Log Horizon Season 3: Release date, news and rumors

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Log Horizon is a light novel series written by Mamare Touno, with illustrations drawn by Kazuhiro Hara. They adapted it to 4 manga, but more importantly, the 2 seasons of the anime. The light novel started publishing in April of 2010, and the Anime started airing on October 5th, 2013.

This anime followed the growing trend of video games. Fans fell in love with Log Horizon as it gave more depth to the Isekai genre In Another World with My Smartphone. Giving all video game lovers what they wanted from this genre.  After two great seasons, almost 5 years have passed.

Where is Log Horizon Season 3?

What Is Log Horizon All About

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Thirty thousand Japanese gamers get stuck in the world of a fantasy MMORPG called Elder Tale. They cannot log out after a game update and need to come to terms with this new reality of theirs. 

We quickly get introduced to the main protagonist Shiroe, a veteran of the game and a socially awkward college student. He joins up with his old friend Naotsugu and Akatsuki as they learn more about the stability of their situation. Shiroe sets out to build a society to bring people together. We watch as he proves to be the master strategist he is in this fantasy and politics-filled adventure.

Season 2 and the Change in Studios

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Log Horizon Season 2 was released on October 4th of 2014, only a year later than the first. There are a lot of mixed opinions on the second season, and generally, people liked the first season more. More characters had their story told, and the world became even more fleshed out.

A lot of groups were doing their own thing with the anime cutting between them. Then they were all brought back together for the final raid arc at the end of the season. The pacing seemed all over the place this season, and the last arc felt rushed. This was one of the reasons why the fans disliked the new studio. They did their best to fit the 5 light novels into the 25 episode anime like the first season. The ending plot did leave Season 2 on a high note making fans eager to see more.

In the first season, the studio was Satelight. They did not give us the best animation, and it seemed like Log Horizon had a small budget. They then switched to Studio Deen for the second season. There were mixed reactions to the change of animation. Be it the budget, timeframe, or busyness. Nobody knows the reason behind the change.

Is Log Horizon Season 3 Confirmed?

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It’s confirmed!

The long wait is over, and Log Horizon Season 3 is finally happening! On January 21th we got the news from everyone’s favorite anime site. They got their information from animate Times. Season 3 will kick off in the same month as the previous season, October. The best part is it was coming this year in 2020!

No specific date or how many episodes will be in this season is known at this time. What we do know is that it will have all the same voice actors. The studio is also the same as Season 2, Studio Deen. Some people may be unhappy with that, but at least they are giving us this new season.

Fans never thought this day would ever come. Mamare Touno went on a hiatus with the novel, as he was involved in a tax evasion crime back in 2015. Everything is okay now, and he continued writing the light novels in 2016.

Log Horizon Season 3 is named after the 12th volume of the light novel, Log Horizon: Entaku Houkai. The title translates to Log Horizon: Collapse of the Round Table. It even already has a page on MAL.

Join in the discussions because the hype is real!

How Much Source Material Is There for Season 3?

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The first two seasons covered 10 volumes of the light novel, 5 for each season. Some people wondered if there was enough material for Season 3 as they see only 11 volumes published. The 12th volume will release in October along with the anime. However, volumes 12, 13, and 14 are already released as web novels on the site he first started on back in 2010, Shōsetsuka ni Narō.

Log Horizon received 4 manga adaptations, with none of them fully adapting the light novels. We could be getting Season 3 owing to the lack of manga adaptations. We could see some of the side story manga adapted as fillers for this season.

If we are going with 5 light novels to make a season, then we are missing one. Will it be a shorter season or another 25 episode season with added filler? They could slow it down this time, adapting fewer volumes and not have it feel rushed. Will, the author let the anime continue the story further than where the novels are at?

Nobody knows the answers to these questions precisely, but it is exciting nonetheless.

What Are Fans Expecting From Log Horizon: Entaku Houkai?

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Fans who have not read the light novels can at least see from this season’s title that bad things will happen. The Round Table Alliance consists of eleven guilds working together to govern Akihabara, one of the main cities in Elder Tale. We also have the ending of Season 2 to worry about, and fans hope to see a continuation of it.

We hear Shiroe wanting to not only go back to the real world but unite the worlds. Fans expect to see how Shiroe tries to accomplish these goals while still maintaining order. Fans cannot wait to see the people from Shiroe’s past come into play. Not much can be said about the plot for Log Horizon Season 3 without spoiling too much.

Most importantly, fans expect to see the catchy opening theme song, Database, make a comeback. It has been the opening theme song for the first two seasons, and fans love it. A lot of what people remember this anime for is that catchy song that has become iconic.

Which Characters Will We See?

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One of the things about Log Horizon is that it has many characters. With everyone stuck in this world and there being multiple servers, it is a huge cast. The NPCs are real characters, and it is just not all human. There are definitely too many characters to list off.

Most do not know who we will see in Season 3, but we can expect the main cast of the Log Horizon guild led by the main character Shiroe. The trio of him, Naotsugu, and Akatsuki are the real main characters of this anime.

We also have the other guilds of the Round Table Alliance that should be making a big impact on the story. We then have the characters stuck in the Chinese server trying to make their way over to Japan. There is Kanami, and she is Shiroe’s old friend. Then there is Krusty, who is now over there.

In Conclusion,

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Log Horizon is an intelligent show that really builds upon the game world it is in. It sets itself apart from other shounen shows. It is less combat-heavy and more about the strategy and manipulation of the rules within this game world. It brings realism to a world of fantasy, and it is exciting to watch. The huge cast of characters is diverse, all with unique roles.

Log Horizon: Entaku Houkai looks to be an epic rebirth for the anime. I, for one, cannot wait till the leaves start falling.