Land of the Lustrous Season 2: Release date, news and rumors

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Are you looking forward to Land of the Lustrous Season 2?

Since everyone’s been talking about it today, we’ll be going over when that’s going to happen, what happened up until now in Season 1, and what we can expect out of the second season. 

What Is Land of the Lustrous

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Land of the Lustrous is one of the few excellent 3D CG illustrated animated series. It’s a fantasy fiction drama. It got introduced to a lot of fame for its Anime adaptation, but people seem to enjoy the Manga as well. One of the most significant parts of its appeal is that it’s one of the few CG animations done well.

What Happened up Until Now in the Story?

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The anime is based in the distant future. It’s in a land destroyed by six meteors leaving only a beach surrounded by oceans. This land is inhabited by immortal life forms called the Lustrous. The Lustrous are humanoid gemstones, and there are twenty-eight of them in total. These creatures are led by their Teacher Kongo. 

Every few days, the Lustrous is attacked by Lunarians. These creatures seek to harvest the Gem-like creatures to create jewelry. Master Kongo teaches the Lustrous to fight against these creatures to protect themselves. 

We follow a girl called Phosphophyllite, and they call her Phos. She’s the youngest Lustrous at 300 years old. However, she can’t fight because she’s too fragile and brittle. She feels useless, so the teacher gives her a task that doesn’t involve fighting. She’s determined to help as much as she can but always messes up, and her self-esteem is ruined. At this point, she happens to slip over and break her arms. Since her arms fall into the water, they disappear, never to be found again, so they decide to make her a pair of new arms made of gold and platinum alloy. 

Her new arms end up making her one of the strongest Lustrous. She’s now a fighting machine but at the cost of her bright personality. She became numb and emotionless after becoming more vital because it’s like her life only has meaning if she’s “capable.”

About the Orange Animation Studio

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Orange is a CG animation studio formed by CG animator Eiji Inomoto. They started working on Land of the Lustrous on October 7th, 2017, and the show continued until December 23rd, 2017, finishing its first season. Much of the shows’ success is credited to the animation studio as it’s often called “one of the most beautiful animations” both by fans and critics. Currently, it’s one of the best CG animation studios, if not the best.

After finishing Season 1 of The Land of Lustrous Orange studio and working on Beastars, they completed two seasons for Beastars. They worked only on that from October 10th, 2019, until March 25th, 2021, when the show ended. Their last project was Gorilla Singular Point which finished June 27th, 2021, and they haven’t had other projects since then.

What do we know about Season 2 of the Land of Lustrous?

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The show’s creators and studio Orange have been avoiding questions about the show from the public for a long time. There had been a rumor floating around about it coming out in January of 2021, but as we can see, that didn’t happen. However, there is a pretty big chance of a second season still happening even though it has been nearly four years since the end of the first one. 

The rumor about January could’ve been confirmed, and they could’ve planned for the show to return then, but there could have been difficulties with all the COVID-19 restrictions. 

What do fans have to say about Season 2 of the Land of Lustrous?

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While fans are visibly disturbed about the unanswered questions from the show’s creators, they understand that to make that good a show, and you can’t just do it. Fans seem pretty confident that there will be a new season considering the ratings. Manga readers feel even more optimistic about it.

The Land of Lustrous community is still growing to this day. There are new Youtubers on the subject and theories about Season 2, and even some philosophical analysis about Phos’s character arc. 

Fans and viewers are still talking about the show, and no one would be surprised if they announced the second season soon.

Will there be a Land of the Lustrous Season 2?

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Currently, nothing has been announced up to this point. However, there’s a big chance the show will be coming back with a Bang. For one thing, there’s more than enough source material for a second season. The manga has ninety-five chapters at this point, and the first season used only thirty-two. Therefore, the source material isn’t a problem, and that’s usually one of the biggest problems studios face when delaying sequels. 

Even though it dropped a little since 2020, its popularity is now rising again, thanks to the fanbase and YouTubers talking about the show.

The manga is still going, and the popularity is rising. Even Orange Studio is not officially working on anything else right now. There’s Land of the Lustrous merch, and the show has 46,795 just for 2018.

Even though a new season has not been officially announced, there’s a high chance of it happening very soon. They may surprise us at any moment.

Predictions for Land of the Lustrous Season 2

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If and when a second season is made, it will surely be in Orange studio again. It’s unimaginable to have it in a different studio when so much of its success is credited to Orange. Phos’s character will develop way more, and hopefully, she’ll become lighthearted and enjoy life again. We’ll for sure learn more about the sensei and its origin too. It’s weird because he’s the only non-Lustrous that is also immortal. 

The show, thanks to its quality, indeed takes a long to make, but everything seems to the point that it’s right around the corner!