcement related to season 2.

What are fans saying about Konohana Kitan Season 2?

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Konohana Kitan provided fans with a series that touched their hearts and made them fall in love with the adorable fox girls in the anime. Fans are having a hard time resisting their want for a season 2 and have been discussing about it with other fans on social media platforms.

Fans are upset there hasn’t been a season 2 yet, but they haven’t given up hopes on it and are still waiting for it eagerly. At the same time, some fans are suggesting each other read the manga until the season is released.

On the other hand, here are some more sentiments of fans regarding a season 2 posted by them on Twitter:

Will there be Konohana Kitan Season 2?

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Konohana Kitan gained a lot of views on its initial release, and although its popularity declined over time, it remains a popular anime. It received good responses from critics and fans both and even has a rating of 7.53 on myanimelist, which is a good enough rating for an anime to have a season 2. The anime also has a high demand from fans, which can pressure the studio to produce a season 2.

Moreover, there is more than enough source material available for season 2. The anime follows the manga series, and a total of 12 volumes have been released of it, and the manga is still ongoing. Season one only covered around the first 3 volumes, which means more than enough source material is available for season 2. Furthermore, since the manga is still ongoing, the creators would have the motive to produce a Konohana Kitan season 2 to increase the manga sales.

The only issue is that there has been no official announcement yet regarding season 2. However, many anime have returned four years after its previous season, so the creators might just be announcing a season 2 soon. Considering all of the above-mentioned factors, there is still a good enough chance to release season 2. Hence, fans shouldn’t lose hope and remain patient.

When will Konohana Kitan Season 2 be released?

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The officials have not confirmed a Konohana Kitan season 2, so its release date cannot be confirmed either. However, the anime has good chances of a season 2, so it may be released in 2022.

What can we expect in Season 2 of Konohana Kitan?

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In the last episode of season one, Yuzu finds a kenzoku scroll while cleaning Okami’s room and accidentally enters another dimension where she meets a girl named Tsubaki who confuses Yuzu, one of her co-workers, and takes her to the shrine. In the shrine, kenzoku works to help grant the wishes of those who pray. However, after Tsubaki finds out that Yuzu wants to return to her world, she opens the scroll and helps Yuzu return. Later, it is found that Tsubaki was Okami herself from years ago, and Yuzu’s actions had led to the creation of the Konohanatei.

Season 2 will most likely show more about the past of Yuzu, as fans have been curious to know more about it after the last episode of season one. Furthermore, Yuzu learns more about the people around her every day in the life. Hence, fans will continue to see more character development of Yuzu. On the other hand, there is also a chance that Yuzu would attempt to go back into that world again using the scroll to find answers.