Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ filler list for September 2022

Credit: Nippon Sunrise

A long standing anime, Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ is the third installment in Sunrise’s long running series. It was released back in 1986 and it only includes 2 episodes and 1 reported filler.

This time, the story follows Captain Bright Noa and her crew of teenage pilots as they fight off Axis Zeon to protect Earth from nuclear destruction. Along with new recruit Judau Ashita (who finally has grown quiet) in Mobile Suit ZZ Gundam – now renamed to “Gundam Mk-II” for it’s second appearance on screen after piloting mobile suit Hyaku Shiki last episode-, they have reunited old foes like Heero Yuy or Lalah Sune by taking control over them again through dangerous Newtype abilities known only these three teens who wield incredible power thanks also having been raised without any war ever touching their lives until now