Made in Abyss Season 2: Release date, news and rumors

Credit: Kinema Citrus

Are you ready to learn more about Made in Abyss Season 2? Today we’ll be taking an extensive look at what happened in Season 1, what the studio is currently up to, and some rumors about the second season.

If you’re ready, let’s get into it!

What happened so far in Made in Abyss

Credit: Kinema Citrus

Made in Abyss is about an orphaned girl who goes by the name of Riko. She lives in an orphanage called Belchero which is located in the town of Orth. This town is located around a special whole that goes to the bottom of the earth. This whole is known as “The Abyss”.

People have learned to use this so-called Abyss to their advantage as it’s full of special artifacts and resources from long-lost civilizations. There’s one simple problem. The Abyss is cursed! “The Curse of the Abyss” is a strange and potentially fatal one. The deeper one goes into the whole the stronger the curse on them. Most people who have ever gone down to the lower regions can’t ascend back up to tell the tale. That’s why there are only a few people who enter the Abyss and go low enough. These people are called Cave Raiders. There are some legendary raiders who go really deep in the cave. They earn the special title of White Whistles. One of these is Rikos’ mother Lyza, who’s announced dead a long time ago after her “Last descent” into the Abyss. 

Riko dreams of following in her mother’s footsteps and becoming a White Whistle. One day inside the second layer of the Abyss she finds a robot laying on the ground who looks a lot like a human boy. She and her friends name him Re, sneak him inside the orphanage, and make him a part of the group. After some time in the lower regions of the Abyss, the more advanced Cave Raiders find Lyzas’ white whistle and a note. The message said, “I’ll be waiting at the bottom of the Abyss.”. Riko immediately knew the message was for her. She couldn’t sleep with determination to find her mother. She bids goodbye to her friends and secretly goes into the Abyss with Reg.

What’s Kinema Citrus’ current status?

Credit: Kinema Citrus

Kinema Citrus is a Japanese animation studio based in Suiginami, Tokyo. It was founded by Muneki Ogasawara, Yuichiro Matsuka, and Masaki Tachibana on March 3 of 2008. The studio has been a key player in the success of quite a few series including “Tokyo Magnitude 8.0” in 2009, “Black Bullet” in 2014, “Made in Abyss” in 2017, and “Rising of the Shield Hero” in 2019.

The current last work of Kinema Citrus Studio is “Cardfight!! Vanguard overDress” which started on April 3 of 2021, and is still currently going to this date. Also “Rising of the Shield Hero 2” has been announced to be released in April 2022; therefore, the studio is pretty much still up and running. It has done 7 films, 3 of which are actually Made in Abyss movies. The first of these is “Made in Abyss: Journey’s dawn” and is a summary of the first part of the original series. The second is a “Made in Abyss: Wandering Twilight” and is a summary of the second part and the third is “Made in Abyss: Dawn of the deep soul” and is a sequel. 

So What do we know about Made in Abyss Season 2?

Credit: Kinema Citrus

Well let’s just say Made in Abyss fans are lucky. In 2019 soon after the first season, Made in Abyss Season 2 was officially announced by the creators of the show. It was announced that there would be a Season 2, that is. Until recently we didn’t know when it would be coming out. There were a few rumors about it coming out after the end of Shield Hero and there were also some people saying that it would come out with one of the movies but none of that actually happened. 

We now know the name of the second season will be “Made in Abyss: The Golden Town of The Relentless Day”. With the second season we’ll also be getting a video game based on the series called “Made in Abyss: A Binary Star Falling Into Darkness”. There have been some teasers for the official trailer already posted on Youtube and some other sources so we’ll be getting a lot of cool stuff.

What are fans saying about Made in Abyss Season 2?

Credit: Kinema Citrus

After many series that regrettably won’t be getting anime adaptations and second seasons for their respective mangas, fans are stoked to hear that Made in Abyss isn’t one of them. Manga readers can’t wait to see a full anime for the rest of their favorite story while anime onlys’ can’t wait to see how the story progresses and what happens with Riko, Reg, and the newly joined member Nanachi. 

There is currently a lot of talk about the show as there are countless theories on Youtube. Theories about different subjects such as what happened to the other White Whistles and what’s Reg’s complete backstory. Is the Abyss a living creature or how deep does it go exactly? The popularity of the anime is on point as its highest point was in 2021. Fans keep saying how it’s one of the best shows and how the premise is just so engaging on its own that there’s no way they could go wrong with another season.

When will Made in Abyss Season 2 be released?

Credit: Kinema Citrus

Well, there’s good news. The show creators posted a tweet on Twitter on the 5th of May 202r, announcing that Made in Abyss is making a comeback with a Season 2. We might not know the exact date but the year was officially announced along with the title of the season “Made in Abyss: The Golden Town of The Relentless Day”. It could come out anytime in 2022, but you can be sure fans WILL be read when it does.

The manga has released 9 volumes with a few chapters yet to be collected into volume №10. The anime has yet to cover most of these. It is yet to reach the 5th volume and Season 2 should pick up at volumes 5 and 6 so there’s more than enough source material for the second season to go over and the manga is still going too.

In Season 2, the poster depicts an iconic and interesting-looking character from the manga. The shows’ first season won a couple of awards one of them being Anime of the year on Crunchyroll showing its love from fans and critics. The manga itself has sold over 12 million copies worldwide.

What Can We Expect Out of Made in Abyss Season 2?

Credit: Kinema Citrus

At the moment the animation studio hasn’t been confirmed but we can assume that it will once again be Kinema Citrus. Even though the studio has been working on Shield Hero season 2 and Cardfight and both are announced to come out in 2022, it’s completely possible that it has been working on Made in Abyss Season 2 at the same time. Since the second season is probably going to be based on the latest 5 volumes of the manga it’s safe to say it’ll follow that same story and won’t deviate too much. 

There have been a few teasers, however. There’s the picture of Reg down in the abyss alone without Riko. There is also this new character, or (creature) from the poster of the second season that has 4 legs but looks as tiny as the rest of the characters. She seems somewhat divine. Fans are also eager to see the new chemistry of the team now that Nanachi has joined up. There are many things to see and many questions,k like how deep they have to meet Lyza? What’s Regs’ history with her?  What lies within the 7th Layer of the Abyss? We’ll hopefully be getting answered in this second season of Made in Abyss.  

Until then if you haven’t caught up you can watch Made in Abyss Season 1 plus the three movies on Crunchyroll and Netflix. Make sure to be caught up as the new season might not be that far away!