Masou Gakuen HxH Season 2: Release date, news and rumors

There is something in fully assuming your real nature. There is also something in not assuming what you really want to be, but do not have the guts to go for it and deliver something tiptoeing on the borders. Masou Gakuen HxH belongs to the second group: not brave enough to fully jump into the hentai category where it could be, but doing enough to be a proud son of Mama Smut and Daddy Ecchi. It also tries to have a story somewhere, though at this point, does it matter? Still, there is an audience for such, so will they get Masou Gakuen HxH Season 2 in the near future or not?

What happened so far in Masou Gakuen HxH

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15 years ago the conquest of Earth by a mysterious alien race using portals called Entrances started. First, the invaders destroyed mankind’s military armament using their much more technologically advanced Magitech Weapons. The second phase of the invasion forced what was left of mankind to retreat on giant floating structures called MegaFloats. There, humans started to develop a weapon of their own to counter the aliens, a new form of technology called Heart Hybrid Gear. A core is implanted in individuals with high compatibility, allowing them to summon a tight and skimpy armor when fighting the enemy. The downside is that the armor consumes a lot of energy (called Hybrid Counts) and has a slow recovery rate.

Kizuna Hida is a young man who, seven years prior to the beginning of the series, received the first HHG core ever created. His mother, the mind behind that new technology, was utterly disappointed as his armor (Eros) proved to be weak and useless as the HHG seems to be more compatible with female subjects, as revealed by subsequent experiments. Present day: Kizuna was summoned by his sister to enroll in Ataraxia Defense Academy, the school under her jurisdiction and home of the strike team Amaterasu, a group of three young girls (with busty assets) using their HHG with great skills. Kizuna will quickly be made captain of the team despite his Eros being the weakest in the group, but for a good reason. As it so happens, Kizuna is able to replenish the girls’ Hybrid Counts and even power them up through sexual stimulation.

Amongst his new teammates, Kizuna meets Aine Chidorigafuchi, the silver-haired member of the group who lost her childhood memories, but strangely gets them back after each fondling session. As the group fights their way through, a somber agenda involving the destruction of the two worlds starts to unfold while Aine’s past resurfaces slowly.

What is going on with Production IMS?

Credit: Production IMS

Gakuen HxH premiered on July 5, 2016 and ended on September 20, 2016 after 12 episodes. The anime is directed by Hiroyuki Furukawa, written by Yasunori Yamada and Haninohenio and Jerkyboy & Timteng composed the score.

Masou Gakuen HxH is said to encompass genres such as action, comedy, fantasy, romance, sci-fi and ecchi. If we are being honest here, ecchi is the one and only genre that should be acknowledged because the anime’s attempt at the rest is forgettable. Ecchi is the plot, the plot twist, the plot armor, the emotional journey and the deus ex machina. Masou Gakuen HxH is a lazy and terrible anime if judged based on standard criteria. If we were to review it in its category (anime focused on sexually charged content but still aired on TV), the show is a god-tier product. We could even say that it is way too virginal considering the content it is offering. The ecchi is always reaching that extreme that will not straight out plunge into hentai territory, but the line is so thin and so blurry. That is what happens when you’re really into producing extremely lewd content, but your mind still wants to make it on the public market.

The story is nothing extravagant, we saw it done 1000 times: aliens attack our planet, kick our asses, we go into hiding and come back with new weapons. And if you thought that the idea of groping women to give them strength was new, hentai did it before (see?!) and Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid (with a yuri twist to it) was also doing the most on TV back then. So what is left behind that could be considered as a bit original? The ecchi, of course! They actually try to give the story some space, but it does not work as they try so hard to take this anime seriously. Not everyone can be Tenchi Muyo. So the pace is not really an issue here since the focus is on something else. Which is a good thing considering the fact that the world building is simply terrible: we do not know how the MegaFloats work, if there is one single government or if each MegaFloat has its own, if a new hierarchy has been created, etc. The only aspect developed well enough in terms of world building is how Kizuna can help the girls and the different techniques they can use. Episode 8 introduces what is basically a threesome with a fancy name followed with explicit visuals, sounds and positions. Thank you for the explanations, Commander. The reason why getting molested is the best way to replenish Hybrid Counts is never hinted at or explained. It is all really just there for the kicks. So, why try to insert a story with plot points the audience will have to remember (and in a clumsy way at that)? Why should the audience take you seriously when you are not really doing yourselves any favours? The studio knew that the target audience would be watching for the voluptuous bodies, the moaning and the mouth full of saliva and “yamatte”, but still tried to deliver a poor attempt at storytelling. Masou Gakuen HxH is clearly ecchi in its purest form: censored porn. They are not outright having sex, but we clearly get more than just touching at certain points. There is an uncensored version out there with extra nipples and even less cloth, just to show you that they really knew the real appeal here.

The characters are…well, they are. They breathe, that’s for sure. Other than that, it is the usual cookie-cutter cast in harems like that. You can see that something was tried with Kizuna by making him be good hearted and gentle. He is not a raging pervert nor is he scared of the female form. All that sexual stuff is his duty and he does it honour bound…kind of. Because you can still see that he actually likes it, BUT he will not ask the girls to do it when it is not needed. Anyway, the ladies are also pretty keen on taking the initiative so, bless his soul. He is boring, but he is the guy who gets to fondle all the girls, so kudos to him. The girls in Amaterasu are literally defined by their relationship with Kizuna which is literally summarized by how they react to the stimulation. Hayuru sees him as a pervert, Yurishia takes it as an invitation and Aine hardens her resolve to accept it as she wants to get stronger. Now, if the personalities are made in the same mould as usual, the anime gave them a bit more substance through their background. Kizuna is fighting his mommy issues after she abandoned him since his HHG was considered to be useless; Aine starts as willing (and even pushy) just for the sake of getting stronger, slowly wanting Kizuna to touch for other reasons and rejecting him at the same time because of the memories climaxing seems to revive; Yurishia acts all perfect, but is actually devoured inside by remorse after a particular event involving a friend; and Hayuru locked her desires and feelings away as she feels that she failed to protect her people and country and does not deserve happiness. At the end of the day, the way to solve all those traumas is through their sexual encounters, but at least there is a bit of something solid to chew on. The rest of the cast exist and they do things. To show you how anecdotic they can be, it is so easy to lose track of who is the villain and what they have done.

The animation is not constant at all. It is actually wonky and looks way too dated for a 2016 production.  There is no sense of movement to action sequences, no punch to them. The girls flying looks like they are simply standing still and being lifted up by an invisible thread. Of course, the studio used a lot of still shots and reused shots here and there. The setting is repetitive and it is not like the background art is actually gorgeous enough to make up for that. The character designer is painfully basic as the girls all look the same. Their real distinctive features are their bust(y) size, hair colour and voices. They all wear the same uniform as they did not even give them some small accessories or different ways to wear said uniforms (a good example of that would be Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel). But the studio had their priorities well set because the hot scenes are smooth like butter. Love and attention were poured into those bouncing butts and jiggling breasts. Get that: those melons are animated for every movement they go through, even if indirect. In episode 1, as Kizuna caresses Aine’s arms, you can see a breast subtly shivering due to his arm barely touching it. The best angles are always chosen to allow the viewers to revel in the girls’ impeccable curves. If you have never seen hentai, that anime is your trial by fire.

Production IMS filed for bankruptcy in September 2018 and closed its doors for good in October of the same year. The studio was already rumoured to not be paying its staff way before that.

What do we know about Masou Gakuen HxH Season 2 so far?

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There has been no update as to whether Masou Gakuen HxH would receive a second season. And, objectively speaking, that sounds more like wishful thinking. The studio behind the anime went under and the project is not a safe financial bet for a Production Committee. It did not really blow the masses’ minds upon release (that 2 in 1 pun was not intended, but will be left untouched since the topic is as lecherously bad) in the way it should to actually deserve another chance.

What are fans saying about Masou Gakuen HxH Season 2?

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The question is not really something that you see on forums and social media anymore. Newcomers might ask, but the rest of the fandom knows really well that the situation and the circumstances are not favorable for a second season. However, there is the light novel and the manga. Plus, the author is prolific and his other series use the same formula so it is not like the crowds have nothing else to enjoy. The subreddit is pretty active while Twitter is dead. Except for accounts focused on adult content: you will be sure to find Masou Gakuen HxH there. The anime scored poorly on IMDB, MAL and AniList.

Will there be Masou Gakuen HxH Season 2?

The light novel is written by Masamune Kuji, illustrated by Hisasi and with mecha design by Kurogin. It started in February 2014 and ended in September 2019 after 14 volumes. A drama CD written by Kuji himself was released in March 2015. The original source was also adapted into a manga tha stopped after 4 volumes, published between 2015 and 2018, and was illustrated by Riku Ayakawa. Two OVAs titled Love Room were bundled with the DVD/Blu-ray in September and October 2016.

Funimation released a combo pack (DVD + Blu-ray) of the complete series in 2020. In Japan, the Blu-ray and DVD can always be found at the bottom of the weekly rankings.The selection of goodies used to be bigger than it is at the moment (not by much), the stocks are not that well furnished. The most interesting stuff (for fans) is not sold anymore.

Google Trends shows that some specific countries are still pretty much interested in getting a second season for Masou Gakuen HxH with a pretty active graph. It does not reach high values, but it also never stays at 0 for long. In Japan (and South Korea), the title is generating a lot of traffic in terms of search queries. It really has found its loyal audience on that side of the globe.

When will Masou Gakuen HxH Season 2 be released?

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No date is available. The light novel reached its conclusion and there is enough material to adapt, but that does not mean that it should happen. Fans can read it and the author published more light novels/manga keeping his style and favorite topics.

What Can We Expect In Season 2 Of  Masou Gakuen HxH?

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Season 1 ended with a cliffhanger clearly pointing at a second season, but that never saw the light of day. Season 2 would have revealed Aine’s past a lot more, showed who the aliens are, detailed the incestuously suspicious relationship between Kizuna and his sister and introduced their mom. Will a production committee pick the project up one day? Not sure considering that anime like that are usually used to promote source material and the light novel is already finished.